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part 14: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa took a seat infront of Shashank hesitantly.. She stayed calm but her heart was beating wildly... Just now she broke the news of her Marriage to him which surely has stunned him for the moment.. He didint reply to her.. Instead he looked at her with blank expression showing no reaction... And then he broke the silence with a uncertain look...
Shashank : You are getting married...
Shilpa looked away closing her eyes..
Shilpa : Yes...
Shashank : To Armaan Mallik...
Shilpa : Yes Dad...
Shashank looked at his daughter... His eyes full of concern.. He wished to be happy on the news... But still hesitation seeped through him to a extent..
Shilpa looked back at her father.. Who set silently without uttering a word.. What was running in his mind.. Was he going to disagree on her marriage.. She took his hand pressing it slowly..
Shilpa : Papa.. Plss say something.. I know i should have told you before..
Shashank : Ofcourse you should have told me before.. I am your father Shilpa.. How can you hide such a big thing from me..

Shilpa : Papa.. I didint mean to hide.. I mean things happened so fast.. Everything fixed up in such a hurry that...
Shashank calmed himself.. He knew it wasnt time for him to protest or argue on this matter..
Shashank : Before i say anything about this matter, Shilpa i want you to answer my question truthfully.. Plzz dont lie...
Shilpa passed a uncertain look at him..  Lying to her father was always most impossible task for her..
Shashank : This Marriage.. Are you forced into this.. Or you are really doing this according to your wish..
She did open her mouth to speak.. No words formed.. What was there for her to say.. Was she really being forced.. ? Shilpa gave a thought on it herself.. Deep inside her heart she appreciated the way he has helped her through every step.. He took of the burden of her money.. One of big problem she faced.. And again he is taking responsibility of a child growing inside her.. Could she still say she was forced.. ?
Shilpa : No Papa.. He proposed me for marriage.. I said yes.. I am not forced...
He smiled.. He felt the sincerity in her words.. A relief ran through his mind knowing his daughter was happy about it..
Shashank : I am glad you are happy.. I wonder what i will go around when you leave.. Its just am now so used to my lovely child..
Shilpa looked at Shashank who kept smiling trying to fight back with tears.. Her eyes welled up as she realized she would be leaving her father.. How can he live here alone without her..
Shilpa : Papa.. Before i go am arranging a maid in the house.. Who can take care of you..
Shashank : Shilpa.. I dont need..
Shilpa : Ofcourse you need.. In this condition.. You cant be alone..
Shashank gave up knowing he could never win over her...
Shashank : Ok Ok Fine.. As my princess says..
Shilpa smiled while hugging him.. Shashank gave a pat on her back with a smile.. As she moved back he looked at her with seriousness..
Shashank : Shilpa.. I am still not saying a yes for marriage..
Shilpa : Papa.. but u...
Shashank : I want to meet him.. Armaan Mallik.. If its possible today only.. As you guys are planning to get married within this week.. I would love to have a important talk with him..
Shilpa gave a thought about it... No one knew why they were getting married so hastily.. If she could just say..
Shilpa : Ok Papa.. I will call him..

Rahul peeked inside Armaan's study to see him working on some project.. Typical Brother who always drowned himself in work..
Rahul : Someone said the week is free and no work wud be done..
Armaan closed his file with a sigh.. He looked back at Rahul..
Armaan : It was a important work.. I wanted to wrap them up before Marriage..
Rahul gave a nod silently.. Armaan noticed his changed behavior..
Armaan : You are too quiet today.. Are you fine.. ?
Rahul looked up at him hesitantly.. He gave a small smile
Rahul : Bro.. Everything is happening so fast.. I was thinking if we could do some talk..
Armaan glanced at his brother.. He noticed the worry in his face.. Just as he was about to speak the phone rang breaking the silence.. Signalling him to wait Armaan took  the phone..
Armaan : Hello..
Shilpa : Armaan...
Armaan felt a sudden chill run through him.. He wasnt expecting his call... He looked back at Rahul who was waiting to have a talk with him..
Armaan : Shilpa.. Can u plss hold for a minute..
Rahul : No Bro its fine.. You talk I will come later...
Armaan held the phone away speaking softly..
Armaan : We will speak.. I will come out after attending this call..
Rahul gave a small nod and walked out of the room , Armaan went back to the call only to hear the her shout...
Shilpa : When are you retiring from work Dr.Mallik..
Armaan ignored her comment and spoke
Armaan : Looks like you are not able to handle to excitement of marriage.. I really didint expect any call from you today..
He knew he had hit the right spot.. Now she would think twice before uttering a word.. As expected she ignored his words..
Shilpa : I called becauxe.. My Dad.. He wants to meet you..
He frowned on this..
Armaan : You Dad.. ? Why does he want to meet with me.. You told him about marriage..
Shilpa : Excuse me.. ? Should i have got married without informing my dad.. Ofcourse i told him.. Now he wants to speak with you about the it..
She waited him to speak.. But he didint utter a word.. Surely he wasnt willing to come and meet her dad.. And then something hit her.. A sly smile came on her lips as she spoke in a innocent manner..
Shilpa : Let me inform you... Papa havent said yes for Marriage yet.. He says he want to talk with you first..
A instant response came from his side..
Armaan : I will be there within 20 minutes... !

