Saturday, 11 May 2019

Part 17 : Our Ways

Journey had been a very hard time for Riddimaa, She had tried hard not to shed even one tear but – whenever Arman took her in his embrace – mostly she would look the other way in the car, through window but the very moment a tear would fell, when he would just rub his warm palm over her delegate arms...

Words were not spoken but their eyes spoke a lot. Her heart was screaming – shouting a way to say 'don't-go' while his heart pained seeing her so vulnerable and so – soo scared. He just could not speak he rubbed his nose on her cheek, lightly. Making her feel his warmth – his breathe.....

and sooon the car halted in front of the Airport, every one went out of the car, to give them a bit privacy.

"Tum ja raha hou?" she leaned closer on his chest – and encircled her arms around his waist.

"Nai – Airport ghumna aya hoon!" he chucked and moved his fingers on her head and rubbed her scalp softly....

"Armannn..." she whined and locked her arms around him and stayed on his chest for quite minutes, with close eyes...


"Bass thori deraa..." she spoke in a cracking voice... she placed a soft kiss on his open chest, not making it obvious … but Arman was quite Obvious about it..

His hand went around her waist and pulled her closer – he moved her face away from his chest and looked in her wet eyes... he, kissed her eyelid lovably and in the next moment place his lips over hers... sucking it – making her whine as he would not be their for the coming days....

Soon, with a heavy heart they came out. Every one was standing a bit away from the car. They saw the couple coming out in each others embrace, they just can't help but smile at them.

"lets go in Guys!" Arman said walking a bit ahead with Riddimaa

"yeaa..." Rahul added and loosely walked with the rest behind them.


"Bye …." she spoke, looking down, as he stood in front of her – he looked her other sides as his friends were scattered behind Riddimaa with a smile. Seeing Arman's moist eyes, every one looked up at the roof – some one looked at the people – while some one went and played with a baby, who was in the hold of his mom.

Arman chucked and leaned down and kissed her 'again' without hesitation... she closed her eyes and kissed him back with love.... soon she back off and turned her face. Making her back face him.

"Arman app jao ab...." she choked in her words

"Nahi – phela ek smile dou warna I will not be able to accomplish my work !" he stood stubbornly

"no – u will do that in any way... please go" she further added, as she heard he being called, specifically, through speakers...

"Nahi – first smile..." she turned and gave a fake- smile "Original" he leaned his hand over her waist making her red due to surroundings... she smiled a bit and lowered her head. "A bittt more" he whispered biting her ear lobe...

"Armann" she hissed – and looked up "chordain – bas bohat hua... mai koi app kou miss nahi karna wali" she twisted in his hold

"Achaww?" he pulled her even closer.

"haann now leavee" She glared at him while seeing people eying them with displeasure – disappointment while some people were busy admiring and giving them blessing …

"uhmmm" he tickled making her laugh wholeheartedly "would not leave you when I come back – and yea I m really happy to know that you are ticklish" he laughed wholeheartedly

He did a final wave and went in the plane...

She stood their facing the plane with a smile 'Return soon Arman...' she thought. Her trance were broken when Nikki came to take her along – back to home. She at once Messaged Arman to message her when he reaches their. She knew her cell-phone would off but he would probably read when he reaches their and open's his phone...

the Journey back to home – was Horrible she felt a lump in her throat when Nikki's arm brushed hers – she felt cold 'how wished I had your arms around me. Right now....' she ticked away the tear that was making its ways down.


"Arman --- I meant Nikki uhmm do you want to eat anything...?" Riddimaa asked. Entering home to See Eshaan already their with Anjali.

"Ma – I want Pizza..." Eshaan shouted

"yea that would be great "Rahul made his in with Atul and Abhi.

"Oye boys – not allowed here..." Muskan said, while seeing Riddimaa ordering Pizza.

"Muskan we will leave once we finish eating" Rahul said kissing her cheek lightly and walking to Eshaan and Anjali, leaving an embarrassed Muskan behind with Atul – who laughed at her shocking face, but that turned in to crying, when started beating him...

"Save me God" Atul cried while having her legs in her stomach.


Next Morning

"Rahul – its been 10 in the morning – and Arman had still not called, its more than 12 hours. I guess the flight don't take that much time to land … why have he not called...?" she shrieked in the couch

"Relax Riddimaa... I m calling Airport" as soon he made his way in the house when he was informed that – Riddima is not in contact with Arman...

A while later Nikki served Every one with a coffee when at the same Rahul said that plane has landed a long time back – Riddimaa hugged Muskan and cried...

"Relax Riddimaa, he will call – he might have gone to Vague" Atul said.

"but I said him to call me" Riddima turned and looked at him hopefully

"he might have forgot to reply." Anjali spoke in a matter of fact way.

"how could he forget to message!" she barked.

"shhhhhh bass..." Muskan made her compile back in her arms..

2 Hours soon passed away and their was no sign off Arman.... all were worried. The moments passed by and even Eshaan came back home just to see all tensed. He was helped by Nikki in changing, eating and all while Riddimaa kept on crying...

