Friday, 10 May 2019

Part 16 : Our Ways

"hello ' vague company?" pause "I want to make an appointment with you ' I am Arman Malik from India." Pause "yea sure ' once you get time scheduled inform Mr. Sharma. My P.A" Arman handed over the phone to the middle age man, who stood beside him...

"what happened.?" Anjali asked.

"nothing ' they would inform me about the appointment" He entwined his fingers with each other.

"I guess ' I would have to leave" keeping his head over his entwined fingers


Everyone turned to the noise that came from kitchen, just to see Riddimaa standing by the door with a glass ' that had fallen off her hand. She looked at everyone eying her ' she fumbled and went down to pick it up.

After few seconds, she felt a hand holding her both hans and from other taking the piece and throwing it in the trash-bin.

She pulled her hand away and walked in the kitchen with tears.


"No..." she hushed his hand off her shoulder.

"jaan, please hear me out for once..." he said with a broken voice.

"Nahi..." she opened the fridge, to make sandwich for his friend.

"come on Riddimaa ' hear him for once" Rahul entered with a geek face.

Arman turned her making, her face him.

"please..." he said, as she turn to look at every one in the kitchen...

"fine... bolo..." every one cheered and took Riddimaa out along with themselves.

"Sir, Vague called, they would be please to meet you after two days..." Mr. Sharma told.

"Oh great ! That mean I have to leav...

"mai bhi chalun gi" Riddima made a face and moved close to Arman ' passing her arms through his, bowing her head down.

"but jaan... its not pos..."

"Nahi... mai aungi..!" she again interrupted him stubbornly with a broken voice

"Riddimaa yea possible nah...

"Nahi.. Nahi ' I m coming..." her eyes got moist

"kaha na Not possible..! why don't you get that straight" he shouted tucking off his arm off her...

she looked at him frightened ' she looked down and then to the other side where Muskan and Nikki sat. Muskan looked at her and pulled her close to herself where Riddimaa sobbed Nikki entwined her fingers with her... to ease her..

"Arman... is this a way to talk" Anjali said and settled beside Nikki...

"I m sorry Riddimaa..." he kept a hand on her shoulder which Riddima moved it away harshly.

"Go where ever you want to Go! Don't show me your Face..." Riddimaa got out of their hold and ran upstairs to her room.

He sighed, and leaned over the couch with close eyes.

"Mr. Sharma, book one ticket for me please." Arman said with close eyes.

"ji, Sir" Mr. Sharma replied and went off...

"Arman, I guess you should go up -" Muskan said sitting beside him.

"I don't think so, let her be alone.I want to get over this Ayes-ha issue for once and for all..."he sighed

"she will be crying till then..!" Atul pointed

"I guess so, but I promise these will be the last tears in her eyes..." he made his in kitchen.

"but whats the reason? Take her along naa" Anjali followed him

"i can not Anjali ' I will be back by the next flight it self and then her own studies and Eshaan's studies should not be disturbed at All!" he took bread and mayonnaise...

"hmm... I guess you r right, so we girls will be staying with her" Anjali shoved him a side and made sandwich's

"hmm... that might make her feel better" pause "don't spoil her ' she is an innocent girl...My innocent baby !" he pointed with a smirk.

"Yea Right ! I will teach her every thing ' that will make you go mad when u see her next time"

"that's making me think to take her along with me ' as I m afraid to leave her behind with u devils..." pause "Oww... Muskan..." he shouted "Oww Nikkii" he shouted

"you called us Devil... u moron" Nikki said banging the fry-pan on his back '

"Khotta.." Muskan cursed him while kicking him on the back side of his knee

"ABHI ' RAHUL HELP" he shouted


"hmm... bag pack kiya?" she shook her in no. He sighed and opened his closet to do it ' it self. But got confuse... soon, he felt a tap on his shoulder ' he turned to see Riddima saying him to move a side, which he did immediately and stood behind her...

"how many days?" she asked in a monosyllabic tone

"hmm... 1 day going than next day meeting and then coming back on the same day" pause "so, I guess will reach here on the third day morning!" he spoke logically... she took out a suit for him to wear now and two to take along with him self and a night suit ' putting his extra thing ' he saw tears making her way down from her cheek...

He tried to look away, but just could not do it. He pressed his back with the closet and looked at her, who walked in the washroom to take his shaving kit ' brush and all.

His eyes wandered over her, he had too make her happy, before he leaves. He can not see her like this before leaving ' this will be a haunting dream their for him.

