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part 12 & 13 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Part 12

She was still not convinced with the answer and left the question to be asked in detail later. Her inner self was telling her its not the right time to inquire about anything and to just enjoy the world she got couple of hours ago,the world which became her world from the very next second. The happiness she got was infinite as compared to the finite thoughts about the box.
And she didn't ask any further questions surprised armaan as he could see the dissatisfaction on her face and yet no words from her. He knew she was a quiet person who doesn't like fuzzing about her thoughts openly and loudly.

Breaking the silence that started to prevail in the small volume occupied by the car, a young guy stood in front of the car that was rolling tyres on the lone road at midnight. As the force of friction took over the speed of light, yes, speed of light as the thoughts in all the four minds were running faster combining them to move it faster as light, the guy knocked on the driver's window.
'Hie, sorry to bother you at this late hour, actually our car broke down' the young guy tried pulling up a face filled with a makeup of apology, and pointed to the car a couple of feet away with a beauty sitting in it, spreading radiance ,that made the car even visible in the dark night.
'wow wat a beauty!!!' armaan uttered these words looking at the beauty in front of him spreading a glow unaware that there was one more glow radiating at him, as ridhima's eyes were glowing with anger ready to hit him with full thrust .
'oopss!! Sorry darling' as he left a kiss for her in the air ,but looked like the puff of kisss left someone else in confusion .
'wat ? tumne mujhe darling bola?' the guy at the window transplanted a look of apology with a look of confusion.
'nai aapko nahi, how can we help you' armaan clarified his confusion and geared the talk to other angle, turning his neck at an angle of 45 degrees.
'can we get a lift to the Parker Avenue ,if you guys are going to that side ?' hoping a ray of hope come to his eyes, he revealed his destination.
'ohh yeah sure we are going that side too , get in' armaan signalled him to join them looking at only seat available.
'oh you guys have only one seat available , actually we are two ppl, even though we are one but to other we are two' he let the words other after waiting for a 2 sec delay thinking if what he was going to say make any sense.
'hmmm........'yeah for sure for couple of seconds he didn't make any sense as everyone expressed their confusion.
'ohh.. actually my life of love is with me too' as the guy pointed toward the glowing car.
'Dont worry dude, tell her to come we can adjust' a broad smile came across armaan which probably got transferred from ridhima's face to his.
'Thanks pal' the guy left to get the love of his life or we can say life of love, leaving his words trailing toward the 4sum.
Appending the string of 4, the two lovers joined them into the small array of car, looking where to adjust themselves with a confused look.
'Wait..., let make some room' no wonder how hard was for her to keep silent for this long, she jumped on Karan's lap.
'here you go !!' pointing to an empty seat for them to sit.
Looking at her innocent advancement everyone smiled.
'Thanks , Im Atul ' the sofar unknown guy extended his hand .
'Hie, Im shilpa, nice meeting  you.'
'Yeah same here ,myself Anjali'.
The name sounded somewhat familiar to Ridhima, she looked in the rear view mirror and then she turned around to clear another air of confusion in her mind that just cultivated few seconds ago.
'Tum?'the astonishment was visible on her face.
'hey anjie !!!' as ridhima greeted her friend.
'Oye ridhu u know her ?'shilpawas surprised, as to how come she doesn't know about her friend.
Shilpa and ridhima being twins knew each others friends.
'you are anjali Sharma rite ?' before she cud utter something else , she wanted to confirm the person she is assuming to be is really the person she is thinking to be.
'you know her ?' nows it was armaan's turn in the queue to fire the questions at her.
'yeah I am , how you know ?' anjali was surprised how some stranger knew about her name .
'I am Ritz, your friend , remember India-forums ?' she made every attempt to let her friend recognize her.
'OMG i cant believe this, ritzu tummmmmmm....?' Anjali was feeling like flying in the air, she never dreamt this in her dreams that she wud meet her dearest friend like this as strangers.
And in few seconds they were hugging.
'Girls yeh kya ho raha hai ? koi humhe bhi bataayega ?' armaan was in total confusion as to what was happening.
'Armaan me and anjali are online friends, we met through India-forums , its a online community to watch Indian shows , and we met on Dil Mil Gaye section.'
'and me and ritzu wahin friends bane thea, remember atul i told you about one of my friend for whom i was making a siggy with armaan's pic on it .' anjali giggled trying to suppress her thoughts, about how her friend ritzu loved Dr.Armaan .
'Armaan?????????' armaan was hell shocked to know this and was double shocked .
'uff tum nahi woh show mein hai Dr.Armaan, baad mein detail main bataaungi uske bare mein 'ridhima cleared his confusion instantly.
Everyone thought ridhima to be a quiet person who doesn't interact with many ppl, and they never knew she is having a separate life on net.
'Ridhima u never told us'shilpajumped up with a fake anger.
'Ridhimaa ??'now anjali was  confused to what was happening in that small car.
'yeah thats my name' ridhima answered a little hesitantly.
'Ohhh ritzu from ridhima , ab samjh aaya , vaise yeh kaun hai tumhaara real life armaan' anjali stressed on the word armaan.
'yepp' she proudly said while others supported her a Big laughter.
'Ab sabhi kyun has rahe ho ?'once again losing her mind , as she had no clue wats happening there.
'Actually his real name is Armaan' ridhima's face was all red with blush as she said the truth.
'OMG, im here with real Armaan Ridhima ? i cant believe this , Kudrat ka karishma, my beloved Jodi on TV exists in this real world. Gud luck you guys, and i hope tum dono AR ki tarah jhagadte nahi ho'.
'Ek min , and this is youuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrr Atul rite ? tum dono bhi ? wow i cant belive this is happening , remember we used to tease you with dr.anjie and atul and wud ask you ur dr.atul' both the girls were rolling with laughter ,as others were admiring their beautiful friendship, how close they were, dispite of the fact that they had never even met each other.
'par ridhima tumne pehle kyun nahi pehchaana anjali ko jab she came close to our car, kya tumne use pehle kabhi nahi dekha ?'armaan was confused yet once again.
'I have seen her pic par woh tum jo kuch keh rahe thea isliye maine dhyan nahi diya, ' ridhima answered remembering how armaan was praising her friend.
'ooh okk' as he smiled slyly.
'Anjie this is my sister and twin shilpa and our friend karan' pointing towards shilpa and karan and shilpa's eyes were telling something else which she didn't let go unnoticed  'and shilpa's love'.as she quickly added.
Armaan'Atul we are close to Parker Avenue, Ghar kahan hai ?'
Atul 'house number 63 , near the fountain.'
'oh really ? wow  ours is 58 ,just the opposite side of the lane , and ridhima andshilpaare at 60' armaan excitedly informed them about their habitat.
'here we  are guys' armaan pulled the car in the driveway.
'you both stay together ?' karan was surprised when he saw both getting down the car.
'naahi , its my house and i will drop anjali at her place , Thanks a lot guys its been so nice meeting you all. Chale anjie' as he looked at anjie and ridhima in a sweet hug.
The quatro(4) also drived back to their home.
'Tumne kabhi apni online friends ke baare mein nahi bataaya ?'armaan was upto teasing her not aware of the time that it was 1 am .
'haan jaise tumne kabhi uss Box ke baare mein nahi bataaya'ridhima retorted backfiring his question.

