Monday, 13 May 2019

Part 19: Our Ways

"Riddimaa....?" Rahul knocked the door at around 1 in the afternoon

"hmmm...." a sound came from inside the door '

"Eshaan ' buddy open the door !" Rahul shouted

"yea ' coming" Eshaan walked lazily at door and open it to see all standing worriedly at the door '

"why have you both sleeping like that...." Nikki asked

"kya hua Nikki Di" Eshaan said while rubbing his eyes...

"Riddimaa..." Muskan went and pushed her duvet over her head to see her face covered with hair ...Muskan turned her "AYES-HA !!" She shouted ' making Ayes-ha jolted from her slumber sleep.


after few hours

"Look ' she left and she called me here ' now all of You Get OUT !!" Ayes-ha said showing them the way '.

"Where is MY MOM !!" Eshaan shouted while having tears rolling down non-stop

"She Left you baby ' she just used you ' she was never faith-full to you ' Look I m your real mom, who came back for you and daddy..." Ayes-ha said lowering to his level.

"NO ' SHE Can't Do THAT !! U R LAIR ' Stay Away From me '." Eshaan went in Nikki's engulf

"Di, say her to gooo---" Eshaan added with hiccups...

"Shut Up Eshaan and Go to ur room. I m your Mother and that's the real thing ' learn this as soon as possible ' She was your Nanny a servant, whom I have dismissed now...!" Ayes-ha said while hold him through his upper arm and dragging him away from Nikki Harshly. '

"Ayes-ha" Rahul tried to get hold of him when the main door open with a flung and

"RIDDIMAA I M HOM........." he dropped his bag just to see a crying Eshaan in Ayes-ha's hold.

"Oh Arman, you are Home. I missed you ' kahan tah tum" she went and hugged him while he turned and walked up to Eshaan and picked him up

"Dad ' Ma left" hiding his face in the crook of his neck "Dad ' maa left both of us... how could she dad...." Arman was in daze....

"i think the rest can leave the house as the drama is over !" Ayes-ha pointed at Arman's Friend... who silently walked out as Arman didn't spoke a word while he placed Eshaan down and settled down on one of the couch....

"Eshaan ' beta, go wash your face ' I will tell the servant to make food for us..." Ayes-ha said, after giving him a stern look. "Eshaan !!" she said as he walked up to Arman

"Dad...." Eshaan stood in front of him ' while placing his small palm over his knee... "Dad ' say her to leave Dad..." Eshaan said leaning between his leg and keeping his face over his chest.

"ESHAAN !!" Ayes-ha shouted

"Dad.... speak something ' Dad" Eshaan shook him

"ESHAAN ENOUGH..." Ayes-ha took hold his arm while aparting him from Arman, while Arman sat their motionlessly...

"Leave him Ayes-ha" Arman pulled Eshaan back in his embrace and Eshaan took a sigh of relief. Feeling his dad's warmth in his small body. "and please give both of us time Alone !" Arman said giving her a look to leave... she silently walked in the kitchen.

"Eshaan ' what did Riddimaa said?" Arman asked with a heavy heart.

"Nothing Dad... she just left ' she was not in bed --- beside me--- I missed my school ' I thought Maa was sleeping beside me but when Rahul bhai knocked the door --- I opened it--- still I though Maa was sleeping beside me but later Muskan di removed the blanket away from Maa --- it was Her" Eshaan Sobbed, hysterically...

"Dad ' bring Mom back ' dad I love her ' I will die '."

"shhhh..... Eshaan ' I guess Riddimaa will never come back" Arman silently sobbed and a tear made his way down "Riddimaa '."

"DAD !!" Eshaan parted and looked at him angrily...

"Eshaan ' please listen to me ' she left us ' why?? I will find out I promise ' but I m not gonna forgive her ' she promise not to leave us '. but she left us... how could she ---" Arman cried seeing his son getting angry on him

"Dad ' we will find her and will ask her why she did that but first Throw That so called mom out of here !!" Eshaan said clearing Arman's tear.... "Dad ' we have to be strong and fight together ' ok ' Don't cry I ' m their !" He made Arman stand with lot of difficulty....

