Friday, 13 November 2020

part 21 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa groaned inwardly as she felt his weight on her body.. But with that she was glad he was asleep peacefully after such a big emotional breakdown.. She had spent whole night keeping an eye on his fever , which was now gone fully.. Suddenly he stirred shifting his whole body on her.. Shilpa went stiff under him.. She felt his hot breath on her neck and when he started moving his lips on her neck she realized he was awake... Trying not to get lost in his charm she patted his arm cursing him..
Shilpa : Armaan... Get up you are crashing me..
Armaan moved up looking at her with a lazy grin..
Armaan : What did you say.. I didint hear.. Well nice way of getting away from me..
Her irritation level rose at once..
Shilpa : You cant hear.. Well i was saying STOP CRASHING ME...
He got up at once holding his ears.. He passed a annoyed look at her..
Armaan : You could have said without shouting... No need to make me deaf... And stop overreacting..
Shilpa got up from her bed caressing her stiff arms...She felt her whole body stiff due to lack of sleep..
Shilpa : I am just tired..

He looked at her noticing the wariness in her eyes... giving a gentle nod he got up slowly..
Armaan : Ok.. Umm You want to do breakfast here or go back home and do..
Shilpa turned at him and gave a thought for a while..
Shilpa : Dad isint here... I doubt there would be any food available right now..
Armaan : Ok.. Lets head back to home then.. Get ready..

As they entered the house The Trio glanced up at them with surprise and happiness.. As they rushed up Armaan knew what was coming.. He interrupted their talk at once..
Armaan : She is tired.. She was whole night awake taking care of me.. Soo store you questions for later and let her go and rest..
Shilpa looked at him with surprise while others raised eyebrows at him.. Armaan turned to face her...
Armaan : Go and sleep..
She gave him a silent nod in Daze.. Passing a smile Shilpa made her way to room exhausted..
Armaan ignored them and walked upto the table...
Armaan : Anjie can you put breakfast for me .. I am hungry...
Anjali : I just made breakfast... take a seat..
Atul and Rahul took their seats passing curious looks... Armaan looked up from his food frowning..
Armaan : Stop staring at me..
Atul : Armaan.. Are you fine now..
Armaan : Ofcourse i am fine...
Rahul : Ok bro tell.. How was you greeted last night.. am sure it wasnt normal...
Armaan : With a Vase..
Anjali suppressed her laugh while Atul looked at him confused..
Atul : Vase... U mean with flowers.. ? I thought she was mad at you..
Armaan looked up at him irritated..
Armaan : A flying Vase...
Rahul broke into laugh while Atul kept figuring out about flying Vase.. Anjali shook her head and spoke..
Anjali : We are going to leave for duty .. Are you staying back or coming today...
Armaan : No i am feeling very much better.. I will come after getting a shower.. You guys go..
Atul : Ok Armaan.. Will meet u in hospital then.. Come on Rahul thats leave..
Rahul : Am after you.. cya bro..
Armaan gave a nod as they left the house in hurry.. After being seated for a while he got up when Shilpa came infront of him..
Armaan : Arent you Sleeping..
Shilpa : I am hungry i cant sleep empty stomach..
Armaan : Fine.. I am going to take a shower now..
She passed a look at him in wonder.. How come suddenly Armaan Mallik has become saint...

As She walked inside the room she noticed Armaan getting ready to leave.. Frowning she walked upto him..
Shilpa : Wait i am also coming to Hospital..
Armaan : No you are not...
Shilpa : Ohh yes i am..
Armaan : I know you were awake whole night...
Shilpa looked away trying not to show any concern in her eye... But she knew it was bad idea to go with a stressful mind..
Shilpa : But.. But i really want to meet Dad.. Didint get to meet him even yesterday..
Armaan : He wont be happy seeing your condition right now.. Soo get some sleep and go to meet him tomorrow morning..
At first she wanted to protest.. But then considered his words in her mind..
Shilpa : Fine...
As she tried to move he held her hand pulling her towards him.. She looked at him gasping in surprise..
Shilpa : Armaan...
He kept looking around with hesitation..
Armaan : Uhh I just want to say thank you for last night.. For making me feel better..
Shilpa : Thank you is not enough Mallik.. Is that what you can say.. ? I am not fully pleased
A teasing smile on his lips with a amused look..
Armaan : So Mam to please you I offer you a Romantic Dinner .. Believe me You wont Regret going on it.. !!
Shilpa : Uhh sure.. Ok
Armaan : For a minute i thought you will say no...
Shilpa ignored his words walking towards the bed getting inside the covers..
Shilpa : I am too tired to argue with you..
She closed her eyes.. Thinking he might have left by now.. But soon she felt his lips lightly touching hers.. Startled she opened her eyes to see him leaning on her while kissing her lightly.. Instead of pushing away she kissed him back closing her eyes and before she could realize she drifted into sleep..

