Sunday, 12 May 2019

part 54 : Nashaa

"Come Arman… Sit here…" She took Arman to the couch. as he rubbed his toe, where riddimaa had hit earlier....

"Nikii.. How come you are here?" Arman frowned, falling his weight on couch.

"Arman? Is this way to welcome me?" nikki frowned standing right in front of me.

"ahh, uhmm well – Nikki I want to say something… before you make up any conclusion…" Arman began pulling his legs down straight he looked up at Nikki.

"Arman forget about all nonsense… talk about us..! its been 6 months that after that night club we never met!i miss our childhood life… our college, and then we met at club… but still you didn't came in contact with me after that… it was Lucky me that I got a call from Muskan and Rahul – and they told me about your address… your new address..!" nikki fell beside him on couch.

"hmm.. rahul ghada ! I will not leave you…" Arman muttered. "Hmm … Nikki that Girl.. uhm She is Riddimaa.." Arman pointed upstairs, gulping.

"Kon… that servant?" pause "what should I do if she is Riddimaa..!" She frowned.



Both turned their heads towards stairs… hearing voices of glass broken.

"Shit!" Arman muttered and climbed over the couch, and ran away… Nikki frowned and ran after him.

"RIDDIMAA!" Arman stopped her hands as she began to broke one more vase

"chodo mujha Arman !" she wiggled in his grip, and drop another vase near his feet

"goshhh ! Woman Relax… !" Arman pushed her in room, closing it right near Nikki's face. Leaving her shock – daze. She bit her lips – she just stood there, as if her feets freezed.

In room,

"chod Mujha.. Right Now." She glared with tears.

"Riddimaa... Relax it's not good for baby.." he still holding her by arms made her sit on bed and sat beside her "what happened?" He whispered softly, rubbing his eye brows.

"Whose she? Whats she doing here? DOES I Look like a Servant?" Riddimaa stood up

"WHY didn't you TELL HER I AM YOUR WIFE!" she shouted, only to be pull back in Arman's lap..



Nikki heard Riddimaa's words – Registered it in her mind, turning around she stumbled over few stairs, and rush down. Stopping at lounge corner, she saw Arman And Riddimaa's photo frame – touching it softly, her fingers lingered over a happy face of Arman, caressing it softly she let out a smile including tears streaming down her eyes…

Remembering her past, she laughed a little – rubbing her tears off her cheek, she kept the frame back at its place and walk out of the doors, when Muskan and Anjali bumped in her

"Nikki! Yrrr! OMG…" Muskan hugged her… "it's been soo long…" Muskan added. "heyyy Nikki" Anjali hugged her.

"you came to meet Arman Right..! Let's go in… we here to help Riddimaa as theirs is a get together at night…" Muskan pulled her in

"Muskan … I need to go.. .Some important wor…" Nikki was stopped and was made settled on couch

"Where is the Romantic Couple?" Anjali giggled

"In room… Just went there...a minute back" nikki said with a forcefull life..

"Ohkay we will wait here…" Muskan sat beside them, "do you know how Arman And Riddimaa.. met?" Muskan asked jumping in her..

"no…" Nikki looks down

"Ok I will tell you…." Anjali began


"tum jal rahi ho ARe you burning? huhh??" He sniggered in her neck.

"Shut up.. chod o mujha !" she wiggled in his lap

"Riddimaa… nikki is not My Girlfriend! She WAS in my college life... After it we are just friends!" ARman said as he saw her sobbing.

"ARman… she said to me… that she is your girl friend ! don't LIE !" she pushed his face away, as he tried to kiss.

"Nahi Riddimaa… she is like that in nature… she always held me as her boyfriend… but we both also knew that it was only to show world… that I was here to protect her- to be with her ! you know after we broke up in college… I dated many girls.. .and even that… misti ! you know that right ! than how can I be serious about nikki ! When I wasn't in touch with her… !" pause " I met her 6 months back at a club when we were discussing your kidnapping!" Arman added

Riddimaa looked up at him.. "aur phir..? After that you kept on meeting her?" she asked, holding his cheek in her palm

"No… never…its rahul who gave her this address..!" Arman told kissing her palm

"Promise karo Arman !" she said clutching his face in her palm

"Promise on Our Baby… nothing between me and Nikki ! and there will be nothing between us Ever!" He said, kissing her lips, pulling her deep in his embrace, as his hand wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer…

She giggled as his hand drop in her shirt…and he traced her waist… "Arman nahi… gudd-guddi hoti hai" she laughed as Arman tickled her more, and more.

"Riddimaa wear something sensible, get out of my cloths… before every one thinks of you to be my servant" he commented nibbling her neck.

"Shut up Arman !" she smacked his arm… while enjoying his love kisses.


"Yrr… they won't come down soon! Until we go and knock up there..." Muskan got up exhausted, and ran upstairs.

"ya… even the story ended… ! So nikki how was it?" Anjali also got up and walked to kitchen, with Nikki following

"Very heart-throbbing.. ! I am delight to know aRman is a married man and a father too" Nikki choked at last. But drank glass of water to hide it..

All in lounge.

Nikki Approached Riddimaa, who was dressed in knee length ties with a fitted t.shirt,

"Riddimaa, I am sorry… I didn't mean to hurt you…" pause " I never thought arman will marry…" Nikki stood, with fell bit low

"Its ok.. nikki… I guess, my clothes were really shaggy.." Riddimaa giggled.

"hmm yea…" she let out chuckle.

"Well, all things cleared up… I am happy...! So hows life Nikki's…" Arman circled an arm around her and took her to couch area.

"Good … Good Arman… thinking to settle down." She sat beside him looking up at him.

"Wow… that's a good sign… who's the lucky guy…?" Arman asked, smiling as Riddimaa took a seat in front of them, Muskan giving a glass of water to Arman as he asked for it...

"Tum" nikki said, absent-mind-ly.

Cough Cough !

"Oh… mera matlab hai… Tum aus ko nahi jaanta ! Hai Koi !" Nikki tried to cover her blunder, but that didn't go un-notice by Riddimaa…

'Oh… God… she really love's Arman…' Riddimaa thought, biting her lower lips.


Love Maha

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