Monday, 26 October 2020

part 12: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She stared at him like a dumb.. Marriage ?? Was he out of his mind..
Shilpa : Marriage.. ? Who is getting married..
Armaan : You and me who else..
Shilpa snapped at him in horror..
Shilpa : I am not Marrying you...
Armaan : Ohh Yes you Are...
Shilpa : I would rather go and jump of a cliff..
Armaan rolled his eyes while she passed a annoyed look at him..
Armaan : You are free to do that after 9 months..
Shilpa : 9 months.. ? Will you divorce me after 9 months..
Armaan : No i was gonna say you can give the baby to me and jump..
Shilpa looked with wide eyes.. Was this man for real..
Shilpa : I AM NOT PREGNANT... !!!

Armaan passes a amused look , he point at the paper in her hands reminding her of the bitter truth.. Shilpa looked at the paper with a heavy heart and glanced back at him.. Armaan stared at her with a serious look.. She was surprised when she saw his eyes showing some sort of concern towards her... Was it really concern or pity on her condition..
Armaan : You better accept the truth now.. You are pregnant.. ! And the best thing for you, for the baby would be getting married..
Shilpa : I am capable enough of taking care of a child.. I..
He interrupts her words in anger..
Armaan : Thats my Child too.. And i dont want to see some other idiot raising my child making him call father..
Shilpa glared at him moving towards him..
Shilpa : When did i say i would marry some other men..
Armaan : Well Lady you were intending such thing..
She felt her frustration level rise with every passing minute...
Shilpa : I dont want to Marry anyone...
Armaan moved towards her with a force which made her tremble for a second.. He pulled her towards him holding her arms while looking directly in her eyes which were full of fear...
Armaan : Thats MY child growing in you.. You are pregnant with Armaan Mallik's Baby.. So eventually in becomes important for me to take my Responsibility.. And Armaan Mallik never backs away from his responsibility..
She stared at his eyes which was full of confidence and determination... As he spoke she felt a chill run down her body... His words were powerful.. Just like him.. She felt herself like a trapped prey infront of him.. Suddenly she felt herself coming face to face with the Harsh Reality...

Next thing he knew was that Shilpa Malhotra was crying infront of him.. He stared at her blankly while tears came out , while she sobbed silently.. He couldnt help but feel a uneasiness inside him as he heard the pain in her cry.. Without a word he seats her on the sofa and hesitantly takes a seat beside her.. She keeps crying silently while he stares like a idiot not knowing what to do.. He notice the tissue box kept on the table , Armaan takes it and glance down at Shilpa to see whether she was still crying.. Just then she turned to him making him startled for a second..  For sometime they kept staring at eachother trying to figure out the new feeling rising between them.. Something had surely changed between them.. Still unknown.. Coming back to reality Armaan cleared his throat staring down at the box, while Shilpa kept clearing her tears.. He glanced at her somewhat hesitating to make a move.. After a while she sniffed while crying silently... Armaan instantly passed her a tissue which she took silently without uttering a word.. After few minutes of silence she spoke..
Shilpa : I dont want to be pregnant...
Armaan glanced at her while sighing..
Armaan : But you Are...
Shilpa : I know... !! But Why am i Pregnant...
He stared for a minute and blurted out..
Armaan : Cauxe we made love... !
Shilpa snapped him a furious look trying to hide her embarrassment.. She felt her cheeks go red as she heard him say the words.. If this was her reaction towards hearing about it what would it might have been like in real.. Shilpa cursed herself for getting back to her wild thoughts.. She had to gain control on it.. Specially infront of Armaan Mallik she better had to control her feelings...
Clearing her tears she gets up from the seat awkwardly..
Shilpa : I.. better go home now.. Its too late..
He got up instantly speaking softly..
Armaan : I can drop you hope..
Shilpa : No... I can manage..
Without giving him a chance to speak she moves out of the Cabin hastily..