part 13 

'Tumne kabhi apni online friends ke baare mein nahi bataaya ?'armaan was upto teasing her not aware of the time that it was 1 am .

'haan jaise tumne kabhi uss Box ke baare mein nahi bataaya'ridhima retorted backfiring his question.

"kya yaar tum ek hi baat ko kyyun baar baar kheech rahi ho?" armaan thought acting annoyed can save him from all her questions . He wanted to gift her the box on their wedding night and for now wanted her to forget about the box.

"Armaan its has been only few hours we confessed and you acting all weird just in hours ?
how will you react for the rest of life ? you meany !!" and she playfully hit him with her purse.

"Oye laila majnu , apna drama band karo ghar aa gya hai "shilpa stepped out of the car
winking at ridhima ."tum aa rahi ho yaan seedha armaan ke ghar hi jaana hai ?" and she pulled her out with her .

"Thanks shilpa yaar " he murmured but was caught by ridhima .

"wat , armaan you gone crazy " and she entered the main gate laughing and shilpa blowed a flying kiss for karan. 

and armaan blowed a flying kiss towards the ladies . Seeing them blowing kissies , ridhima and karan couldnt help bursting out in laughter .

and there was a synchronous reply from Arman and shilpa
"haso haso ,tum dono ko toh dekh lenge "

They knew it was useless to answer them and whole night will go in arguments and they just let it go .

At Malik house :

Like a customary , like one of his routines before sleeping , he would have a look at the box and its contents. A look of his precious treasure of life always helped him sleep better, giving him the feeling of she is there with him close to him .

