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part 10: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She moved from one side to another trying to figure out what to say, what to do.. While Armaan stood looking at her without uttering a word.. Atlast making up her mind she turned to him calming herself..
Shilpa : First of all.. I know i am not pregnant.. And i dont wish to do any test regarding it...
He looked at her and rubbing his chin lightly..
Armaan : Well wont you feel much better if you do the test and prove your words correct.. ?
She kept avoiding his gaze nervously while he leaned his back on the wall looking at her every move.. After a while she spoke in a uncertain voice..
Shilpa : You dont understand.. I cant just..
Armaan : Why you cant .. I will tell Dr. Anjali to carry on it privately..
Shilpa looked at him and snapped..
Shilpa : Ohh Really.. !! So what should i go and say to her.. Dr.Anjali can i do  pregnancy test cauxe i have a doubt in my mind that i am pregnant...
Armaan : But you just said so confidently you are not pregnant..
Shilpa : And i am still confident.. I dont want to embarrass myself infront of anyone..

Armaan shakes his head while frowning..
Armaan : Whats there to be embarrassed.. I guess you are forgetting that already some has doubt about you being pregnant..
Shilpa turned away getting frustrated..
Shilpa : I dont care what people think.. I just know i am not pregnant.. I AM NOT.. !!
She took a seat on the bed trying to calm her anger and frustration.. He noticed the tired look on her face..
Armaan : Would you like to do any work or you want to take a day off.. ?
Shilpa thought for a while and took a sigh feeling the weakness in her body.. Carrying on her duty was a bad idea for today.. And Working with Armaan after this pregnancy dilemma was far more worse...
Shilpa : I want to go home.. I dont think i have enough strength to do any work..
She got up from the bed  adjusting her clothes.. Before walking out she glanced at him and spoke in a controlled voice..
Shilpa : And i am Still not willing to do any pregnant test.. I AM NOT PREGNANT... !!

Shilpa : I cant believe this.. Not even a single taxi is coming into view.. Could things get more worse...
And her answer came back to her instantly as she heard his deep voice behind her...
Armaan : Dr.Shilpa.. As i remember i gave u a day off...
Shilpa ignored him and kept her gaze stick on the road.. Not even a single taxi was in view..  Did she thought things wont get anymore worse.. If so she was truly wrong...
Armaan : Dr. Shilpa looks like you dont hear news at all.. There is taxi strike today..
Shilpa cursed under her breath trying to think for a way.. Bus Stand... !! She could ride back home in Bus...
Shilpa : All right i will take a bus back to home then..
Instantly he scowled hearing her words...
Armaan : Bus.. You must be joking... you are not even in a state to ride back home in the horrible vehicle..
Shilpa glared at him and spoke gritting her teeth..
Shilpa : I am totally fine Mr.Mallik.. And why are you caring about it anyways..
He ignored her words.. Without replying her question he took hold of her moving towards his car...
Shilpa : What are you doing... ? I can go myself..
Armaan glanced at her calmly..
Armaan : Let me drop you home..
Shilpa freed her hand from his grip and folded them..
Shilpa : No thanxs..
Armaan : Oh hello Madam.. I wasnt requesting you, I am telling you i will drop you home..
Shilpa : Sooo... ?
Armaan : I do what i want you should have realized it by now...
Without giving her a chance to speak he guides her into his car ignoring her protests.. As he took his seat and started the car she turned towards him to argue.. But Armaan interrupted her words smoothly..
Armaan : Why are you making yourself more weak by giving boost to our never ending fight.. ?
Shilpa considered his words for a minute.. Indeed she was wasting her own energy on the useless talk.. She leaned on her seat with a sigh thinking over the new problem in her life..

The next morning Shilpa woke up with the same giddiness and nauseous feeling.. And then she ended up vomiting several times.. She glanced at the time and groaned weakly... She didint have enough time to go and get ready for duty.. Neither she had any strength to get up and go for work..
After sometime Shashank came inside her room to see her lying on the bed with closed eyes.. As he came close he could clearly see the paleness in her face..
Shashank : Shilpa your sick.. Why didint you tell me before..
Shilpa opened her eyes hearing his voice.. She gave a weak smile to him..
Shilpa : Good morning Papa..
Shashank : First tell me how long have you been in this sickness.. I have a feeling this havent started from today..
Shilpa looked away from him as she remembered about the pregnancy talk.. The least thing she wished to do was talking about to him.. She was herself not in a dilemma to believe .. She cant say about to him .. Not yet..
Shilpa : From yesterday.. I guess i ate something bad which has led to a bad stomach.. I am not feeling so well right now..
Shashank : You look terrible Shilpa.. I dont think you are in a condition to go hospital..
Shilpa nodded her head considering his words..
Shilpa : I know Dad.. Let me call and inform..
Shashank : Yes please call and tell them.. Until than i will bring juice for you..
Shilpa nodded and dialed hospital number closing her eyes..
Nurse : Goodmorning Sanjeevani Hospital..
Shilpa : Hello.. Its Dr.Shilpa calling.. Actually i wanted to inform that i want be able to attend my duty today my health is pretty bad.. Could you plss inform Dr.Anjali or umm Dr.Armaan..
Nurse : Sure i will do Dr.Shilpa..
Just than Someone interrupted the talk of nurse and next she heard Armaan's voice making her heartbeat rise at once..
Armaan : Dr.Shilpa... ?
Shilpa : Uhh.. Yes Dr.Armaan.. Actually..
He interrupt her talk instantly..
Armaan : You are not feeling well..
Shilpa hesitated for sometime before answering..
Shilpa : Yes.. I just called to inform about it..
There was a long pause from his side.. And then he spoke calmly..
Armaan : Fine Dr.Shilpa...
And the line went dead .. Shilpa placed her phone down and closed her eyes.. A unknown fear kept rising in her heart as she gave a thought on her sickness.. She had the fear his words might become true...

