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part 55 : Nashaa

Ordering food, they all assembled in lounge and soon, keerti and Shubhankar Approached.

"rohail ayaa hai!" Riddimaa stood up and rush to door.

"Diii" Rohail took her in his arms, "Oh Rohail" she held his head for support…

"I missed you di…!" he kept her down, staring at her with soft – moist eyes. "Mee too" she hugged him tight. "come back naa.. "She whispered, feeling a hand of arman on her shoulder, she parted, maving away she saw Arman hugging him.

"hey dude… wassup?" Arman patted his back, hard

"*coough* Jijz… reham ! for God sake that hurts..!" Rohail tried his best to rub his back, when Riddimaa voluntered.

"Arman ! don't hit him – if he gets hurt…" she glared at Arman, who grinned sheepily

"he is a man ! Riddimaa ! come on Rohail ! be a man !" Arman holded him by shoulder and took him

"I am just a boy Arman bhai…" Rohail whispered, Arman laughed – ruffling rohails hair. He turned and stopped "sorry sir, how are you?" Arman went back and shook hand with Shubhankar "Is rOhail ok? I mean …" Arman tried to talk as they walk in kitchen behind keerti and Riddimaa

"yes Yes Arman… he is a lovely boy… we talk at night… till 11… when keerti shout at us that get back to your rooms, and we rush for our lifes…" Shubhankar commented, eating fresh salad from table. Laughing as keerti smacked his arm

"its like old times. Nahi?" Arman asked, with a watery smile

"Yes… the same…!" Shubhankar patted Arman's back " I am really happy to get one more son at home again!" Shubhankar added, holding his emotion, while keerti cleared her tear. Remembering the fact that she can't give birth…

"well … uhmm who could? Riddimaa !" Shubhankar spoke in a firm and disapointing voice.

"I didn't uncle ! Nikki, Muskan and Anjali did" Riddimaa raised her hands up in air, with innocent face.

"lair … she made salad!" Arman teased

"Ok… take her in custody ! you are arrested for working in pregnancy !" Shubhankar grew serious.

"jee…?" her eyes popped out but the next moment she pout her lips as both the guys laughed out, while walking out. "I hate men !" she huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

Keerti shook her head, and walk out with a huffing-puffing Riddimaa trolling behind.

"Oye lets put music… what say shubhankar uncle?" Muskan stood up.

"OKKK I am in… With you ! keerti is too old now !" shubhankar commented.

"Grow Up Shubhankar !" Keerti commented when Rahul walk up to her "No Rahul !" she spoke before he could

"ohh Come on Aunty ! Sir challenging yoouu !" Rahul boosted her..

"FINE !" she got up as Shubhankar cocked his eye brows. Riddimaa howled along with Rohail while Arman just laughed. Nikki got a call she went out to talk.

"Anjali lets dance !" Atul stood up pulling her along, she smiled and shuddered her should in yes

Getting couch pushed back…. Arman, Riddima and Rohail sat while watching the trio couple waiting for music to start when Light went close. The dance began with a roof light
falling on Keerti and rahul…

Mujhe nahi pata main kya gaaungi
Ulte seedhay lafzon se banaungi
Mann mein jo aaye keh jaaungi
Chalo hato pare naacho dil khol ke let's rock, boloji let's rock
O main toh bhool gayi phir kya wordings the
Something something jailhouse rock

Darr kis baat ka, raat jo hui
Roshan zindagi, taaron se hui
Zindagi ke pyaare lamhon aane waale saare palon se main toh khul ke yun mil jaungi
Teri baat mein dum toh hai bada
Khushiyon ka samaa, gumm se hai bada
Jo bhi karo aaj karo, khwaab poore aaj karo, yahan kal kisne dekha hai ji...

Due to base and all shouts in song Riddimaa and Rohail shouted to zeal while enjoying the hot dance. Those tight and fast moves of Keerti left Shubhankar bold out..Soon Enough Muskan left a shock Shuhbankar at its place and pushed Rahul away from keerti… and began to dance with her…

The three boys were corner, while the ladies showed them moves, that had left them killed…When Rahul made an entry, Pulled Muskan in his arms, twisting her in his arms in and out he kissed her cheek, with love. "you looking very pretty…" he commented.

