Sunday, 12 May 2019

Part 18 : Our Ways

At 4 in mid-night

Riddimaa's Phone buzzed under her pillow, she stirred and clutched tight on Eshaan, who himself groan due to movement...

Soon, the distraction brought Riddimaa to world, she moved her hand under the pillow and pulled phone out ' pressed the green button "Hello?" she said after keeping it on her ear with close eyes

"Hi..." the phone said

"Arman?" pause "app?" pause "kya hua ' is everything ok??" she sat on the bed

"haan ' I m fine Riddimaa..." he smile "were you sleeping?"

"hmmm..." "awww then go back to sleep call me when you wake up" he said

"i m awake Arman..." she whispered, quickly

" r u?" he chucked

"i m fine ' but I m really updet with u... u did not even call ' I was waiting for it" she whispered, and moved her fingers in Eshaan's hair...

"I m sorry Jaan... u know, the Meeting was scheduled as soon I landed"

"Arman... kya hua..? meeting ka?" she blushed first due to 'jaan' word but then she came to main point

"they said they would do anything as I say but they need something against it..." Arman replied.

"So? What have you thought about...?" she asked with a nervousness...

"shares.... will give them shares Riddimaa..." she sighed

"oh... that won't be a big deal Arman...." she said

"yea ' it won't be..." he said in an unsure voice "Arman? Kya hua tell me?" she further pushed him "Riddimaa... I don't know, I was thinking, if they ask something lot then that" he said with a sigh "as in?" she asked

"hmmm... a new model... or partnership or or urghhh I don't know.." he said

"Ok relax... koi baat nai... we will look at it together...." she said... "when r u coming back...?"

"hmm ' let see, I m going to a meeting after 1 hour here ' so will be coming back after 3 hours so will make a call to you and tell you what's the plan ok?" he said

"hmm ok..." silence "Arman..."


"I ' miss you" she whispered pulling the duvet to her face.

"aw... I miss you jaan..." he said kissing her through phone.... "acha Riddimaa, Remember that last night at Otty?" he teased her "the way you pulled me on the bed and jumped over me..." he added

"Armaaann!" she blushed in shock. "i m cutting the phone bye..." "Acha listen naaa, then you bite me on my chest .. and then your hands..." he added "Arman Bye..." she was about to cut "Love you Jaan" he shouted "Love you too arman..." she whispered and cut the phone...

Next morning

"Eshaan, take care of your self... ok and eat your lunch ' It is in your bag... no more masti ' If I got any calls then you see ' I will tell your dad about it ..." Riddimaa said while making him sit in the car...

"No maa, teacher is a liar..." Eshaan said

"Eshaaan!!! behave !" Riddimaa scolded while he made a puupy face. "Chacha, isko Class tak drop karna Ok?" she said

"haan maimsahab" he said with a smile...

"Bye Eshaan" she kissed him "bye maa" he kissed her cheek


"Nikki ' MUSKan !! Break fast Ready" she shouted while a bell rang... she ran to open it...

"Come I...." she stopped "why do you come here, every day..."Riddimaa spoke, putting up all the courage...

"I want to meet Arman!" Ayes-ha tried to make her way in...

"He is not at home" Riddimaa blocked her way

"Where is he !" Ayes-ha said

"In his office" she fumbled in her words...

"Lair ' I went their too, tell me where have you kept my husband!" Ayesha pushed her away

"don't you have Self respect Ayes-ha? You daily come here when no one needs you here !" Riddimaa said

"Wrong! You made every one think that I m not required ' before you, they were wishing for me" Ayes-ha said with arrogance

"No one, needed you Arman ' use to cry and Eshaan was a spoil brat" Riddimaa told "Arman was embarrassed due to Eshaan's behavior... you not only destroyed Arman but you also broke Eshaan's Innocence ' today he speaks up like a man ' with no manners !" Riddimaa spoke angrily. "Just because off your own career ' you destroyed too lives..."

