Tuesday, 14 May 2019

part 56 : Nashaa

The last was ended, the day that Arman awaited came across, he was realli impatient to be with Riddimaa, all Alone, but the problem was NOT Riddimaa, now it was Family…!

They weren't leaving Riddimaa's side even for second, 'don't know why they are getting so attached to Riddimaa..?'Arman thought surprisingly, as it rarely happened in past.

'Urghh I hate that nikki – every morning she jumps in here! And spoil my holidays with my wife…!' He thought, munching his breakfast as his eyes lingered on her beautiful wife, who was laughing along with nikki while eating.

"Oh Nikki … Yea Tumhara abhi bhi naa!" Riddimaa gasped for air.

"he's not Mine!" Nikki Frowned.

"Well, then make him yours!" Riddima dig closer, whispering in her ear.

"Shut Up Riddimaa!" Nikki blushed "he is just a friend!" Nikki took a sigh it had been more than month and Riddimaa and Nikki were having blast while Arman use to feel left out, at times.

"Why just a friend?" Arman frowned "I mean – you talk only about him! You hardly spent time with anyone else! Except him! Whole day you talk about him… then why not Him?" Arman added, concerned over her.

"Arman ! I don't do that!" Nikki defended

"yess You do ! Don't lie! I am not blind nor am I deaf! I can see your face how you react over his name and how talk about him… Bla bla all the time!" Arman giggled in end as she threw her napkin at him…

"Jerk! Shut up! I am leaving… Abhi just gave me a miss cal…" she got up in hurdle, but left the sentence in end… making it look abrupt

"Seee!" Arman laughed only to get a punch by her as she bid bye.

"Think about it nikki ! Good boys don't last for long!" Riddimaa said, dropping her to doors.

"I will…" Nikki said, driving away… while Riddimaa shook her head, walking in …

"ahhh… we are finally alone!" Arman kicked the door by his leg, as he picked her up in his arms.

"Arman NO..!" she protested and came down on her feet on floor.

"kyunn?" he stood on stairs, facing her – with his hand on his hips, and a deep frown over his forehead.

"Arman !! I am hungry! Right now! And even Anjali and Muskan going to come any minute!" She walks to table to finish her left over breakfast

"Come on yrr Riddimaa, I agree on terms that you can eat! But why are all the girls coming here every day ! isn't this holiday done so we could sit and enjoy to ourselves !" Arman frowned hearing the bell,

Riddimaa ignored his comment and ate by her plate, seeing Arman bringing Anjali and Muskan he walk from behind Riddimaa saying to her "Its better that I cancel my holidays and get back to my work ! all you need is Girls company soo why am I am walking behind you like a puppy when you hardly want me !" he told taking an apple from table and walking up stairs to room

"Guys, I think I need to tell Arman, why we spending soo much time together… he thinks I am ignoring him!" Riddimaa whispered. As Arman left to room.

"No yrr… He will tell Rahul!" Muskan hit the table.

"No he won't I guarantee… he might help us !" Riddimaa said, with a pleading face "please yr…" Riddimaa requested

"fineee!" Muskan said, softly, eating while Anjali talk over the phone with someone – making arrangements.

"Thank yoou… I will go right away!"Riddimaa got up and ran upstairs.


"ARMAN! Open the dooor !" she knocked till he opened it with a frown

"WHAT is it?" he said, as he came out in towel drape around his waist, and water dropping down his hair.

"Huh?" pause "Excusee me! This is my room too!" she pushed him while entering. Arman took a sigh and locked the door behind her. 'Won't let you go now… missy!' he thought.


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"Arman I wanted to tell you something…" she sat on bed, looking down at her nail shape.

"Can't it wait…" he whispered, right in her ear.

"ahh… Arman ! You startled me !" she gasped moving in her place as she found his face right next to hers, as he sat beside her. She breathed high..

"Its… important…." She whispered, as his hand pushed her hair off her shoulder

"Related to us?" he asked, kissing her cheek bone, staring right at her lips, which were not facing him, her face rest straight, facing her half face at him with close led.

"No…" she heaved breathe.

"its related to …. Muskan… and Rahul…" She whispered, feeling his hand on her waist, as he turned her to face him, kissing her luscious lips, he ignored her listening, and kissed her…. While she head began to feel heavy-head, feeling his cold wet palm, pleasuring her bare skin beneath her shirt, she shook with a shiver, a pleasure passed by her veins, she was miserably waiting for this moment... as his lips probed her to open her lips, while his hand moved up in her shirt, rubbing her petite back, with a desire that popped up in his heart, his breathe fly up to peak, making him apart for a seocnd before nibbling her lips again.... smell her sweet scents - fragance he kept on sighing - moaning in between....

"did you went to Keerti aunty? Last day? …" he broke the kiss, and stopped himself from pulling her shirt out…

"about what…" her back fell on bed, as she breathed… feeling dizzy after the kiss, she waited for long…

"About… we… you know… !" He bends over her… whispering while kissing her face, randomly.

"i.. don't remember…" she whispered, totally daze as his hand rubbed over her side waist…

"Riddimaa, jaan" he chuckled "come back to world and answer me" he shook her face by slapping her softly.

"Arman !!" she stopped his hand. "Yes I did…. She said yes ! now stop irritating me .. I feel sleepy! Dizzy feeling." She walks on her knee up to bed, pulled the sheet over her.

"Excuse me… what was this?" He got up, went over the other side of bed, "I thought we were making out?" He said, frowning with a disappointment look.

"arman dear, I am pregnant… deal with it ! I am sleepy that means I am sleepy!" she slapped his face with a cute smile.

"Riddimaa, what about Anjali and Muskan?" he looks helpless.

"Tell them I want rest !" she replied, with close eyes, "and yes – help them Arman, Muskan has kept a surprise party at our home For Rahul … and tonight She is going to propose him, finally !" She told.

"WhaT? You hid that from me?" Arman walk up to his wardrobe and picked a simple jeans and a shirt.

"yup… they said to hide… as you might tell Rahul ! you know ! and please don't tell Rahul about it till she proposes him! Ok?" she said looking as he walked to doors.

"ok Ok ! you rest… I will catch uh after party" he grinned, coming back, - he nibbled her lips for few minutes and then she dozed off.

He smiled with a frown "is my kissing putting her to sleep?" he giggled as he walk down stair while whistling at muskan, who threw a couch pillow at him with a blush over her face….
Love Maha

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