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Part 10& 11 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Armaan and karan didnt notice that shilpa and ridhima already had their bags their. The class was about to start , and shilpa ridhima were walking through the doors.

as they started climbing the steps ,ridhima was shocked to  see armaan sitting at the , back and so was karan shocked to see shilpa coming up the steps.
Now :
The class was about to start and ridhima and shilpa were walking upstairs towards the last benches where karan was standing all shocked.
'yaar armaan aj toh mar gaye lagta hai ,yeh dono to yahin aa rahi ........', karan cudnt hold his breath thinking about the consequences .
He wasn't even finished saying his words when both the ladies joined them at the back and were now standing right beside them.

'tum kuch keh rahe thea karan shayad?'shilpa in a very normal tone that was very unexpected for karan. Poor guy never knew that he blurted everything out to ridhima not shilpa.
'Miane ? maine to kuch nahi kaha, tumne kuch suna kya ?',karan tried to cover up his words.
'ok, mujhe laga kuch kaha ', shilpa gave a who cares look to him.

'Tum dono bas bhi karoge ?'this was armaan and ridhima's turn to shut the two up , with their tumne kuch kaha tumne kuch kaha sentences repeatedly. Unbelievably they said the same thing at the same time .Before they could get into more arguments the teacher was already there.
They decided to settle things later on after the class. They looked for their seats before teacher could notice them and shove them out of the room. In the same rush they didn't notice who they were sitting with.

A lil while later, armaan turned his head around to talk to karan, when he  found him missing instead it was ridhima was sitting next to him. Ridhima who was completely unaware of armaan;s glance was busy listening to the teacher. But armaan was bitten fresh by the love bug, at least that's what his feelings were saying. He kept glaring at her trying to find answers to his trillion questions. He kept thinking how can she love him all the years and not let him know, how she kept inside her so patiently where he is not even sure of his feeling and finding it hard to resist himself. He kept on wondering how cud she, how cud she.

On the other hand , karan was confused as to why didn't shilpa reacted to wat he said yesterday. After a mile long struggle with his thought, he settled his mind with the fact that may be coz teacher came in ,thats  why she didn't say anything.

But Armaan's small world of questions was now open to a battlefield, as the teacher noticed his absentmindedness and addressed him.
'Armaan malik can u explain the procedure for insertion onto scalp'(sorry guys don't know any medical terms L ) her strict voice fell on his ears, making him kind of deaf, deaf coz he was lost in his own worlds and her words were like falling on deaf ears. He didn't even realized that whole class was looking at him ,until ridhima elbowed him to bring him back to the class.

'ummm........... sorry prof',thats all he cud say with his head bowed down, unable to meet prof's eyes. ..................'please can u repeat it' trying his level best to gain his presence in the class.

'leave it ,but please next time be carefull , u may sit down' as the prof turned back to the white board once again resuming her lecture.

He was feeling so embarrassed throughout the lecture and ridhima kept giggling looking at his nervousness .
Everyone was going through million of questions in their mind, except shilpa, nobody knew what she was thinking rather what was being cooked in her mind.

The whole day went by like this, in a very unusual way, a way which all the 4 never came across. Was it their changing feeling, the way their mind was talking with themselves, the way their hearts were dictating over them. For the first time they were scared, scared  to say something, of the fear that they let their heart open to friends, and doubted what will be their reactions .

As there internals were approaching, the quadruple decided to stay at the campus library and study for the exam. Usually they wud study all together either at girls place or at malik house, but this time all the four felt it as the best option , this way they all cud keep silent in the pretext of silence demanded in the library.

Hours passed away, but they looked like it took forever to finish 4 hrs. It was 8 oclock in the evening. They all were sitting on the table for 4.
'main thodi der fresh air lekar aati hoon'was the perfect excuse ridhima cud think of , finding it unable to stop herself from looking at armaan .
'okie'came asn instant reply from armaan...............:koi chale tumhaare saath'
'nahi im fine armaan' may be she wanted to spend some time with herself.
'ok'armaan kept looking at ridhima as she crossed the main entrance door of library.

Karan also went out of the library to attend some call.
But what he saw when he came back was unbelievabale to his eyes.

'Open page 143 of your book , paragraph 4 ..... there is something for you' read the lil red note.

'hmmm............ who cud this be ?'karan was all surpised while  thinking of who cud it be , at first he thought it might be armaan;s new prank.

When he opened page 143, wat his eyes viewed was even shocking for him. In his wildest dreams he wudnt have dreamt of it .

