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part 5 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

The very next morning :

Shilpa slowly made her way inside the locker room aimlessly while her mind kept reeling back to Mr.Kapoor.. Whole night she spent wide awake staring at ceiling thinking about his words.. This time she felt anger in his voice which scared her as she thought about how their meeting would go.. As she woke up she felt her head throbbing with pain due to lack of sleep.. She did thought of skipping today's duty but thinking about the worse she had to face in coming future, she decided to go hospital determined.. What was she was gonna face in here anywhere... Shilpa kept walking inside with her thought far miles away while everyone passed curious looks on her..
Atul gave a strange look at her while Rahul looks at her confusedly..
Atul : Dont u think she looks really sick today..
Rahul : Yaa  dude.. Didint even reply to Hi.. She looks like she is about to throw up..
Muskaan : Who is throwing up.. ??
Rahul gives a irritating look at Muskaan while Atul points to Shilpa's direction..
Rahul : I am...
Muskaan : Huh...??

Rahul : Yes dont you know.. I am about to throw you out of Sanjeevani..
Muskaan : So called Rahul Mallik... !! You...
Atul interrupts their talk instantly...
Atul : Muskaan forget about him.. Its Shilpa.. looks like she is in a bad condition today..
Muskaan at once gets silent and makes her way towards Shilpa who keeps staring at the locker with a pale face... She gets a close look on her face and gasp loudly which makes Shilpa come out of her dreamworld..
Muskaan : Shilpa.. Are you fine.. ? You look...
Shilpa opens her locker gathering her things..
Shilpa : I am fine Muskaan.. Just.. little tired..
Muskaan : But.. You should see your face.. You look so sick.. Dont u think you should take a break..
Shilpa turns around insisting..
Shilpa : Am fine Muskaan... Just couldnt sleep well last night.. I have to go now. Bye
Before she could utter a word Shilpa leaves the locker room hurriedly.. Muskaan walks back to Atul and Rahul and unknowingly place her hand on Rahul's shoulder while staring outside...
Muskaan : Dont u guyz think She is having some serious problem..
Muskaan looks at Rahul looking at her in a strange manner.. And then she notice her hand on his shoulder, Muskaan instantly take it away clearing her throat... Rahul looks away feeling a sudden awkwardness between them.. But luckily Atul speaks breaking the tensed atmosphere..
Atul : I agree Muskaan.. She looks so pale... I wish she would share with us...
Rahul : Even i wish the same Atul.. I also do..

Armaan keeps reading his file when he notice Shilpa taking a seat infront of him silently.. For a moment he starts to feel awkward remembering the way he behaved with her yesterday... The panic that came through him when he saw blood.. It reminded him of the day ... Armaan close his eyes painfully blocking away the memories of the horrible day... But there was onething he still couldnt figure out.. Why was he getting so much attached with her.. Her behavior irritated him to core everytime.. Still there was something unique about her which connected her with him everytime.. This attraction was leading to something more deep , he realized that by now... Blocking away the thoughts he look back at Shilpa who keeps staring at the floor blankly... He keeps waiting patiently for sometime but she didint budge from her seat...  Getting impatient Armaan speaks flatly...
Armaan : Dr. Shilpa...
She didint bother to look up which made him more impatient.. Was she ignoring him or she was deaf to hear his voice.. Armaan leans at her and snaps his finger infront of her eyes..
Armaan : Dr. Shilpa... come back to the world..
Shilpa gasps getting back to reality and looks at him leaning towards her... Armaan notice her pale face and starts to feel a uneasiness rising in his heart.. He notice the vulnerable look on her face which makes him curious about her sullen look.. Clearing his throat he moves back to his sit and speaks in a controlled voice..
Armaan : Dr. Shilpa when you are with me here working i want you to give full concentration on the work.. Do u get what i mean..
She looks at him blankly and nods her head quietly.. Armaan raise his eyebrow surprised with her changed behavior.. Curiosity starts to flow in him at once..
After several minutes he looks at her from the corner of his eyes and notice Shilpa trying to concentrate in the work... He couldnt help but notice the worry and disturbance in her eyes..  Unknowingly he felt a desire run in his heart to take away all the pain from her... Armaan shakes his head mentally cursing himself for his own thinking.. Was he becoming a sick lover boy.. NO way.. That was the last thing he wished to be anyways..
After several time he looks back at Shilpa , handing her some papers...
Armaan : Shilpa scan them and bind all the papers for me plzz..
Shilpa nods taking the papers with her , silently make her way out of the cabin... Armaan keeps staring at her back with a frown noticing the sudden change in behavior.. He didint knew why but he badly wanted to know whats the reason behind her troubled look...

