Friday, 31 May 2019

Part 11 : Love Me always

She looked over at him, the strain so very visible on his face. She had never seen him like this not even when we were suppoed to break the news of our marriage to everyone thought Riddhima. How I wish I could comfort him in some way she sighed. Whether attraction or not he was definitely special she thought. I am going to support him now Ridhima decided.

As he drove for the first time Armaan was tensed. Whatever grudges he held seem to fade away with the seemingly possibility looming overhead. Much as he hated accepting it, he was his Dad Armaan thought and whatever fate had put them through he will always be my dad and I will……………………… him no matter what Armaan confessed to himself.

Placing a comforting hand on his she gave him a faint smile. Smiling back he knew it was her way to say she was with him. For the first time he didn't mind admitting that he was glad she was there. He didn't even bother to think now as to why was he changing his thoughts. He was just happy that she was with him.


Rahul looked over at Armaan hurrying through the corridor.

"where is dad?? I mean is he better or what, come on Bhai tell me!!! Why are u so very quite??"

Armaan looked at Rahul looking lifelessly at him. Panicking thinking the worse he looked away for Muskaan. As moved forward to the cabin Rahul spoke quitely

"Its all over Armaan. "

"No you are lying it cant be…………….." Armaan slumped down to the floor.

'He didn't suffer much" Rahul spoke in the low voice yet again. Armaan looked over at him. Tears did not come out as the grief took over him.


Riddhima looked over at him as they entered their room. He had been so very quite past the few days. He hadn't shed a single tear and not uttered a word as they finished the last rites. He seemed lost and one look on his face told her something had broken in him. He might claim that he wasn't affected or that he had wished to have nothing to do with his dad but the fact was deep down she knew he had been greatly affected.

As he slumped down on the couch, he looked out at the night listlessly. Everything seemed so distant today. Feeling her gentle hand on his shoulder as she sat next to him, he looked out.

"I didn't even look at him for the last time" Armaan mumbled.


" I mean how could I be so mean? I could have told him that that……..that……….."

Hearing his voice finally cracking up Ridhima moved closer to him. Placing her hand on his as he took hold of it tightly.

'That u always loved him" Armaan looked at her , finally the barrier he had built up broke as tears formed in his eyes.

'yes I loved him. Watever happened I cannot stop loving him ever" Breaking down he held his face in his palms.

"I held him responsible for everything. I could have just given him a chance. One more chance" Armaan whispered. Seeing tears streaming down his face Ridhima moved closer.

"Why didn't I give him a chance. I could have helped him out. I should have just …….but no I was too proud of myself. I was so rebellious. I hated the fact that he changed. I felt he should have thought about us. Did I ever try and understand him. No. I never tried. I was too full of myself. I distanced myself when he needed me the most. I am so mean………I…….."

"Armaan" Riddhima looked at him now in tears. She couldn't see him in pain. His tears were making her heart cry. Putting a hand on his shoulder she looked at him tearfully.

"No Armaan, u always loved him. Circumstances or call it fate just made you think like that at that time. Armaan your tears now will just hurt him all the more. Where ever he his, he will not like to see in tears ever. For his sake please stop cursing your self."

Looking at her in tears too he took her hand in his. Entwining his fingers he looked out at the stars.

"u know when I was young, I used to leave no chance to annoy him. "

 Smiling slightly he continued as if he were reliving that memory again.

" You know we used to study in a boarding on every opportunity possible sneak into the girls hostel. Climbing over wall we used to go up to the girls rooms. I remember getting caught almost every time. The principle must have called my dad at least a hundred times." Laughing silently he continued.

"He even threatened to expel me so many times. Every time Dad would come, listen to him and plead for my sake. Dad would catch my ears, but never fail to give me a last chance. He would put up with all my mischief's. Rahul was his angelic child while he would call me his adorable devil. He never even raised his hand. Patiently he used to put up with every action of mine. And when it was my turn came to give him a chance I turned my back?? Will he ever forgive me?? I cannot even ask him for a last chance now"

Crying silently Ridhima removed his palms from his face. Wiping away his tears she his hand lightly. Pulling her into a tight hug Armaan placed his head on her shoulder. As she hugged him back, she felt him sobbing still.

Pulling out of the hug she held his face in her hands and spoke softly.

"Armaan, he is always there with you, within you he will live alive for ever. Don't cry as your tears will hurt him. You should make him proud of you Armaan. He will be with you where ever you go, whatever you do. "

Wiping away his fresh tears she held his face looking at him. Not breaking the gaze she spoke in a yet more gentle tone. " So will I , so please stop crying Armaan. Now that you have let out your grief its time to get back and prove that the chances he gave you were not in vain."

Looking at her Armaan slid down and placed his head on her lap. As she gently ran her fingers through his hair, she looked at him fast asleep. Closing her eyes while her hand still on his hand she leaned against the wall falling asleep.


