Wednesday, 11 November 2020

part 19 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa walked inside the hospital with Armaan noticing staffs walking around in hasty pace.. She followed Armaan inside the OT...
Armaan : Where is the patient... ?
The nurse showed him the a elder man who was badly injured.. Shilpa moved beside him and took a look at the person.. He was seriously suffering in pain..
Armaan : Whats the status...
Nurse : The cuts are quiet deep sir..
Shilpa : Even i notice the same.. I guess we will need operation immediately..
Armaan : What are we waiting for.. Come on get ready for operation..
As Armaan made his way out of the OT a teenage boy came running towards him worriedly...
Boy : How is he.. ? Is he going to be fine.. ??
Shilpa noticed the Panic in his eyes.. She moved forward speaking softly..
Shilpa : Dont worry... We will try our best.. He will be fine..

Armaan : Yes just calm down.. I will try my best.. Are you his relative..
Just then a elderly man came and stood beside the boy with concerned look..
Man : This is my Nephew Nikhil.. My brother's son..
Nikhil : Its all my fault... I shouldnt have told him to drive so fast.. If i didint he wouldnt have got injured so badly... Plss save him i cant see him die..
Shilpa noticed Armaan's face going pale all of sudden.. Somehow she knew his own story was related to the boy.. Controlling the situation she spoke..
Shilpa : Plzz take seat here and wait.. We will inform in between we need to get into Operation Soon.. Dr Armaan come we need to get ready..

Armaan walked with her slowly near the OT area with a blank face... She noticed the sullen look on his face.. She knew the memories was troubling him bad.. As she was about to speak he held her hand and looked at her..
Armaan : I want to save him at any cost... I will put all my effort but save him.. But he should be saved..
She stood without a word for a minute.. She squeezed his hand giving a encouraging nod..
Shilpa : I know you will do.. Just concentrate on the operation.. Forget about everything else..
Armaan : Do you want to join the Operation..
Shilpa : I think i should get back to the boy.. He also have got some small cuts.. I can calm him down for time being.. Just get in there and save him..
I know you can do it...
He gave a nod.. Getting back the confidence in him.. And then he walked inside the OT after giving her a longing look...

Shilpa walked back near the waiting area and noticed the boy crying sadly.. She noticed the guilt and worry in his face while his uncle kept trying to console him.. She walked towards them and knelt infront of the boy looking at him...
Shilpa : You have got few cuts and scratches too.. Come lets get them cleaned..
He denied at once..
Nikhil : NO.. !! I am not going from here.. Not moving from here.. Until i see him alive..
Shilpa : Nikhil but have a thought.. If he saw in this state.. Will he be happy to see you wounded.. He will feel bad right.. Plzz lets go i will be fast..
He looked at her for a while and gave a small nod.. Nodding his head he got up from his seat to go with her...

After 15 mins Nikhil came back with Shilpa to the waiting area.. Making him seat she proceeded near the OT to have a look at inside.. Everyone kept moving around in hasty pace trying to act fast to the situation.. She kept praying in her heart for him to survive.. Just then her phone rang.. Shilpa walked away from the OT area to receive the call...
Shilpa : Hi Anjali..
Anjali : Hows it going... ? Is the patient fine.. We are little worried here.. You guys left so abruptly..
Shilpa : The patient is brutally injured.. They are trying their best to save him.. His son also did get some wounds i just cleaned them up.. I hope he survives.. Armaan is trying his best...
Anjali : Even i pray the Same.. Armaan doesnt like when something bad happens to his patients.. He always try his best and i am sure he will do that this time too.. Lets hope for the best..
Shilpa : I know Anjali.. He is really trying his best..
Anjali : Dont worry everything will be fine.. You also take care i will call later on.. Bye
Shilpa : Bye

Shilpa head back to the OT area rubbing her head.. As she glanced up she noticed a violent scene infront of her.. Nikhil kept shouting loud crying his heart out.. His uncle kept trying his best to control him.. As she ran to him she heard him speak in pained voice...
Nikhil : How can you Say he Died.. HE CANT DIE.. !! He is alive... Plsss say you are lying.. Plsss
Shilpa stood horrified not knowing what to say.. She glanced at the nurse who stood with a sad face..
Shilpa : Did he really... ?
The nurse looked at her and gave a silent nod.. Shilpa looked at the boy infront of her crying badly.. She tried to reach him when he pushed her away..
Nikhil : NO I WANT MY DAD.. ! Give him back..
Just then Armaan walked out of the OT.. Everyone turned around to see him.. Shilpa noticed his face all white and pale.. He wasnt even able to react.. She felt a fear ran through her as she saw his condition..
Nikhil freed himself and went towards armaan and held his leg while crying..
Nikhil : Plzzz Doctor.. Give him back.. Plzz bring him back.. I beg You.. Plss..
Armaan stood motionless staring at the small boy down on his feet.. Shilpa felt her eyes welling up seeing the boy's condition.. She couldnt just stay and see his condition.. She moved forward making him stand..
Shilpa : Calm down Nikhil.. You have to be brave right now.. Plzz dont cry..
His uncle moved towards him while he cried hugging him.. Shilpa noticed Armaan walking away slowly... At first she thought to go after him.. But then she knew it was better to give him sometime alone..

