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part 3 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

1 week Later :

Shilpa walks inside the locker room with a frown thinking over the horrible week she had spent with so called Armaan Mallik.. The more she ignored him the more he became arrogant.. Shilpa clutches her file in frustration when she recall the conversation she had with her father in morning..
Flashback :
Shilpa : Dad.. U dont understand.. Here i was so embarassed when i got to know this Armaan Mallik is the head of Sanjeevani.. And..
Shashank interrupts her words with a amused smile..
Shashank : Well Shilpa dont u think you should have said sorry to him Darling..
Shilpa looks at him with a pout..
Shilpa : DAD... I did say Sorry to him.. But that Arrogant Man was showing his coldness.. Do u know how much work he has made me do within a week..
Shashank puts a hand on her shoulder..

Shashank : Shilpa.. Listen child.. He is your senior.. And listening to his orders is your responsibility.. And i know you dont want to miss this opportunity...
Shilpa gaze at his father's eyes and sees the sadness in them.. Just than she realize she had a big responsibility of paying off the money of Mr. Kapoor.. Shilpa lets out a sign and shakes her head..
Shilpa : You are right dad... I need to remember i have a big responsibility in my shoulders.. I will be in my limits..

Flashback Ends

Shilpa leans her head on her locker and give a thought about it.. Just than a small smile comes on her lips..
Shilpa : Mr. Armaan Mallik.. Ofcourse i will be in limits.. But with that i will show you what Shilpa Malhotra can be in real...
Muskaan walks inside the locker room and finds Shilpa grinning.. She was close to her amused..
Muskaan : Is Dr. Armaan on Holiday..
Shilpa looks at Muskaan with a frown..
Shilpa : Huh.. What u mean Muskaan..
Muskaan : No u are smiling soo much i thought he is off for a holiday..
Shilpa rolls her eyes and looks at Muskaan with a smile..
Shilpa : Muskaan.. Do u think Armaan Mallik would waste a day without giving orders to people.. ?
Muskaan : Ohh Ya how can i forget.. If Anjali is lady hitler.. He is the Biggest hitler..
Rahul : I see someone is doing compliment on my brother...
Muskaan curse under her breath and turns to Rahul with a forced Smile..
Muskaan : Ofcourse now you see i dont like complimenting idiots like you so i thought why not Dr.Armaan..
Rahul rolls his eyes and walks past Muskaan moving to his locker.. He passes a big smile to Shilpa ...
Rahul : Hi Shilpa.. Hows ur day Going...
Muskaan mimics his lines in a funny manner making Shilpa laugh.. Rahul turns to Muskaan with a glare who gives him a sweet Laugh.. Shilpa lets out a chuckle and speak..
Shilpa : Soo Far very good Rahul.. And i know its going to be more good from today...
Shilpa walks away with a smile leaving behind Rahul confused... Rahul looks at Muskaan rubbing his chin..
Rahul : Did u get what she just meant... ?
Muskaan shakes her head confusedly...
Muskaan : I wish i knew myself...

Shilpa makes her way to the nurse station when she meets Anjali in the corridor... She stops and flashes a sweet smile..
Shilpa : Hii Anjali Mam..
Anjali rolls her eyes..
Anjali : How many times i have to tell u Shilpa.. Dont call me Mam.. If u want u can call Dr. Anjali. But Mam makes me feel old..
Shilpa gives her a sheepish smile and laughs..
Shilpa : Ohh So Sorry.. I will keep that in mind Dr. Anjali..
Shilpa starts to walk away when Anjali speaks again..
Anjali : Umm Shilpa... Are you sure you want to go infront of Armaan wearing that dress..
Shilpa looks down at her dress and starts to grin within herself... She looks at Anjali with a innocent face ..
Shilpa : I really like this dress Dr. Anjali and i am sure DR. ARMAAN want have any problem with this...
Anjali gives her a nod and looks at her walk away with a smile.. Amused she shakes her head..
Anjali : Armaan u better get a grip on yourself.. Surely this girl is going to give you a tough time..

In the Nurse station Armaan keeps reading the file with a frown while his mind keep thinking over the events which took place in last week.. He couldnt believe the girl had soo much attitude within her.. Sometimes it was so hard for him tolerate her behavior.. Armaan feels someone's gaze on him he looks beside and notice Atul who stood beside him and kept staring at him curiously.. Armaan close the file and folds his arms..
Armaan : Why are you staring at me Atul.. I am not Anjali man..
Atul looks away embarrassed and starts to stammer...
Atul : I... Armaan.. I was just curious.. u know..
Armaan looks at Atul with a frown..
Armaan : Atul.. Why do u always get nervous infront of me.. Am i that scary...
Atul : No man.. You know right i respect u a lot...
Armaan : Atul plss.. See me as ur best buddy rather than your boss.. And now tell me why were you being curious.. ?
Atul tries to stifle his laugh and looks at his file..
Atul : Well Armaan.. I saw you soo engrossed while reading the file.. I was just curious why you were reading it upside down...
Armaan looks away embarrassed and curse himself...
Armaan : Well.. I was just... Forget it Where are the interns...
Atul starts to speak when he notice Shilpa coming towards them.. Just than he notice her dress shakes his head... Armaan frowns and look infront of him to notice Shilpa who stood with a smile plastered on her face...