Shashank set in his wheelchair looking outside view , his thoughts running over his daughter's marriage.. For a extent he was glad Armaan Mallik was the one.. He did like him.. He noticed the sense of courage, responsibility in him..  Just than he noticed Armaan walking inside the house.. Slowly looking around.. He stopped as he noticed Shashank.. Without saying a word he made his way towards him.. Shashank offered his hand to him which he took silently..
Shashank : Hello Mr.Mallik...
Armaan : No Sir.. Armaan would be fine..
Shashank : Then you can call me uncle.. Sir sounds.. Way to professional..
He gave a tight smile.. Shashank noticed he was some what hesitant.. But confident too.. He couldnt trace even a single bit of nervousness in his face.. The awkward silence was broken with Shilpa's voice..
Shilpa : I think i should get some drinks.. I will be right back...

Shilpa started to make coffee lost in her thoughts.. She felt nervous thinking what they would discuss.. As far as she knew Armaan Mallik wasnt a guy who would easily go under any interrogation.. And her Dad was a person who would surely carry on that task this time.. Just then she felt someone's presence behind her.. She turned back to see Armaan who kept leaning on the counter , his gaze stick right on her.. Her heartbeat rose at once..
Shilpa : What are you doing here..
He moved towards her in slower pace..
Armaan : I told your dad i forgot to mention you that i drink Coffee..
Shilpa looked away.. She wanted him to leave.. She didint trust herself near him..
Shilpa : I am making Coffee.. Now Will you Plzz go back..
She felt him move behind her.. Slowly wrapping his one hand on her waist he took the coffee mug from other.. With his gaze stick on her he took a sip from the drink.. Shilpa felt herself getting lost in his touch.. But Soon she came back to world as she saw him spilling the Coffee in the sink.. Stunned she glanced at him furiously..
Shilpa : What was that... !!
Armaan : I dont drink such sweet Coffee... I like it bitter and Hard..
Shilpa made a face and turned back when he caught her in his arm making her gasp in surprise.. Moving his lips near her ears he spoke huskily..
Armaan : Let me show you how i like it..
He started making the coffee standing behind her.. She was trapped in his arms and felt too weak and lost to fight back with him.. She tried to concentrate how he kept making the coffee but all she could feel was his warm body pressed against hers... As he was done he took the mug sipping the drink while staring at her.. After several sips he placed back the mug nodding satisfied...
Armaan : Now thats called a coffee a like...
Shilpa turned around facing him when he bent down to her lips capturing it in a hungry kiss.. Instantly her lips parted allowing him to kiss her the way he liked.. She hated herself for not having any self control.. But near Armaan Mallik.. Self control was something she never had.. Or maybe never wanted.. As he kissed her she tasted the aroma of coffee in his lips.. Which made her abruptly move away from him breaking the kiss.. He let out a groan while she started to rub her lips in distaste..
Shilpa : Eww.. I hate the taste of bitter coffee..
He looked at her and spoke sarcastically..
Armaan : Ohh so what you like .. Chocolate.. ? Next time i will apply it in my lips.. Now can i go you are wasting my time..
He walked past her while she stared at him in fury.. How was she going to tolerate this guy..
Shilpa : So called Armaan Mallik.. I wish i could give you poison in wedding night...

