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part 24 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

A disastrous week went on as Armaan started to feel irritated by every single things.. At first the whole week went on waste as he couldnt even spend a single time with his wife.. Either the dog would interrupt their moments or Shilpa would get irritated on his behavior..
Frowning badly he started to get dressed when Shilpa opened the door with Shao Pao in her arms..
Armaan : Tell me onething Wifey.. You carry around that monster as if its your baby..
Shilpa raised her eyebrow mockingly..
Shilpa : So What.. He is my baby..
He mimicked her words in anger and worked out of the room in anger.. Shilpa sighed and followed him to the living room..
Without a word Armaan took a seat still annoyed.. He started to have his breakfast ignoring her presence..
Shilpa smiled seeing his cute expression and took a seat beside him..

Shilpa : Dr Armaan Mallik.. Are you angry... ?
Her smile faded as she noticed the sudden change in his expression..
Armaan : For you i am nothing more than that right.. ?
Shilpa : Armaan.. I didint mean to..
Pushing away the breakfast he got up from the seat .. Shilpa tried to speak when he interrupted angrily..
Armaan : Do what you want here with your dog.. I dont need any explanations i am leaving..
Shilpa set down as he walked out of the house in anger.. Why was things getting complicated between them day by day..

After finishing up all works tiredly he walked inside the house to see the trio back from the trip.. A smile came on his lips seeing them back in house.. A big relief for him.
As Atul saw Armaan he came forward hugging him..
Atul : Armaan good to see you man..
Armaan : When did you guys comeback.. How was the trip..
He went and took a seat beside them when Anjali spoke smiling..
Anjali : Our trip was fun.. Btw forget it tell me did you and Shilpa have fun here.. I mean to say spend time alone... ?
Armaan let out a snort and pointed at Shao pao who was sitting in the corner of Sofa staring at him..
Armaan : Do you see that thing...
Rahul : Ofcourse bro.. Such a cute dog Shilpa has brought..
Armaan : Cute my foot.. Such a irritation..
The trio suppressed their laugh while Shoa Pao let out a small noise.. Rahul raised his eyebrow..
Rahul : Bro Dont you think the dog loves you more than Shilpa..
Anjali : Even i notice the same..
Atul took Shao Pao in his hand caressing him..
Atul : Armaan.. You should love him back see he is staring at you with innocent eyes..
Armaan : Innocent eyes my foot.. He is a monster..
Just then Shilpa walked inside the living area with drinks for everyone.. She glared at Armaan who looked back at her with the same expression..
Anjali noticed the tension between them , she pulled Shilpa beside her with a smile..
Anjali : So tell me Shilpa.. How was this week alone here with Armaan... ?
Shilpa spoke hesitantly looking at Armaan..
Shilpa : It was.. Very nice.. I enjoyed..
Armaan : Ofcourse she enjoyed.. After all i was the one running around annoyed..
Anjali passed a worried look at Shilpa..
Anjali : Do you spend time with Armaan ?
Shilpa : I do spend time with Armaan.. But he ruins everything with his anger..
Armaan frowned protesting at once..
Armaan : I ruin.. ??? Your dog comes in between everytime..
The trio suppressed their laugh, Rahul spoke quickly..
Rahul : I have an Idea...
Armaan : Throw out the dog right.. ?
Shilpa : ARMAAN.. Shut up.. !!
Rahul : No.. You both should go for honeymoon.. Until then We will handle Shao pao..
Shilpa looked at them stunned..
Shilpa : Honeymoon ??
A big smile formed on his lips as he gave a thought Shaking his head..
Armaan : Ohh Yea Honeymoon.. Why didint i think before..
Shilpa looked at everyone in horror..
Shilpa : I am not going any Honeymoon..
Armaan got up from his seat with his eyes full of irritation and anger..
Armaan : You know what.. Kindly go honeymoon with you Dog and enjoy yourself.. Cauxe i am myself not interested..
Shilpa felt herself tremble as he stormed off from the living room in anger.. Without a word she followed him back to the room while the trio passed worried looks at eachother..

Atul set in the living room switching channels when he noticed Shilpa walking inside the living room fully dressed.. As she started to leave he got up frowning..
Atul : Shilpa where are you going in this late night.. ?
Shilpa turned back to him passing a smile..
Shilpa : Just to meet Papa.. I will be back soon..
Atul : But cant you go in morning.. ?
Shilpa : I can but.. I badly want to have a talk with him right now..
Atul : Well ok.. But what about your Dog.. Armaan wont like if he finds it near him again..
Shilpa : Its ok Shao pao is with Rahul right now.. And Armaan .. He is sleeping..
Atul gave a nod with a smile..
Atul : Dont worry he will calm down soon.. He always sleep whenever he gets upset.. The best way to calm his anger..
Shilpa felt her lips tremble feeling guilty..
Shilpa : I didint mean to speak like that..
Atul : I know that Shilpa.. Now go and meet your dad before it gets late..

Shashank sighed as Shilpa stopped speaking out everything.. He gave a pat on her head and laughed..
Shilpa : Papa plzz.. Thats not funny..
Shashank : Watelse Shilpa.. You brought a dog to irritate him..
Shilpa : No papa.. I brought it cauxe it like it..
Shashank : Dont lie to me i know well you also wanted to see his irritated face..
She looked away as the guilty expression formed in her face..
Shilpa : I know that.. And i am sorry for that... But now he is so angry i dont know how to correct things..
Shashank : You very well know the solution but you are not ready to face it baby..
Shilpa : Papa plzz..
Shashank : No Shilpa.. Face it now.. He wish to spend time with you.. Whats wrong in going to honeymoon.. You need to give time to your husband.. Didint you promise me you will become a responsible wife..
Shilpa gave a nod as the negative thoughts started to fade from her head..
Shilpa : I am just scared to get committed so soon..
Shashank shook his head smiling down at her..
Shashank : Cant you realize it.. You are already a committed wife Shilpa..
She stared at him as she registered his words in her mind realizing the truth of her life..

Armaan shifted uncomfortably as he felt someone nudge him disturbing his sleep.. Groaning he turned around opening his eyes lazily.. He noticed Shilpa who was lying beside him , her face showed hesitance and nervousness.. Trying to avoid her presence he turned back to other side when she leaned on him speaking softly..
Shilpa : We have to see who will be willing to look after Shao pao..
Armaan turned back quickly frowning..
Armaan : Huh.. ??
Shilpa : You think Rahul will do.. ?
Armaan rested his head on pillow and gave a thought..
Armaan : I guess he likes him.. But why are you asking that..?
Shilpa started to look away as a blush formed on her cheeks..
Shilpa : Obviously we cant carry him on honeymoon right..
His expression changed as he set up staring at her suspiciously..
Armaan : Whose honeymoon u are referring to..
Shilpa frowned raising her eyebrow..
Shilpa : What do you mean whose.. Do you think i will go on honeymoon with someone else..
A grin broke on his lips as he got the meaning of her words.. A unknown happiness and excitement raised in his heart..
Getting more red Shilpa tried to speak when he pulled her on his lap kissing her while holding her close.. Shilpa trembled but gave into the kiss holding his neck for support.. Breaking the kiss he trailed down his lips on her neck when she spoke breathing heavily..
Shilpa : What was that for.. ?
Armaan looked up at her with a devilish grin..
Armaan : Well you see .. A trailer for Tomorrow..


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