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Part 3 : Tu Tu - Main Main

precap: All the kids are 5 years old .Armaan and shilpa are best buddies and they together tangkarofying Ridhima


Armaan, shilpa , karan and ridhima all were in same class at school. Armana nd shilpa were the most naughty in the class and they annoyed teachers a lot .

Most of the time they were caught red handed .Whereas on the otehr side ridhim and karan were quiet in teh class.But outside class they were same as armaan and shilpa.

Over the years passed their relationships got stronger and stronger.

They used to come to each others place to play and study .Armaan and shilpa spend time playing while they make ridhima do homework for them .But of no use as by now all the teachers have come to know abt this .



It was a very special day of their lives.They all were entering teenage ,on the same day.

In these many years all the four were bonded so strongly with each other.Now even ridhima got used to Armaan and shilpa's pranks and she started enjoying them .

The Gupta's and Malik's have arranged a big party at a resort for the kids.

"ridhi tu kya pehn rahi hai , party par", shilpa and ridhima always asked each other's opinion on their dresses .

"Main to suit pehn rahi hoon , aur tu "ridhima alwways loved wearing indian dresses .

"U know my dressing,im wearing new kurta with my capris", they were born on same day but they were completely different from each other.

At malik's residence

Armaan and Karan were getting ready too .

"Oye Armaan yeh box kya hai ", karan had the box armaan had with all ridhima's belongings.

"hath mat laga usse ", he snatched the box and kept it back in the closet.

"Tu ladkiyon da samaan kyun ikaatha kar raha hai ", karan was quite astonished with his behaviour towards the box.

"kya bhai tu bhi na ,peeche hi parh gya hai , chod bhi na , mom wait kar rahe hoonge na ", armaan tried his best to divert the discussion.

That evening had something special in it . The cool breeze that was blowing was saying something unusual is goin to happen.

And to not much wait , nature started playing its magic's .

The Gupta's and malik's reacheed the resort at the same time .

And just when kids got down from cars, karan's ususal casual look towards shilpa has turned its courses and he cudnt take off eyes from her.

On the other hand , Ridhima had her eyes on Armaan . At the moment she was thinking abt all her previous fights with armaan and was smiling at him.

Both shilpa and Armaan unaware of these changes , moved into the resort in their bindas style .

Armaan had his arms around shilpa's shoulders and shilpa had hers on armaan's.

Karan and ridhima stood there for a while before tehy realized everyone has moved in .

to be cont................


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