Shilpa keeps scanning the papers when she feels her phone vibrate in her coat... Slowly she takes out and opens the Message.. She gasps in fear as she read it slowly.. " Will be meeting you soon Shilpa.. Hope you will be ready... " - Mr.Kapoor ..
Shilpa gets down on her knees hugging herself trying to calm her shaking body... She tried her best to control her thudding heart but her fear kept rising as she thought more about his MSG.. Tears formed in her eyes as she frustratedly thought of a way to escape this burden.. But How.. There wasnt a solution she could think of right now.. Getting into the corner of the room Shilpa starts to cry helplessly not knowing what to do...

Armaan irritatedly walks into the office work room of the hospital and looks around for Shilpa.. He notice the papers placed on the scan machine , Shaking his head he proceeds to collect them when he hears her cry softly..
Frowning he starts to look around when he notice Shilpa sitting on the corner of the room , her face buried in her hands.. For a moment he stands still battling to move near her or not.. Her sobs were not even stopping.. Giving up he walks towards her and takes a seat beside her while hesitantly touching her shoulder.. As Shilpa feels someone touch her she back down to the wall in fear... Armaan looks at her baffled seeing the fear and pain in her face... As Shilpa notice Armaan beside her she moves hugging him tightly desperate , in need for some security in his arms.. For a second he set motionless as he felt her soft body with his arms.. A unique sensation flowed in his body as he felt her body pressed against his.. He moves his hand on her back uncertainly not knowing how to console her.. Never in his life he consoled anyone or needed anyone's help like that.. As he felt her hug him tight while her body shaking Armaan starts to get worried...
Armaan : Shilpa... Are you.. Are you fine.. Whats wrong..
She keeps crying without answering his questions.. He tries his best to console her somehow which makes her calm.. Shilpa realize the way she held him.. Instantly she loose her hold and clears her face while Armaan looks at her strangely.. Shilpa gets up avoiding his gaze..
Shilpa : Uhh Sorry.. I will take the papers to the cabin now..
Armaan stares at her while she collects the papers and move out of the room quickly.. He waits for sometime and gets up when suddenly he notice her phone lying near the scan machine.. He picks it up when he notice the MSG on the phone... " Will be meeting you soon Shilpa.. Hope you will be ready... " - Mr.Kapoor
He frowns as he reads the name twice.. Who was this Mr. Kapoor.. Just than he recalls the way Shilpa cried.. Surely this guy was somehow related to this matter..

As Shilpa walks into the Cafeteria noticing the gang sitting talking happily.. As everyone notice Shilpa they glance at her worriedly... Shilpa walks towards them weakly when Anjali gets up from her seat moving near her..
Anjali : Oh My god shilpa... look at you.. You look Horrible..
Shilpa tries to give a smile..
Shilpa : Am i... ?
Muskaan : Yes you are.. I really think you should get a break..
Armaan : That she is getting for sure..
All gaze turns back to Armaan who walks inside the Cafeteria... Rahul nudges Atul giving a wink while Anjali smiles listening to his comment..
Armaan ignores them and moves to Shilpa who keeps avoiding his gaze.. He takes her phone handing it to her..
Armaan : You Phone Dr. Shilpa.. I guess you forgot it in the Scan room..
Shilpa's eyes grows wide as she notice her phone.. It brings back the words of Mr.Kapoor in her mind which makes her tremble in fear again.. Shilpa grips the near by chair feeling dizziness overpowering her in mere second.. She feels everything around her go black and...
Armaan looks at her baffled seeing her faint infront of his eyes... He keeps staring at her body shocked when everyone gathers around him talking...
Armaan looks at Rahul and Atul who stood beside him...
Armaan : WTH Man.. Did she just faint...
Rahul : Ohh yes bro she has fainted...
Atul stares at Shilpa for a second and speak
Atul : I think i know whats wrong with her..
Armaan : And what it is Atul... ?
Atul : I think she is pregnant...
Armaan and Rahul : WHAT... !!!
Anjali : Oh come on Atul you cant be serious..
Armaan : Oh yes when did u become a gynecologist .. I thought Anjali was known for that..
Atul looks away embrassed while Rahul tries to suppress his laugh..
Atul : But see She fainted right.. Soo i thought..
Muskaan : But every fainting lady cant be pregnant right..
Armaan looks around irritated when he notice everyone buxy arguing.. He looks down at Shilpa who lay between everyone while others were buxy in their own talks.. Shaking his head he picks Shilpa in his arms and walks away from them leaving everyone in daze...
Walking out of the cafeteria he shouts loud..
Armaan : Anjie come with me..
Anjali nods and looks back at the gang who stood in daze..
Rahul : Woah.. Now that was Hot...
Muskaan : What Hot.. I cant believe he took her in his arms..
Atul looks at them and speaks quietly...
Atul : Guyzz.. I think thats his Child..
Anjali, Rahul and Muskaan : Atul... !!!!!
Atul : Umm Nothing ... Anjali go fast and do her checkup..

