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part 16 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Armaan felt like banging his head on the wall as he noticed Shilpa who kept acting weird around everyone.. For once he regretted spilling out everything during wedding ceremony... Maybe he should have carried it alone in the room.. He kept trying to control his anger as he noticed people passing strange looks at them.. He guessed they could nicely see Shilpa who kept glaring at him in between without even a hint of smile..
Armaan : We are not in a funeral that you are not permitted to smile..
She didint respond to him.. Instead she passed a furious look making him glare back at her with same anger.. Rahul noticed the tensed atmosphere and came on rescue...
Rahul :  Its time for us to go back home bro..
Shilpa looked at him going stiff at once.. Back home.. Means she have to leave right now.. And after learning the truth questions kept haunting in her mind in a reel.. And this time she was determined to get answer of each of them.. Just once they are alone...
She snapped out of her thoughts as people started gathering around them..

The gang looked at Shilpa who started crying loudly infront of everyone... Some faces showed sympathy while others kept staring dumbly.. Atul moved near Rahul and whispered..
Atul : Why is she crying So badly...
Muskaan came in between hearing their talk..
Muskaan : Dr.Atul.. Dont you see.. She is feeling bad for leaving her father..
Anjali : Obviously.. But She is crying too much .. Weird..
Shashank moved near her daughter hugging her affectionately.. He moved back clearing her face..
Shashank : Why are you crying my princess.. You are now married..And why are you worrying about me.. Now you will be seeing me in hospital oftently right... Stop crying..
Shilpa cleared her face nodding her head with a small smile.. As Shashank moved back she turned to Armaan and instantly remembered his confession... Again she started crying looking at him this time way much louder...
Atul tapped Rahul once again...
Atul : Seriously whats wrong.. Has Armaan cheated on her... ?
He looked at Atul with his eyes full of humor..
Rahul : Ohh You mean you Both...
The gang laughed when Atul snapped back at Rahul..
Atul : Dont start again.. Shut up..
Shilpa couldnt help but cry on her own fate.. If she was not pregnant why did he trick her into Marriage.. The confusion in her mind made her more and more miserable..
Armaan Stared at Shilpa who kept crying loudly.. He felt embarrassed as everyone kept staring at them..
Armaan : What the hell are you Doing.. ??
Shilpa : You Arrogant Mallik... Shut up.. !
Armaan : Will you stop crying like that.. You are crying as if someone has died.. People are staring.. !!
She glanced around getting cautious.. Everyone was passing her strange looks.. Shilpa started to feel embarrassed on her behavior..
Anjali noticed the hesitance on her face...
Anjali : We better get going now.. lets get the newly married couple in home..

Shilpa stepped inside the Mallik house looking around in awe... For sometime she forgot about her anger and glanced around curiously seeing the beautiful interior done in the house.. Everything was perfect.. The place was way too big and wealthy compared to her own place... In reality it was not even worth to compare.. She quietly followed Anjali and Muskaan who quietly led her to upstairs.. She assumed they were taking her to his Room.. She felt suddenly nervous thinking over her new life as Mrs.Mallik.. Anjali opened the door showing her one of the most beautiful room , furnished in a elegant look.. Surely Armaan Mallik had a good taste in choosing the best interior.. Wait... ? Wasnt she supposed to be angry on him.. Reminding herself she took a seat on the bed at their request... Her heartbeat kept rising with every passing minute.. Muskaan and Anjali giggled seeing the nervous look on her face..
Anjali : Dont worry Shilpa... Armaan is not harmful..
She would have agreed some hours before, before he blurted out the horrible confession...
Muskaan gave a wink getting up from the bed...
Muskaan : Ohh Ya.. Do give us details tomorrow morning...
Muskaan and Anjali left the room laughing while Shilpa kept thinking over how to confront with Armaan...

Armaan took a deep breath while making his way to upstairs.. As he neared to his room he noticed Muskaan and Anjali who stood infront of the room with teasing smiles.. While Rahul and Atul stayed in corner grinning.. He ignored them and worked towards the room only to be stopped by Anjali..
Anjali : Not So easily Armaan...
Armaan : Soo in what way...
Muskaan : First gives us money before going inside the room..
Armaan stared at the door imagining Shilpa's mood right now.. He regretted speaking out the truth so soon..
Armaan : Can i pay you money for not going inside the room..
Anjali and Muskaan stared at him confused while Atul and Rahul started laughing on his words.. Armaan glared at them and took out money handing to the girls.. They giggled while making their way downstairs.. Rahul who walked pass Armaan placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered..
Rahul : Good luck bro...
As he went Armaan muttered to himself before opening the door..
Armaan : Yaa right.. I need that badly...

