Tuesday, 17 November 2020


I had no idea how to react. I was numb. Blissfully numb. This was the best moment of my life. My eyes became blurry, I think I was crying a little. He still held my hands and raised up his head waiting for my answer. I didn't know what to say, I didn't even realize my head was already nodding a yes slightly at him. He too smiled with his teary eyes and slid the diamond ring on my finger, and then kissed my hand. He was there,doing it all,confessing his love for me, and i...I still didn't know what t do. He stood up and came even closer to hug me, but I put my hands on his chest. He seemed confused, as if I was sure of what I was doing! But it was right, I knew what I was doing! I was taking it to the next level. I was taking the small next step needed. I put my hands on his shoulder now and brought him even closer. I knew he was confused, but not scared, he knew everything was positive now, it was all happening so slow...I felt like I am in a slow motion movie...I tip toed a little, until I was able to feel his breath on my lips, and take in the wonderful fragrance of his cologne, oh I
so loved that man, that man who was all mine now! I carefully parted my lips, just enough to take in his upper lip and caressed it. I knew he was surprised, but happy too.  Just like I was. I thought I was going to give him a simple peck but he didn't let me out. He was quick to respond, quicker than I had expected, quicker than my mind was ready to accept! He held me closer, holding me from my waist. And I gripped his shoulders now. He nibbled on my lower lip. It was nothing like I had experienced ever before. Not ever, in our two year relationship. But then, it was good, wasn't it? He had proposed just then, so he didn't deserve a kiss earlier anyways! As he took the lead, my hands traveled to his back and rested at the back of his neck, bringing him closer. he was playing with our lips, and I was just loving it, loving him. He withdrew a little, and whispered open up princess' huskily near my lips. I obeyed as I was asked to do. I didn't know how to kiss anyways. My eyes were closed, but the passion in his voice clearly told he was staring right on my face. He was seeing all my expressions while I just couldn't dare to open my eyes. His tongue traveled in and I found myself losing. I completely gave in, and our tongues collided. Our tongues were fighting for dominance, for lead. I wanted him, I wanted more of him. My hands now held his hair tight and I gripped him harder. His tongue was dominating, and so was he. His hands were now roaming all over my back. It was the first time I was wearing a saree, for this special date, and he was using it just perfectly. I could feel his cold hands on my almost bare back and his warm tongue in my dry mouth. It was his territory now, he had won it. I carefully took a step forward, and now stood on his toes. Trust me, it's the perfect place to be at. I realized I was getting a little breathless and decided to withdraw. I tried to get out of the kiss, but he was just so perfect. As I moved out, he captured my lips again, yeah I mean just then. But he didn't shove his tongue in this time, he just rested my lips between his. I could breathe very well, while our lips were still together. He was a good kisser, but it was his first kiss too, I knew it. But then again, boys are boys! As I regained my breath, I slowly and very gradually raised my lashes to look into his blue orbs. I felt so shy. I looked down but his constant gaze forced me to look up again. It all happened in fraction of seconds, but yet I could feel each and everything, I could listen to both our heartbeats. They were so fast, so erratic. I looked into his eyes and parted our lips, smiling. I had just opened them again "armaa-" when he interrupted, and completed "I love you".. I couldn't say anything after that. Just an obvious "I love you too" came out of my lips and I closed my eyes again, hugging him tight this time. I put my head on his shoulder and hid my face in his neck. He kissed my forehead and repeated again , "I love you"...


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