Thursday, 30 May 2019

Part 10 : Love Me always

She blinked her eyes looking at him in disbelief. Was it really him??

 "Helloo?? I know I am deadly handsome but you don't need to stare at me like this in the middle of the night in the middle of the road."

 Snapping back to reality hearing his cheesy line she spoke up.

 "Armaan? You here? What are you doing here?"

 Looking around as if in search of a lost puppy, " Well you see I have come to pick up a certain Dr Riddhima, so if you know how long she will take to come then I will be obliged. You see I am tired standing here keeping the car door open for her."

 Chuckling slightly at his comments she moved forward. As she touched the door their hands brushed. Feeling an electrifying sensation go through her , she pulled back her hand. Armaan did not miss the sensation their short contact had generated. Smiling slightly as he sat next to her in the driving seat he looked at her. Riddhima was pointedly looking everywhere except at him. The entire day's awkwardness between them and the cold war had finally reached its peak Armaan thought. And now its time to call peace he thought. He didn't even bother to wonder what in the world was making him think on these unspoken lines before. Right now he just wanted to do what he felt was correct according to him. And all he wanted to do was to get rid of the guilt weighing on his heart. It was for the first time he felt so guilty but the thought that he will put it right now eased his torrent of thoughts.

As he drove the car out of the main gates he decided to start.

"Riddhima I am really sorry for whatever happened. Believe me I never wanted to hurt you on purpose. I just wanted…….." Armaan tried fishing out words to prove his point.

Seeing her still looking away he tried yet again.

"Look baby I really am regretting this. Why should I on purpose steal your credit? I am really sorry ok."

Riddhima looked at him astounded at his outburst. Armaan Mallik apologizing? Had she heard him right? Looking at him with a dazed look she merely nodded still wondering. Not satisfied with her response he stopped the car with a screeching halt, bringing her out of her wonderland.

"Ok listen, I said I am sorry, how many times should I repeat this? Cant you just let this go???" She looked at him a little scared as he shouted stopping the car in the middle of the road at the dead of the night.

 "But what have I done to be the cause of your frustration so much?"

Her voice ringing in his ears he calmed down. Looking at her guiltily he didn't know what to do. He was in a nice mess he thought. Neither could he gauge his emotions nor could he understand why was he taking so much trouble to make her feel good and most importantly why was he guilty of having hurt her? Sighing in frustration he decided to just go with the flow and to listen to to what his mind told to do right now. And right now he wanted nothing more than to have her forgive him. Probing once again in a gentler tone he continued.

"Honey please forgive me alright. I really didn't mean to be such a jerk. Its just that……….."

Taken aback yet again by his sudden change of tone Riddhima looked into his eyes.

"Its ok Armaan you really don't need to be sorry. I guess I over reacted a bit. It was just that I wasn't expecting even you to just ignore me all the way long and that's what you exactly did so I got carried away I think…….."

"No you were right Riddhima. It was needed to get me back to my senses.  Surprised by himself that he was saying all this Armaan still continued.

"Its just that at that time……." Pausing there he didn't know how to tell her. But he just wanted her to understand him right now. Why in the world do I want her to understand me?? Cursing himself for being unable to solve his dilemma he looked at her. Only to find her gaze on him waiting for him to continue. As he stared back at her she lowered her gaze and shifted her weight a little. On an instinct he took her hand and held her hand in his.

Ignoring her surprise he continued.

"U see Ridz I am a bit over ambitious. As I told u father has been he coma past years and……" Stopping again he wondered how to spill it .

Feeling him uncomfortable Riddhima squeezed his hand and held it tighter.

Comforted by her grip he took a deep breath and continued.

"Well I never told you he was an alcoholic. Mum left him and us , so I guess he never really got out of it.They say she married him just for status. There were times when he would sink in complete depressions and drink so much that he could hardly walk. To imagine once a famous surgeon, one of the finest in the country addicted to alcohol is a shame itself. I always wanted to outgrow this stigma of being labeled as the son of an alcoholic, a failure. So I guess I am just over driven by ambitions. I landed up hurting you in the event too. I guess I am just too insensitive." He sighed closing his eyes.