He opened the door slowly making his way inside.. As he locked the door and turned around he noticed a weird scene infront of him.. There she stood infront of the bed throwing around her jewellery here and there.. Armaan gave a thought.. Did he thought he should have confessed inside the room ? If he did he would have died for sure..
Shilpa turned around to see Armaan who stood staring at her weirdly..
Armaan : And.. What are you doing...
She started to get furious remembering his words again and again...
Shilpa :  YOU ARROGANT MALLIK.. !! How can you do this to me.. ?
Armaan : Ohh Stop it.. What did i do huh.. ??
Shilpa : You TRICKED me into Marriage.. !!
Armaan walked towards her glaring at her..
Armaan : I didint trick you... You said Yes yourself...
Shilpa gritted her teeth poking his chest...
Shilpa : YOU changed my reports... YOU were the one who said i am pregnant... YOU said we will get married if i am pregnant.. So what does it conclude.. YOU TRICKED ME...!
Armaan : Stop shouting for godsake.. I did so what... ??
She looked at him outraged seeing how bold he could become..
Shilpa folded her arms flaring her eyes at him..
Shilpa : So Mr.Mallik Would you like to explain how on the earth you tricked me ?
Armaan opened his mouth to speak when she got back to throwing away her bangles.. As she freed herself from jeweleries, Shilpa started to take of heavy duppataa from her shoulder.. Armaan tried to formed words but he started feeling distracted on her move..
Armaan : Will you please stop doing that..
Shilpa freed the duppataa and threw it away and passed a annoyed look at him..
Shilpa : What am i doing..
Armaan : Taking off your clothes.. First decide you want to get your answers or make love..
Shilpa : Make love with you.. In you dreams Mallik... Now speak or i will..
Armaan : Or what will you do huh.. ? Arrogant women..
Shilpa stared at him in anger.. In fury she took her heel and threw at him which hit hard on his head..
Shilpa : Serves you right.. !! you Arrogant Mallik..
Armaan : That hurts Ok you Mad Women.. !!
Shilpa : Now you are a Mad man to marry this Mad women.. Shall we start.. ?
Armaan moved back getting curious wondering what she meant by her words... Something dangerous was surely cooking in her mind.. And it didint took much time to come in reality.. Shilpa took the vase nearby and threw at his direction in rage.. But he was fast enough to move in the right time..
Armaan moved near the sofa picking up a pillow...
Armaan : You cant kill you Husband on your wedding Night... !!
He noticed Shilpa moving towards him.. Taking up the opportunity he threw the pillow at her making her loose the balance for a second..
Shilpa : HOW DARE YOU... !!
Armaan : Ohhh woow.. When you threw the Vase that was nothing.. ?
Before he could utter a word she picked up the pillow running behind him.. Armaan kept throwing her warnings while moving away from her.. What Problem has he landed himself to.. She was totally out of her mind tonight..
Armaan stopped taking deep breaths and fell on the Sofa.. As Shilpa took a step near him he begged..
Armaan : Break time... !
Shilpa fell down on the sofa beside him breathing heavily... What was she doing.. She herself couldnt understand.. Armaan filled a glass of water drinking it in a rush..
Shilpa : Give me too..
She took the glass from him filling for herself.. As she drank she glanced back at Armaan who leaned on the sofa closing his eyes.. With a smirk she threw the remaining water on his face making him hiss in anger..
Shilpa : ohh Hello Mallik.. Get up and say explain me orelse..
Armaan didint repeat the words as he imagined she could even him kill tonight..
Armaan : I changed the reports..
Shilpa : That i know.. Wait a minute... How did i get those dizziness and Vomiting... ??
As she saw his sly smile she understood it was his plan again...
Armaan : Nothing much.. I just told the waiter to add some dozes in your drink everytime so you feel dizzy..
Shilpa : And he kept adding everytime.. ?
Armaan : Am the head of Sanjeevani... Who dares to say no to Me..
Shilpa got up in anger while Armaan moved back instantly...
Shilpa : YOU FREAK.. !! How could you trick me like that..
Armaan just stared at her and blurted..
Armaan : It was quiet simple...
She moved towards him in rage.. But he was fast in act.. He took hold of her and pinned her to the wall while crushing his body with his... She gasped with the sudden intensity and stared at his eyes which was full of annoyance and anger..
Armaan : Now Dont try to act smart infront of me just ask what you want to know i will speak out... !!
She opened her mouth to protest when he snapped..
Armaan : NO nonsense.. !
