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part 48 : Nashaa

Next morning.
Arman got an immediate call from Keerti to be at her home at 9. Leaving Riddimaa in a sleep – he prepared breakfast for her and Rohail – settling it on Table – he rushed out to Keerti's home...

While both the sibblings were resting in peace.... snuggled up in their beds.
"Good morning Aunty..." Arman was greeted warmly by all – others were already their, i.e Rahul,Muskan, Atul and Anjali "Hey guys... !" Arman hugged each of them, settling for breakfast -

Keerti started "you calling the wedding off?" she frowned, "no..." he shuddered his shoulder eating the desi partha... "Rahul … you said.." her eyes shift towards Rahul

"yes... he said last night to Rohail !" Atul defended Rahul.

"oh ya ! That ! Yes I said, oh common guys... grow up ! What do you think a wedding is a joke? I mean, it was said only for the sake of saying ! I mean, I didn't mean it ! He is a 17 year old BOY ! I won't cancel my marriage for him... he is just passing by a critical age where isn't seeing what is right and what is not ! Don't forget we all went through the same age !" Arman ate softly, sighing...

"I mean, we all use to think – one in our teen to go and live a separate life! All by our self ! But it was just our luck that we survived by the help Shubhankar Sir, we are nothing except him ! He helped me from the age of 14 ! at 18 I was also the say haina Sir??"Arman smiled at Shubhankar

"Oh Yes ! How can you forget that Keerti ! What pain Arman turned out!"Everyone laughed at Shubhankar quote...

"he blackmailed us to let him go or else he might do suicide ! I wass soo scared ! We arranged as apartment for him, plus with guards... and in two weeks, he got sick due to unhyginic food... ! And from then onwards he lived with us till he got a job under Shubhankar ! I guess.... *sigh...*  Rohail going through the same thing?"Keerti shook her head in dissaproval.

"yes aunty... par we won't let him go on my paths ! For sure !" Arman laughed "a wrong thing done once is highly more than enough !" He giggled softly, and wrapped up his plate "Aunty pack three of the partha for them !"Arman refered to Riddimaa and rohail, keerti nodded and went to do so..

"Tou now what...? next day is fixed for Riddimaa's function..."Anjali started.

"OH yes.. ! I know" Arman grinned "I will drop her here at night ! Keep her !"he blushed a bit... knowing Her beloved is going to get a high class service for three days before marriage !

"OH... My.. God ! Look at him !!"Muskan pointed at Arman's face, who look here and there to hide his goofy smile..

"Shut UP Muskan !"Arman glared at her, with wide smile..

"Acha Guys, Please serious ! Arman what have you decided for Rohail...?"Shubhankar took him to the lounge...

"Sir, ….uhmmm I was thinking... if you don't have a problem … only..."Before Arman could complete

"OFF course ! We will Arman ! We don't have a problem with Rohail in our home ! He is our own son !"Keerti spoke, passing him the tiffin, as she interuppted

"thanks Aunty ! That means a lot !" Arman hugged her... "don't  Worrry Arman ! About anything Not even about money regarding him, we will handle everything !"Shubhankar added as they went to leave him to car

"No no... please Sir... I will do that, legally he is under me ! I am his guardain ! I oath to take his responsibilty – and I will be glad to do it, till the time being... please … you just make a space in your house for him after wedding !"Arman hugged both and bid bye, after concluding his right....


"Hey... gorgeous... Get up..." he whispered, softly in her ear, she smiled wiggling under the duvet, opening her eyes, she saw him smiling at her … her smile grew more, as she placed her palm over his cheek -bring him down she nibbled his lower lips while he responded back as delicatly as she did...

"Hey...." She whispered, getting up - "I am... hungry.." she licked her lips, as she moved the duvet and went to washroom

"Get going … and come down stairs – I made Breakfast already !" Arman smiled at her sleepy walk..

"5 minutes..!" she replied and rush to washroom. Walking out, he groaned as he knocked Rohails door...

"Rohail !! GET UP !" he shouted, his lungs.. "YEA YEAA !" he replied back, with annoyance... opening door - "What??" Rohail asked
"Break fast !" pause " come down !" Arman said with same annoyance.

"5 minutes !" Rohail shut the door and went in..

"Gosh.. He is turning a pain in my As*" Arman groaned walking down the stairs..

"Riddimaa, have thiss all Keerti Aunty said for both of you !" Arman plated the pratha in front of them, both took one and Arman took another as he loved it a lot !

