Tuesday, 10 November 2020

part 18 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Atul : Anjali am going to take a shower.. Hell tired today..
Anjali : Ok fine i will go and see what to be cooked for dinner..
Rahul set on the sofa passing a lazy smile...
Rahul : I would like to have something nice to eat tonight..
Anjali rolled her eyes making her way to kitchen..
As she walked inside she noticed Shilpa who stood near the counter preparing food.. The delicious aroma of food hit her nostrils bringing a smile on her lips..
Anjali : Woow Shilpa whats cooking up..
Shilpa looked up giving a smile..
Shilpa : I thought i would prepare dinner tonight as i was free..

Anjali : Well you are still early.. But am glad you did cauxe i am soo tired..
Shilpa gave a nod as today's events kept distracting her mind... Anjali noticed the sullen look on her face.. She walked upto her placing a hand on shoulder..
Anjali : Shilpa .. Are you Fine.. ?
Shilpa : Uhh Ya am ok...
Anjali : I heard you showed up in hospital wearing Miniskirt and top today..
Shilpa turned away embarrassed..
Anjali : I know you well enough now Shilpa.. As i know you i know that you were not trying to flatter Armaan..
Shilpa looked at her hesitantly..
Shilpa : I am Sorry.. I know i shouldnt have.. It wont happen again..
Anjali gave a smile hugging her lightly..
Anjali : You both need time to understand eachother well Shilpa.. Everything happened in such a hurry..  Everything will be fine soon..
She passed her a smile..
Anjali : Anyways listen in home you are going to call me Anjali ok.. No Dr or Mam..
Shilpa nodded hugging her back..

Shilpa walked inside the bedroom to see Armaan who set lost in his work.. Rolling her eyes she walked upto bed taking a seat.. Several minutes passed in silence.. She took a sigh and leaned on the headboard looking at him.. He was way too lost in his work to even acknowledge her presence.. After ten minutes of boredom Shilpa again glanced at Armaan who kept doing his work on his study table..
Shilpa : I am Bored..
Armaan glanced up at her annoyed..
Armaan : So how shall i entertain you.. Come i will make love to you on this table..
She made a face while he returned back to his work.. Thats when she suddenly noticed him wearing specks which made him look cute.. She went near him in daze...
Shilpa : I didint knew you wear glasses.. ?
This time he looked up at her with a amused smile..
Armaan : There are several things you dont know about me..
Shilpa : As Like.. ?
Armaan : Do i even look like i want to have a discussion about myself.. ?
Definitely he didint look so.. She gave up moving away from him..
Shilpa : Even i dont want to waste my time near you boring man..

Rahul kept flipping channels when he noticed Shilpa coming downstairs near him..
Rahul : Yo Sister in law...
Shilpa took a seat beside him frowning
Shilpa : Stop calling me that.. Shilpa is fine..
Rahul : Ok Ok... Foul mood... ?
Shilpa : Your brother is boring..
Rahul  : But You are there right to cheer him up.. After all today you came in such a attire his face was priceless..
Shilpa : Stop teasing me Rahul...
Anjali : Hey whats up guys..
Rahul : Nothing much.. Me and Shilpa are creating a family bond..
Atul  took a seat in dining table while Anjali took food for him..
Atul : Include me too.. I can become a brother for you..
Shilpa turned around and gave a smile..
Shilpa : Sure.. I would love to..
Just then she noticed Armaan who came downstairs locking his gaze on her.. She looked away from him trying to concentrate on the channel.. Armaan took a seat beside Rahul and snatched away the remote from him tuning to news channel.. Shilpa and Rahul frowned at him..
Rahul : Not again bro dont u feel bored by this nonsense..
He ignored the words and kept his gaze stick on Tv.. Shilpa started feeling more bored..  Getting up She snatched back remote from Armaan making everyone surprise.. Rahul grinned happily..
Rahul : Wohoo Atlast someone in my party.. !!
Shilpa gave him a winning smile and focused back on show when Armaan grabbed her hand putting away the remote..
Armaan : Dinner time..
Shilpa : You cant drag me there like a baby..
Rahul : Whats the hurry bro..
Armaan shot a annoyed look at Rahul..
Armaan : So that we can go back to room soon.. You mind ?
Rahul grinned..
Rahul : To do what.. ?
Armaan : Why dont you come and see in my room..
Rahul : Sure why not i wud be glad to accompany..
Armaan glared at him when he got up raising his hands..
Rahul : OK peace i was Joking...
Armaan : Now get back to Dinner and the bed..

