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part 22 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Armaan cursed himself for his own stupidity while staring at the close door of his room.. His mind kept screaming to turn around and get away from his fuming wife for the night.. But again his pride came in between.. Why should he get out from his house.. Making his mind he walked inside to see Shilpa who turned back glaring at him.. Her look was enough to send him a good warning about her mood.. Trying to keep a cool mind he walked towards her in a slow pace..
Armaan : First listen to me why i was late.. I have a good reason..
She lessened the gap , and hissed in anger
Shilpa : Good. You better have a good explanation otherwise...
Armaan : What otherwise.. Listen try lame treats on me..
Shilpa gave him a coy smile sending alarms to his head that surely something was cooking in her brain.. Before he could utter a word she turned back walking towards his study and took hold of his laptop...
Armaan : And what do you think you are trying to do... ??

With a smirk she spoke  holding the laptop carelessly..
Shilpa : What if this falls from my hand..
Armaan : Dont u dare Shilpa.. !! Go and break other things but spare my Laptop..
She put down the laptop while gritting her teeth..
Shilpa : YOU are such a freak Mallik.. You made me wait in that stupid restaurant for 3 hours.. Do you even know how much embarrassing that was..
Armaan : I have already said Sorry for that.. !
Armaan : If you stop shouting only i will explain..
Shilpa : Me only Shouting.. ?? Soo What are you doing singing songs..
Armaan : Dammit i was in Hospital... There was an emergency.. !
Shilpa : Then couldnt you call and tell me to leave.. I wouldnt have gone home rather than staying alone..
He protested while walking towards her..
Armaan : I was on my way.. When they told me to stay i was needed there..
Shilpa : Cauxe you ARE IMPOSSIBLE...

Meanwhile downstairs :

Rahul glanced upstairs getting irritated with the loud noise..
Rahul : I am going out..
Atul glanced at him with a frown...
Atul : At this hour.. ???
Rahul : Why not i need to get a headphone for me..
Atul : Why do you need headphones suddenly.. ?
Rahul : So i dont hear their ear piercing shouts.. Someone go and tell them they are too LOUD...
Atul shook his head while Anjali came to them with  a smile..
Anjali : They are not stopping tonight.. Come on lets get back to bed we have duty tomorrow..
Rahul : You really think sleep is going to come with this shouts...
Anjali laughed while dragging them from the living room..
Anjali : Both of them have a unique style of talking.. Dont worry they will grow tired and stop themself.. Now get back to bed..

Back in bedroom :

Armaan banged the bathroom door furiously...
Shilpa : GO TO HELL Mallik..
Armaan : Damn open the door or i will break it...
She challenged him in anger..
Shilpa : Whose stopping you. Go on do it..
Armaan : Will you Just get out i need a bath...
Shilpa : Let me give you a more good idea.. Go to a hotel and get a room soo you can have a shower.. I AM NOT COMING OUT.. !!
Armaan : What is your problem.. This is my house i am not going out anywhere.. NOW open it up or i will break the door..
She opened the door furiously.. He opened his mouth to shout but words got stuck as he noticed her fresh out of shower wearing a bathrobe... But Shilpa was too distracted to notice the look on his face..
Shilpa : What were you saying Mallik.. Soo this is your house which means i should leave..
He rolled his eyes strolling inside the bathroom.. But before she could walk away he moved locking the door with a arrogant smile..
Armaan : Where do you think you are going... ? Sometime before you were not even ready to get out of here..
Shilpa tried to open the door but her attempt went in vain as he held her firmly crushing her body on his... She gasped with the sudden closeness..
Shilpa : Let.. me goo..
Armaan smirked seeing the blush rise on her cheeks..
Armaan : Just now you were ready to kill me.. Now what happened to your anger..
She tried to show anger in her face.. But again failed.. Instead she felt her heartbeat rise feeling his warm body clinging with hers soft one.. His scent made her dizzy... His hot breath on her face played a havoc on her heart.. Shilpa tried to look away from his eyes which showed intensity and desire.. Why was it soo difficult to fight off with him when he is so close with her.. What was the feeling rising in her heart.. She saw a lazy grin form in his lips as he saw the lost look on her face...
Armaan : Now that you have planned to spend time in bathroom , why not accompany me..
Shilpa tried to struggle in his arms throwing daggers at him..
Shilpa : In your dreams Mallik.. !
Armaan: Not dreams darling.. I can make this reality... Just see in minutes i can make you forget everything..
Shilpa challenged him in a firm tone..
Shilpa : Again i say Dont dream Mallik..
Armaan : We Shall see.. !!
Before she could guess his intentions he pinned her the wall crushing his body on hers.. She spoke in a hesitant voice..
Shilpa : Let me go...
He didint break the eye lock.. Instead he kept staring at her with desire while moving his hands on the back of her neck.. He pulled her lips on his with a rush that she didint even get a chance to protest... She moved her hands on his chest to pull away.. But instead she felt her hands snake around his neck pulling him close , her fingers slipped in soft tendrils of his hair which made her forget about everything.. Thoughts slipped away from her mind.. Their fights , Their Anger everything slipped away at once... He kissed her hungrily while savoring the sweetness of her lips.. Something was strong between them.. A undeniable feeling.. Which always made it hard for him to resist her.. It wasnt every women but only her.. She was the one who made his heartbeat rise.. She was the one who always made him forget about everything but bring out a passion within himself.. What was the new feeling rising between them.. ?
She pulled out of the kiss abruptly as he loosened the knot of bathrobe.. She stared at him and spoke breathlessly..
Shilpa : Armaan... Let me Go..
Ignoring her pleas he moved the sleeves down kissing her soft skin making her tremble with the sudden rising passion.. She stared at him in horror as the robe fell off down.. He kept staring at her with a winning look on his face...
Armaan : Now lets get from trailer to the real movie..

