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part 4 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

As the week kept  passing on Shilpa found herself getting more tensed regarding the money she had to pay back to Mr. Kapoor.. As the days kept going she felt her fear rise as she knew she is loosing time and her freedom.. Within a month it somehow she had to payback all his money but still the question was hanging in the air on how she would pay such a big amount in such a short period of time.. Eventhough Shilpa tried her best to be normal among everyone her tensed mood was clearly visible to all.. Shashank kept trying his best to talk with Shilpa on the matter but she said quiet.. And it made him feel more helpless knowing he couldnt do even a single thing to help her... Muskaan kept trying to make Shilpa speak out her problem while Rahul and Atul stayed quiet but knew surely something was happening bad with her.. Anjali kept noticing Shilpa's behavior and was equally worried seeing the tensed look on her face..
On the other hand Armaan kept a steady gaze on every move of Shilpa noting a sudden change in her behavior these days.. Tension was visible on her face everyday and it added more fuel into there regular banter... Eventhough he acted not being bothered about it deep in his heart he couldnt help but become more curious wondering what problem she was having..

The very next day Shilpa walks inside the locker room wearing a beautiful while churidhaar making everyone's gaze come on her at once... Atul gives her a genuine smile while Rahul winks at her.. Forcing a smile on her face Shilpa greets them and starts to walk towards her locker when Muskaan comes and hugs her suddenly..
Muskaan : Shilpaaa... U know what i did yesterday..
Shilpa gives her a small smile..
Shilpa : what Muskaan..
Muskaan starts to discuss about her how she spend her full day in shopping while Shilpa kept trying to listen to her words but often found her mind diverting towards Mr.Kapoor.. Muskaan notice the distant look on Shilpa's face and turns to Rahul who shrugs his shoulders while yawning.. She looks back at Shilpa and shakes her shoulder bringing her out of the dreamworld..
Muskaan : Shilpaa... Are u even listening...
Shilpa : Ohh .. Yea Muskaan.. That sounds fun..
Muskaan flashes a big smile while Rahul rolls his eyes and walks away speaking..
Rahul : Shilpa go and find someone else to talk before this old women bores u with her talks..
Muskaan turns back at notice him working out coolly...
Muskaan : Old women... I wont spare you today You IDIOT...!!
Atul : Muskaan... This is a hospital keep ur voice down..
Muskaan gives him a sheepish smile and turns to Shilpa who keeps staring at her locker..
Muskaan : Why are you staring at the locker.. Is it creepy...
Shilpa turns to Muskaan and looks away embarrassed..
Shilpa : No.. No I was just..
Muskaan : Forget it .. Ok i need to go and give a piece of mind to this so called Rahul Mallik before the duty starts.. Byee Shilpa..
Shilpa gives her a bye when she notice Anjali walk in with her gaze stick on her.. Instantly she looks away trying to hide her tension.. Anjali walks near Atul and speaks softly..
Anjali : What about today.. ? Still foul mood..
Atul looks at Shilpa and shakes his head..
Atul : Looks like that to me again..
Anjali shakes her head and moves toward Shilpa and place her hand on her shoulder.. Shilpa hesitantly turns to her trying to avoid looking at Anjali.. Atul starts to feel awkward and laughs nervously..
Atul : Umm I need to leave now.. Anjali i will meet u at General word ok..
Anjali gives him a understanding nod and looks back at Shilpa.. Shilpa looks at her with forced smile..
Shilpa : Uhh Goodmorning Anjali Mam..
Anjali : Shilpa i told u so many times call me Anjali.. Anyways is there something u want to share..
Shilpa close her eyes momentarily feeling desperate to share out her problems with Anjali.. But she knew it wouldnt be such a good idea for now..
Shilpa : No.. There is nothing Dr. Anjali..
Anjali : Are u unhappy working here.. ? Or is Armaan bothering u too much.. If soo..
Shilpa interrupts quickly...
Shilpa : No mam.. i mean Dr. Anjali.. I love working here and no issues with Dr. Mallik..
Anjali shakes her head still not satisfied with her answer.. But knowing it was good to let talk finish she walks back to her locker..
Anjali : Ok thats good.. Shilpa ur duty has changed again.. I just met Armaan on the way he told me to inform u to meet him in his office in 10 minutes..
Shilpa curse under her breath and puts on her coat and walks out of the locker room..

