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part 23 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Armaan set on bed staring down at Shao pao who kept staring back at him with innocent eyes.. He couldnt believe he was sharing a room with a dog..  He hated Dogs.. And now it was only one day since it came but he was finding it hard to tolerate the thing near him.. But he couldnt do anything.. He knew Shilpa would fume in anger if he threw it out of the house.. Passing a annoyed look he pointed his finger to the dog..
Armaan : Listen you better be in your best behavior or i will surely throw you out of window..
Shao pao set on the floor making a small voice staring at him with a unhappy look.. As the door of the room flew open he got up and ran towards the door.. Armaan got up but drew a breath of relief as he noticed Shilpa walking inside the room..
Shilpa smiled and moved down picking her puppy in her arms cuddling to it.. Armaan narrowed his eyes at her seeing her getting affectionate with the dog..
Armaan : Why did you leave me with this dog..
Shilpa : Cauxe its sunday..

Armaan : Sooo.. You know i cant tolerate this thing..
Shilpa put Shao pao down when he ran out of the room in hurry.. Armaan tried to protest annoyed..
Armaan : Not again.. Why did you let that thing go.. Now he will mess up whole living room..
Shilpa : No he wont.. If he does i will clean up the place.. And stop calling Shao pao a thing he has a name..
Armaan : If he mess up anything i will throw him out..
Shilpa : Armaan dont u even dare touch my Shao pao.. I had to go and meet dad otherwise i would never leave my baby with you..
Armaan frowned as she walked outside the room , he followed behind her..
Armaan : You baby.. When did that monster become your baby..
Shilpa snapped at him..
Shilpa : Dont call him Monster.. He is SHAO PAO..
Armaan : Watever.. I dont care..
Armaan moved inside the kitchen in anger.. Shilpa just stared in doorway shaking his head.. Armaan bent down to take water from fridge when he felt something soft crawling on his feet.. He looked down to see Shao pao sitting on his feet looking up at him with innocent eyes.. Snorting in anger he tried to move the dog away from his feet but Shao pao was clinging to it tightly.. Passing a look at Shilpa he bent down near Shao pao gritting his teeth..
Armaan : Listen Monster.. Move away from my feet or i will throw you like a ball..
Shilpa walked towards him quickly...
Shilpa : Now what are you saying to him..
Armaan : Can i dare to say a word against you or your so called baby..
Shilpa took Shao pao in her arms passing a look at Armaan..
Shilpa : Armaan if you have problem with my dog stay away from him ok..
Irritated herself Shilpa walked towards the counter boiling some water , while hugging her dog.. Armaan moved beside her with a smirk..
Armaan : Are you going to cook him for lunch.. I wont promise that i will eat but i would be really happy if you cook him..
She turned back at him glaring.. Armaan stuffed some bread in his mouth walking out of the kitchen..
Armaan : What.. I was just joking.. but if its ok if you take my joke serious..
Shilpa shook her head calming herself.. With a sly smile she put down Shao pao down when he instantly ran outside..
Shilpa : And countdown begins.. One , two , Three...
And then came the shout of Armaan..

Night time :

Armaan : Rahul When are you coming back.. I cant tolerate this monster near me .. You guys comeback NOW.. !!
Rahul laughed hearing the irritation in his voice..
Rahul : Oh come on Bro you sent us and now your telling to comeback.. We can only comeback when this week ends.. And go and spend some time with her..
Armaan : You really think she wants to spend time with me.. ? She knows well i hate that thing thats why she keeps bringing it in between us..
Rahul : Then you come in between them bro.. As i said spend more time with her.. Am sure she will forget about her dog if you spend more time with her.. And bro dont loose this week you want guess such a time like this..
Armaan set silent understanding his words.. Nodding his head he spoke..
Armaan : Ok i got it.. Anyways you take care and say my hi to Atul and Anjali.. Bye..

