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part 15: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Within his dark room he kept glancing outside staring at the beautiful sky.. The night was indeed peaceful, but his heart felt restless.. The events which occurred today was something which distressed him.. He remembered the way She hugged him.. The emotion , the feeling he felt that moment.. Was something which he never felt before.. It frustrated him how he couldnt reciprocate the same feeling towards someone.. Were really emotions and feelings missing in his heart.. Or buried deep down his heart.. Armaan turned back as he felt a tap on his shoulder..
Rahul : Not sleeping Bro.. ?
Armaan turned back and signaled him to take a seat beside him.. 
Armaan : I can ask the very same question...
Rahul took a sigh staring outside..
Rahul : I was just having some thinking towards everything.. So i actually thought to come and check whether you are awake.. Wanted to have a talk..
Armaan looked back at Rahul feeling a guilt in his heart... It has been days since he have done a good talk with his brother..

Armaan : I was willing to have a talk today itself.. But Shilpa's Dad.. Wanted to meet so i had to leave.. Am sorry it went out of my mind..
Rahul looked back at him with his eyes full of worry..
Rahul : Bro.. Dont you think everything is happening way too fast... I mean this whole Marriage fiasco..
Armaan : Whatever happens.. Happens for a good Rahul..
Rahul : Maybe.. But there is onething i have noticed.. The sudden change in you..
Armaan : What you mean.. ?
Rahul : What i meant to say was.. I have never seen you smile around someone like that before.. I mean after that day..
A tensed atmosphere formed between them with the mention of the horrible day..
Rahul : I am sorry Bro.. I didint mean to remind you..
Armaan : Its fine Rahul.. I guess the truth will be attached with us forever...
With a minute of silence Rahul spoke again..
Rahul : You are a brave Man bro.. The way you took care of Us.. Am really glad with your decision..
Armaan looked back at him with sudden peace..
Armaan : You are... ?
Rahul : Yes i am.. Believe me.. You deserve to be happy.. The way you took care of us after they went away.. No one could have been such a responsible person like you.. You really deserve..
Armaan looked at him trying to fight back with emotions coming back in his face.. He wasnt weak.. He was never weak.. Rahul knew what he was running his mind.. He hugged him trying to decrease the level of pain they had been going through from years.. Alone .. Together..
Armaan moved back with a content look on his face..
Armaan : Ok enough of talks.. Now go back and sleep..
Rahul gave a nod and moved up.. As he reached the door he glanced back at his brother who kept staring down at the floor.. He had seen him in the same loneliness for years.. But today a relief was in his heart knowing the loneliness was going to fade away soon...

Wedding Day :

Shilpa was rudely awaken by the several rings of her phone.. Waking in irritation she picks the call to hear the deep voice of her about to be husband..
Armaan : Good morning...
Shilpa :  Just say Bad Morning.. Thanxs for ruining my sleep..
Armaan rolled her eyes hearing her complain..
Armaan : So whats the time to wake.. ? After the wedding..
Shilpa : I wish i could sleep forever..
Armaan : Well well Sleeping Beauty.. If you wish to sleep like forever i can wake you up kissing you hungrily like no one else.. Every morning you will blush seeing ur own lips red and swollen and...
She felt a blush creep on her cheeks hearing his words.. Her heartbeat rose wildly listening to his sensuous talks..
Shilpa : Armaan.. Thats enough...
Armaan : Well i can continue saying more if you want...
Shilpa : No Thanxs... Now cut the call am getting late.. Bye...
Armaan : Excuse me.. Who wanted to waste the time anyways.. I just called to inform am sending a surprise to you..
Shilpa : Surprise.. ??
Just then she heard a loud knock on her door.. In actual several loud knocks.. She set up on the bed frowning... Armaan took a deep breath with his voice full of humor..
Armaan : Aahhh Looks like my Surprise has reached.. Well best of Luck..
Ending the call she got up from the bed curiously reaching to the door.. As she opened infront of her stood Anjali and Muskaan with Wide grins..
Anjali : Good Morning Shilpa... !!
Muskaan gave a hug when Shilpa let out a nervous laugh..
Shilpa : Uhhh Hii.. But What are you both doing here.. So early..
Muskaan : Shilpa.. Its your wedding Day.. So we have come to help you get ready...
Anjali : Ofcourse.. Just leave everything on Us.. We will make you look like a beautiful princess..
Shilpa gave them a smile walking out of the room to see Anjali and Muskaan doing preparations with Shashank..