Riddhima looked at him completely stunned. Never had she imagined he had suffered as much. We are both so very dejected with the way things have gone in our lives she thought. Resolving to give a very other fair chance she spoke.

"No Armaan the fact you explained urself speaks volumes. I have indeed just put it behind me. Infact no one has ever gone out of the way to just ask for my forgiveness. "

Smiling at her answer he felt really happy. It was a different feeling he had never felt it before. But it was definitely nice he thought.

"Alright so shall we just put this behind us with a promise that I never be such a jerk again. I am truly a jerk in the real sense for having brought tears in the eyes of such a beautiful lady"

Giggling and blushing lightly at his flirteous approach she tried taking away her hand from his hold.

'Ok ok I forgive you now can you please let go of my hand?" I think you just promised not to be a jerk and…….."

"Shhh" armaan tightened his grip on her hand. Seeing her go stiff at his movement he smiled. With one swift movement he placed her hand on the gear under his and started the car. Not letting go of her hand even for a second as he swung the gear forward he grinned at her.

"Am not letting go off this hand ever, not atleast right now as I am taking my wife on our very first date together."

Laughing at the surprise on her face , he drove ahead still clutching her hand.


He looked at her in astonishment as she placed her cup on the car.

"Really Riddhima you must be the first girl I ever came across doing such a thing!! All the women I have been out so far drool over chocolate and you?? "

"Hmm I don't understand why you are over reacting Armaan. I just love it this way. And who are to comment on my taste when look at yourself? Seriously Almond flavour is for oldies I feel. And you simply relish it. Eekksssssss. I am sure all you ex-girlfriends must be beyong 50"

"Who on the earth told you almond flavor is for oldies?? " Armaan asked her annoyed. "Ok fine almond for oldies but I am sure you wont find a unique piece like you! And just because you didn't find a suitable bachelor of your age for yourself till now doesn't mean you poke fingers at me. Let me tell you women of your age simply drool over me" He chuckled looked at vigoursly shaking her cup as the foam came up.

"Unique piece???" She looked up at him indignantly. "Are you poking fun at me?" She fingered with a glint in her eyes.

Putting down her finger he laughed at her expressions and spoke further.

"No no honey where am I poking fun? I am just trying to make out where will I find a unique piece like who mixes chocolate, vanilla with coke and then drinks it up" Laughing yet again looking at her, he stopped on receiving a hit on his shoulder.

"Ouch what was that for?"

'First of all Armaan Mallik, its not something so funny that you are laughing your head off. Its called float and many love it. So I am not the first one out here. And if I love mixing chocolate and vanilla ice cream with coke whats you problem? Atleast its better than your boring almond delight. And what women of my age drool over you?" Ridz mimicked him. "See your self in the mirror you are nothing short of a chimp" Happy to get her own back Ridz drained the last bit of her drink.

"Oh really a chimp? " Armaan looked at her intently. Moving forward he lent closer and brushing his thumb on her upper lip to wipe off the remains of the foam he whispered in her ears.

"Then people will be looking at you more Ridz than me, as a breath taking lady as yourself married a chimp like me."

Conscious of his touch on her Ridz lowered her gaze and shyly went away to sit down blushing at his compliments. As he sat down he looked at her to find her smiling slightly. Warmed by the way things had shaped he simled deeply as his dimples set in. Never had he enjoyed any date as this one he thought.

As they neared their home in complete silence he stole a glance at her to find her fast asleep. As he parked the car and got out he called out to her. Seeing in deep in sleep he picked her up . Has her head rolled and rested on his soulder he just couldn't help stare at her. No women he ever met had made him so much at ease. He could just be himself with her he thought.


Placing her gently on the bed as he rolled over the blanket over her he took out his phone. Switching it on he looked over at the number of missed calls. Seeing the name of the caller he rushed outside the room. Why would Rahul call him so many times he thought? When he left Rahul wasn't there but Armaan had assumed it was his night duty. Calling up slightly scared he held the phone.

"Hello Bhai wats the matter you………….."

"Armaan come immediately, dad is sinking"



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