Here is a screen shot of wat was on the page :
'Human anatomy, including gross human anatomy and histology, is primarily the scientific study of the morphology. Anatomical models, skeletons, textbooks, diajgrams, photographs, lectures and tutorials.'
His eyes cudnt believe wat he read, at first he thought it was armaan's prank but looking at the handwriting on the note, he assured himself it was shilpa who wrote that. But still not sure of how to react to this sudden gesture of shilpa rather confession.
But she was no where to be seen around, his eyes tracked every corner of the library in search of her, but without any success. Disappointed , he sat there with his head down still looking at the page , where his destiny was written. A cool breeze played with his hairs over his ears, and he was away from his love just a turn away. There stood she to welcome him to her life, to share her joys, her sorrows and more importantly her pranks. They stood there for a while looking at each other not sure wat to do next .but they too wanted to let that moment stick to that second forever. After few mins they settled down on their chairs..............'yeh armaan kahan hai ?' shilpa and karan looked around to share this news with him , but he was no where to be found.
On the other hand.....
Ridz was walking all alone on lonely campus road, when she dreamt of armaan holding her hand and they walking in the moonlight. When she suddenly saw a shadow behind her.But she just shook her head thinking all her illusion and she is still in her dreamland. The next second she felt her hand held securely in a strong hand giving her a feel of security.she turned around to see armaan standing next to her assuring her, he will be there by her side always like this moment.
Along with surprise and shock, there was confusion on her face trying to find million answers in this expression o f him. She just parted her lips to drop a word in the silence even though her eyes were asking same questions. Before she cud say something, she felt his finger on her lips making a delicate seal on her lips and he nodded his head in a NO, telling her not to say anything and next minute she found herself in his embrace.
'I love you too', one word that changed her world but at the same time he found her eyebrows arched up questioning him 'shhhh.........main sab kuch janta hoon' the moment he finished the word she clutched to him more firmly with  a sense of right over him.
They stood there for like an hour and then finally she broke the silence .

Part 11

Ridhima broke the silence with her questionare.
'tumhe bura to nahi laga tha, jab maine tumhe apne dil ki baat batayi , us din garden mein ?' with her eyes looking for answers in her eyes, but she wanted to have confirmation in words.
'Tum sach mein mujhse pyaar karte ho na , kahin tum aj yahan is liye to nahi ho kyunki main tumse pyaar karti hoon' , she continued with her fire of questions once again .
'Tumne kab mujhse kaha ?', his confused looks confused ridhima too.
'us din garden mein, yaad hai jab tumne mujhe bataya tha ki karan shilpa se pyaar karta hai?'she was trying to remind him about the incidence.
Her innocence made him laugh out as louder he can , he stood there laughing holding his stomach, which left Ridhima all confused with his gestures.
'Kya hua ? tum aise kyun has rahe ho ?'her patience was crossing all her limits, looking at armaan laughing endlessly.
'pehle batao maarogi toh nahi na ?'assuring his safety, he took her in arms once again .
'pehle batao tum kyun itna has rahe ho,maine koi joke to nahi sunayaa?', putting up a fake anger,she further probed her questions .
'acha baba, gussa kyun hoti ho, bataata hoon. Us din garden mein  tumse main nahi karan mila tha', before he could say anything further, he recalled what karan told him.
'ek min ek min .........., karan to shilpa se mila tha?' he was playing detective now,to get answers to his more and more confusions.
'ohhhhhhhhhh............tabhi main sochun, shilpa ne karan ko maara kyun nahi ?' he said as he got hold of the facts , things were becoming clear .
And Ridhima stood there looking all embarrassed for her silly act of shilpa.
'Haan woh main shilpa ban kar gayi thi , tumhe khud aa kar baatane ki himaat nahi huyi , is liye shilpa bankar dil ki baat bata di', as she continued to look down.
'but yeh shilpa ka idea tha ', she uttered as fast as she can.
'jaanta hoon, itna ulta idea kaju ka hi ho sakta hai , uska dimag poora shaitani hai' as he tightened his grip.
Armaan comforted her saying that it happened for good, otherwise he wouldn't have come to know the most beautiful truth of his life. He caressed her hair while she was still in his arms.
'abhi andar chalen, yaan saaari raat yahin guzaarni hai?' how cud he miss a chance to tease her.
'armaan.......', as she playfully hit his strong chest.
He kissed her hairs and held her from her waist as they kept walking towards the library.

In the library
Shilpa and karan were still waiting for armaan ridhima.
Shilpa pinched karan on his arm.
'ouch...kya hai?' as karan exclaimed.
'kuch nahi, aise hi, dil kiya,ab to iski adat daal lo', being her naughty self( like natty ;P), she giggled.
'acha ek baat poochun?, tumne us din kuch kahe bina hi wahan se chali gayi ,jab maine tumhe bataaya ki karan tumse pyaar karta hai ' he asked her holding her hand in his and looking into his eyes.
'toh woh tum thea, bechaari ridhima samjhi usne arman ko apne dil ki baat batayi hai'as she bursted into laughter.
'aur maine armaan ko bata diya', and they both started laughing.
'mujhe bhi ridzi ne bataaya,pehle to bahut gusa aya,but then miss ridhima apne devar ki side par thi, tumhe bachaa liya', shilpa gave him u saved look, and hit him again on his hand.
'kya hai ? aab kyun maara?', he looked surprisingly at her.
'aiven hi.....mere dabbu 'and she giggled again.
'please be quite this is library', came a voice from other end, ofcourse the librarian.
As armaan ridima entered the library, they were shocked to see Shilpa Karan sitting together, holding hands.So were shilpa karan astonished to see armaan ridhima together.
It was already 12 midnight ,and library was closing.
Armaan and karan decided to drop shilpa and ridhima back home.
While on the way, karan asked armaan 'armaan ab to bata de wats in that box, itne saal.....'
Before he cud finish armaan put his hand on his mouth making him shut.
'kaunsa box ,armaan?'ridhima asked with a questioning look.
'box? Kuansa box?...'armaan replied with his words stumbling.
But ridhima was still not satisfied and felt something is fishy.


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