After spending several minutes in OT Shilpa came out to see Nikhil totally calm without a word..
Shilpa : Is he fine now..
Uncle : He is just in shock.. I will try to take good care of him..
Shilpa : We are so sorry.. We tried our best.. But your brother's injuries were too bad..
Uncle : I understand.. Somethings cant be stopped.. It happens when it is ought to happen.. Thank you for trying.. I will take him hope now..
Shilpa gave a nod as she stared at them walking out of the hospital devastated..  Taking a sigh she turned around to see Nurse Stella standing beside her..
Stella : That was heartbreaking.. Dr Armaan was trembling when the man's pulse stopped..  I feel bad for the little boy..
Shilpa : I know.. Even i am feeling bad...
Just then she noticed Armaan coming towards her with a blank look.. She noticed he was still shaking while he spoke
Armaan : Let go Home..
Shilpa : Ok.. But are you Fine..
He didint answer her.. Instead he walked out of hospital hastily...

As they walked inside the house Anjali came towards her worried..
Anjali : What took you So long.. And Armaan look at you.. You look Horrible..
Atul : Armaan are you fine..
Rahul : Bro are you sick..
Without replying anyone Armaan head upstairs to his room ignoring them.. They stood in silence when Shilpa spoke softly..
Shilpa : The man Died.. He couldnt save him..
Neither of them spoke nor reacted.. Anjali has a nod sadly..
Anjali : I told you.. He doesnt like it..
Rahul : Gosh now Bro will stay mad at everyone..
Atul : I hope he recovers from it soon..
Just then they heard a loud noise of something break from his room.. Rahul tried to go when Atul held stopping him..
Rahul : I told you he is going crazy..
She stood not knowing what to do , just then Anjali spoke placing a hand on her shoulder..
Anjali : Rahul Calm Down.. Right now Shilpa is the one who needs to be with him.. Let her go and handle him..
Rahul stopped protesting and gave a sad look at Shilpa..
Rahul : Plzz do take care of him..
Shilpa stared at him and gave a nod forcing a smile.. She walked upstairs with a beating heart while others kept staring at her walk inside the room..
Atul : Do you think he will be fine..
Anjali : I cant say that how long he will be in that state.. But i know we just send the right person to handle him..

Shilpa walked inside the dark room glancing around trying to spot him.. As she moved something crashed within her feet.. She glanced down to see several pieces of vase scattered down which he had broken in anger.. Thats when she spot him, he set in the corner staring at the space.. She could see his hands trembling just like his body.. Shilpa set infront of him and touched his hand.. But he brushed it off quickly..
Armaan : Let me.. Be alone..
Shilpa : No.. If you are alone you will hurt yourself more.. Armaan.. It wasnt your Fault..
Armaan glanced at her and snapped
Armaan : OFCOURSE IT WAS MY FAULT.. !! It was my Bloody Damn Fault I couldnt Save him.. How i wanted to save him but i failed.. I failed..
Shilpa stayed quiet and took his hand again.. This time he didint bother to brush it off.. She cupped his face in her hand making him look in her eyes directly...
Shilpa : It wasnt your fault... You tried your best.. He was so badly wounded there wasnt much you could have done..
Thats when she saw him cry first time.. She looked at him stunned while tears ran down his cheek.. This wasnt the guy she knew.. She felt like she was seeing a new Armaan infront of her..
Armaan : I... I promised him.. I will save.. His father.. But i couldnt keep it.. I failed badly..
Shilpa sensed the exact pain in his voice which she heard sometime before when he work up shrieking...
Shilpa : There is more to it Right... I have a feeling everything is related to you Somehow.. Armaan is it your past haunting you.. ?
He didint speak instead he kept crying without a word...
Shilpa moved close to him.. Trying to comfort him.. He didint deny her affection.. But he stayed calm with his eyes full of pain..
Shilpa : Armaan if you share your pain.. You will Feel better..
Armaan : I Just .. Cant.. It hurts.. Speaking abt it hurts a lot.. Plsss
Shilpa gave a nod knowing it wasnt the right moment to press him further.. She touched his arm when she felt his body hot.. Frowning she ran her hand on his forehead to realize he was running high fever..
Shilpa : Armaan.. You have high fever.. Come on get in bed..
To her surprise he got up and moved along with her to the bed..
Shilpa : You just lie down i will we right back..
He gave a nod and tiredly he crawled in the bed closing his eyes as sleep took over him..
Shilpa walked inside the room with a bowl of water and a cloth to see him asleep.. She took a seat beside him and place the cloth on his forehead while staring at him.. This man was not as strong as she thought.. He was way to weak from inside which was unknown to others...


Shilpa : Armaan.. Plss calm down.. You are..
Armaan : How dare you Question Atul why he is in this house.. He has equal right to be here .. He is like my brother from childhood.. How Dare you question it.. You Have no idea how he have helped me through bad times beside me..
Atul : Armaan .. Calm down you Are overeacting...
Armaan : No I am not Atul.. And you Shilpa Dont butt around in Topics which you dont any idea about.. JUST MIND UR OWN BUSINESS DAMMIT... !!!
Shilpa : Fine Mine my own Business right... Am out of here.. !!


Armaan : I blew it right... ??
Rahul : In nice words you ruined everything...
Anjali : Armaan when you have fever just keep your mouth shut for a good..
Atul glanced at Armaan and gave a slap on his face...
Atul : Hereafter talk when you know the whole truth Only...


Love Aishy <3

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