"Arman, nahi" she twisted and got off his hold as he pulled her towards him ' as she came to take an extra shirt from closet...

she zipped his bag ' and rubbed her cheek with the back off her own hand ' and made her way to the gallery.... to breath.

"Riddimaa....come here" he called after moments... She came out of her thoughts and walked in the room to see Arman standing in his black trousers and a black shirt which was fully opened. She frowned "button! Broken" he said, while she went to her side table and walked up-to him with a needle and black thread that she had poured in it. "Button.." she moved her palm forward where he placed the button. She stitched it while her eyes lowered as she felt his intense gaze over her. She felt his cold nose on her forehead,he rubbed it with love ' closed eyes... her breath heaved, as she felt his hand being placed on her waist...caressing her skin, delicately...

"jaan... Love you" he whispered, kissing her forehead. She moved forward and broke the thread through her teeth ' he hissed feeling her breath on his chest. He saw her moving away and went to her side of bed, settled on it while leaning on her pillow a bit with close eyes... she felt him very close ' after moment she saw him sitting beside her on bed and leaning over her.

She kept her hand on his bare chest to stop him from leaning, as he had withdrew himself from his shirt.

He placed his hand over her and moved close after moving the hand he kissed her face, going down to her throat ' he kissed her madly, rubbing his lips on neck line making her twist. He pulled her sari's off her shoulder kissing her chest ' as he had been longing too that.

"Arman...." she moved her hands in his hair, ruffling them, feeling the water in her fingers, as he had just came from a hot- steamy bath.

"don't miss me much..." he whispered, capturing her lips with his.

"don't leave me Arman..." she sobbed and broke the kiss.

"I will be back soon, jaan" he hugged her back and soothed her.

"i will not be able to survive..." she spoke with a hiccup.

"you have too ' for me... for Eshaan..." he broke a part, still holding her close to himself, he rubbed her tears off her and gave her wet kisses ' all over her face, making her giggle, at-last. "promise me you will be smiling like this till I come back !" he looked in her teary- shiny eyes... she nod

"Fine! I would not be talking to you over the phone too until you return!" she twisted in his hold as he kissed her nap ' making her groan. "Leave me Now" she said strictly.

"i don't get it, why won't you talk to me..!" he bit her, lightly making her jolt a bit.

"Bas, meri marzi...!" she kept her hands on his chest ' but soon felt a bit dizzy feeling his body, his masculine chest. He turned her around with a grin... she kept her head on his one shoulder and wandered her hand on his chest and then feeling his abs. She gasped as she felt his hand over her chest.

She smacked him and got off the bed

"What? Come back Riddimaa..." he frowned with a wicked smile.

"No..." she fumbled with her sari.

"why? Weren't YoU touching my chest?" he placed his hand on his hips.

"that does not mean you be doing that same !"She tried to get out as he was blocking her way.

"Yea absolutely ' the thing should be mutual in every way, if u do that ' I will be doing that too" he smirk while blocking her way..

"What Non-sense" She said "Move I have to go out !" she said standing on the other side of the bed '

"i will tell you '. just a sec..." he jumped on the bed to take hold off her

Knock Knock.

"Arman, Mr. Sharma is here with the ticket ' you have to leave now!" Rahul shouted

"hmm...coming." he came down from the bed and settled on his side when he saw Riddimaa sitting beside him with his shirt in her hand.

He moved his hand forward to touch her chest, when she crosses her hand over her chest with a scared face, at his sudden move.. He chucked and winked at her.

"Will tell you after I come back..." he said while kissing her cheek for long time... he got up and she made him wear his shirt to him... closing his button.

She instructed him, to eat regularly. Not to escape even one meal or she would not be talking for ever.

"or haan, wake up when Alarm rings, as I won't be their to wake you up!" she closed his button and rounded his tie around his neck "stay away from girls... and keep calling..." pause "Eshaan, will be missing you...."

"aur tum" he rubbed his knuckles on her cheek, lovingly.

"Mai? Mai kyun app kou miss karun gi?" she tighten the knot on his neck and made him wore the coat.

"Acha?" he pulled her close and hugged her " but mai bohat karun ga..."

"haan pata hai ! Barra miss karain ga... wahan ki girls hain naa app ko entertain karna ka liya !" She said breaking the hug

"haan but tumhari jitni Hot thori hain! Aur tumhari tarhan Jangli billi bhi nahi hain" he took his bag and ran out while Riddimaa followed him angrily...


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