"and what are you doing ' you married Arman so that he can pay for your study.." Ayes-ha spoke up "you dirty ' low class, girl ' didn't even had the status to marry him" pause " you were called here for Eshaan ' not to warm your own desires... I know your type of girls, making every one fall for your softness.. and then bossing around them.." Ayes-ha said

"No ' I didn't marry him, he asked me to him for Eshaan. So, That Eshaan get's a mom." Riddimaa exclaimed

"Then Leave him naa ' Her mom is HERE now ! You Job is DONE GET OUT !" Ayes-ha shouted, pulling Riddimaa out.

"But now I love him..." Riddimaa said it, while pulling herself back

"so what? He still loves me..." Ayes-ha said.

Some old memories banged Riddimaa ' she frowned

"I don't love you" he turned and gave her his back. "I only ..." he took a slight hiccup "I only love Ayes-ha" pause, she gulped with pain "she was my first love and giving some one her place in my heart, is wrong... totally wrong." he turned towards her and saw her looked at him shocked.

I love her .!! I loved Her from my school days... SHE WAS MY LOVE- MY liFe... I was made for her .!! I can EVEN DIE for HER '

Its just a compromise Riddimaa ' I dont love you

"Ayes-ha please go..." Riddimaa sobbed as all flashes hurt her and begged her to leave -

"I m going Riddimaa but you r so, gonna leave this house soon!" Ayes-ha went off.

The rest of the Day went but Arman didn't call ' and Riddimaa never thought about it ' her mind was busy with the past sessions... its just been 2 months with her. But she remembered his words. This was only for the sake of Eshaan ' but where did it brought us together.

She cried while sitting in the room. Her phone was switched off. Nikki -Muskaan were worried. They asked her but she would just shook her head.

In evening.

"Mom, you look sad... Missing dad..?" Eshaan asked while Riddimaa said no in reply

"Mom ' lets make a call to dad..." Eshaan took Nikki's phone and called Arman "Heello ' Dad ..." Eshaan said "Mom here ' he wants to talk to you"

"hey Riddimaa" "Hi" she replied

"Is everything ok?" "Ji... fine" she replied

"It does not sound like ..." "I have to GO ' mujha kaam hai bye" she cuts the phone.

After some hours ' she called Ayes-ha

"Hello, I m leaving you can come back to your family..." Riddimaa said while hanging the phone

After making Eshaan sleep ' she saw her phone buzzing again. She leaves the phone on the dressing. Packed her bags, took what ever it was hers. And walk down stair after praising ' kissing Eshaan for a moment. She gave a brief look to Nikki, Muskan and Anjali and then made her way down stairs...

She felt dry lumps in her throat ' with carefully she opened the main door just to see Ayes-ha ' standing before her.

"Hi, good you understand Arman loves me... and that to madly..." Ayes-ha smirk stepped in while Riddimaa stepped out "You are Right Ayes-ha ' he always loved you ' I was just a nanny and I guess you r back . So you can take care of them..." Riddimaa spoke while giving the house a look and walked out in the slient roads...

"bye Arman ' bye Eshaan" she mumbled and sobbed while walking on the road and thinking what to do next.

'Ayes-ha your plan is successful...' Ayes-ha thought and made her way up to her own room after closing the door. 'aww my baby, sleeping here... Look that's what Riddimaa is teaching him ! He should be on his bed not on his parents bed... Riddimaa is such a low class glass...' she thought while sleeping with Eshaan 'will make Eshaan learn not to come over his parents bed as its count in bed ethics... missing you Arman ' where are you....' she thought while sleeping peace

Next Morning 9:00

Eshaan kept on sleeping ' he missed his school as no one woke him up ' Riddimaa did not woke him up while a women ' her so called mom was sleeping beside him on the same bed '.

door was knocked by Nikki and Muskan but no one opened it '. they went off when they felt she must in a deep slumber . She ' 'Riddimaa'

unknown to the fact that she was not here any more....while Ayes-ha unknown to the surrounding was fast a sleep... at the corner of the room, a phone kept on busying flashing 'Ar-man's' Name

Arman's place

"Where are you Riddimaa...." he said walking in to and fro

"God !! I m coming back jaan...." he walking in the plane after switching off his phone '.

Love Maha

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