Thursday, 12 November 2020

part 20 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa cameback downstairs to see the trio talking softly while seated in living area..
Shilpa : You guys not sleeping... ?
Atul looked up at her with a tired smile..
Atul : Didint feel like.. We were worried about Armaan..
Rahul : Is he doing fine now...
Shilpa gave a nod while taking a seat beside Anjali..
Shilpa : Fever is not fully down but lower than before.. He is sleeping..
Anjali : Dont worry he will be fine soon... Just needs to be taken care..
Rahul leaned on the sofa rubbing his neck...
Rahul : Ok enough of depressing talks lets talk about something else..
Shilpa looked at Atul with Sudden interest..
Shilpa : Atul.. From how long you have been with Armaan.. I mean since how long you guys are here..

Atul passed a smile to Anjali while speaking..
Atul : What to say... You see Shilpa me and Armaan both knew eachother from childhood... We both were going through tough times.. But Armaan was the guy who helped me through this rough times.. He was beside me every moment... And then when we got back on a good track he insisted me to stay with him in the house.. Like a brother..  And i can never say no to Armaan... And life went on when i met Anjali we liked eachother and got married..
Rahul : But believe me neither of us thought Armaan bro with ever think of get married..
Anjali laughed and looked at Shilpa with a smile..
Anjali : Armaan is indeed lucky to have a wife like her..
Shilpa gave a smile and glanced at Rahul..
Rahul : So Rahul.. Any marriage plan in your mind..
Rahul starts to speak when Atul interrupts..
Atul : Ofcourse... Muskaan is there right..
Rahul glared at them when they kept laughing on the comment..
Rahul : Thats not funny ok.. Oh come on Muskaan.. !! I am not willing to die so soon..
Shilpa smiled while patting his arm..
Shilpa : Muskaan isint that bad Rahul.. She is very sweet girl actually..
Rahul : Watever.. Anyways I am hardly able to tolerate Atul bro here..
Atul looked at Rahul innocently..
Atul : I even told Armaan I will find a place for me.. Shilpa i did say Armaan i will find my own place and will go.. But he is the one who insists me to stay here..
Shilpa noticed the innocence in his eyes.. Atul was truly a great friend.. As she was about to protest they hear Armaan's voice behind them..
Armaan : SHILPA.. !!
Shilpa turned back to see Armaan who stood fuming in anger... She noticed the his eyes full rage while he glared at her.. Confused she walked upto him when Armaan held her wrist...
Shilpa : Armaan go and rest.. You are not well.. What happened..
Shilpa : Armaan.. Plss calm down.. You are..
Armaan interrupted her while dragging her near Atul..
Armaan : How dare you Question Atul why he is in this house.. He has equal right to be here .. He is like my brother from childhood.. How Dare you question it.. You Have no idea how he have helped me through bad times beside me..
Atul : Armaan .. Calm down you Are overeacting...
Armaan : No I am not Atul.. And you Shilpa Dont butt around in Topics which you dont any idea about.. JUST MIND UR OWN BUSINESS DAMMIT... !!!
Shilpa stared at him stunned not knowing what to say.. Anger started building in her hearing his words..
Shilpa : Fine Mine my own Business right... Am out of here.. !!
The gang stared at Daze while Shilpa ran out of the house in anger.. Armaan ran a hand in his hair and took a seat in sofa..
Atul : What the hell just happened.. ?
Rahul : I just saw the couple having very first big fight..
Anjali : Rahul stop joking around.. Armaan what was that.. !! Why did you blast on her... ??
Armaan : Why are you Guys not upset.. She was questioning Atul why he is in this house..
Anjali : And who told you She was questioning him about that matter.. First thing Atul himself was telling to about past.. She didint do any questioning on it..
Armaan looked at her with a frown..
Armaan : But i heard Atul..
Rahul interrupted him hastily..
Rahul : Bro i was the one joking around.. I said Atul bro is not tolerable thats when he said you were the to stop him from moving out..
Atul : Exactly.. I was answering Rahul's comment not any of her question..
Everyone grew silent after the talk.. Armaan ran a hand on his hair feeling uneasy..
Armaan : I blew it right... ??
Rahul : In nice words you ruined everything...
Anjali : Armaan when you have fever just keep your mouth shut for a good..
Atul glanced at Armaan and gave a slap on his face...
Armaan : Atul.. !!!
Atul : Hereafter talk when you know the whole truth Only...
Armaan looked away feeling guilty..
Armaan : I am sorry.. I shouldnt have.. So much happened today i didint knew what i was saying.. And adding to more this fever..
Anjali : Thats why hereafter when you have flu we will tape your mouth..
Armaan passed a smile and got up from his seat when Atul stopped him..
Atul : Where are you Going... ??
Armaan : I think you just saw my wife blew off from house in anger.. Going to get back Ms. Attitude..
Rahul : Bro you need rest why dont you stay back we will bring back her..
Armaan shot him a look narrowing his gaze..
Armaan : She is my wife or yours.. ?? Let me go and correct my mistake dont get in my way.. All of you get back to sleep..
As Armaan walked out of the house Rahul let out a chuckle..
Rahul : He is really obsessed about her right... ?
Anjali : No doubt on it..
Atul : Come on everyone get back to sleep.. Lets follow the order of boss..