4 in the evening, the door bell ranged when Eshaan was busy watching T.v. Every ones heart raced. Riddimaa raced and opened the door...

"Ayes-haa?" Riddima said with a frown...

"Yes move Bit** !" Ayes-ha spoke, rudely.

"Hey WATCH OUT Girl..." Rahul came up

"Rahul you leave this to us" Muskan, Anjali and Nikki pushed him a side and stood in front of a scary Riddimaa...

"YES what do you want..." Nikki, who stood between the other two girls. Crossed her arms across her chest.

"i need to talk to Riddimaa" Ayes-ha said with an arrogant face "Alone..." she said as Arman was no where to be seen. 'it would be good time to attack her self-esteem' she thought and smirk inwardly

"huh?" Muskan said, in a 'what-a-joke' way"in your dreams bohatni..." Muskan laughed and which was followed by Atul and Abhi... while Rahul stood beside Riddimaa and moved and arm around her shoulders.

"Speak to his brother first – whore!" Rahul said, with anger as he remembered the day – Ayes-ha had embarrassed Riddimaa.

"Rahul !! mind your Tongue." She pointed her finger... to which Muskan pushed her back by forcing her palm over her shoulder "Ahh – don't touch bit**" she shouted

"Ma ---" he pushed every one legs and tried to come in front when Riddimaa took hold of him as he was pushing Nikki a side to come in-front …

"where is he?" Ayes-ha said with a soft voice... she knew it was her son...

Nikki knew Eshaan was behind him, so she covered him.

"Nikki Di move..." Eshaan tried get off her mom's hold.

Ayes-ha moved Nikki and saw an angel, in Riddimaa hold

"hey beta" Ayes-ha's voice trembled.

"who are you?" Eshaan Frowned and went behind Riddimaa – circling Riddimaa's waist and peeping head out. Ayes-ha felt bad and dis-heartened. But she knew she is at fault....

"Your mom – real Mom..." Eshaan frowned while Nikki tried to throw her out while Riddimaa shuts her eyes

"My mom?" Eshaan said with grave voice … "Real Mom?" he frowned further when Ayes-ha nodded happily.... and showed a smirk to Riddimaa, who was shedding tears while clutching Eshaan's wrist tightly. That was around her.

"But this my mom..." Eshaan said,point Riddimaa "you are not !" pause " you were the one, who left me all alone – dad alone." pause "I hate you – and leave us alone" he shouted and went in Atul's arm, who was just behind Riddimaa.

Later work was done by other devils.... they pushed Ayes-ha, but today Ayes-ha herself walked and managed their pushes, quietly. As she realized she had won every thing in her life but she lost the person, who loved her madly and her first child, which she had thrown away for her career.

Some times, the way of Thinking or taking a particular thing is so, different from each and ever person. And that surely led them to two different paths. Today, Ayes-ha has been deprived off from the person, who love her madly and from her own first child, whom she gave birth. Today, she had understand that live does not go the way we want it too. Sometimes, we have to take things keeping others prospective too. And that's what she never did. And lost the match

'but that does not mean – I can not ask for a forgiveness? I mean, he loved me for a long Time right? How can he for get his first love' she thought with arrogance 'I guess, she had done some magic over him. I guess, she had used him in a moment where he might have gone weak.' she thought and tried to maintain on her first decision 'to get husband and baby back'

Making promise to get them she made her way to the hotel.

Riddimaa 9:00 Pm at night

All were seated quietly in the lounge. Phone ringed and it flashed Arman's name.

"Arman !" Riddimaa Exclaimed and pushed the button of green.

"Hello? Riddima" Nikki took hold of her phone and opened it on loud speaker... "Hello? Jaan" Riddimaa sobbed keeping the corner of her sari, on her mouth "R u ok?" he said with the concern in it … "RIDDIMAA" he shouted, getting fur-stated

"Kyun chila raha hai?" Rahul spoke

"Rahul? Why the hell u didn't replied" he shouted

"Why the hell u didn't reply that u had landed!" Nikki spoke embracing Riddimaa in her arms "You know Riddimaa had been crying whole day – and she had not even slept because of u ..." Nikki added

"I can ex..." his voice came from the mobile

"Shut up Arman, how could u be so, irresponsible. You know, how sensitive Riddimaa is..." Anjali added

"ok Fine ! I want Riddimaa to speak Now !" he shouted.

"Dad …. u r bad, u made my maa cry and look she still is crying in Nikki Di's arms" Eshaan said, and cuts the call

"Hel...." the line went dead....

"Eshaaan" Riddimaa spoke... "Why did you cut the call?" she spoke in a crack voice

Eshaan gave a puppy face and hid in Rahul's Embrace...

Riddimaa cursed her luck and took her phone in her hand and dialed the number again

'The number you are trying is not reachable' she sighed and walked in her room... soon, boys were asked to leave and Eshaan was asked to leave Riddimaa alone for a tonight, but he was abundant to sleep with her, as he had Promise Arman not to leave Mom alone at night at all...


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