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Part 2 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Precap : The kids were named as armaan, karan and ridhima , shilpa . The malik's and the gupta's have become good friends. The malik's are invited at Gupta's residence for dinner .

The door bell rang and hiten and gauri were at the door with Armaan and karan. Mrs. Gupta opened the door for them and greeted them in .

"Andar aaye ", padma waved her hand in direction of the sofa over the corner which was beautifully complemented by the side tables with picture frames of ridhima and shilpa filling the space with their lively smiles .

"Dr. sahab kahan hai ?" hiten was looking for dr. shashank to give him company as he was knowing he will be really bored sitting there with ladies gossips.

"woh abhi aate honge , aap baithiye toh . kya lenge thanda yaan garam ", padma maked sure they are feeling comfortable .

"Main coke loonga ", an innocent voice informed her with a cuteest smile ever on his face but also scared that he might get scolding from his mom on getting home .

the cutest voice was non other than Armaan's .

"kya bhai aap bhi na ", karan hit armaan on his tighs with his sweet little hands trying to stop him from getting into more trouble . They very well knew hiten was too strict with the manners and behaviours and he wudnt tolerate any nonsense over some other place.

Padma was just goin towards the kitchen when again armaan called her from back.

"aunty shilpa kahan hai ", he has always waited to meet his best friend outside school to plan for some tricks to play on ridhima .

"shilpa aur ridhima dono uppar hai, tum dono bhi vahin chale jao , vaise bhi yahan ham badhon ke beech mein bore ho jayoge . Tumhare khaane ka saman main oppar de doongi ", she said while pointing towards the stairs that go upstairs to the girl's room and the play room .The stairs were all decorated with shilpa and ridhima's pictures hanging on the wall all the way along the stairs.They were the angels of shashank and padma .

"welcome Dr. hiten ,kya haal hain , namaste bhabhi ji ", shashank came out from his room greeting the malik's while padma left to prepare tea and snacks.

"hey buddy ", armaan banged into shilpa and ridhima's room without knocking at the door .

" hi armaan , karan kahan hai ?", shilpa extended her hand making a fist.Arman did the same , they hit each other's fist and then hit their shoulders with each other's opposite side and finally ended with giving a hug. That was their way of saying hello to each other, and which annoyed ridhima and karan a lot.

"Tum kabhi nahi sudharoge , tumhe uncle ne kitni baar daanta hai ki ladkion ke kamre mein knock karke aate hain ", ridhima fuming with anger .Inspite of being just 5 years old she had very strict principles and was always formal . whereas shilpa was just in bindass style just like her best buddy armaan .

"yaar shilpa yeh teri behn bhi na har waqt bhashan kyun deti rehti hai ", armaan said while sitting cooly on the bed ,and was more than cool, that the bedsheet was messed up .

This raised ridhima's boiling point .

"tumhe to bilkul tameez nahi hai ", and she went towards karan.

"chod na ridhi , tu bhi aise hi ladti rehti hai ", shilpa went to ridhima to cool off her anger.

"agar next time tumne mere buddy ko kuch kaha to main dad ko bol kar apna alag room le loongi , fir sona akeli raat ko darr darr ke ", shilpa warned ridhima walking towards armaan.

"oh to yeh champu raat mein darti hai ?", armaan giggled.

"yaar tum dono fir shuru ho gaye ridhima ko tang karne ke liye ", karan popped in his head to stop the fight .

"oye tu kyun beech mein bol raha hai machar , tu bhi champu ki tarah hai ", shilpa intruppted him keeping her hands on her waist .

Now the fight scenario has moved from armaan ridhima to karan shilpa. And the fight was just becoming brutal .

Just right on time padma opened the door and was shocked with what she just saw.

shilpa and karan were standing holding each other's hairs in their hands.Armaan was trying to save shilpa and ridhima was saving karan .

"Bacho yeh kya ho raha hai ?", padma ran towards them to set them free ,and told them to behave properly.

"shilpa beta agar dubaara kiya to tumhaare dad ko bulaaongi ", she gave her a stern look .

"Aunty is mein shilpa ki galti nahi yeh sab ridhi ki wajah se hua hai , usne ladayi shuru ki thi ", armaan said in hi sweet voice trying to save shilpa from getting scold.

Padma just gave a smile to them for sharing such a sweet and true friendship . That they can trap anybody else to save each other ,but unfortunately the targest always was ridhi .

They were about to start their fight again and werejust close to get hold of each other's hair , just then padma turned around and gave them a smile and left.

After getting tired of their fight , they all moved towards the play room.

they were all enjoying the play when suddenly armaan noticed a differnet sound inthe room .

"ssshhhhhhhhhh.. yeh awaz kahan se aa rahi hai ", he tried enquiring .

"kaunsi ?", shilpa said in her bindas style .Just then ridhima moved and everybody noticed the sound once again.

"yeh awaaz ", armaan was now confused .

"oh yeh ", shilpa put her hand on her forehead,"maine to socha pata nahi kaun si awaaz sun rahe ho , yeh to ridhi ki payal ki awaaz hai ,usse shuank hai pehn ne ka ", she said giving a weird look at ridhima .

Armaan just cudnt control his laughter and burst up .

"yeh champu frock ke sath payal pehanti hai ", armaan said trying to control his laughter. No matter even he was only 5 , he was still the most stylish guy in their class .

ridhima was all fuming in anger as everyone was making fun of her .And this time karan was also on armaan's side .

She left the room hitting her foot hard on the floor .

when she did that her payal came off ,but she was unaware of that .

"oye champu ki payal ",armaan winked at shilpa and karan to not tel her abt the payal and he pocketed her payal in his pants.

Few minutes later padma came to call them for dinner but they opted to have it in the play room.

As soon as padma left , armaan went to ridhima's room and apologized for his behaviour.

And like good friends she forgave him without knowing the real intentions of armaan . he knew if he didnt apologize then his had will come to know abt his behaviour and he will have hard time at home .Also he had kept her payal and he knew that ridhima doesnt like her things goin missing.and she will again get angry and thats what pleased arman and shilpa most .They always loved ridhima's angry face.

They had their dinner and went back home .

"I hope u behaved properly there armaan ", hiten trying to assure that armaan didnt made a mess there .

"yeh papa bhai was very good", karan replied trying to cover up for armaan .

"ok ab dono so jao jaa kar kal school bhi hai ", and hiten left for his room.

Armaan and karan came to their room .they were really tired and karan went right off to the bed to have his sleep.

Armaan went to his closet and took out a wooden box. he had been collecting all of ridhima's things that he took to annoy her .He was planning that one day when he wil grow up he will show her and make her big time angry on him.Saying this he had a big Haha HahahHAaaa .

to be cont...........


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