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part 17 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She opened her eyes trying to adjust her eyes on the new surrounding.. This wasnt her house.. Not her room.. It was way too big and splendid.. Then everything cameback to her in a rush.. She was married last night.. With the confession of not being pregnant.. She came into her new home.. And now was on bed with her newly married husband.. Husband.. ? Shilpa glanced down to see Armaan who lay on her sleeping lazily.. She tried to struggle under him to get away from him.. But he was heavy and too strong compared to her.. Hissing in anger Shilpa pinched his arm making him wake at once.. Armaan rubbed his arm glaring at her in anger..
Armaan : What the hell...
Shilpa folded her arms and gave him a sweet smile...
Shilpa : I remember you said we shall continue what we left behind later on.. Soo shall we do the honors now.. ??

She noticed his gaze falling down on her body as she folded her arms.. Something changed in his look.. She noticed a hint of desire running through his eyes as he kept staring down at her intently..
And the very next second she was on pinned down on the bed, before she could utter a single word he crashed his lips on hers making her tremble.. His kisses always made her forget about their tiff.. It always made her lost taking her to the world of pleasure where only they existed together.. Breaking the kiss he traveled his lips on her neck teasing her a bit while giving small bites.. She hissed feeling that but couldnt stop him.. Her body was under his control... Under the control of desire.. He lips kept moving down showering up light kisses making her breathing go rigid..  Just like his lips his hands were buxy moving down studying the curves of her body.. She clutched the sheets as she felt his hands on her bare stomach.. Just then they felt loud knocks on the door making them come out of the dreamland.. Shilpa snapped out of her daze mode and set up instantly pushing him away.. She avoid eye contact with him while correcting her clothes..
She rubbed her arms feeling them stiff due to last night's workout..
Ignoring her Armaan went up the the door and opened it to see Anjali Atul and Rahul grinning at them.. Shilpa didint notice the trio standing at the door as she moved up from the bed glaring at Armaan
Shilpa : I cant even walk.. My legs are paining..
Armaan turned around and snapped at her..
Armaan : Thank you for all the scratches on my body
The trio stared at them in Horror.. Rahul stiffed his laugh while Anjali raised her eyebrow.. Atul was the one who couldnt handle the talk..
Atul : Too much details
Next thing they Saw was Atul lying on floor..
Armaan : Now what happened to him...
Shilpa walked up to them in horror noticing three of them.. She glanced down at Atul who was lying on the floor.. Anjali moved down instantly while Rahul kept laughing hysterically seeing Atul's status..
Rahul : OMGG.. Atul bro fainted.. Goshh..
Anjali : Rahul stop laughing its not funny...
Armaan : Rahul before i kick you stop your laughing..
As they got involved in the banter Shilpa looked at poor Atul who was lying on floor.. She went back near her bed table and brought some water sprinkling in on his face.. After sometime Atul opened his eyes looking around him.. Everyone kept looking at him with concern while Rahul kept trying to fight back with his laugh.. As Atul realized what happened he got up embarrassed..
Atul : Uhh I guess i will go now... Or we will get late for duty see in you Sanjeevani..
Rahul went after him grinning while Anjali looked back at Armaan and Shilpa..
Anjali : Are you guys coming hospital today.. Oh taking day off..
Shilpa looked away getting red while Armaan ignored her teasing
Armaan : No i am going back to Sanjeevani.. I have so much work pending..
Shilpa : I am not coming.. My legs are paining..
She noticed the look Anjali passed to her which made her blush at once..
Shilpa : Umm i will go and take a shower..

Shilpa cleaned herself properly and stared at her reflection in the mirror.. She felt like a new person was standing in place of her.. She was Married and her named was now tagged along with Armaan Mallik.. She might have been happy if she didint knew about what he confessed.. But was it really going to be that bad being Mrs.Armaan Mallik...? She couldnt figure it out.. Just then she saw him standing behind her narrowing his gaze upon her.. Horror struck to her at once she realized she wasnt dressed.. But this time his gaze wasnt moving on her body... It was stick right in her eyes, questioning them.. Blushing to the core she grabbed the robe nearby and covered herself with it moving out of the washroom..

Armaan pushed away his file taking a sigh.. He looked around him to see everything messed up on his desk.. He had been away from work for one week and now he was not getting a good track on where he had left most of his important files.. Before being Married Shilpa used to handle the files of him which was a big ease for him.. Wedding... He closed his eyes remembering what happened last night.. Still he regretted to some extent for spilling out the truth like that.. But with that he also knew she deserved to know the truth.. It would have been far more worse to keep her in dark for long time.. Why couldnt she understand a single reason.. He wanted to so he married her.. Was the reason not good enough or was it too small.. He couldnt figure out... Since the loss of his parents he craved caring of someone which he never got in a nice manner.. Still he craved for it.. But the way he tried to get it was it really wrong.. A ting of guilt formed in his heart thinking about what he did to marry her..
Now nothing he be changed she was his wife and both of them will have to live in that reality.. He picked up his phone dialing her number..