Mujhe nahi pata main kya gaaunga
Teri baaton ko hi dauhraunga
Iss se achcha ab kya gaunga
Tune bhi kya baatein kahi hass bol ke let's rock, yo mamma let's rock
O main toh bhool gaya phir kya wordings the
Something something jailhouse rock

Shubhankar getting his sense back, walk up to keerti and pulled her in his arms, dancing with her on this fast number, Riddimaa's eyes fell on Arman, who look back at her with a smile, she couldn't helpt but touch his dimple… poking her finger in it, she felt his lips holding her finger and biting it, making Riddimaa glared at him and take her hand back. Again enjoying the full masti dance of others…

"Lets dance!" Riddimaa got up pulling his hand up. "Ok… but relax ok… don't strain yourself much?" he holds her in his arms, while enjoying the dance with her… when Riddimaa's eyes fell on Nikki, who walked in. She saw how nikki's face turned pale – once again… seeing them dancing. Riddimaa's eyes stopped right in her eyes, while Arman just nuzzled in her neck, kissing her nap… Riddimaa saw pain in hers, while Nikki just stared back…

O jaan ruko, zara
Suno, zara
O meri jaan-e, jaana
Maine, maana
Mera aana, bhi suhana
Sama sama hai deewana

O pehlu yeh naya, dil ko bhi nahi
Tumne ghaur se dekha hi nahi
Gungunana aata nahi, taal se milaata nahi
Phir bhi dil se main to jhoomungi
Wah kya shaam hai, khushiyon se saji
Dono haath se, taali jo baji
Haan tere sang naachungi main
Tere sang gaaungi main
Tere kadamon pe main chalungi…………………………



"haan … Riddimaa" Nikki turned around to see Riddimaa outside in garden area of her home…

"you ok?" Riddimaa asked… looking in her house through window, every one eating dancing … talking..

"yea… just felt suffocated – left out…" Nikki commented "I guess…. I was never needed.." she added.

"its not like that Nikki…. You know right…" Arman walked in hearing her.

"I guess, I need to go…" Nikki walked ahead to leave, when Arman stopped her. Now Riddimaa felt out the place, she turned to go when Arman stopped her from her hand. She looks down on ground.

"why do you think like this nikki – its just … we met… after so many months… that could be reason…but you yourself were too much quite ! you weren't one of the quite ones !" Arman chuckled turning her around.

"I guess, Arman…." She left it unsaid, Riddimaa understood her helplessness…

"Arman… tum jao… me and Nikki will spend some time here… together… is it ok with you Nikki…?" Riddimaa asked, stepping in… making it easier for nikki…

"hmmm .ya…" Nikki, fumbled seeing the sympthoy in Riddimaa's eyes. Soon Arman left while Nikki and Riddimaa sat on a swing fixed in garden area…

"you know… I love him" Nikki confessed after much of silence

"I can see that…." Riddimaa look guilty up to her "I feel I am responsible in parting you away from him…" Riddimaa added keeping a hand over Nikki's

"no.. haha… no not you ! my destiny ! Arman was never mine…! We were not for eachother I guess, I made an unknown world around me… ! that's broken I guess…. i know… he never loved me the way I did…. Soo…yea.. I accept this term…" Nikki sobbed In Riddimaa's arms next moment as Riddimaa hugged her

"I am… sorry Riddimaa…" she whispered.

"I am sorry… too Nikki" both shed tears…

Soon, Nikki's phone rang and she picked it…  "sniff… yes Abhi? I am at my friend place… whats your problem.. don't call me again and again !" Nikki cuts the phone

"Whose this?? Abhi?" Riddimaa asked cleaning her tears.

"He is my parents favouraite guy… he sent marriage proposal for me 6 months back but I said I need time and from than he is like, fallen for me ! he calls me every day ! he is Mad behind me Riddimaa.. Nikki do this Nikki do that… Nikki meet me here.. Nikki I love you… uff Riddimaa… he eats my brain… we exactly met a 6 months, after it… every day – its me and abhi … fighting, laughing, teasing… " pause "butt… he is irritating at a point whenever he ask me… can we marry…" pause " and I am like… not now abhii !" Niikki talked about abhi like hell
Making Riddimaa grin

"Nikki…?" Riddimaa gave her a surprise look

"What?" Nikki replied in a happy – excited tone, and felt bad at the interruption

"Don't you know…" Riddimaa spoke, as a matter of fact

"I don't LOVE him! OMG NO... OK... He is a good friend… I mean very good friend… I mean… ya… I like him!" Riddimaa gave nikki a look 'yea-right!'

"OK fine… we will see to it later" Nikki let out a giggle… pulling Riddimaa in the house…

"and yeaa… congrats for The baby" Nikki nudged her… laughing, seeing Riddimaa Blush….



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