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Part 4 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Precap: Its grand birthday party for all the kids as they are entering their Teeen .

Karan feels something unusual for Shilpa and Ridhima feels something different in her for Armaaan .

Now .

Karan and Ridhima stood there lost in their thoughts, the thoughts that have never engulfed them before.The thoughts of losing themselves to an unusual force , that kept them driving to an unidentified destination through unknown paths and ways .

They knew the thoughts were very tender for their age ,but the feeling they were experiencing never had any limit on age.To that feeling it has never mattered if were pulping inside a heart of kid or a man to death .

It just finds its way .


A loud noise surpassed them making them aware of the world which to them felt like a fake one .The moment was so strong for them the music seemed to them as noise .

"yeh shaam mastani, madhosh kiye jayee, koi dor mujhe kheeche , tere aur liye jaaye ", a cool young dude passed them whistling .

They shook their head and looked at each other and then at the gate, Arman and shilpa with their arms around shoulders were walking into the party .

"Chale ridhi ", karan cud sense ridhima's thoughts and felt like he was infront of a mirror , a mirror that cud

not seee the face ,but cud show the one the waves of thoughts that were emerging in their so called head.

"haan ", ridhima tried a lot to act normal,but we all know when that happens ,u arenot a normal person anymore.

And more evidences were coming their way to prove their insaneness . Insaneness coz to those who never went through it call it insaneness.and actually it is , coz u dont have control over u ,ur thoughts, ur heartbeat.

U merely act like a extensions to an engine that are driven by the power of engine called heart .

They dragged themselves into the party along with their thoughts.They were still struggling withthemselves but ....

"oye champu ,tere sar par kya hai ", armaan walked to her trying to annoy her one more time .

"kya, mere sar par, ? ", ridhima tried to clear of her head with her hands but nothing came ooff.

"kuch bhi to nahi hai ?, aur agar hai to utaar do na ", ridhima was now worried if she really has something on there.

"Sorry main nahi utaar sakta ,mere bas mein nahi hai ",armaan giggled as he winked at shilpa who was standing there with movie camera.

"kya matlab ",now she was getting annoyed and for a moment she forgot abt the thoughts that were surrounding her a moment ago.

"champu tu toh class mein badi smart banti hai , lekin hai to dumbo poori dumboo , tere sar par hona kya hai ,

jo sab ke sar par hota hai , asmaan ,dumboooooo ", armaan breaked into a big laughter followed by shilpa who was capturing the moments in her camera.

"Teri tohhh ", ridhima stepped forward to hit armaaan , but he started running.

They were running like crazy around the garden.

"tu toh gya armaaan", armaan knew he will be caught in next moment as he knew ridhima was the best athlete at school and as a matter of fact he cant run faster than her.

And finally the predicted happened, ridhima got hold of his jacket and pulled him.

"tu mujhe pareshaan kyun karta hai ", she said hitting his foot with her sandals and hitting his arm with a box(mukka).

"aoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ", he screamed .

"kya hua lagii , koi baat nahi ", ridhi hit him once again put softly this time ,"zor ka jhatka , dheere de lage ", and she walked away.

"kya yaar toone lassi karadi", shilpa came to him holding her head .

"oye yaar woh kitni zor se maarti hai ", armaan made a puppy face .

"chal jaane de , uske pech (screw) dheele hain ", and shilpa dragged him."main tere liye paani leke aati hoon ".


And she went to the water table to get some for armaan.

"oye teri aakhen kharab hai kya , dekh nahi sakta ",shilpa stood there looking at her wet kurti, as karane just bumped into her when she was turning.

She was all screaming at him and he was just looking at her .

"kuch to hua hai , kuch ho gya hai ,do chaar din se ,lagta hai jaise, sab kuch alag hai , sab kuch naya hai ",the same guy whistled again while passing near them.

She gave karan a jerk and woke him from his trance .

"oh , oh sorry ", he cud barely utter words.

"ok ok theek hai theek hai ",she said while moving away from there.

For another hour Ridhima and Karan had their eyes on armaan and shilpa.

Armaan and shilpa were enjoying their evening dancing with other kids being their mischevious selves.

Ridhima and sameeer were enjoying theirselves looking at them and day dreaming .Their dream was more kiddish, they dreamt abt playing with them and doin all naughty stuff.

"ladies and gentleman, May i have ur attention please,we are about to cut the cake fro this special evening", Hiten took everyone's attention .and also called the kids to the table.

There was the big cake , as if four cakes have merged in one , one for each kiddo . It had all the names on it .

But like destiny had played his game again , Armaan and Ridhima's name were written together and karan and shilpa's.

There were four knives for all the kids to cut at the same time .They blew the candles and cut the cake.

After cutting the cake , armaan offered the first piece to shilpa and so did shilpa.

"wow they seem to be best buddies", one of the guests was surprised at their act ,as usually kids wud offer cake to their parents first.But here something different happened, they shared such a strongly unusual bond.

They all clapped and started moving away from the table back to their gossipping.

"Armaaan ,tumhaare liye ", ridhima came to armaan with a piece of cake in her hand to feed him.

"oh , thanks", as armaan opened his mouth fro the piece of cake and ready for yet another shararat.

"ouch, tum kabhi nahi sudharoge ", ridhima screamed as armaan bit her fingers.

"u know na , fir poochti kyun ho ", armaan once again smiled with his so gracious smile with dimples.

Everyone now went for the dinner .

Karan was trying hard to get some dish as there was so much of rush .

"Lao main daal deti hoon ", shilpa stepped in with her plate in one hand.

"Thanks shilpa",he said handing his plate .

She handed him back his plate ,without an answer.

The beautiful evening was coming to an end ."yo champu ek aur cheez mil gayi ", armaan had that wicked smile on his face,talking to himself, as he held ridhi's karha (bangle)that had came off when she was hitting him , and he had safely tucked it in his pocket
The party was wrapped up and all the guests were leaving.

Shilpa and Ridhima also went towards their car,but ridhima kept looking back at armaan , as armaan and karan moved to their car.And so was karan looking at shilpa.

Finally they got home .

"armaan yeh tum kya is box mein dalte ho ",karan was now curious to know more abt the box.

"kuch nahi tu so ja ",armaan said while he dozed off to bed.



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