Shilpa abruptly woke up from her beauty sleep hearing his shriek beside her.. Horrified with the loud voice she tried to calm down her heartbeat.. After sometime she glanced at Armaan who set in the bed panting heavily..  His eyes grown wide as he have seen something bad.. Really bad.. She saw his body shaking.. Hesitantly she moved beside him placing a hand on his arm..
Shilpa : Armaan.. Are you.. Are you Fine..
He looked at her lost.. His eyes showed vulnerability.. Words were not coming out of his mouth.. Shilpa saw him trying to talk.. She moved near the table picking up glass of water..
Shilpa : Here take this..
Drinking it full he kept the glass down closing his eyes.. His face reflected pain which she couldnt figure out.. What was happening to him.. She moved more close to him concerned..
Shilpa : Please tell me.. Whats Wrong.. Did you see a bad dream..
He gave a innocent nod.. Glancing back at her.. She moved forward trying to calm him down.. She gave a light hug to him rubbing his back..
Shilpa : You want to talk about it...
She sensed hesitation in his voice.. Something was holding him back.. And then she felt his hands wrapping on her back pulling her close.. A sudden jolt went through her body as she felt him so close to her.. Yet again the same feeling.. He didint talk.. But she did feel a relief come down in his body.. Sensing the right moment she spoke..
Shilpa : You will feel better if you say.. ?
Again silence formed between them as non spoke.. She signed when suddenly he spoke in a shaking voice..
Armaan : I saw .. Them again.. Everything back..
She knew he was talking about the accident... His parents.. She wondered since how long he might have been going through the pain..
Shilpa : Its ok.. I know how you are feeling.. But its just a dream.. let it goo..
He just gave a small nod.. Still maintaining the firm grip on her body..
He moved back looking in her eyes deeply..
Armaan : Was my reason really not good enough.. When i said i wanted you.. Is it that weak..
She tried to form words but couldnt.. She looked at him when he leaned down taking her lips into a sweet lingering kiss.. It wasnt rough neither it was less passionate.. She felt her heart flip when he kissed her with eagerness.. Instantly her hands went up on his hair playing with the soft tendrils pulling him down.. After several minutes of kissing she realized she was lying under him on the bed while he was gazing down at her with those passionate eyes.. He moved down on the level of her throat breathing her sweet fragrance.. He kept showering kisses down to her collarbone making her weak.. He moved down the strap of her nighty licking her skin.. She felt intoxicated under his touch..  He moved up locking his gaze with her while pulling down her nighty she gasped but couldnt stop him.. Instead she turned around covering herself with the blanket when he came beside her hugging her tightly.. This was getting way too close .. Her mind screamed.. She was going to give herself to him.. Just as the thought came the phone rang bringing them back to the world.. Armaan cursed while moving to pick the phone.. Shilpa quickly pull down the nighty back on her and noticed Armaan who kept the phone down and hastily walked upto cupboard..
Shilpa : What happened
Armaan : Emergency in Hospital.. I have to leave..
Shilpa : Can i come.. ?
He looked at her for a minute and spoke
Armaan : Ok fine but get ready soon..


Armaan Faces on of the most critical case in his life
The loss of life reminds him of his dead parents will Shilpa be able to support him through the way.. ?


Hope you Guys would love it.. <3

Love Aishy <3

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