Shilpa walked around the house studying the place when her phone rang.. She cursed as she saw him calling her..
Shilpa : Why are you calling...
Armaan : Why dont you just wrap you attitude in a box and send it to trash..
Shilpa : The day you wrap you arrogance in a box and send it to trash i will do the same..
Armaan : Forget it.. Come to Hospital..
Shilpa : I told you I am tired..
Armaan : Shut up.. We didint even make love..
Shilpa : But we did far more interesting things like night.. REMEMBER... !
Armaan : Everything is messed up here.. Come to Hospital..
Shilpa went quiet considering it more a moment.. She felt bored being alone in home.. The option was far better than being stuck in house..
Shilpa : Fine i am coming...
She cut the call and went back to her room looking around her clothes.. Just then a single one caught her eye.. A sly smile formed on her lips as she grabbed it and walked inside washroom..

Armaan kept trying to search for files when he noticed Rahul entering the cabin..
Armaan : Rahul i am right now very buxyy..
Rahul : I can see that but Bro your wife is here in hospital...
Armaan looked at him annoyed..
Armaan : So What.. ?
Rahul tried to stop his laugh...
Rahul : Wearing Short Mini skirt and top.. Several droolers are around her..
Armaan : WHAT... !!!
Rahul moved out of the cabin when Armaan went out of his cabin in anger.. Muskaan came upto Rahul and tapped his shoulder..
Muskaan : Now what did happen.. Did Dr.Atul faint again.. ?
Rahul passed her a grin..
Rahul : No this time Dr.Armaan is going to faint...

Armaan dragged Shilpa inside his cabin in anger and closed the door behind them.. Shilpa freed  herself from his grip and glared at him..
Shilpa : What are you doing... ?
Armaan : What i am doing.. !! What were you doing among those idiots..
Shilpa rolled her eyes..
Shilpa : What can i do if they came after me..
Armaan looked down at her dress in distaste..
Armaan : What the hell are you wearing...
Shilpa : Cant you see its a dress...
Armaan : I thought u have draped some sheets on your body..Go and change Orelse...
Shilpa : Or what... ?? You will Divorce me..
Armaan : No.. I will ban you coming to Hospital
Horrified by his words she snapped at him..
Shilpa : You cant ban me from Hospital like that..
Armaan : Ofcourse i can.. Firstly as the head of Sanjeevani.. And Secondly as your Husband..
Shilpa : Then how am i going to meet my dad..
Armaan stared at her for a minute and spoke..
Armaan : Well hereafter You will only report me in my cabin everyday.. Like before you will work with me and you will meet your dad everyday..
Relief passed through her body hearing his words... She picked up her coat wearing it , when he spoke angrily..
Armaan : If you go outside like that people will think you are just wearing coat only..
Shilpa passed him a annoyed look..
Shilpa : So what.. As if i care... ?
He pinned her to the door gazing down at her intently...
Armaan : I dont want anyone else to eye you like the way i do.. No one Else.. !!
He moved back as she stared at him in fear.. But without a word he walked out of the cabin dragging her hand..
Shilpa : Where are you taking me to...  ?
He didint answer.. Instead he kept walking without glancing at her.. Shilpa noticed Several people passing lusty looks at her.. Surely he was saying correct.. Next thing she knew she was brought inside a patients room... As she walked inside with him she noticed her father lying on the bed sleeping while nurses kept doing their work near him.. She glanced at Armaan surprised..
Shilpa : You got him in hospital..
He didint look at her.. Instead he kept staring at Shashank..
Armaan : I promised to shift him here once we get married.. I never back away from my promise..
Shilpa looked away feeling guilty for her own behavior.. Armaan walked past her making his way back to cabin.. Shilpa followed him back silently..
As She entered she notice him standing near the window looking outside.. Hesitantly she walked beside him and kept trying to form words.. What was she supposed to say to him.. That was when he spoke softly..
Armaan : Dont even think of saying thank you that wasnt a favor..
Several minutes passed without but neither of them spoke.. Shilpa didint knew what to say.. She was confused about her own thoughts...
Armaan : You know.. Your dad.. He sometimes remind me of my own Dad..
She glanced at him to see him trying to fight back with his emotions.. Shilpa bit her lip as she realized how much he might have suffered.. How much pain he was going throught.. Without any word she hugged him lightly closing her eyes... But he didint react.. Like before he didint respond back to her.. She wondered what was the reason behind his hesitance..
Shilpa : I am sorry for upsetting you today... Everything happened soo fast... I didint knew how to react even.. Am glad you brought him here to hospital.. I am really grateful..
He didint speak a word.. Instead he moved back avoiding her gaze.. She noticed the same hesitance in his face..
Armaan : I told you before even.. I am not used to such affection..
She wanted to ask him why.. But she knew it wasnt the correct moment.. Not right now.. Nodding her head she whispered..
Shilpa : I will go back home and Change..
She walked upto the door and looked back at him.. She couldnt read his expression.. Like always he kept the blank look on his face.. She didint knew she could ever get to know more about his pain.. If she could just take it away from him.. If she could..


Shilpa glanced at Armaan who kept doing his work on his study table..
Shilpa : I am Bored..
Armaan glanced up at her annoyed..
Armaan : So how shall i entertain you.. Come i will make love to you on this table..

Armaan faces a big challenge which reminds him of the death of his parents..
Will he be able to go through it..


Love Aishy <3

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