Shilpa keeps walking towards Armaan's office absentmindedly when suddenly she feels herself collide with someone.. This makes her loose her balance and Shilpa falls down while her back collides with the sharp corner of the bench making her wince in pain.. She looks up and notice Atul who kept staring at her in shock.. Shaking his head he quickly moves down and pulls her back on her legs with a sorry face..
Atul : Am so sorry Shilpa.. I was walking without looking ahead.. i just have been careful am sorry..
Shilpa gives him a smile shaking her head..
Shilpa : Dr. Atul.. Am fine.. even its my fault i should have kept looking ahead too..
Atul : Well i guess we both have learned a lesson for today.. Ok Shilpa am getting late i need to report on my duty.. Will meet u on break..
As Atul walks away the smiles fades away replacing to pain as she slowly touch her back feeling pain..
Shilpa : Damn why me always.. Surely there is a cut or scratch...
Shilpa quickly makes her way inside Armaan's office and notice it empty.. She looks outside and finds it empty.. Knowing he wasnt around she slowly closes the door and moves to the table taking away her dupatta.. She slowly reach back and pull down the zip trying to feel if there was any cut or scratch...
Armaan : Again back to miss Typical indian huh...
Shilpa turns back to meet his eyes horrified as she tries to cover her back which was exposed to him nicely...
Armaan : having problem with Zip.. Let me help..
Shilpa : NO THANX... I can do myself...
Armaan : You are in my office like this .. And Sadly u cant go out without getting my help...
Before she could protest she feels his cold fingers on her back sending back a chill down her spine...
With his gaze dark he makes her turn around while gazing down at her back.. He couldnt help but notice how perfect and glowing her skin was and it made him more eager to get close to her.. Slowly he lifts his finger and trace the length of her back making her gasp with surprise... Shilpa felt a chill run down her spine as her finger traced her back bringing out a new sensation through her body.. Shilpa close her eyes and grip the table hard trying to control her rising heartbeat when suddenly her eyes flung open as his cold lips makes contact on her skin making her gasp even louder.. Not knowing what it would lead to he close his eyes and starts to rub his lips on her back making his own heart go wild for a second.. He grips her waist hard when he feels her tremble under his touch.. Keeping aside the thought of her over attitude he moves back and starts to study every curve of her more closly.. Keeping on hand on her waist his other hand move on to the dress, he slowly starts to move it when he notice the wound on her back.. Shilpa feels him move away from her abruptly all of a sudden.. She keeps her eyes close trying to catch her breath , deep down in her heart feeling a disappointment... Cursing herself on her stupid thinking she turns to confront with him when she notice his face totally pale while his gaze was stick on her back intently.. For a second she might have got offended thinking he is crossing his limit but the ghost look on his face made her worried for a bit... Shilpa hesitantly looks at him and speak..
Shilpa : Dr Armaan.. what..
He interrupts with a tight voice..
Armaan : You have a cut on your back...
Shilpa moves her hand down on her back and feels the cut which was not much big but she knew it was bleeding..
Shilpa : It Ok Dr. Armaan.. Its just a small cut..
She notice him not paying any heed on her words... Instead he still keeps staring at her back and speaks vulnerably..
Armaan : You have a cut.. Its bleeding.. Dressing should be done now..
Before she could argue he moves away and takes the first aid box and roughly turns her around.. Shilpa was too much in daze to talk.. She didint knew what was happening.. She wondered why was he reacting like that seeing her wound.. She couldnt forget the pale look on his face she just saw.. Armaan slowly does the dressing and pulls up the zip.. Minutes pass without any words being exchanged.. Shilpa keeps waiting for him to speak but not getting any response she turns around to see his troubled gaze.. She couldnt help but wonder what was happening to him all of a sudden.. Before she could speak he takes her duppatta and hands it to her avoiding her gaze.. Shilpa puts on her duppatta and tries to take a seat when he speaks quickly in a tight voice..
Armaan : Dr.Shilpa.. you go and take a break.. Comeback after 15 minutes..
Shilpa looks at him with her eyes wide noting his words in her mind.. She couldnt believe that the arrogant guy was actually showing some good manners.. Shilpa gives a nod and walks out abruptly..
Shilpa : Ya .. Ok Sure..
As she leaves he slowly moves to his seat trying to control the shaky feeling inside him.. He looks at his trembling hands as his thoughts goes back to his past.. The bitter past which still kept haunting him..