Shilpa set on the bed while smiling to herself.. She couldnt help but laugh as she recalled the look of Armaan's face whenever Shao pao came near him.. She wondered why the dog wanted to get so much affectionate with Armaan... Couldnt he sense that Armaan hated him.. But everything now seems to be changing in life.. Shilpa noticed it now.. Since her dad have told her to give importance towards the married life she couldnt help but give a serious thought about it.. Thinking about a life with Armaan Mallik wasnt a hard thing for her now.. Infact she found it more easy as she have started to enjoy living with him now..
Armaan walked inside the room and saw Shilpa.. He glanced around the room looking for the dog was relived not seeing him around.. Clearing his throat he walked towards her..
Armaan : Where is that thing.. I mean you Sho poo
Shilpa looked at him annoyed..
Shilpa : Armaan he is Shao pao.. I have made a small cot for him in living room he is lying on it there..
A bright smile came on his lips instantly..
Armaan : So he wont be coming inside the room right..
Lying down on the bed she pulled up the covers..
Shilpa : You cant tolerate him in here.. And I do remember last night you didint even step inside the room when he was here..
A teasing smile formed on his lips as he took of his short.. Shilpa stared down at his gorgeous body..
Armaan : Ohh So you want me to be in this room with you every night..
She set up on the bed trying to form a excuse.. But he interrupted her words by getting into the bed beside her brushing his lips on hers..  She gasped trying to move away when he pinned her to the bed , brushing his body with hers lightly.. She tried to hide her blush as he kept coming close to her nuzzling her hair.. What was this happening.. She didint feel uncomfortable she couldnt believe her body was reacting to his every touch so easily..
Armaan shifted his body close to her with a teasing smile..
Shilpa : And what do you think you are doing... ??
Armaan : You cant stop me tonight .. I will surely make love to you..
She gasped hearing his words her heart started beating wildly..He moved down to kiss her when something fluffy touched his skin .. He felt something sneaking between them..
Armaan : What the hell is that... ??
She passed a sheepish smile at him whispering..
Shilpa : umm I think Shao Pao...
Bewildered he set on the bed to see Shao Pao sitting between them.. But his eyes was on him as he stared at him with the innocent eyes.. Irritated to the core Armaan got up from the bed walking out of the room..
Shilpa took Shao Pao in her arms pouting...
Shilpa : For the first time i am telling you have a very bad timing Shao pao...

Shilpa came out of the washroom and looked around frowning.. Shoa Pao wasnt around.. She looked under the bed every corner but he wasnt there.. And then she realized where he might have run.. Quickly she ran out of the room to the living room..
Shilpa walked inside the kitchen to see Armaan who set on the counter drinking coffee.. Shilpa started looking around the kitchen furiously
Shilpa : Where is my Shao Pao...
Armaan kept drinking his coffee ignoring her..
Shilpa : Where is my DOG Armaan..
Armaan : Check Dustbin...
She looked at him stunned...
Armaan set down his cup calmly..
Armaan : First.. He interrupted my romance... Second he was crawling on my feet i got irritated and put him in the dustbin..
Shilpa shook her head in anger and opened the dustbin when Shao pao jumped out of it at once..
Shilpa took a hold of him and turned back to Armaan glaring..
Shilpa : Dont you dare throw him in dustbin again.. And Dont talk to me.. And Dont even come inside the room..

Armaan shook his head as she stormed out of the kitchen in anger.. He couldnt believe a dog was effecting their life..
Armaan : God Someone come and help me..

Rahul : Bro Dont you think the dog loves you more than Shilpa..
Anjali : Even i notice the same..
Atul : Armaan.. You should love him back see he is staring at you with innocent eyes..
Armaan : Innocent eyes my foot.. He is a monster..

Shilpa : I do spend time with Armaan.. But he ruins everything with his anger..
Armaan : I ruin.. ??? Your dog comes in between everytime..
The trio suppressed their laugh, Rahul spoke quickly..
Rahul : I have an Idea...
Armaan : Throw out the dog right.. ?
Shilpa : ARMAAN.. Shut up.. !!
Rahul : No.. You both should go for honeymoon.. Until then We will handle Shao pao..
Shilpa looked at them stunned..
Shilpa : Honeymoon ??
Armaan : Ohh Yea Honeymoon..


Love Aishy <3

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