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part 11: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shashank glanced at Shilpa who kept staring at her food.. He noticed she hadnt eaten even a single piece of toast..
Shashank : Shilpa.. ? Darling whats wrong... ?
Shilpa snaps out of her thoughts.. Every word he spoke to her still kept running in her mind...
Shilpa : I am fine dad..
Shashank looked at her , not ready to buy her lie..
Shashank : Shilpa are you sure you want to go for duty... Why dont u take one more day off..
Shilpa looked away uneasily...She knew how much she wished she could ignore him.. Ignore his condition.. But right now running away from the problem wasnt the best solution..
Shilpa : No dad i better get back to duty today.. I have already taken two days off.. If i take anymore i am going to loose my points..
Shashank looked at her for a minute and nodded understandingly..
Shashank : Hmm I know.. But plz take care of yourself Shilpa..
Shilpa gets up from her seat and gives a tight hug to him before leaving the house..

Armaan close his file and leans on his chair closing his eyes.. His mind kept running back to events which occurred within this month.. What was his life leading to.. What was he himself doing.. Shilpa Malhotra.. This girl was effecting him way too much.. More than he could have imagined..
He came out of his thoughts as he saw Shilpa walking inside the cabin dressed in jeans and kurthi.. His raised his eyebrow as a amused smile formed on his lips..
Armaan : For a second i thought Dr.Muskaan walked inside my cabin..
Shilpa ignored his words and came infront of him avoiding his gaze.. Armaan waited her to start her talk.. But she kept staring at the floor trying to speak some words... Nervousness was nicely visible on her face...
Armaan : Dr.Shilpa i think i will be able to carry on the work if u take a seat only...
She didint budge from her place.. Instead she surprised him by uttering something unexpected...
Shilpa : I want to do Pregnancy test..
For a long time silence stretched between them creating a awkward atmosphere.. Shilpa didint dare to glance up at him.. She couldnt believe she blurted out the words just now.. But it was something she had to do right now to get away from this mess... She heard him clearing his throat.. Next thing she knew , he was getting up from his seat working towards her..
Armaan : Well I dont have any problem Dr.Shilpa.. But didint you tell it would be awkward to ask Dr.Anjali to carry on it.. ?
Shilpa closed her eyes remembering the words.. How was she going to tell Dr.Anjali about this.. It would become the most embarrassing moment in her life.. Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes showing some courage..
Shilpa : Its fine.. I dont care.. I just want to carry it on and get the results..
He looked at her gave a silent nod..
Armaan : Sure as you say... wait for the break time you can go and meet her ... For now lets get back to work..
They worked for two hours.. Silently without exchanging any words.. Shilpa tried her best to control the nervous feeling rising in her heart.. How would she speak about it to Dr.Anjali... But proving her words right was the most important task for her right now...
Armaan : Dr.Shilpa you may leave for now..
Shilpa : Huhh..
Armaan : Break time... ! You can go for now ...
Shilpa gave a small nod and got up from her seat quietly.. Her legs felt shaky as she made her way out of the cabin with a worriedly...

During the break time Atul , Rahul and Muskaan kept chatting happily when Shilpa walked inside joining them..
Atul : Hey Shilpa.. Come join us..
Shilpa gave us small smile and took a seat beside them.. Atul moved forward speaking excitedly...
Atul : So Shilpa.. Did you bring any Good news...
Shilpa stared at him with wide eyes, She felt a twitch in her stomach as she heard his words.. Rahul who kept drinking coffee choked up while Muskaan suppressed her laugh...
Shilpa looked away instantly getting red when Rahul came into Rescue..
Rahul : Dont worry Shilpa.. He is just asking about conference thing.. Not other way..
Shilpa nodded and spoke hesitantly...
Shilpa : Umm It went well Dr. Atul.. Well it was a interesting trip..
Atul was about to speak when Anjali came in furiously.. She placed a small plant on the table folding her arms..
Anjali : Atul.. What is this thing doing on my table..
Rahul looked away laughing while Atul gave a big smile to Anjali..
Atul : I got a new plant.. This time for you Anjali.. Do you like it..
Anjali made a face while taking a seat beside them.. Shilpa looked at them confused when Rahul spoke..
Rahul : So Atul this is your new kid right..
Muskaan : Ohh yes .. Dr.Atul and Dr.Anjali's new baby...
Shilpa : Baby... ??
Rahul : Ohh yes Babies.. Atul has many plants in home.. And he call them its his kids... Like some a named Tina, Mina ..
Atul interrupted him softly..
Atul : Rahul.. This one is called Monty...
Muskaan started laughing hard while Shilpa couldnt help but smile widely seeing his cuteness..
Rahul : Funny thing is we actually dont know who is mother here.. Anjali or Atul...
Everyone burst in to laugh at once.. Rahul who kept laughing hard stopped as he saw Anjali throwing daggers at him..
Anjali : Shut up Rahul... Orelse i will give you double duty today.. And Atul You take your Monty with you i dont need it..
Everyone started arguing when Suddenly Shilpa felt Someone pull her up from the seat... Everyone grew seeing Armaan.. Shilpa looked at him questioningly when he whispered in her ears..
Armaan : Dont utter a word .. Just come with me..
Shilpa : But..
Armaan : I said not even a word..
He took her out of the cafeteria holding her arm leaving everyone in daze.. As usual Atul was the first one to break the silence..
Atul : Guyz you know what i think... ?
Rahul : As usual something unexpected...
Muskaan : Speak up Dr.Atul , we are ready to laugh..
Atul ignores their words and moves forward whispering..
Atul : I think they have actually brought a good news..
Rahul and Muskaan excused themselves laughing while Anjali threw a warning gaze at him... Atul spoke up immediately...
Atul : Anjali i promise i wasnt referring to pregnancy.. I was just thinking they might have brought a good news about the conference...
Anjali : You better stick your thoughts on that only... Or else if Armaan hears you are gone..
Atul shakes his head and takes his plant while heading back to his duty..

