Saturday, 11 May 2019

part 53 : Nashaa

After 3 days of relaxation

Getting up she turned around to find Arman getting read in a jeans and a proper formal shirt"Hey…." She whispered, getting up on her arm

"Heyy.. Good Morning…" Arman wished her coming across the bed; he kissed her lips, while she smiled kissing him back. "Where you off too…?"  She asked, getting off the bed.

"Oh Shubhankar sir said the head office calling me… don't know why… must be a case..." he said jellying his hair.

"Don't you have an off…?" she frowned "yes I am on Leave Riddimaa but they just asked me to come… I am going for few hours only." He stared at her back as she stood beside dress mirror staring at him "kya huaa..?" he smiled.

She shook her head in no, and turn to go in loo, when he molded her hand and swift her in his arms "Keerti Aunty ka wahan chod aun? Hmmm?" he kissed her cheek, while she breathed a sigh out…

"nahi… mai theek hoon" she whispered feeling his hand over her, she breathed in and out softly, relaxing in his arm with satisfaction "Arman…." She let out his name out, unconsciously, bending her head over his chest…

"hmmm" he asked her, smiling at her. "Mujha acha lag raha hai… essa…" she added wrapping her arms around his waist. "hmm mujha bhi…" he chuckled kissing her head.

After a while "mujha jana hai…" he whispered, "theek hai… jaldi ana…" she added, moving away with a smile "haan, I will tell Muskan or anjali to drop by here.. ok" he walk up to the door as she followed him.

"haan theek hai…" she smiled waving her hand at him as his car went away.

Making herself a breakfast she held a phone on her ear and listen to non-stop banter of Rohail; He really loved Keerti and Shubhankar, enjoying himself there… all to himself – they both didn't bother him much. And a result he was having all together a good time with a very happy environment among friends too.

While listening to his non-stop story Riddimaa walk up to door, hearing an impatient bell.

"Rohail ek minute…" she kept her phone on hold and saw a girl in mini skirt, standing right in front of her, chewing a bubblegum.

"heyy… is this Arman Malik's home?" The girl asked.

"Yes… may I know, who are you…?" Riddimaa frowned as the girl just walked in..

"I am Nikki Malhotra… Arman's girlfriend Aur tum?" she replied, chewing bubble gum


"Yes Sir, I will look up to the case, and thanks for not canceling my leave." Arman shook hand with his senior

"I know Mr.Malik it's the time when the wife needs a husband a most… this case is important but it can wait… you can search over it sitting at home too…" The head senior suggest, walking out of corridor towards car parking area

Brinnnnnnnng Brrringggg

"Excuse me sir.." arman pulled his phone, ' Riddimaa calling… cutting it he kept it in his jeans pocket. "Sorry sir, yes what were you saying…?" Arman rubbed his hair off his head, listen to his senior giving details.


"Arman?  Huh? How dare he cut my phone !" Riddima paced in kitchen staring at Nikki Malhotra .. Arman  Maliks girlfriend walking around the lounge…

"Heyy.. You! Get me a glass water girl!" Nikki shouted from lounge.  "Arman ! uff such a weird servant !" she muttered, jumping over a couch

"Here…!" Riddimaa gave her glass.

"What's your name? How long have you been working here?" Nikki asked.

"Hush?" Riddimaa stared at her unbelievingly, staring down at her clothing – she hit her head, 'Goshh.. Why do I have to wear Arman's old pj's with his stupid old shirt all the time' she cursed herself walking back to kitchen without replying to nikki….

"is she mad or what!" nikki rolled her eyes, crossing her legs she read a magazine.

In kitchen

"Arman Ka Bacha ! Pick up the phone…!" Riddimaa talked to herself while pacing in kitchen


"Mr. Malik its home call I guess, you should rush before your wife end up killing you" Senior head shook his hands again, bid bye, while Arman made a embarrassing apologizing… and rush to his seat in his car…

"Uff Riddimaa ! tum bhi naa.." he smile to himself… and rush to home…Hearing his phone ringing again, he picked it up… with even looking at  it…

"Haan Riddimaa…?" Arman said, with a sigh "oh Tu hai Rahul ! haan bolo?"  Pause

"Tonight … at my home… ok done…! Yea I will order food obviously, she won't cook for all us !" with that he cuts the call, and stops his car at parking area….

"OK chal bye.. I am putting phone down… some work" pause "shut up! Not romancing idiot! Will tell you at night… chall ok ok bye!" he cuts the phone, picks up his files and papers, and comes out of car.

Frowning at a bike, he walks towards the door, "who might it be…?"

Ringing the bell, he saw the door opening with a thud and an Angry Riddimaa standing and glaring at him "I want To Kill You Arman Malik" she muttered under her breathe..

"huh..?" he chuckled, pushing her softly "have you lost it…? Pagal hogae hou tum?" pause "mujha marr kar what will you get?" he muttered in the same secret voice, bending close to her face, with a grin

"HEY ARMAN!" the voice echoed

Making arman frown, he shook his up, asking Riddimaa who is it. She just glared and turned him towards it… "Arman… Meet your Girl friend Nikki Malhotra…! And Nikki here is your arman Malik!" she spoke very thickly, kicking Arman on his feet and walking up stairs.

"owww oww! Riddimaa!" he shouted.

"OH… MY… GOD! How dare she ! Arman how can you give sooo liberty to your servant!"

"O-oo" Arman said, his eyes widen up with shock…

Riddimaa stopped at stairs, turned back stared at Arman who was still holding his feet while Nikki had circled one arms around his back. A tear fall down from Riddimaa's eyes… she saw Arman looking up at her – she turned and ran up… in the room…

Love Maha

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