30 minutes later :

She kept cursing him under her breath while putting on her night gown while he coolly slipped into the bed..
Armaan : If you are done cursing me get some sleep..
Shilpa made a face at him while lying down on her side.. As she got in he turned around facing her with a frown..
Armaan : You are behaving as if  have raped you..
Shilpa : Dont speak to me..
Armaan : I didint even make love to you..
Shilpa snapped at him irritatedly
Shilpa : Shut up Armaan..
Armaan moved on her placing his head on the crook of her neck.. Shilpa went stiff as she felt his warm body again on hers.. He started to trace her neckline with his finger..
Armaan : Well.. If you want we can continue the next scene of movie tonight..
Shilpa tried to form a excuse in her mind hastily...
Shilpa : I... I am tired
She closed her eyes pretending to sleep.. He chuckled while kissing her neckline making her gasp..
Armaan : See... Lier
Shilpa tried to push him away but he hugged her more tightly..
Shilpa : You will pay for this Mallik..
Armaan : Fine.. I will also see how you make me pay Darling..

Next morning :

Shilpa walked inside the patient room... Shashank gave a big smile as he saw Shilpa..
Shashank : Shilpa... !!!
Shilpa walked upto him and hugged him tightly...
Shilpa : Papa... I missed you So much.. Am so sorry i couldnt come before..
He patted her back with a smile..
Shashank : You dont need to explain me princess.. You are now married.. You have to carry on a wife's responsibility now..
Shilpa : But i will come everyday to meet you.. Whenever i can.. How are you feeling now..
Shashank : Cant you see.. Am all fit and fine now.. I dont know how to thank Armaan.. He has done soo much for us..
She grew silent thinking over everything... His thoughts running in her mind.. Shashank noticed the sudden change in her and placed a hand on her shoulder..
Shashank : Shilpa.. Just one advice i will give me darling.. You both have got married hastily i know its hard for now.. But try your best to work it out.. You have to work it out..
Shilpa looked at him registering his words in her mind.. And then gave a nod with a heavy heart...

Anjali took a break from her duty when she noticed Shilpa...
Anjali : Shilpa... Duty over.. ??
Shilpa turned back to her with a smile..
Shilpa : Uhh Armaan had to go for surgery suddenly.. Soo i finished my work and went to meet Dad.. Now heading back home..
Anjali : Listen i forget to tell you.. Me Atul , Rahul and Muskaan we four are told to go out of town for a medical camp.. Soo we will directly leave from hospital to the camp..
Shilpa : Ohh.. I will miss you Guys a lot... Plzz tell everyone my Bye..
Anjali hugged her with a smile..
Anjali : Sure Shilpa.. And you also take care.. Spend sometime with your hubby.. And we will miss you too.. We will be back after one week.. Byee..

Shilpa walked outside Sanjeevani calling a cab... While riding back to home a small shop caught her eye at once.. She told the driver to stop and walked towards the shop curiously... As she opened the door she noticed several people who came towards her to greet.. A sudden excitement with surprise came on her face.. But not seeing the face of people there , the cute thing behind them which caught her eye at once...

Armaan walked inside the house tiredly... As he walked inside the living area he noticed Shilpa who stood with a man who kept laughing with her.. With a curious look and glaring at the man he walked infront of her to confront when he noticed the bundle in her hand...
Armaan stared at the thing in Shilpa's hand in Horror..
Armaan : What the hell is that... ??
Shilpa gave a innocent look while giving him a sweet smile..
Shilpa : Its a Dog.. Shao Pao.. Dont u think it looks cute..
He looked at her gritting his teeth..
Armaan : NO DOGS in my house..!!
The seller passed a weird look at Armaan while Shilpa frowned..
Shilpa : Whyyy ?
Armaan : I DONT like Dogs...
Shilpa looked at him for a minute and turned back to the seller with a smile..
Shilpa :I am taking the Dog..
The seller gave a nervous smile seeing the Armaan fuming in anger.. He quickly made her sign the papers and handed her the dog and walked out hurriedly... Armaan looked at him leave and turned back at Shilpa who kept hugging the dog which itself was clinging to her.. He looked at her disgustingly...
Armaan : I cant believe you did that..
Shilpa took a seat caressing the dog with a smile...
Shilpa : Why... I love him..
Armaan : Ohh Just Shut up.. I know you have brought that thing to irritate me..
Shilpa : Dont call him thing.. He has a name .. SHOA POA..!!
Armaan : Whatever his name is i DONT want dogs in my house.. Horrible thing..
Shilpa got up from her seat glaring at him..
Shilpa : Stop hurting Shao Poa's Sentiments.. I am going to my room Bye..
Armaan stared at her outrageously as she left with the Dog... He couldnt even Imagine a life with a dog around.. Never Never Ever.. !!

Precap :
Shao Poa = New nightmare for Armaan and new villian
Armaan shifted his body close to her with a teasing smile..
Shilpa : And what do you think you are doing... ??
Armaan : You cant stop me tonight Darling.. I will surely make love to you..
He moved down to kiss her when something fluffy touched his skin .. He felt something sneaking between them..
Armaan : What the hell is that... ??
She passed a sheepish smile at him whispering..
Shilpa : umm Shao Pao...
Shilpa looked around the kitchen furiously
Shilpa : Where is my Shao Pao...
Armaan kept drinking his coffee ignoring her..
Shilpa : Where is my DOG Armaan..
Armaan : Check Dustbin...

Love Aishy <3

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