Armaan parked his car infront of her house and saw the dim light coming from the living room.. Running a hand smoothly on his throbbing head he got out of the car and walked towards the house.. Hesitating for a bit to knock he touched the door when it opened itself.. The door wasnt lock surely she was too mad to even lock up the door.. As he entered the house first thing he noticed was the vase coming towards him.. Instantly he moved aside as it crashed on ground.. Keeping a hand on his thudding heart he glanced at Shilpa who kept glaring at him in anger..
Shilpa : GET OUT... !!!
Armaan : Shilpa listen..
She took a another glass pointing at him..
Shilpa : Get out before i kill you... !!
Armaan : Sorry..
Shilpa shot in a look putting her hands on her hip
Shilpa : You are such a Arrogant Rude Man You So called Mallik.. YOU FREAK.. !!
A pint of guilt formed in his heart seeing tears in her eyes..
Armaan : I am so sorry..
Armaan felt a sudden dizziness over powering him at once.. Shilpa kept down the glass calming down and notice his eyes getting heavy.. As he held the wall to balance himself she moved towards him worriedly..
Shilpa : Armaan.. Are you fine..
Armaan : Not much.. Just .. Dizzy..
Shilpa : Wait let me get you to the room..

As he settled on the bed Shilpa passed a glass of water to him which he drank slowly..
Shilpa : Are you fine..
Armaan : Much better..
Suddenly feeling awkward she got up from the bed
Shilpa : You take some rest...
He held her hand before she could leave.. Shilpa looked back at him when he pulled her into bed beside him.. She was about to protest when he pulled her on his lap while putting of the lights..
Shilpa : Armaan you..
He cut down her words gazing at her in a pleading manner.. After several minutes of silence he spoke in a shaken voice..
Armaan : I am ready to speak about everything..
Shilpa : But Armaan.. I dont think its the correct time..
Armaan : It is.. I have to spill out.. Before i make anymore mistake.. The past haunts me like anything.. If i dont talk about it i will always be like this..
Shilpa didint protest.. She waited silently for him to start..
Armaan : You must be thinking why i have reacted so bad to the death of that person today..
Shilpa : I already know.. You parents..
Armaan : Thats just the half truth.. You only know they died in accident.. You dont know how and why it happened..
She glanced in his eyes which was easy to see in moonlight..
Shilpa : Then tell me whats the whole truth..
He hesitated.. Just like before.. She saw tears forming in his eyes as he remembered about everything... Thats when he finally spoke in a shaking voice..
Armaan : That night.. I insisted my mom and dad to take me on drive with them.. They never said no to me.. They loved me a lot.. I remember Rahul used to sulk up when they used to take my side..
She noticed the smile on his face while he remembered the happy moments.. Shilpa held his hands encouraging him to speak..
Armaan : Dad and Mom was smiling while i was seated in backseat.. I was enjoying with them.. Thats when I insisted Dad to speed up the car.. He first said no it might not be a good idea.. But i wasnt listening.. I stubbornly kept insisting to speed up... As i said Dad cant say no to me.. He started driving fast.. We were having fun time.. When suddenly out of nowhere a car came.. He panicked.. Trying not to crash with it he took a turn which made the car loose control and... When i gained consciousness people was around me.. I still remember.. My mothers body lying lifeless on ground.. With all blood.. Beside her dad whose face was not even recognizable.. They died on spot..
Shilpa stared at him stunned while tears formed in her eyes.. That was when everything hit back to her harshly.. His past.. Was exactly same like Nikhil.. His parents died just the same way nikhil's father died..
Shilpa : Armaan.. I am.. I am so sorry.. I didint knew..
He spoke while crying.. His voice was cracking which made her cry seeing his pain..
Armaan : When the boy begged me today.. To bring back his father.. I remember the same manner i begged doctor to bring back my parents.. To give them back.. When i saw Him today it reminded me of my own helplessness.. I didint have anyone else than Rahul beside me..
She hugged him tightly while he kept shaking in fear and pain.. He was more vulnerable than she expected.. She could hear the pain in his voice while he cried..
Shilpa : Armaan.. It wasnt you fault...
Armaan : Ofcourse it was my fault... My one mistake led to their death... Cauxe of my stubborn behavior i lost them.. I lost my parents..
He went calm after several time.. He was surprised how patiently she waited for him to get back normal... He moved out of the embrace feeling awkward..
Armaan : I.. I dont cry like that.. Just those memories..
She cut back his words softly
Shilpa : I understand it.. Sometimes crying is good it makes you feel better..
He looked at her tiredly and gave a nod..
Shilpa : But blaming yourself for something you havent done is not good Armaan.. No one has control over death.. It happens when time comes.. We just have to learn to except the fate..
She notice him all quiet but she knew he wasnt still ready to buy her words..
Shilpa : Its ok.. Someday you will Realize.. And that day you wont blame yourself..
She tried to search in his eyes but like before his expressions were blank.. Giving up she tried to get up when he held her back..
Armaan : Plzz stay back..
She gave a smile challenging him..
Shilpa : Why ?
This time without any hesitation he spoke...
Armaan : Cauxe i need you...


Precap :

Armaan : Uhh I just want to say thank you for last night.. For making me feel better..
Shilpa : Thank you is not enough Mallik.. Is that what you can say.. ? I am not fully pleased
A teasing smile on his lips with a amused look..
Armaan : So Mam to please you I offer you a Romantic Dinner .. Believe me You wont Regret going on it.. !!


DATE.. !! 


Love Aishy <3

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