Tapping her foot impatiently she waited looking around for a taxi.. Not even a single one was visible.. Today was more worse compared to last day.. It was late in night and hardly anything was visible.. And Adding to worse Armaan Mallik was still in hospital , he would come out any minute and become all bossy like previous day.. Shilpa closed her eyes clearing his thoughts from her mind.. NO... Not today... Just than she felt footsteps behind her.. Someone was coming towards her.. Hesitantly she turned back to find non other than Armaan Mallik coming out of the Hospital.. She tried to act fast.. But too late , he had already spotted her.. With a frown he moved towards her... No... Not again with Arrogant Mallik.. Before he could reach her she started to move in a hasty pace... But within few minutes he got a grip on her.. Shilpa cursed under her breath and turned to him with annoyance..
Shilpa : What do you Want.. ?
Armaan : Getting Married..
Shilpa looked away trying to control her anger..
Shilpa : Ohh yes Why not.. Am wearing bride dress.. We have a wedding ceremony here.. Everyone is present to give blessing.. Ohh Wow look we got married.. !!
Armaan stared at for a while and started grinning..
Armaan : Am glad you spoke about how you wish to have your wedding... Thats a good sign.. Soo shall i take it as a yes..
Shilpa looked at him stunned.. She actually expected him to get irritated my her.. But this guy was a good player in this..
Shilpa : I dont Wish to Discuss about this..
She turned away to go but again turned back facing him determinedly..
Shilpa : One more thing... !! I am not going home with you.. I will take a taxi..
Armaan looked at her frustrated..
Armaan : My Baby is not going to ride in that stupid thing..
Shilpa : I am NOT your BABY... !!
Armaan : Who told you are... ?? I was referring to the baby growing in you..
Shilpa gritted her teeth as her anger rose with every passing minute..
Shilpa : You are such a mean... Arrogant.. Rude..
Armaan interrupts her words with a smile..
Armaan : Make it easy.. ASM.. Arrogant Shamless Mallik..
Shilpa looked at him ready to argue when he surprised her with one kiss.. He moved forward holding her waist pulling her into a hungry kiss.. Shilpa closed her eyes as she felt the his hard lips devouring her soft lips making her loose control from her mind..  What was so special about this man.. If he talks he was one of the biggest idiot in the world.. But when he touch her she instantly loose control.. She gives in so easily forgetting her surrounding.. What was so special about him..
They were interrupted with a noise of something shattering down.. Shilpa moved away instantly and looked at person infront of her horrified.. While Armaan showed no reaction towards Atul who stared at them with mouth open wide in shock.. Shilpa looked away getting all red.. Atul had seeing them kissing surely.. His expression was clearly showing what he had witnessed just now..  Minutes passed but none of them talked.. Shilpa got some courage and looked back at Atul and notice his plant pot shattered into pieces near his feet.. Getting back her voice she spoke hesitantly..
Shilpa : Dr.Atul.. Your plant... I mean.. Monty.. Its broken..
Atul recovered from shock and looked down at his feet.. Still he didint react seeing it broken , which surprised Armaan...
Armaan : Atul.. Your new baby has just broken...
Atul glanced at Armaan , his face still showing shock... Shilpa tried to walk away when Armaan held her hand..
Armaan : I told you.. I will tried you back to home.. And Atul Come on lets go its getting late..
Atul followed Armaan to the car without a word... Shilpa hesitated for a minute staring at them, but giving up took a seat in the back of the car...

After dropping Shilpa home Armaan and Atul made their way inside the house to see Anjali and Rahul watching TV while talking around.. Anjali got up with a smile noticing Atul, but soon frowned seeing the sullen look on his face... Rahul glanced at them with a smile..
Rahul : Hi Bro... Hey Atul.. Wait a minute are you ok Atul bro..
Armaan glanced at Atul and rolled his eyes.. He moved to the sofa taking a seat while tugging down his tie.. Taking the remote from Rahul's hand he changed the channel while Rahul protested unhappily..
Rahul : Bro Plss i was  watching it..
Keeping his eyes stick on news Armaan spoke..
Armaan : Go and Get me water Rahul..
Rahul looked away grumpily..
Rahul : Go and get yourself..
Armaan passed a stern look at Rahul..
Armaan : Rahul...
Rahul : Fine... I am going...!!
Armaan noticed Atul who set beside him silently.. Anjali kept trying to talk with him but he didint utter a word... Instead he kept staring at Armaan blankly...
Armaan : Atul Will you stop staring at me.. Am not your wife..
Anjali : Exactly... Atul i am your wife not Armaan..
Atul : I know that ok.. I was just..
Rahul came with glass of water handing it to Armaan ... He opened the can of soda he brought of himself and took a seat ...
Rahul : Just what Atul bro.. explain Us too..
Atul laughed nervously and spoke quickly..
Atul : Armaan was kissing...
Rahul chocked his drink while Anjali gave a surprise look at Armaan.. Armaan rolled his eyes and looked away..
Armaan : Am i some sort of priest that i cant kiss..
Rahul suppressed his laugh and glanced at Armaan curiously..
Rahul : Well bro we know you are not.. But you and kissing.. Who is the lucky lady...
Atul butted in instantly..
Atul : She works with us..
Rahul and Anjali gave a look and spoke slowly..
Rahul and Anjali : Dr.Shilpa... ??
Armaan looked at them annoyed...
Armaan : Soo What.. It was just a kiss.. And you ATUL.. !!
Atul looked at Armaan nervously
Atul :What... What did i do...
Armaan : When i kissed her who was the one looking shocked and crashed his plant into ground..
Rahul : Atul broke Monty... ??
Anjali : I would Say.. Thankgod...
Atul got up instantly realizing about his new plant...
Atul : Oh my God.. Monty... I left him there alone...
Anjali : Atul its just a PLANT... !!
Atul : Anjali that was my new plant.. I better get it back..
Armaan shook his head and got up from his seat..
Armaan : Am off to bed...
As Armaan walked upstairs Anjali held Atul in his place..
Anjali : Its too Late Atul.. And anyways they might have now thrown it to trashbin even..
Atul looked at her sadly when Rahul started to laugh..
Atul : Thats not Funny Rahul...
Rahul : Ok OK Not Funny.. Am off to bed now.. I have to meet Muskaan Tomorrow..
Atul : You and Muskaan.. When did that Happen..
Rahul : Woah.. Atul bro hold your weird thoughts there.. I have been assigned to do duty with her for a week.. Poor me.. I better go and get a good rest before i meet that chatterbox.. Night guys..
As Rahul walked away Atul kept thinking for a minute... He glanced at Anjali and spoke..
Atul : Anjali .. I was thinking.. Can i take back my words.. ?
Anjali : What words... ?
Atul : You know that Good news one.. Before i said it might be a good news about Conference , can i change it back to...
Anjali interrupted instantly..
Anjali : DONT... ! Atul you are thinking too forward... Come lets go to bed..