He inwardly groans seeing the dress she wore.. Armaan couldnt help but notice how nicely the dress was fitting to her beautiful body showing her curves and beautiful legs... He looks away clearing his throat.. Surely this girl was going to give him a hard time.. Armaan looks back at Atul who gave him a nervous smile and he looked at Shilpa who looked at him with attitude... Armaan looks at her and speaks in a controlled voice..
Armaan : Well.. Ms. Shilpa Dont u think this dress is way too much inappropriate for hospital..
Shilpa : But i like this dress...
Armaan : Ohh Come on its not about your likes its showing some decency around..
Shilpa tries to control her anger and forces a smile on her face.. She moves towards Armaan and points at his tattoo..
Shilpa : Dr. Armaan does this count on decency rule .. ?
Armaan looks at her arrogantly..
Armaan : Thats none of your business Dr. Shilpa.. Anyways you are dismissed i will meet you after 1 hr  in OT..
Shilpa smirke starts to walk away but again walks close to him and speaks softly..
Shilpa : Well u see Dr. Armaan i like to follow the way of my seniors..
Armaan looks at her astonished while she walks away with full attitude.. Atul lets out a deep breath and shakes his head..
Atul : Woow.. What was that...
Armaan : Damn Atul what is this girl... I dont understand i attire.. If one day Typical Indian Next day opposite.. ?
Atul : I wish I understood myself..
Armaan : I cant believe she had the guts to comment on my tattoo..
Atul looks at him in a weird manner and notice a sudden change in Armaan for the first time.. The guy who never got bothered about girls , today was getting effected by one single girl..
Just than he notice Anjali making her way towards the cafeteria..
Atul :Armaan i will c u later man.. Need to talk with Anjali..
Armaan shakes his head and sees Atul walk away.. Just then as he was about he go he notice Rahul flirting with a girl in the corridor.. Shaking his head he walks towards him and grab him by collar...
Armaan : Dr. RAHUL...
Rahul : What the... Uhhh Bro... Sorry Dr. Armaan.. I.. I was just..
Armaan leaves his collar and looks at him in anger...
Armaan : I guess Dr. Anjali gave you duty in General Ward.. Not in Corridor..
Rahul : I.. Umm I was i just having a break.. Soo..
Armaan : So go and have your break in cafeteria... Not in here understand..
Rahul rolls his eyes and look at him..
Rahul : Fine bro i will go.. But look i am not Anti-girls person like you Ok.. I like giving interest in every girl..
Armaan notice Shilpa walk inside the cafeteria.. He puts a hand on Rahul's shoulder while he keeps gazing at her..
Armaan : I dont like wasting my time near stupid girls.. For now am having interest in just one girl.. C u around Dr. Rahul..
Rahul looks at him in shock While Armaan walks away...
Rahul : Now who is this new interest of Bro... ?

Rahul, Muskaan and Shilpa keeps having chat inside the cafeteria when Atul and Anjali walks inside and join them...
AA : Hey everyone...
Shilpa : Hii Dr. Anjali... Hii Dr. Atul..
Rahul and Muskaan gives them a nervous smile while Shilpa looks at them confused...
Anjali : Rahul and Muskaan you are not in duties right now.. No one is stopping you both from talking...
Muskaan : Ohh thats great... Ohh Rahul go and get me some sandwiches..
Rahul looks at her irritatedly...
Rahul : Do i look like a waiter to you.. To go and fetch whatever u want...
Atul : Ohh Not again.. Cool down you both i will go and get something to eat.. Shilpa you want anything...
Shilpa was about to speak when She notice Armaan walking inside the cafeteria making her curse under her breath... Armaan comes towards her and pulls her from her seat making others frown..
Armaan : Dr. Shilpa your break time is over.. Now come with me to get back to work..
Shilpa frees her hand from his grip and looks at him furiously..
Shilpa : But you said i have an Hour... ?
Armaan : That was before.. Now i am Saying you to come with me.. Dont forget you work under me..
Shilpa passes him a look and walks away in anger while Armaan follows her grinning...
Atul : This is getting crazier day by day..
Anjali starts to smile seeing the duo work away..
Anjali : And i am enjoying this a lot...
Muskaan : I still dont understand whats up with this both..
Rahul : plzz Muskaan Mam do explain me the day u understand .. I am myself confused...

