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Part 5 : Tu Tu - Main Main,

Precap :All the kids at their birthday party had fun . ridhi falling more and more for armaan .And once again armaan had ridhi's bangle with him in his treasure box


Karan dozed off to sleep with his confused thoughts as to why armaan has those girlish things in the box.

"chod karan , tu bhi kya apna dimag ka dahi kar raha hai , vaise bhi armaan ke dimag ka kuch bharosa nahi , u never know wat he is upto ",he murmured to himself and tapped on his head for wasting his energy on these silly thoughts abt armaan .But looked like luck wasnt on his side tonight, with so much trouble he was able to shoo off armaan's mystery thoughts . and looked like it was now shilpa's time to come in his thoughts which kept him turning sides the whole night .

The twin effect was coming into play, when one was unable to sleep,how cud other twinnie sleep in rest.
Armaan's thoughts were flooding with water- a water named ridhima .It reminded him of how innocent and cute ridhima was looking in the party and how she stumped his foot .

"abey tu champu ke baare mein kyun soch raha hai , woh tere dimag ka bhartha bana degi agar usse pata chala ki

uska saara saman tere pass hai ."now armaan's turn was to have a little chat with himself.

The Malik brothers were now goin crazy, but for different reasons though.
At Gupta residence was somewhat the same thing happpening.

Shilpa was killing karan with her words , for spilling the glass of water in her dress.

"dil kar raha hai uske sar par balti paani ki gira doon, nai woh bhi kam hogi , usse to poora ka poora paani de tub mein duboo dongi , aane do usse kal " the words gave her some satisfaction of revenge .

When everyone was thinking abt something and someone , why wud our ridhima stay away from it.

It was now like ridhi's night time routine to think abt all the past years she spent with armaan playing and his naughty pranks .

"yahan tu uske liye mari jaa rahi hai aur wahan uss gaddhe ne shilpa ko cake pehle khilaya ,"she was fuming with anger thinking abt the evening ."aur hamesha shilpa ke saath mil kar mera mazak banata haai , aur mera bhi kuch nahi ho sakta , mujhe to dhang se uspar gussa bhi nahi karna aaata "she was upset with herself ,coz of the fact that she cudnt even get angry at him.

"Shilpa uth na " ridhima was unable to hold her feeling now, like it was getting hard for her to see shilpa and armaan so close to each other , a fear was coming up on her mind wat if they start liking each other?

"kya hai ridhi , tu aadhi raat ko kyun tang kar rahi hai , itni mushkil se toh karan ko pakad kar paani ke tub mein dubo rahi thi , saari mehnat bekaar kar di ",shilpa was still in her sleeep.

"kya boli jaa rahi hai , tere dimag ke pech dheele ho gaye hain kya tu karan ko sapno mein bhi tang karna nahi chodegi ",ridhima tried to laugh off to hide her insecurity .

"acha sun mujhe tumhe kuch bataana hai "ridhi hesitantly tried to express her feeling to shilpa .

"itni raat ko , kya yaar subah nai baat kar sakte ?"shilpa pulled her quilt over her face .

"Uth na please bahut zaroori hai nahi to mujhe neend nahi aayegi ", ridhima said removing the quilt form shilpa's face .

"Bol kya hai , aur agar teri koi falto ki chatter patter huyi na to sachi mein tujhe bhi paani ke tub mein gira doongi ", shilpa got up warning

"I like armaan " those were the hardest words for her to say.

"lai i also like armaan, ismeinkya baat hai ", shilpa said made an annoyed face thinking isko yeh baat bolni thi adh i raat ko .

"kya u also like armaan ", she was close to a heartbreak but was relieve when shilpa said" we all liek him , woh hai hi aisa " making an obvious face and got down and pulled her quilt back on her face telling her to not bug her with her no sense chatter .

"doosra vala like ,love vaala ", once again she felt like her heart skipped a beat or two while saying the word love.

"wattttt " , shilpa jumpped off her bed hearing in excitement.

"tu aur armaan ?", she was trying hard to control her laughter .

"ya main ", she kept blushing .

"wow ridhi , lekin toone mujhe kyun addhi raat ko kyun bataya ", she was more surprised what prompted her to tell the love of her life right in the middle of night .

"woh kya hai na i was feelin insecure thinking abt how close u and armaan are ", she said bitin her lips trying to not hurt her .

"tu pagal hai kya , yaar ham sirf best buddies hain , and we will be forever " shilpa tried to make ridhi comfortable

and they continued chatting abt armaan .

At malik place

"oye armaan uth na ,mujhe kuch bataana hai ", karan tried to wake uparmaan coz it was getting hard for him to keep him off shilpa's thoughts.
"han kya hai bhai "armaan was quick in reponse as he was unable to sleep too for some random thinkings keep coming up .

"i love shilpa ", karan said with total ease as he and armaan shared a really strong bond . they cud tell each and every thought and feeling so easily to each other

"kyaaa!!!!" armaan's mouth was wide open at the words.

"bhai are u sure ", he was surprised at waht he was listening to

Armaan and shilpa were best buddies and arman was quite unsure how he is goin to react with her .

"kya soch raha hai ?", karan shaked him to bring him back from his thoughts.

"kuch nahi ", armaan nodded.

"yaar usse baat karne ko dil kar raha hai "karan made a cute face expressing his desire to talk to her .

"ole ole ", armaan now teasing him to the full,"phone karun kya shilpa ko , woh mujhe kuch nahi kahegi ".

And armaan picked up the phone and was just goin to make the call , when the phone rang . making him miss the phone and dropping it on the floor.

"hello kaun ?", gauri picked up the phone in her bedroom .

"ooops sorry aunty armaan hai kya ?" haan beta hai ek sec ruko usse awaaz deti hoon .Gauri went to inform armaan .

"armaan beta tumhaara phone hai "

"han kya hai buddy itni raat ko ?"armaan tried hard to hide his excitementto what he just came to know 2 mins ago.

"kya kar raha hai ?", even shilpa was trying to hide her giggling .

and they both had their room doors closed and had their speaker phone on , so that karan cud hear shilpa's voice and ridhima cud hear armaan's voice .

"hi shilpa ", karan popped hi in .

"armaan yeh karan bhi yahan hai ?isse bol main isse baat nahi kar rahai ",

"chod na yaar galti ho gayi bechaare se , oye karan sorry bol ".

shilpa was surprised as this was the first time arman took karan's side .

"hi armaan ", ridhima also cudnt control herself.

"oh hi champu, oye shilpa yeh champu abhi tak jaag raahi hai ?", araman was surprised as whenever shilpa and armaan had late night chat over the phone ridhima was always sleeping.

"shilpa hogi ", he knew it cudnt be anyone else except her as they both wud call each other at any hour .

"haan isse neend nahi aa rahi hai "shilpa giggled in

"yahan karan ko bhi nahi aa rahi hai ", armaan giggled too .

And this left both ridhima and karan kinda surprised as to why other was awake .


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