Shilpa takes a seat on the bench while slowly thinking over what has just happened inside the cabin.. Today she saw a thing which she never saw before.. The vulnerable look on his face.. It was something new as she always saw the confidence and arrogance in his face everytime.. But today his behavior was weird making her more curious to know about it... Just then she feels a tap on her head she looks up to see Rahul who stood infront of her with a amused smile..
Rahul : Break so earlyy... ?
Shilpa : ohh umm Actually Dr.Armaan gave me 15 minutes break just now..
Rahul : Bro gave u a break.. So soon.. ? U must be joking..
She turns to Rahul who takes a seat beside her surprised..
Shilpa : I wish i was.. But even i am curious seeing his behavior  today...
Rahul : Am all ears.. Explain me..
Shilpa hesitantly speaks about what just happened in the cabin... Intentionally she skips out the kiss part knowing he would surely start teasing if he hears about it.. As she finish she notice Rahul's expression grow serious...
Rahul : So... He so blood on ur back..
Shilpa : Yea .. He did Rahul..
Rahul takes a sigh and lean on the bench...
Rahul : Well if so he was the one who needed 15 minutes break..
Shilpa : Huh.. what u mean.. I didint get
Rahul : He is the one who needs a break to calm his mind.. To clear out haunting thoughts..
Shilpa : U want to tell me about it.. ? I am all ears...
Rahul looks at her hesitantly and speaks softly..
Rahul : Well u must remember i told u before our parents died car accident he was with them.. Luckily bro survived but he saw them lying dead with all blood... I guess he is still not able to come out of it...
Shilpa looks at him stunned feeling bad for both Rahul and Armaan.. It made her think how much they might have gone through since childhood..
Shilpa : I guess i understand everything now..
Rahul : Am glad you do Shilpa.. I know what Bro has gone through all these years .. He had taken up all responsibility and never back down from it.. I always respect him for that...
Shilpa shakes her head understandingly as she realizes his life was just somewhat same as hers..
Shilpa : Am very glad u told me Rahul.. I know it has been tough but am happy you guys made through it...
Rahul shakes his head with a smile and gets up...
Rahul : Well i need to go now.. I need to go for rounds will c u soon Shilpa. Bye..
Bidding her a bye Rahul walks away with his thoughts running back to Armaan.. He knew his bro was very much attached to their parents and still he is not able to forget the bad memories.. Just than a thought comes on his mind.. Why did Bro react like that towards Shilpa... With the thought a smile comes on his lips.. Surely this attraction was taking a step beyond now..

Shilpa lay down on her bed tiredly trying to get some sleep.. But she felt her thoughts run back to what happened inside the Cabin today.. The way his touch effected her made her curious about the new budding feelings in her heart.. she frowns with the thought.. The least thing she wanted was to fall in love with that man.. And then her thoughts goes back to Rahul's talks.. Surely they both have faced a tough life compared to her.. Atleast she had a dad.. But they didint have anyone to lean on after their parents died.. Shilpa felt bad for Armaan thinking what he might have gone through all those years.. With her thoughts stick on him she starts to drift on sleep when her phone rings waking her instantly... Shilpa gets up angrily but soon it replaces with the fear as she notice the caller.. Mr. Kapoor... With a trembling hand she takes the call placing in on her ear..
Mr.Kapoor : Ahh Shilpa.. Hope i havent disturbed ur beauty sleep..
Shilpa : No.. Not at all Mr. Kapoor.. But you calling at this time.. ?
After a long pause he speaks in a calm voice..
Mr.Kapoor : Well Shilpa.. Now that i have given you one month's time to pay my money back, I was thinking i should make a visit and see whats the progress..
Shilpa feels her heartbeat stop hearing his words..
Shilpa : But Mr.Kapoor...
Mr.Kapoor : I have just called to inform you that i will come to make you visit Tomorrow.. I hope you get what i mean..
Before she could say a word he cuts the call leaving behind Shilpa with a sleepless night... She couldnt help but wonder with fear of what he will do tomorrow when he meets her..


Precap :

Armaan : WTH Man.. Did she just faint...
Rahul : Ohh yes bro she has fainted...
Atul : I think i know whats wrong with her..
Armaan : And what it is Atul... ?
Atul : I think she is pregnant...
Armaan and Rahul : WHAT... !!!


love Aishy

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