"AYES-HA !!" Arman shouted.

"haan Arman..." Ayes-ha came out with a small smile.

"GET OUT !!"

"WHAT??" Ayes-ha looked at him

"Get Out of our Life ' I don't want you here !!" Arman said with the support of his son.

Today he felt weak, as his support had left him --- he didn't got the tongue to say this before as ' the first he heard was maa left ' he couldn't imagine in his dream that Riddimaa will leave him in a such a time ' he thought she loved him ' what could motivate her for such action....he was anxious to meet her and ask her ---- but first he had to take this Ayes-ha out of his life

"Arman ' listen baby ' I love you '. you can't throw me out of your life ..." Ayes-ha moved closer and kept her hand on his cheek

"but You can huh???" he asked pushing her away "YOU left me alone ' your 3 months baby alone and still you say WE CAN't Leave YOU ' !! BUT YOU CAN ???" he shouted and taking hold of her

"i m soory baby ' please forgive me --- and look Riddimaa to left you ' she did not even love you ' she was just behind your money -God Knows what have she taken from here '!" Ayes-ha said hold his face in her palm...

Arman kept quite and Riddimaa's Question ' as he can't fight over her ' because he does not know where she is and why she left '

"Look ' where Riddimaa went or what she took ' is none of Your business ' you left me for more than 5 year and according to law ' our marriage is over as you were not in any contact with me from last 3 and up years ' so this Marriage is broke and so is your Career ..."

"WHAT? My Career ' What did you said '." pause "Omg --- Arman, what have you done?" She took hold of his collar

"Vogue company ' is investor in my company now ' baby" he smirk and pushed her away "and he canceled your agreement ' your career is destroyed as you are taken as a bad environmental model over the company ' and you will see your ' info in tomorrows news paper.... for now u r out of Our Life's Ayes-ha"

"Why ' Arman WHY" She cried kneeling down on couch '.

"ask me ma'am" Eshaan came "You destroyed my childhood ' you took my maa away ' God will never forgive you --- you will face ' world's bad phase at every breath you take ' I will be ashamed of you ' of my self as you --- gave me birth ' I will never forgive you for making my maaaa -my Riddimaa maa away from mee... get out ' and leave us alone... please --- we don't need you --- GOOOO" Eshaan said while pushing her shoulder through his small palm

"Eshaan" Arman took him up and showed his back to Ayes-ha,who cried keeping her palm's over her face

"everything is destroyed ' my Love left me ' My baby hates me ' my career gone...." Ayes-ha cried more

"And you r responsible Ayes-ha '. I loved you madly '. u left me --- u left me in the middle of No where ' u left ur milk baby ---- u left the house --- u left our family U --- U '. and just because of U ' u lost your career ' if u have not came back here --- and had left us alone ' nothing would have happened liked that... "

"But ' Arman ' I came back for you '." she looked up at him with hope

"Time don't stop for people Ayes-ha.... and now ' I have moved on with my Life ' and so have you ' haven't you being sleeping around people for fame you got now !!!" Arman turned and looked at her with a disgusting look

"but --- Arman I can ' explai...." Ayes-ha got up hold the couch near her

"No Ayes-ha --- Our Path have changed ' I don't know Why Riddimaa left but getting a defeat in life and that too two times ' is enough --- but I guess, Riddimaa will always be in my heart as she has went away but took my heart with her--- I can never be angry with her because ' she gave me love that you never gave ' I m happy and will live my life with moments she gave ' as the moments with u r forgotten, a life time back, as it had only one motive, too use my name and get the fame '. but Riddimaa she gave away everything for us ' I m not angry with her as I m with you --- but I guess Our ways our different...."

