Tuesday, 7 May 2019

part 49 : Nashaa

"Arman... dheko … Zidd matt karo ! Let me pack first then we willl eat !" Riddimaa protested under his hold... as he locked her hands behind her back, pushing her in his arms – tight, yet softly...

" Riddimaa Sweet Heart ziiddd Tuumm Kar rahi ho !" Arman held her, with a silly smile, ignoring her wiggle all way..

"Arman Ziidd Tum kar rahe Ho !" Riddimaa glared, twisting her ankle

"Nae Jaan Tum Kar rahe ho !" he kissed her cheek, in process...

"Nae ! ARMAN Tum kar rahe ho !" She debated, further..

"Nae tum !" he said, sealing her lips, with his.. she gasped in his hold – trying hard not to respond


"I AM HUNGRY ! GET OUT OF THE ROOM ! We need to cook eat !!" Rohail banged as hard as he could, controlling his laugh

"ARMAN ! Chodo..." she whispered in a grave voice, pushing him back – as in the process he left her hand while kissing... punching him harmly at his chest – he just smiled looking at her irritated face..

"Arman... bas karo zidd ! Chaloo ! We will go for food first BASS..?" she twisted, finally sighing in his arms – getting all tired..

"finally ! If you had listened to me first than your energy won't had been wasted that much !" Arman smile leaving her... while she shuddered angrily and stomped out..

"Aree Riddimaa ! Apna hona wala Pati par Gussaa ! Wrong ! Thats absolutely Wrong ! What will people say !" Arman teased, pressing his lips together

"ARMAN !" she hit her fork on table.

"oohoo bechara Fork..." Rohail picked the fork and caressed it with love.. glaring at Riddimaa, while sitting on one chair...

"shut Up Rohail..!" she huffed, hitting her hair back … off her shoulder and poured some food in her plate..

Ohhh Some one is getting Angry Haan??" Arman commented to get a spoon thrown in his direction, in response, but it was sense that he caught it at right time.. grinning at Riddimaa, who was getting more and more irritated with boys behavior.....

"Arman.... ! Chodoo Mujha ! Abhi !" She pushed his palm over her waist as she packed her bag for three days...

"Aree.. gussa chodo ! Aur go with a smile and come back with a smile !" He kissed her cheek from back, making her smile at his logic "meri …. dhulan bann kar !" he added nuzzling his nose in her hair, she moaned arching her neck to other side while went more in – and kissed her nap

"Arman Bhai !! App ka phone !" Rohail knocked again

"uffff Tumhara bhai naaa !" Arman frowned while opening the door

"Curse me Later ! Its keerti aunty !" Rohail replied, stepping in – he picked up Riddimaa's packed back from bed and walk out after passing a genuine smile to her sister... who smiled back ruffling his hair...

"Jee Aunty... bass we are coming ! With the bride !" Arman walk up to her as she stood at window with her back at him.. hugging her from behind "Haan aunty bohat kush hai ! If you saw her right now naa ! You will know how beautiful she looks!" Arman commented, moving her hair off her shoulder – tracing her blade shoulder - going down from shoulder to arms, till her palm, in process feeling her shiver a bit – goose bumps arising.

"haan aunty Rohail is ok with your place but if he felt uncomfortable – he will move back..." Arman replied, placing a soundless kiss on her nap, making her giggle a bit ...his free hand caressed her abdomen, as his hand shifted in her shirt, caressing her bare belly, she clutched his hand by hers, breathing with close eyes...

"Acha aUnty... I will put the phone down...." Arman said, soon cutting the phone, he turned her towards him "three months ? Is it over..." he asked – breathing heavily, staring right in her eyes...

she let out a giggle... "nahi... its just 2 months Arman..." she turned red...

"Gossh... what about are first night After marriage !!! Mann ! Riddimaaa!" winced, getting closer to her – he pressed her delicate figure with her... ".......Arman....." she whispered brushing her face, across his chin to his neck, trailing a kiss of line from his throat to his ear lobe, while he, dig his hands under her shirt, caressing her petite bare back....... "Gosh Damnn... you are too sweet ! I feel like having all of you – all to myself !" He whispered, smelling essence... dipping in it... getting all aroused... her female fragrance always made him go off... his senses would stop working and he would do exactly the opposite thing which he shouldn't !

Cough Cough

"Please... give some rest to my Poor Little hunny bun !" Rohail stood far at door with his back

"Rohail !!" Arman let an angry frustrated groan.. Making Her shirt correct, he turned around standing in front of Riddimaa, giving her – her own time to settle up before facing her brother...

"what... did I dooo??" Rohail turned around, laughing like manic... " I.. just... came too.. say.. Its already 8:30 Yrr Arman Bhai.. seriously ! Lets Go !" pause "Bohat huaa Romance !" Rohail laughed again as he ran down stairs..

"Wait You JERK !" Arman ran after him,

Reaching at car, she saw the most adorable site, Arman and he walking hands on shoulders of both. Smiling – talking up to themselves... 'God, Please keep us like this..... for ever...!' she prayed and took the passenger seat after bidding bye to Rohail "Do come to meet me ok ! Don't just make an excuse that boys aren't allowed theek hai !" she said to rohail, who grinned sleepily...

"Finee.. di... I will come.. ! Now get going ! Look at your soon-to-be-husband getting all irritated !" Rohail pointed at Arman

"WHAT...? I mean going for three days only ! Grow up yrr !" Arman shook his head just to get a smack from Riddimaa

"Shut UP Arman !" she glared and waved at Rohail.


"Arman …. ab tum jao ! From now onwards you are not allowed to meet her – talk to her... see her.. !" Keerti said, telling Muskan and Anjali to take Riddimaa up to her room, While Arman was pushed to stand up

"Par... aunty why such rules... I mean... we both already..." cutting himself shut with embarrassment "i mean... she is already having my child !" Arman blushed while saying !

"Arman... ! This is what you know ! I Know ! We know ! Not the guest ! Seeing you here will do nothing but place a mark on Riddimaa's character !" Keerti made him understand and gave a tiffin "You and Rohail's food !" she added

"Okk if you say soo …." he hugged her "can I meet her now... no ones here yet.... please........." he insisted.

"Fine gooo and come back soon !" Keerti shook her head, with a smile, he smiled and ran up the stairs.... to his to-be- wife.... for some romance...


"Heyyy Girls..." He pushed the door open

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." Riddimaa shouted pulling all the sarii over her, as she was trying one...

"WOW !" pause "Damn ! You look Hot !" Arman commented with amazement in his eyes...

Muskan and Anjali rush to push him out – as Riddimaa just stood there in semi Sari wrapped up and half sari un-done, though with other things were over her...

"please... for five minutes.... ! I asked Keerti Aunty Promise..." Arman joined his hand with mercy

Looking back at a blushing Riddimaa – looking down, at floor – they thought to give Arman the chance and they rush out before Riddimaa could say anything... "Fine !" Muskan and Anjali Walk out – closing the door behind him, while he passed smirk to her

"Arman NO..!" she glared... looking around the place

"i didn't even do anything....Riddimaa" he took step towards her "yet...." he grinned... finally getting her in his arms, he kissed her – nibbling her lips he pressurized her to respond to his love... to his passion which she did as he took her to the edge in it …. gladly leaving her sari she caressed the back-neck, ruffling his hair in process, while he cuddled her more close... "I love ...you" he whispered

"Lov.e... you tooo" she whispered....................

Love Maha

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