Shilpa keeps walking in a fast speed when Suddenly Armaan comes and holds her arm pushing her inside his office with him.. She frowns and look at him confused..
Shilpa : I guess you have memory loss problem Dr. Armaan.. You said duty is on OT...
Armaan : Yaa i did say.. Now your duty is here with me as Atul and Anjali will work in OT.. I forgot to tell u..
Shilpa folds her hand curse under her breath..
Shilpa : Such a freak...
Armaan : I heard that..
Shilpa : As if i care...
Armaan flashes her a smile.. For a second Shilpa feels her heartbeat rise when she notice him move towards her with a mocking smile.. As her back hits the door she looks at him nervously while he moves close enough to her inhaling her fragrance again... Slowly he moves towards her ear and whispers in husky manner...
Armaan : Well U should care Dr. Shilpa.. Cauxe i am the head of Sanjeevani and you are a junior Doctor..
Shilpa looks away as she recalls the conversation she had with her father.. Armaan notice the change in her face and frowns for a second...
Shilpa looks back to him again to answer when accidentally her eyes come in contact with his enchanting blue eyes making her forget about everything for a moment.. She felt herself drowning in the depth of his eyes as he kept staring at her with his eyes showing passion.. She lets out a gasp as she feels his hands move slowly on the back of her neck pulling her close.. Armaan felt his gaze move down on her pink rosy lips making his heart go wild for the moment.. Closing his eyes he brush his lips on hers teasing her a bit making her moan... Shilpa gasps as his lips comes in contact with hers.. She tries to speak when her words were comes to a halt as his lips come down on hers kissing her deeply... She tries her best to resist the touch of his manly lips on hers but she feels herself loosing the battle... As he starts to kiss her more hungrily her own hands move to his soft hair and starts to caress them while she starts to kiss him back moaning in pleasure.. This was something new for her as she was never ever kissed before like this.. Never in her wildest dream also she thought she would be taken into such a passionate kiss... As he starts to kiss her with eagerness his hands slowly starts to move down on her hips and slowly touches her leg... As she feels his hand on her leg Shilpa snaps back into reality realizing what was happening... She pulls away from the kiss and push him roughly away from her while rubbing her lips in anger.. Armaan looks at her for a second and looks away wondering what was happening to him all of a sudden.. Hardly he knew her and here he was kissing the girl he could hardly tolerate.. He takes the handkerchief from his pocket and clears his lips when suddenly he hears her shout..
Shilpa  : You are such a... I cant believe you dared to kiss me again..
Armaan : I KISSED YOU.. ??? Damn women you kissed me back...
Shilpa : NO WAY
Armaan : YES WAY
Shilpa : I SAID NO... !!!!
Armaan : Shall we try again... You will See then..
He starts to move close to her again when she tries to slap him again.. But Armaan was fast as he holds her hand and pins it tightly on her back making her gasp in pain...
Armaan : My cheeks is not your private property for you to slap everytime..
Shilpa : And my Lips in not YOUR private property for you to kiss everytime.. I cant believe you had the guts to say Ohh Shall we try again..
Armaan : Why not.. You were not ready to believe you kissed me back.. So why not Demo haan...
Shilpa looks at him blankly for a second and before he could understand what was coming she smacks her lips on his and starts to kiss him... Instantly his hands snake on her back and pulls her close kissing her back...
But Suddenly she pulls back with a smirk on her face.. He looks at her astonished .. He couldnt help but notice how beautiful she was looking right now..
Shilpa : Well Dr. Armaan Mallik.. I kissed you and you just kissed me back..
Armaan looks at her bewildered seeing her play the same trick he just played on her... He looks away awkwardly when Shilpa takes a seat near his desk...
Shilpa : Soo.. Shall we get back into work Dr.Armaan..
Armaan looks at her arrogantly...
Armaan : Yeah... Ofcourse why not Dr. Shilpa..
Armaan takes his file and grins for a second .. He throws the file on Shilpa's lap..
Armaan : Here is your today's work.. This is a project i am working on now.. I think there are some mistakes.. So i want you to Re-write everything and give me by today... Remember you cant go home until you finish the work.. I am now going for a coffee c u around..
Shilpa opens the file and starts to go through the pages.. Surely there was more than 20 pages in the file.. She looks him in anger while he walks away calmly...
Shilpa : So called Dr. Armaan Mallik... The biggest jerk in the world..
Armaan : I heard that...
Shilpa : AS IF I... Uhhggg


Precap :

Rahul : OMGGG.. Armaan Mallik getting attracted to Shilpa Malhotra..
Armaan : Rahul.. Stop repeating that like a idiot..
Atul : Armaan and love... ? I think i am going to be sick..


Shilpa : Mr. Kapoor Plss give me some more time.. I told you i will repay all your money within 6 months..
Mr.Kapoor : I have already given you enough time Shilpa.. Now you pay back my money within a month or i will have to do something more worse..


Love Aish

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