"where it is ?" seeing the box missing from there astonished him and more shocked as if he was left lifeless .

"kyun aadhi raat ko chilla raha hai ?" lost in his dream world with his shilpa, karan was getting annoyed with armaan's screaming ."chup chaap so ja , subah dhoondh lena "

He didnt had any other option than just pray that wherever it is its safe.

In the morning, Gauri entered their room with "The Box "

" kyun isse hi dhoondh raha tha na aadhi raat ko ?" with a winking smile on her face she pulled his ears ."tumhe kya laga ki maa ko kabhi pata nahi chalega ? maa hoon mein teri , itni toh khabar rehti hai ki mere bete kya kar rahe hain   "

"Maa wohh..... " stumbling and looking for words .

"Yeh sab shilpa ka hai na ?" she looked at him for confirmation of what she thought. She always thought about armaan shilpa as she has seen them together all the time , the best buddies .

Hearing this karan was left disheartened not sure how to react to his mother's remark about his love shilpa and her name with armaan. For the first time he was feeling insecure from his own brother.

The moment he looked over karan and his devil mind started planning and he kept quiet didnt say anything to his mom , not even that she was thinking wrong abt Shilpa.

Disturbed about the way things were turning out , he left for the terrace and Armaan got a chance to get his plan in action .

At Gupta Residence

Ridhima was still fast asleep and lost in her own worlds dreaming about her desires , her armaan.

"Ding Ding "

"Padma zara dekhna kaun hai darwaaze par kaun hai subah subah " while shashank was enjoying his newspaper.

"Gauri tum ? Itni subah subah . Karan aur armaan beta andar aao "

"kyun main subah subah nahi aa sakti kya ? " and she walked in .

"Aur sab theek hai , dont worry " she tried to assure her worried friend.

"yeh kya hai tumhaare haath mein ? " as padma looked over the Box wrapped in beautiful wrappers.

" Apne bete Armaan ka Rishta lekar aayi hoon tumhaari shilpa ke liye " hearing the words karan almost lost his balance and feeling helpness that he is unable to do anything and was looking for Ridhima to say something.

"Kya , sach , main abhishilpako bulaati hoon " and padma goes to getshilpa.

And she disclosed the news to shilpa that gauri wants her to get married to Armaan.
Hearing this Ridhima broke from her sleep and was shocked to see her world shattered in minutes and more surprisingly shilpa was all cool about it she wasnt shocked or rather reacting.

The girls came down and greeted Gauri.

"yeh meri Bahu ke liye " as she handed over the box toshilpa.

" yeh kya hai aunty ? " now shilpa was confused wat was that box of ?

"yeh sab armaan ne bachpan se sambhal kar rakha hai apne pyaar ki nishaniyan " and she looked at shying armaan .

"toh kya yeh woh box tha jiske baare mein karan keh raha tha aur kya issi liye armaan mujhe bataana nahi chahta tha " lost in her thoughts she kept murmurring all that came of her mind.

"Dikha na shilpa"and she literally snatched the box from her .

" Yeh toh meri payal hai , aur yeh meri choodi " she screamed out loud with happiness seeing how much armaan loves her that he kept all her belongings with him all these years.

Armaan and shilpa broke into laughter hearing her leaving everyone else confused at the change of events.

"koi batayega yeh kya ho raha hai ? mujhe toh laga tum aur shilpa? aur yehshilpaka samaan hai , tabhi toh main yahan aayi ,shilpa ko apni bahu banaane " gauri looked over at armaan for answers.

"maa aap bhi na main aur shilpa" and he laughed more loudly and gave a high 5 to shilpa"maa kahani mein thoda twist hai , samjhaata hoon , see main aur ridhima " and he walked over to ridhima and held her hand .

"aur main aur karan" and shilpa went towards karan .

"toh phir tumne mujhe subah kyun nahi bataaya ?" gauri probed further .

Leaving ridhima's hand he walked towards shilpa and put his arm around her shoulders "woh kya hai na kal raat ko yeh dono hum dono par hass rahe thea, toh jab subah aapne poocha aur maine karan ki shaqal dekha toh mujhe idea aaya en dono ko tang karne ka , toh maine already shilpa ko phone karke bata diya tha "

"Hey Bhagwan yeh dono kabhi nahi sudharenge " as shashank and padma intrupted .

"Toh kya main dono betiyon ko apni bahu bana sakti hoon padma ?"

"kyun nahi , bai miyan biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi " and everyone laughed out loud.


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