And the whole day went on with the same sickness running in her body.. But by next morning her vomiting and dizziness stopped which gave a big relief to her.. She was glad she took two days off from hospital.. It was needed as she had to gain some energy and also set her mind.. She sat up on the bed to get some water when she heard someone speak behind her.. Shilpa : Dad i told you..
Her words came to a halt as she stared at the person walking inside her room.. Non other than Armaan Mallik.. He was dressed in his regular office attire and she couldnt help stare at him in daze.. This two days went on horrible , Still she couldnt help but miss his presence near her..
Armaan : Goodmorning Shilpa..
Shilpa recovered from her stupid thoughts and looked at him raising her eyebrow..
Shilpa : Only Shilpa.. ? I thought Dr.Shilpa was the trademark name for me..
Instead of frowning he flashed a devastating smile at her making her nervousness rise at once..
Armaan : Hmm Just the same way you gave me the name Arrogant Shameless Mallik...
Shilpa looked away as the memory of their talk came at once..
Shilpa : What are you doing here...
He set beside her making her back away instantly.. He rolled his eyes seeing her move..
Armaan : Dont worry i am not going to rape you..
Shilpa : Still you havent said why you are here.. ?
Armaan : You were sick.. And i am not having anyone to give duties for now.. Soo i thought why not come and meet the sick lady..
Shilpa : Dont call me that.. I am totally fine now... Wait a minute.. How did you get in my house Dr.Mallik..
Armaan : Well you dad let me in.. I guess i have made a good impression on him by helping you.. Half of my work is done easily..
Shilpa : Excuse me... ?
He ignored her talks and spoke with a serious look..
Armaan : Whats happening now.. ? Still vomiting and Dizziness.. ?
Shilpa hesitated at first and then gave a silent nod..  She waited for him to talk but he kept quiet.. Still not getting any reply she looked back to see Armaan back on his feet ready to leave.. She knew he was ready to go, but still had his gaze fixed on her..
Armaan : Why are you running away from the truth Shilpa.. ? I guess its high time you accept the truth now...
She stared at him stunned while he left the room without saying a word further.. And then she came back to reality realizing what he has just said.. Accept the truth.. ? Not So fast Mr.Mallik...

Armaan walked out to the living room to see Shashank who was buxy reading newspaper.. Hesitating for a minute he spoke..
Armaan : Uhh I guess i will leave now.. Thank you for letting me in Uncle..
Shashank looked up and gave Armaan a warm smile..
Shashank : Sure anytime.. Am glad you came to have a check on her.. Its nice to be concerned about your own employees...
Armaan shifted uncomfortably and forced a smile before walking out..

Shilpa slowly came into the living room looking around..
Shilpa : Dad .. Where is he.. ?
Shashank : He just left Shilpa.. Why what happened..
Shilpa glanced at window when she spotted Armaan walking outside...
Shilpa : One minute Dad i will be right back...
She walked outside putting up her energy...
Shilpa : Wait a minute Mr.Mallik... !!
Armaan turned back to see Shilpa standing infront of him.. From her look he understood she has just came ready for a big war..
Shilpa : So.. What truth were you talking about .. ?
Armaan : We both know very well what i am talking about.. You are pregnant.. !
Her anger level rose at once...
Shilpa : I have Already Told u I AM NOT PREGNANT... !!!
Armaan : Well I am saying.. Just in case..
Shilpa : Just in case is not even possible I know i am not pregnant... For your kind information NOTHING happened between us..
Armaan : Well Sorry to inform you i dont believe in your words.. Mark my words if u Pregnant we get married within this week..
Shilpa looked at him horrified hearing his words.. MARRIED.. She have to marry this Arrogant Man.. NO WAY.. !! Still trying to control her anger she spoke calmly..
Shilpa : And what if i am not Pregnant...
Armaan : You really wanna know...
Shilpa : Ohh Yes i do...
Armaan : Well than if You are not pregnant.. We dont get married in this week
She took a breath of relief at once..
Shilpa : Thankgod...
Shilpa looks at him walk away with a arrogant smile on his face.. Just than he turns back to her with a smile which tells her something was cooking in his mind.. He was surely planning something worse..
Armaan : Ohh Ya i forgot to tell you onething.. If you are not pregnant we will get married next month...
A stunned Shilpa comes back to reality as he starts to walk away..
Shilpa : YOU JERK !!... I Am not getting married to you... NEVER EVER  AND I MEAN IT.. !!
He didint turn.. Instead he walked upto his car ignoring her words.. She tried to calm the frustration and anger which kept building with every passing minute... What the hell did this guy want from her.. She gave a thought about the consequences calmly.. If she was pregnant she would have to get married in a week.. ? It would be a disaster for her.. But what was with his next condition...  If not pregnant still she had to marry.. And that was onething she wasnt ever gonna do.. EVER.. !!
She made up her mind while walking inside.. But instantly she stopped as his words came back ringing in her mind.. I guess its high time you accept the truth now... She tried hard to deny it.. She did her best.. But slowly slowly everything sank in her heart like a harsh reality.. She was having every symptoms of pregnancy.. Would it really mean she was pregnant... Was she really Pregnant with Armaan Mallik's child... ? If so the worst disaster was ready to hit her by next week... !!


Love Aishy :D

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