Shilpa controlled her anger closing her eyes.. Firstly she felt way to distracted being so close to him.. And next she felt cautious under his grip as her clothing was way to revealing..
Shilpa : Why... why did you do this... You knew i wasnt pregnant.. Still .. ?
He stared at her making her more and more impatient...
Shilpa : Are you trying to take any sort of revenge..
He moved closer looking straight in her eyes...
Armaan : Why revenge.. ? If Revenge was there i would have said about it.. Anyways why would i have any Revenge from you i didint even knew you before you joined..
She knew he meant his words.. The look on his face and the confidence in his voice proved it... She again repeated the same question..
Shilpa : Why did you do this.. ?
Armaan : Before i answer you get to know this.. I will just say once and you want repeat the question again.. Cauxe am not going to repeat the answer again..
What a Arrogant man.. Shilpa thought.. Calming herself she gave a silent nod..
Armaan : That night when we were drunk.. I did remember in some bits.. I knew nothing happened.. Still i stayed quiet.. And then i knew you were not pregnant.. And when i put the condition infront of you i knew you were not going to say yes if i werent pregnant... So knowing that was the option in my hand i played the trick.. The made it look like you were pregnant so you say yes to Marry me..
Shilpa stared at him dumbfounded... Was this guy for real.. ?
Shilpa : Still.. What was the reason.. ?
Armaan : Cauxe i wanted you...
She waited him to continue.. But he just stared at her without any further words..
Shilpa : What.. !! Thats it... ?
Armaan : What else.. You asked me reason... So i told.. I wanted you so i Married you..
Shilpa : You cant just trick me into marriage cauxe you want me..
Armaan moved back passing a furious look at her.. He worked on buttons of his sherwani revealing his body to her.. She stared at his muscled body for a second without a word.. Seeing her look a arrogant smile formed on his lips..
Armaan : You like what you see.. ?
Shilpa ignored his words getting back to reality..
Shilpa : What are you Doing...
Armaan : Cant you see.. Taking off clothes..
Shilpa : Just get onething in your mind you Arrogant Mallik... I AM NOT sleeping with you... !!
Armaan : Whats you Problem huh.. ? Soo much attitude.. Ohh Yes you are..
Shilpa : I SAID... I am Not.. !
Armaan : I do what i want.. Dare to stop me if you can...
He jumped on bed and looked up at Shilpa who stared at him strangely..
Armaan : Come on get into Bed.. !!
Shilpa : Just Shut Up.. Why should i get in..
Armaan : I told you i want to sleep with you.. And i do what i want.. Now get into bed or i should do the honors..
Getting irritated by his arrogance she landed herself on the bed right up on him making him groan in pain.. With a satisfied smile she started to move away when he pinned her under him making it impossible for her to even move a leg.. Before she could utter a word he kissed her furiously as if like punishing while she struggled under him.. Soon the kiss started to heating up as he moved his hands on her bare stomach touching her curves.. She closed her eyes forgetting for a moment their fight.. As he moved down trailing his lips on the sensitive spots of her neck she realized his trick.. Getting furious she moved her hand on his back and struggled to get out of his grip which led to few scratches on his back.. He hissed in pain and glared at her.. Shilpa took the opportunity and set up on the bed picking up the pillow trying her best to beat him with it.. Soon she got tired at kept down the pillow breathing hard.. She laid back on the bed muttering tiredly..
Shilpa : Break time... Am tired..
She felt his tired voice and soon he landed himself on her making her tremble with the closeness.. He laid his head right on her chest closing his eyes.. Shilpa tried to struggle when he interrupted..
Armaan : Tomorrow...
Shilpa : What...
Armaan looked up at her yawning...
Armaan : Tomorrow.. We will continue..
Soon she felt his hot breath on her chest which signaled her he might have fallen asleep...  Suddenly feeling exhausted by the day she closed her eyes with one thought running in her mind.. Armaan Mallik was soon going to regret marrying her...


Precap :

Rahul : Bro your wife is here in hospital...
Armaan looked at him annoyed..
Armaan : So What.. ?
Rahul tried to stop his laugh...
Rahul : Wearing Short Mini skirt and top.. Several droolers are around her..
Armaan : WHAT... !!!

Armaan : What the hell are you wearing...
Shilpa : Cant you see its a dress...
Armaan : I thought u have draped some sheets on your body..Go and change Orelse...
Shilpa : Or what... ?? You will Divorce me..
Armaan : No.. I will ban you coming to Hospital


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