Anjali walks inside the room and starts to check Shilpa's when he notice Atul and Armaan standing beside him looking at Shilpa curiously... Anjali looks at them with a smile folding her arms..
Anjali : You both dont expect me to start checkup of her in presence of you two right.. ?
Armaan and Atul looks away embarrassed... Armaan quickly walks out while Atul runs catching up with him..
After few minutes Anjali walks out closing the door.. Armaan moves to her instantly..
Armaan : Anjali what happened.. is she fine.. ?
Anjali looks at him with a amused smile..
Anjali : Why are you soo worried...
Armaan looks at her flushed..
Armaan : Ohh.. Nothing like that.. Well i was just curious..
Atul puts a hand on his shoulder
Atul : Armaan dont worry thats not your child..
Armaan : WHAT... !!
Rahul and Muskaan cracks up hearing Atul's words but soon stops as they notice Armaan glaring at them..
Anjali : Atul.. SHE IS NOT PREGNANT... !!
Atul : Ohh Armaan then you are saved..
Armaan : When was i stuck.. ? I didint even touch her..
Anjali : Rahul and Muskaan.. Go back to Duty.. Armaan let me Handle Atul.. You go and check on Shilpa..
Armaan shakes his head and walks inside the room.. As he moves near her he notice the vulnerable look on her face... He slowly moves his hand brushing off the strands of her hair coming on her face.. Just then he notice Shilpa opening her eyes slowly and staring back at him.. For a second he thinks to move away from her but the way she held his gaze made him stare back at her.. Before he could know what was happening he feels her hands drawing on the back of his neck pulling him his lips down on hers.. As she kissed him softly he couldnt help but hold her neck responding back to her in soft kiss.. Today she was the one leading to the kiss and he felt a unknown happiness form in his heart.. Suddenly Shilpa comes out of her dizzy state and moves up abruptly breaking the kiss.. Armaan felt a disappointment form as her soft lips left his , he straitens up and look at her face all white and pale.. As she starts to lie down Armaan pulls back her in sitting position making her moan tiredly..
Shilpa : Let me sleep...
Armaan : NO .. You first listen to me..
Shilpa : I dont want to..
Armaan : you Have to..
Shilpa : I am tired...
She starts to lie down again when he grabs her making her sit again..
Shilpa : WHAT NOW...!!
Armaan holds her gaze and speaks in a confident voice
Armaan : Soo Shall we talk about Mr. Kapoor... ?


Shilpa walks inside her house to see Armaan shaking hands with Mr. Kapoor
Armaan : So.. I guess we are done here..
Mr.Kapoor : Oh yes Mr.Mallik.. The deal is complete and done..


Shilpa grabs his arms making him face her...
Armaan : What... I just paid off the money whats the big deal.. ?
Shilpa : What do you think Dr. Armaan Mallik.. You think i will Sleep with you as in returning you favor..
Armaan looks at her baffled but soon a smirk appears on his lips..
Armaan : Well...


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