Armaan walked back to the living room and took a seat beside Shashank.. Shilpa stayed near the corner thinking it would be better to give them some privacy.. As Armaan took a seat Shashank spoke with a amused look..
Shashank : Were you teaching the whole process of making the Coffee..
Shilpa felt her cheeks burn while Armaan gave him a faint smile
Armaan : No i took the Coffee there only..
Shashank nod his head and then spoke looking at him..
Shashank : So you wish to marry my daughter..
Armaan glanced at him and gave a confident Nod..
Armaan : Thats what i wish..
Shashank looked at him and rubbed his chin...
Shashank : Do you love her.. ?
Shilpa looked up Instantly.. Surprised by the question..While Shashank noticed Armaan's expression change at once.. He went stiff.. He noticed the distant look on his face.. He gave a another try.. Knowing a particular question will only depend on a yes..
Shashank : Do you think you can take care of my Daughter.. ?
Armaan again glanced back at him.. This time his eyes was full of confidence.. He spoke with firmly..
Armaan : I wont give a chance of disappointment sir... Thats a promise.
A satisfied smile came on his lips.. He gave a appreciating nod..
Shashank : I am trusting your words.. And i hope you will always keep that in mind.. And for that i would like to say i have no objections towards the marriage..
Armaan spoke smoothly..
Armaan : Am glad about it.. She is my responsibility.. I want forget it..
Shilpa looked at him in wonder..What was this guy... Sometimes he could be so irritating while other time he always surprised her with his words..
Shashank patted his shoulder.. But instantly his face turned to sobered expression..
Shashank : Armaan.. I donno what you expect from me.. I am her father but in actual i am a helpless old man.. I donno how i will do arrangements..
Armaan noticed the hesitance in his face.. He spoke confidently..
Armaan : I know what circumstances you have faced.. I understand it.. Thats why Uncle you dont have to worry about anything... I was the one to declare Marriage so i will be doing all Arrangements...
And then he glanced back at Shilpa who stood in corner..
Armaan : You Can just give me your daughter..
Shashank : I donno what to say.. I am happy Shilpa choose you.. Indeed you are a good person..
Armaan : Well Maybe your daughter doesnt agree on that..
Shashank glanced at Shilpa surprised.. Shilpa looked away embarrassed and moved towards them..
Shilpa : Dad.. I.. Nothing like that.. I mean..
Armaan : I was just joking..
Shilpa made a face at him when Shashank spoke happily..
Shashank : So i guess we should start preparations..
Shilpa : Before that i better get you a maid..
Armaan : Maid .. ?
Shashank : Ohh yes my worried daughter wants to get me a maid before she gets married..
Shilpa : Dad.. I just dont like you can stay alone in this condition..
Armaan glanced at Shilpa with a frown..
Armaan : Dont you think your dad needs better treatment than getting a maid..
Shilpa : I.. I cant afford it...
Armaan glanced at Shashank..
Armaan : Will you mind if we get you admitted in Sanjeevani.. And carry on your treatment until you recover...
Shashank looked at him in daze not knowing what to say..
Shilpa : But...
Armaan : You can find a maid after that...
Shilpa : But i cant afford the medication yet...
Armaan glanced at her determinedly..
Armaan : There is nothing you cant afford after marrying me..
Shilpa looked at him stunned while he glanced back at Shashank.. Armaan bent down inspecting his legs..
Armaan : I believe you can still walk.. You can be treated uncle..
Shashank : Am very glad Armaan.. I donno how to thank you...
Armaan got up from his seat...
Armaan : No need to Thank me.. We will shift you to Sanjeevani when we get married.. And Shilpa will get to see you more oftenly.. So no worries will be there..
Passing a smile he walked out of the house leaving them in daze... Shilpa couldnt believe her eyes..
Shashank : I like this Boy.. He surprise me everytime.. Doing so much for us.. I would be always thankful to him..
Shilpa gave a nod.. Feeling a uneasiness in her heart..
Shilpa : I will be right back dad...

Armaan opened his car door when he felt footsteps behind him.. He looked at Shilpa who came towards him slowly..
nmArmaan : Dont worry i will do...
She cut back his words in a cracking voice..
Shilpa : Why are you doing all this...
Armaan looked away without saying a word.. He himself didint knew what to say..
Armaan : Maybe cauxe we are getting married..
Tears formed in her eyes as she gave a thinking about how much help he was doing for her..
Shilpa :You are doing soo much.. I donno what to say.. What can i give to you.. I have nothing to offer..
He looked at her with his eyes full of intense..
Armaan : Marry me.. Thats all i want from you..
Shilpa gave a nod... Knowing she would surely Marry him..
Shilpa : You are going to help my Papa... I donno how to thank you..
A smirk formed in lips instantly...
Armaan : You can thank me on wedding night.. In a Special manner..
A blush came on her face.. Which she tried hard to cover up.. As she noticed him turning around to go she hugged him from behind tightly.. She felt him go stiff under the embrace.. He turned away from her abruptly facing her.. Shilpa pulled herself looking away..
Shilpa : I am sorry.. I..
He spoke with the same look..
Armaan : I am just.. Not used to such affection ..
With that he got on the car and glanced at her one last time.. His eyes showed a sort of emotion which he kept fighting off.. And then he left leaving behind Shilpa who was in tears.. But a peaceful smile in her lips thinking how he have come to her life as a savior..


Precap :

Armaan and Rahul does a emotional Talk..
And the most Waited Marriage
Shilpa faces the real truth
Armaan's side of story comes out
The Most Unexpected Wedding night Will come..
Shilpa moves up from the bed glaring at Armaan
Shilpa : I cant even walk.. My legs are paining..
Armaan snaps at her
Armaan : Thank you for all the scratches on my body
The trio stared at them in Horror..
Atul : Too much details
Next thing they Saw was Atul lying on floor..

Love Aishy <3

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