"Arman ' I will bring the love back that you have forgotten ' give me one chance...." Ayes-ha said holding his hand together

"And now Our ways our different Ayes-ha ' I can never take you back in my life as Riddimaa had booked it permanently for ever" he added " Our ways can never join ! We were too different people ' for me it was always love and for you it was always fame and career ' I guess we both don't have anything left behind... please leave Ayes-ha ' we can never meet ' you know your way ' please make a move '" Arman walked with Eshaan upstairs....

moments passed away and Ayes-ha left the room ' with some tears to work again and get where she was --- that was the only thing left in her life ' she did not loved anything but Fame and that's the only aim for her now '.


3 months passed by,

Riddimaa was never to be found. Eshaan had turned out to be rough with every one even with Ar-man's friend... he talked least ' but he use to love his dad ' he use to kiss him hug him --- love him a lot --- and make him feel that his son is with him

Mostly in last 3 months, Arman was tear apart ' he missed Riddimaa ' he had went to her university he would wait their ' but the administrator told that ' she has not came here for once ' on an insist by Anjali Arman had check his house ' and nothing was missing except a photo that was on her side of bed of His....

He found his picture missing when Rahul had pinned pointed an empty frame on the side table ' Arman Remembered that it had his own photo which was missing ' he found the mobile on dressing but never opened it '.

3 months have been tough for him ' Arman had search most of the city but Riddimaa was no where to be found '...

Abhi and Nikki had left for U.S.A 2 months later.... as their own work was getting pending ' Arman had no grudge against it ' Rahul was handling the whole business while the other three, were busy with their own job in doc-try ' but use to help Rahul too....

"Dad --- I have called Simran over Dinner ' will you join us..." coming in his embrace.

"oh yes ' I will -" he hugged him back

"great lets order Pizza then..." Eshaan said while closing his eyes and going in to a nap.

"and coke...." Arman said with a smile and went in to a nap himself...

Now, they lived for themselves ' their life start from them and end with them. Eshaan had turned rude with others even a bit with Arman's Friend. He talked limited and kept his distance ' he did not wanted to get cozy or close to any one except his dad ' as he knows his dad will never leave him

'and Simran will also not leave me' he thought with a dreamy voice...

Days passed out it was 3 months and some days '.

"DAD???? WHERE R U DAD????????" Eshaan shouted while running all over the house

"IN study !!" Arman shouted

"DAD !!" Eshaan banged the door,

"Kya huaa --" before Arman can complete Eshaan interrupted

"We are going to a trip ' for four days with school and even...."

"NO WAY !!" Arman looked at his little tingly... "WHY DAD !!!" Eshaan said, Whining.

"How can I leave you alone? Eshaan u are 7" "DAD, 7 and half" Eshaan pointed.

"Yea ' still I can't leave !" Arman said in a stern voice ' Eshaan walked out angrily

Half day passed by Eshaan did not talk to Arman and ate very little ' HE use to lock himself in the room and use to cry mostly.... Second day in morning, "FINE --- u can go ' but I will meet your teacher first !"
"Yayayyya fine you can come with me to school ' in morning..." Eshaan took phone and dialed a number "Hello? Simran ' YAY I m coming ! Ya and u know...............

Arman smiled as his son went out twirling and talking over the phone happily....



"Eshaan take care of yourself and keep calling me every day" Arman kissed him while making him sit in his van ' "And call me every day" pause "and ' and don't cry ' if u feel alone" pause "And call me if u need me their ' I will come imme...."

"DAD ! Chill ' I love you --- and I will call you every day Promise..." pause "and don't miss me much ' I will be back soon!" Eshaan said while giving a last hug.

"Enjoy your trip to Ooty beta ..." Arman shouted seeing the van rushing off and Eshaan peeping his head out for waving "GET IN !!! Its UNSAFE !!!" HE Shouted

tears roll down ' 'God, please keep him safe --- and happy..." He sobbed while getting in his car as the van got diss-appeared ..

Love Maha

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