As the sun rays peeped in through she opened her eyes to find him curled up against her with his head on her lap and his arms clutching her waist. She stared at him sleeping , she knew she had been attracted to him from the moment he touched her at the ball. Pushing it out as attraction she tried not to pay attention to it much, but it was growing on her she knew it. From the past few days his persona had grown on her. Her marriage with him had put him in entire new light. He had ignored her before and hurt her too but there was something about him that she couldn't shake off. And the way he made up to her the last time had melted her completely. This is definitely not attraction she murmured as looked at him. Its something more.

He projects himself to be someone he isn't all the time but I guess I am finally getting glimpses of the real Armaan she thought. And its definitely not something she can now push out saying attraction or lust. He was affecting her slowly. Last nite as he cried she felt pain within. That's definitely pointing towards something more she wondered.

As she thought more she saw the position they were in. He had his head still on her lap with arms encircling her waist while her hand was still on his head. Ruffling his hair slightly she continued staring at him. Releasing what she was doing she took away her hand from his head and gently tried to move him aside. The movement caused him to shift his head on the other side only to clutch her more tightly.

Feeling his grip tighter Ridhima gasped. She shivered slightly feeling an unknown sensation ringing through her body.  She wanted to shake it off but something stopped her. One part of her mind wanted to stay like this forever. Blushing slightly she finally tried to move him once more but failed. Finally finding no other option she softly called out.

"Armaan?" "Can u please move a bit?"

Stirring slightly he didn't open his eyes. She called out again.

Opening his eyes he looked around in a daze. His eyes fell on her looking down at him awkwardly. Loose strands of hair fell over her face as she tried to shift her wait indicating him to move. Automatically his hands went up to her face to tuck away those loose tendrils. As he brought his hand closer to her face she instantaneously tucked them away breaking his gaze. Coming out of his daze he got up.

'Errm…….am sorry actually….."

"Whats that sorry for?" She asked curiously.

"ohh nothing…….nothing"

He looked at her getting up and going towards the washroom. Smiling slightly for the first time in the past few days, he got up. Opening the wardrobe he removed something and placed it on the bed, waiting for her.

As she came out to grab her clothes before going to the shower , he moved forward blocking her way . Surprised by his gesture she looked at him quizzically.

"Ridhima I want to thankyou for the support you have been. Had you not been I don't know what………." Taking hold of her hands in his in looked down.

"Shhh u really need to thank me Armaan? I mean I did whatever I felt like at that moment and u don't need to say thank you as if I did you a favor. It was just………."

He placed his finger on her lips. They quivered slightly. Staring into those eyes he just cudnt break away from her spell.

'ok no thankyou then. Lets change the topic. I have removed this for you, will you wear it?" She looked at him stepping aside and pointing towards the pink saree on the bed.

"Armaan? You want me?..........You actually removed it?" Laughing slightly at her reactions.

"Well if you can select my clothes everyday so can I! Its revenge time u see. Now I can select your clothes and then we will really look a pair as otherwise when only u select mine then I am the one who looks horrendous in those shocking combinations!"

"So Mr Mallik u mean my choice is so very distasteful?" ridz retorted indignantly.

'hmm now when did I say such a thing Ridz?" Armaan asked innocently while holding back as laughter as her expressions changed from mischievous to annoyed to amusement as she finally settled to blush as he looked at her roaring with laughter . Pulling her close he whispered.

"So will you give me company in looking distasteful today?" Nodding smilingly she picked p the saree and made her way back . Feeling really happy to see him smiling, while Armaan stood there looking at her.


Glancing at Shanshank wondering for the 10th time in past five minutes Armaan sighed waiting rather impatiently for Shanshank to finally tell for what reasons had he called him so early. I could have brought Ridz too with me he thought annoyed at being called early. He had to rush as soon as the call came leaving her behind.

Finally looking up Shanshank spoke.

"Armaan as you know we have our branch in Mumbai too. A very good friend and collegue of mine Dr Subhankar is in charge of it. I thought that since now you have taken up this administration responsibility you go there and get some first hand experience. I am still here to handle things, so just to get more experience and a view into how things actually work you go there and learn to handle things. For 2-3 months or so I suggest. I have it all arranged. You go there now and you will assist Shubhankar in the administration along with ofcourse along with being a senior resisdent doctor there. So when will you like to join?"

"Sir I feel it's a great idea , I am very glad you considered me fit enough. We will leave in this week itself"

"Yes that's fine but WE?" Shanshank looked at him questioningly.

"I mean Riddhima and me ofcourse" Armaan answered promptly.

"Why should she come along? She is fine here Armaan, I see no need to take her along. This is for you , let her be here."

"Sir I respect your opinion but Ridhima will accompany me there"


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