After an hour Shilpa walks inside the hospital fuming in anger.. Armaan follows her silently shaking his head.. As he notice her walking towards locker room he gets a hold on her..
Armaan : Ohh Helloo.. Your duty is not over yet.. Back to cabin..
Shilpa glared at him and followed him to the cabin cursing under her breath.. As they walk inside she walks infront of him gritting her teeth..
Shilpa : I cant believe you took me there.. !!
Armaan : Whats your problem Dr.Shilpa.. I was just doing a favor..
Shilpa : I could have done the test by asking Dr.Anjali.. Why did you drag me into a clinic..
Armaan looked at her calmly and headed back to his seat..
Armaan : So that you want have to go through any interrogation Anjali would have taken if you asked her to carry on pregnancy test on you...
Shilpa calmed her anger and gave a thought on it.. Indeed he was saying correct.. If she would have told Anjali it would have been more awkward.. Tiredly she takes a seat infront of him and gets back to her work quietly...
For a hour Shilpa concentrated in her work.. Just then Armaan speaks breaking her concentration at once..
Armaan : Shilpa i need some printouts of them right now..
Shilpa rolls her eyes and forces a smile..
Shilpa : Sure Dr.Mallik..

Five minutes later she walks inside with the printouts to see Armaan standing near the window looking outside.. With a frown she place them on his desk , keeping her gaze stick on him..
Shilpa : Anything else... If not can i go back home.. its pretty late..
He turns to her staring at her for a minute.. She saw troubled looked on his face which made her curious for a second.. Armaan walks back to his seat and takes a paper in his hand looking at it..
Armaan : I told the doctor to mail me your pregnancy results.. And here they are...
Shilpa stared at the piece of paper with a thudding heart...
Armaan placed the papers in her hand with a blank look...
Armaan : Am glad you decided to take pregnancy Test...
She stared at him dumbfounded, not getting his words..
Armaan : Am really glad you did..
He was glad.. ?? She felt her heartbeat rise thinking what could might have come as results.. She opened the reports with trembling hands, her eyes grows wide as she reads the examination results showing...  "POSITIVE"... Her pregnancy Test results came Positive... !!! The paper slipped out of her hands , pure shock written on her face, her whole body stiff.. She glanced at him stunned as she remembered the words his spoke to her yesterday... Mark my words if you are pregnant we get married within this week.. No Way.. !! He cant be serious..Maybe he wasnt serious about it.. She really hoped.. But instantly her hopes crashed as he gave his next blow coolly...
Armaan : Soo... Which day we should finalize for Marriage... ??


Shilpa sniffed while crying.. Armaan passed her a tissue which she took silently..
Shilpa : I dont want to be pregnant...
Armaan : But you Are...
Shilpa : I know... !! But Why am i Pregnant...
Armaan : Cauxe we made love... !


Shilpa : I am not going home with you.. I will take a taxi..
Armaan looked at her frustrated..
Armaan : My Baby is not going to ride in that stupid thing..
Shilpa : I am NOT your BABY... !!
Armaan : Who told you are... ?? I was referring to the baby growing in you..


Love Aishy <3

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