Saturday, 4 May 2019

part 46 : Nashaa

 At night
Riddimaa woke up – huffing lousily.. "Armann!" she whispered in dark room.. "haan...?" Arman got up at once, putting on the Lamp-light... he got up in the bed, beside her..

"Arman... I kill..." she kept hand on her face. "No... WE did Riddimaa !" Arman hugged her tight, knowing this would happen – he knew the truth that she was the one who took initative... later on he got courage to shoot him more... but the first bullet was clicked by her.!

"No" she hissed in his arms, sobbing softly "i .. shouldn.'t have..." she whispered

"Kyun? I am happy that you were there with me ! Supporting me Warna I would have never killed him and one day he would have escaped from jail and our future could have been in danger ! Finally when we are just stepping to new step in our relation – I don't want obstacles..." Arman whispered..

"hmmm... Police mujha arrest tou nahi kare gi?" she asked, that would she be arrested for the kill.

"hahahhahha NO... ! Pagal ! I am the police... and I killed him ! You were just holding on to me !" he nibbled her lips and laid on bed taking her along with him, in his arms...

"Arman..." she whispered after he closed the light-lamp... "hmmmm" he whispered caresssing her waist... in dark. "when will we get … married...?" she whispered hiding her face in his neck, as she got all red...

"kyaa?" he turn on the light again.. looking down at her, while she tried best to hide her face in him.. "idhaar dheko!" he tried to make her face him..while she shook her head in no..

"Shaadi? Kyuun?" he frowned with a glint smile..

"kyun Matlab?" she frowned back – staring at him... "i mean – I m almost 1 month pregnant ! Time will fly off ! baby will be out ! Everyone will question me and the baby !" she blasted at the end he sealed his lips...

"We.. will marry !" he whispered bending over her

"but not now !" He added

"kyun !" she debated

"Kyun k... I need to submit the case file to our Head.. ! About all the cases and plus we need to inform everyone ! Before making anyplans... !" Arman spoke fact..

"hmmm tou the marriage must be before the baby !" Riddimaa strictly told..

"hmm theek hai .. Agar tum yahi chati ho ! If you wnt !" Arman replied

"What does that means? Don't you want to get married?" she pushed herself away from him

"I want too Riddimaa .. but...." he got quite.

"bolo Arman !" she pushed him to edge..

"After a 2 weeks its Priya's death anniversary !" He whispered, Riddimaa went back in his arms... stayed quite... till he relaxed...

"Arman forget about the baby ! He or she will be to small to answer any one ! Till the time being if I started to show up … I will handle it ! Tum fikar mat karo ! I will wait when you are ready to accept me..." she kept her head on his chest "as your wife !" she added, dozing off to slumber sleep..

'Riddimaa Is right ! I should stand up and take my Responsibility ! Rishi is no more ! I should stop worrying about future ! And let God decide Our fate !' Arman thought snuggling close to her...


Next Morning

Everyone was ready with their respective bags to move out of Goa.... back to homes...though they would really miss to stay together under one roof … !

"Riddimaa... why don't you come and live with us !" Keerti said, standing outside beside cars.

"nahi Aunty ! I will manage !" Riddimaa smiled, "Aur Rohail bhi tou hai ! Hai na Rohail" She nudged Rohail beside her ..

"haan haan ! Don't Worry Keerti Aunty ! I will take care of her ! And when I am not their Arman bhai will surely land up their !" Rohail commented again playing with his new mobile..


Silent... ! Rohail fell down and picked his broken set of Mobile

"ATUL BHAI !! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he cried dramtically.

"Soory yyrrr Ghalti ho gaye !" Atul apologized while Riddimaa laughed at her brother

"Riddimaa ! Stop laughing !" Arman glared at her with a hidden smile..

"look at him Arman ! Such a baby ! Get up now !" she laughed pulling him up but he sat there Crying

"Rohail get up ! I will give you another one !" Arman made him stand

"koi zarrorat nahi ! Don't waste so much money on him ! He will break that one too !" Riddimaa commented taking a back seat. While Rohail went and sat in the passenger seat.

"Don't worry ! I will give you another one ! Don't hear your dii !" Arman whispered and took a seat beside her in car.


In car,

"Arman ! Bas !" she pushed him away... as his hand pulled her closer...

"Riddimaaaa!"he sighed her name. "Rohail already a sleep !" arman whispered kissing her cheek.

"Arman ! Driver !" she pushed his face away.

"uff ho ! Driver jee won't look here !" he whispered nibbling her earlobe...

"arman please matt karo !"She hissed as his hand circled her waist – pulling her closer... to him... he hid his face in her neck... nuzzling across her hair... jet black hair... "uhmmmm" he sighed.

"" she whispered his name, finally Arman's head landed in her lap as he made him self comfortable his half body straight on seat while the legs were curled down.. he hid his face, in her belly – kissing her over the shirt "Riddimaa duppatta hai ? I mean give that scarf to me !" Arman softly took out the small scarf from her neck and covered his face with it.. ! Hiding it in her belly, which gasped with Closeness..

"Arma...n... Driver... !" she made reminded him...

"pata hai.." he whispered..., rubbing his nose on her belly – she kept her hand in his hair … ruffling it... she closed her eyes... as his lips caressed her bare skin, after pulling her shirt up, slightly...


"Dii Arman Bhai ! We are home !" Rohail shook her sister by shoulder and Arman's head.. that was in her lap hidden by scarf.. "Wake up guys.. !" Rohail shouted.

"yea Yea !" Arman pulled himself up … while Riddimaa straightened up... getting down from the car she straight her shirt and went inside her house... followed by Arman and Rohail with suit case !

"Arman... Aren't you going home...?" she frowned as he pulled his own suit out along with theirs...

"I don't have home Riddimaa !" Arman smiled and walk in kitchen for water, leaving Arman and Rohail confused.

"Kyaa Matlab..?" she asked walking behind him

"matlab I live in hotel...i don't have home !" he replied, drinking water from bottle...

"Arman ? All this years?" she asked with slight tears, Arman nodded and took her in his embrace

"*chuckling* family nahi hai ! Riddimaa ! I don't have a Family..." he got sentimental... "magar now I have one.." he smiled down at her.. " If you don't want me here – tou I can.. leave.." he gave her an understanding smile...

"No... tum yahi raho ga ! With us !" turning to Rohail "theek hai na Rohail?" she asked...

"haan But please guys ! Shaadi karlo !" Rohail chuckled and took his suit case up stairs to his room …

"Karlain?" Arman asked, getting the courage making her go shock out of wits...

"Par Arman, Last night you said ..." she frowned, standing in his arms..

"forget that... ! Tell me now... ! Will you marry me..?" he set on his knee pulling his hand out

she let out few tears while shook her head in yes, and keeping her hand in his... both stared at each other with satisfaction.. "shall I seal this deal with a kiss?" he grinned, seeing her nod in agreement.. he pressed his lips over hers... "Gosh... you have made me addicted to it..." Arman pointed out to the kiss..

"same have you..." she replied, probing his lips – to kiss her more..

Love Maha

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