Shilpa woke up after several ours feeling active and energetic.. She set up on the bed touching her lips as she remembered his kiss before she fell asleep.. Just then her phone rang bringing her out of the dreamworld..
Shilpa : Heloo
Armaan : Are you Opposite of Sleeping beauty...
Shilpa : Huhhh..
Armaan : i said that cauxe actually Sleeping beauty wakes when prince kiss but its opposite in your case..
Shilpa : Mallik and sense of humor.. Thats new...
Armaan : Ms Attitude and Still Attitude.. Nothing new
Shilpa : Why did you call..
Armaan : Get ready at 7 pm and go to SeaValley Restaurant... I  have done all reservations there..
Shilpa : Cant you come and pick me up..
Armaan : I am having some work here so i will reach from hospital only.. You just go there i will be there soon..
Shilpa muttered silently..
Shilpa : Fine i will go... Bye
As she hang up and kept the phone down a nervous feeling rose in her heart as she imagined How a DATE with Armaan Mallik would be...

She walked inside the SeaValley Restaurant wearing a beautiful red dress..And then confusion seeped through her.. What to do now.. Armaan wasnt still there.. She kept tapping her foot impatiently as the Manager came towards her..
Manager : Are you Mrs. Mallik..
She turned back at him and passed a nervous smile
Shilpa : Yes.. That would  be me..
Manager : Ohh Nice.. Mr. Mallik has made reservation for dinner in terrace.. Why dont you go and take a seat..
Shilpa walked after him thanking him in heart
Shilpa : Yes plzz...

1 hour later :

Cursing him under her breath she kept waiting for Armaan impatiently.. The waiters kept attending her in between but she refused to take up any order... She tried his number several times but his phone was unreachable..
Waiter : Mam.. Why dont you order something for timebeing..
Shilpa : No.. Its ok..
As the waiter walked away her phone rang.. Shilpa took the call and spoke fuming in anger..
Shilpa : I am waiting here since and 1 now...
Armaan : Ok I am really Sorry... Just wait for sometime i will be there very soon... Give me 15 mins..
Calming down her anger she spoke..
Shilpa : Fine ONLY 15 MINS...

2 hours later :

Anger kept rising at her as she noticed Manager who kept a eye on her passing concerned looks.. What a big fool she was stay here for such a long time.. Fuming in anger she got up gathering her purse when Armaan walked inside hastily..
Armaan : Shilpa i am so sorry...
DATE.. !!
The waiters looked at her in horror while the Manager told them to leave soon.. Armaan tried to calm her down but she pushed him away and walked out of the place in anger..

Rahul looked up as he noticed Shilpa walking inside the house... He got up to greet but stopped in midway as he noticed anger in her eyes as she ran upstairs to the room.. Armaan walked inside with the very same look.. He moved back giggling as Atul walked upto Armaan..
Atul : Hey Armaan.. Why is Shilpa looking so mad..
Armaan : Not now Atul..
As he went after her upstairs Rahul walked towards the confused Atul..
Atul : Why was she looking so Mad.. And why did Armaan ran after her
Rahul grinned putting an arm around his shoulder
Rahul : Cauxe like always he just blew up everything...

Precap :
Rahul : I am going out..
Atul : At this hour.. ???
Rahul : Why not i need to get a headphone for me..
Atul : Why do you need headphones suddenly.. ?
Rahul : So i dont hear their ear piercing shouts.. Someone go and tell them they are too LOUD..
Armaan stared at the thing in Shilpa's hand in Horror..
Armaan : What the hell is that... ??
Shilpa : Its a Dog.. Shao Pao.. Dont u think it looks cute..
He looked at her gritting his teeth..
Armaan : NO DOGS in my house..
Shilpa : Whyyy ?
Armaan : I DONT like Dogs...
Shilpa looked at him for a minute and turned back to the owner with a smile..
Shilpa :I am taking the Dog..

Love Aishy <3

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