Shilpa was taken inside her room in the hotel.. She felt nervous as the time kept nearing for Marriage.. She was blown away as she saw how beautifully everything was arranged.. Simple yet beautiful.. She wondered how everything would be changed in coming few hours.. Her surname would be changed.. Her identity.. Every single fact would be changed with one single step... But who could complain about it.. After all whatever was happening was happening for the best..
Soon she was taken downstairs by Anjali and Muskaan accompanying her either sides.. She took every step in caution and nervousness.. Every step was leading to a new future.. The fact that all eyes were stick on her made her nervous.. Specially she felt someone's intense gaze stick on her... She glanced right at him... He set with his intense gaze running on her body making her tremble... His eyes never left her as she was brought slowly towards him , making her sit beside him to perform the Marriage rituals..
As they kept proceeding with every step Shilpa slowly steal glances at Armaan who set beside her looking straight.. Getting the chance she roamed her eyes on his sherwani praising in her heart.. Her gaze kept roaming around his body when suddenly he turned back to her locking his eye with hers , a smirk on his lips.. He moved forward brushing his lips on her ear...
Armaan : Well You have the whole night to check out me fully.. No one will stop..
Shilpa looked away feeling embarrassed of being caught.. She kept her gaze down controlling her thoughts when he spoke huskily sending a jolt down her body..
Armaan : Did i forgot to say you look So sexy in that wedding dress..
She turned back to him when they heard someone interrupt from behind..
Rahul : Guyzzz.. Romance session can be continued alone...
Several giggles passed in the whole making Shilpa blush to the core.. She glanced to her other side to see her dad who was beside her looking at her beaming with happiness.. She smiled as she saw the happiness and Satisfaction in his eyes... Shashank squeezed her hand blinking his eyes..

Atul kept staring the couple strangely... Anjali who kept looking at them with a smile glanced at Atul.. She hid her smile and signaled Rahul and Muskaan to look at Atul... Rahul grinned jumping into the opportunity...
Rahul : Whats up Atul Bro.. You promised to smile wide today..
Atul glanced at Rahul...
Atul : I did Rahul.. But still i cant believe.. They are actually getting married..
Muskaan : Even i cant believe.. I mean they acted like they hated eachother.. Suddenly how come they fell in love..
Rahul stared at Armaan and Shilpa when Anjali spoke with a smile..
Anjali : Muskaan.. Believe me people who fight most actually fall in love..
Muskaan's smile fell as she glanced at Rahul registering the words in her mind..  Rahul gave her a strange look when Muskaan looked away concentrating on wedding...

Armaan passed a bored look at the priest as he kept chanting words in a slow pace... He looked back at Rahul who hid his smile seeing the boredom in his brother's face... Not able to control his patience Armaan looked back at the priest forcing a smile...
Armaan : Can we finish this fast... Or we are gonna sit here around for like hours..
The priest gave him a strange look when Shashank jumped in rescue..
Shashank : I guess its time they should get up for taking rounds right.. ?
After taking rounds they took back the seat.. Armaan smiled as a sudden plan formed in his mind at once.. He glanced at Shilpa who looked at him and passed a small smile.. No still not the correct time.. He waited till the priest announced the last rituals..
As he was handed the wedding necklace to tie , Armaan turned to her with a grin on his lips.. Shilpa looked at him curiously.. What devil thought was running in his mind right now.. ? As he tied the necklace he moved towards her ear and whispered in a deep voice...
Armaan : I have Something to tell You Shilpa... You are not Pregnant.. !!
She bet her heart took a flip as she heard his words.. She was too stunned to react... You are not Pregnant... What the hell did he mean by that.. He better be joking orelse... He moved back with the same look on his face which harshly assured her he was indeed saying the truth...
Armaan looked at her to see her shocked face..  He again bent down to her ear and whispered in the same tone..
Armaan : Ohh did i forget to add some more... I was the one who told to change your reports and show it positive..
She looked at him stunned again not able to believe her ears... She wasnt pregnant..!! And he knew it.. And He was the one to change the reports... She felt suddenly being betrayed by hearing his confession.. Her mind started screaming to get up... Run away from the So called Mallik.. Run away from the big mess.. But before she could utter a word he had put vermillon in her head and she was officially declared Mrs. Armaan Mallik.. !


Precap :

Armaan Stared at Shilpa who kept crying loudly.. He felt embarrassed as everyone kept staring at them..
Armaan : What the hell are you Doing.. ??
Shilpa : You Arrogant Mallik... Shut up.. !
Armaan : Will you stop crying like that.. You are crying as if someone has died.. People are staring.. !!


Shilpa moves up from the bed glaring at Armaan
Shilpa : I cant even walk.. My legs are paining..
Armaan snaps at her
Armaan : Thank you for all the scratches on my body
The trio stared at them in Horror..
Atul : Too much details
Next thing they Saw was Atul lying on floor..


Love Aishy <3

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