"When did she brought it? In morning? Why didn't you woke me upp?" She frowned, gulping it down with hunger...

"NO I went … she called...!" Arman replied

"why?" Rohail asked...

"asking about tomorrow's matter, I told her That we calling the wedding off..." Arman tested Rohail.

"Are you....?" rohail looked up at Riddimaa, who turned pale – while Arman just ate

"yes... you want that right?" Arman questioned

"NO.." Rohail whispered...

"Then?" Arman asked

"I just don't want my friends to rag me that I live with my married sister..." Rohail mumbled, with a sigh...

"Tell them you living with your brother Not your wedded sister !" Arman changed the sense, which made Rohail smirk...

"They know ! You r not my real Brother ! Just a name sake !" Rohail replied, in the same low voice – full of respect...

"I don't care what they know and what they think ! Niether should that bother you ! Tell me What do you think ? Letting you live Alone is out of question ! I just can't allow it ! We just can't !" Arman spoke, in his same – normal voice.. calm voice.

"Then … I don't know !" Rohail frowned.

"I have a solution, if you agree – then its ok ! Warna the wedding off ! And think of other things regarding the baby too ! The baby will come out one day, people will question your sister... do you want that?" Arman frowned, as his careless – stupid attidtue.

"what solution...?" Rohail grew serious

"either live with us in this house only, or move to.... Keerti aunty house...!" Arman placed his cards in front..

"Keerti aunty house...? are they ok with this arrangement ?" Riddimaa interuptted.
"Let me know his view first... !" Arman, winked at her sweet-heart. She blushed and at ate quitely..

"uhmm well, I don't have any other option?" Rohail asked, with a hope.
"No..." Arman ate his last piece... and took his plate to sink..

"Well ok !!" Rohail ran up to him...

"Great ! I will talk to them... you can leave to that house after wedding...!" Arman picked up other things from the table while Riddimaa still ate slowly from her plate..

"Fine... ! If I got bored their. … I be back here... will that work for you both?" Rohail asked asked her sister directly.

"You don't need permission to come to my house !" she glared at him.

"FINE !" he showed tounge to her, and placed a kiss on her cheek "Sorry dii... but you fail to understand me..." he passed a sad smile – going up...his word touched her heart... which made her leave her half eatten food, dropping few tears;

"hmmm... go up... talk to him, clear this up before it is late ! You are big sister ! You shouldn't be crying all the time !" Arman settled and made her eat... while she ate the food, nodding in approval she ate and listen to his talks – that he had at keerti house..
placing a kiss on lips, she felt him pull her in his lap, deepening the kiss "uhmm... yummy !" he chuckled at her comment.. "Well, you leaving today to Keerti's house, sweetheart..." Arman informed

"am I..." she pouted her lips, while he nibbled it, grinning,

"Yup... for three bloody day....." Arman kissed her, timidly..

"i will miss you..." she whispered, holding his face in her palm,

"Me too ! But the plus thing is this – the house will be empty and I can have some peace and a bachlor party offcourse !" He teased

"Oh no ! Not happening !" she hit his arm

"Oh yes... jaan ! Its sooo going to happen !" he ruffled his nose with her, pushing her hair off her shoulder, he kissed her throat, going to down he teethed her nap, making her hiss

"Then I will keep one too!" She challenged.

"do whateva please you" he challenged back, bitting her more sharply, she hissed,

"Don't Arman... Every oone  will see the mark..!" She stopped him trying to get out of his hold... "Let them then ! It proves that you are mine !" he bit her collar bone.... making her moan all the time.


"Rohail... can I come in...?" Riddimaa knocked, peeping in.

"Yes Di...!" Rohail turned from his books to her..

"We should talk... I mean, I am going to next phase of my life... I don't want any hatred from my only blood...!" She sat on his bed.

Rohail smiled at her black mailing tone, it ran in their blood. Laughing at the thought he sat beside her "Relax dii.. no hate … Only love..!" he kissed her cheek, and told about how it all started, how all of them teased him In college

She listened and advised him maturely... he understood and said "Arman bhai made a right choice... I will live with keerti aunty... and if I felt comfortable then I live their or else I come back.." he smiled..

After an hour both sibling mingled again like always.. pulling eachothers leg – talking all nonsense arround the world, Arman joining After some time, as the three began to have their own fun, just like a happy Family....


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