Shilpa stared down at her food thinking over what had happened with her in such a short period of time.. She never thought he life wud take such a drastic turn leading to something unimaginable.. She still remembered what he had whispered to her when he dropped her back to home tonight..

Flashback :

" I want a answer.. Yes or No.. By Tomorrow.. Before you take your decision just have a good thinking about your future.. "
She turned to him uncertainly..
Shilpa : What if i dont give an answer..
A small smile came on his lips..
Armaan : Then i dont have any problem , but come and meet your father to have a talk about it... Remember to give an answer...

Flashback ends

Shashank : Shilpa.. Whats wrong ?
Shilpa snapped out of her thoughts as she saw Shashank looking at her with a frown... She smiled trying to cover her fear..
Shilpa : Am fine dad.. Just a little tired..
Shashank : ohh ok.. Have some food and go and get some sleep..
Shilpa shakes her head and starts to eat small bites.. After some minutes she looks back at him..
Shilpa : Papa.. Can i ask you Something... ?
Shashank : Do u have to ask for my permission..
Shaking her head she spoke softly..
Shilpa : Papa.. If i have a doubt on something.. I mean if i feel like i am running away from something for a good.. Do you think its good enough..
Shashank stared at her for a second and gave a nod..
Shashank : Well.. You See Shilpa.. If that thing is bad enough for you.. Oh can give any sort of pain to you its better to avoid.. But.. If you have something stored good behind it , its better to face it rather than running away from your problem..
Shilpa registered his words in her mind... She gave a silent nod getting up from her seat...
Shilpa : Hmmm.. Papa i am tired i will retire back to Room now.. Goodnight..

For hours Shilpa lay on her bed staring up at the ceiling battling in her mind what to do.. She kept thinking about consequences.. How would Shashank react if he finds out about her pregnancy.. And if anyone in hospital gets to know about this it wont be easy for her to have a professional life there.. But Armaan Mallik.. Hardly she could stand the guy.. How could she even survive with him in a marriage.. But then again she recalled what Shashank said to her... What if something good was stored for her in this.. What if.. What if it could give some happiness to her.. A bright future... There was a fact she couldnt deny.. She cant deny Armaan Mallik was trying to help her in this situation.. A situation for which she cant blame only him but become equally responsible... Closing her eyes Shilpa nods her head , Gaining some courage she takes her phone and dials his number , while staring at the ceiling with flowing tears... As she heard the click from the other end she spoke in a trembling voice..
Shilpa : Hello...
His deep voice came from the other end..
Armaan : Hello Shilpa..
Shilpa closed her eyes trying to form the words.. Taking a deep breath she spoke confidently..
Shilpa : Am Ready to get Married this Week...!


With the Realization of Pregnancy forms the Bossy Armaan Mallik :

Armaan : What are you Drinking.. ?
Shilpa : Cant you see.. Its Pepsi...!
Armaan : And Why... ?
Shilpa : Cauxe i am thirsty...
Armaan : Dr.Shilpa Dont you know thats harmful for baby...
Muskaan : Baby... ?? Whose Babyy.. ??

Armaan : Yes its true .. I am getting Married...
Atul : But...
Armaan : To Dr Shilpa..
Rahul : I think i need some fresh air..
Muskaan : Take me with you before i faint...
Anjali : Well well i had a feeling this would happen..
Atul : Armaan How can you...
Armaan : Ofcourse i can..
Atul : But how could you...
Armaan : You are reacting as if i am cheating on my wife...


Love Aishy

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