Wednesday, 15 May 2019

part 57 : Nashaa

Rahul, who was confused that why party at Arman's house as there was no one's birthday then why, he did felt left out. But just came in the house with Atul wearing a black shirt and jeans, while Atul wore a black T.Shirt with jeans.

Getting in the house, he saw Girls wearing a red color, while Muskan wore a White one, standing out in centre from others…  he frowned with a smile – stepping forward he greeted his love while Atul did the same to his love…

Arman stood there with Riddimaa in red Sari, looking tremendously beautiful – who kept her prince daze – or in magic beside her. He was holding her by her waist, possessing his right on her, when Soon Nikki Joined up with a guy in black and a red tie matching Nikki's short-above-knee length dress.

"hey guys… this is.. .Abhi…" Nikki Introduced while everyone passed a grin to her, approving the choice, she clicked away her stand behind her ear, and While Riddimaa started the conversation saving her friend from embarrassment

 "Hey Abhi – I am Riddimaa and this is Arman, My husband" she said, while Arman nudged her closer with his hand, that rested all the while on her waist.
While others, did the same, "Lets go for a drink…" Abhi said, walking ahead to drink bar corner.

Leaving other guys look at their respective Love "what… now don't stop Riddimaa ! He is like going ! we should too !" Arman shuddered his shoulder and walk to bar
"Arman thori…" she left it half done, he turned and passed his trade mark smile while blinking his eyes.

"Muskan… when are you going to do this?" Nikki asked, as four girl stick closer to each other.

"I am ready… just gathering up some more energy ! guys itsss not easy … please" Muskan whispered, seeing her friends grin at her..

"Relax guys ! your face making me go more scared.. !" Muskan moved away from them and walked up to Rahul who was busy with boys, while having a drink

Arman smiled at her with assurance when Muskan kept her hand on Rahul's shoulder, making him look back at her "Rahul I wanted to say something… come with me…" she holds his hand and took him away from his friends, totally at centre of Room

"muskan kya baat ha?" he asked frowned at her back, as she pulled him to centre.

"Ruk…" she turned to face him… bitting her lower lips, she looks at Riddimaa who give her the ring box quitely.

"Mu..skan?" he frowned deeply

"Chup.. Rahul ! tu tou bola ga nae ! mujha tou karna da!" she shouted at him, and then said

"I love… you Rahul… marry me..!" she said, polling the ring out

"ON YOUR KNEE GIRL!" someone commented

"Khotta !" she muttered, and sat on her one leg, "Marry me Ghada Rahul ! and come out of

Your shock state !" She almost blast pulling her ring up to him as she sat on knee

"Rahul Tujha Maza araha hai haan?" she got up and began to kick him while he began to laugh

"OMG… I am sorry – I fell in a shock! that was not I excepting from You Muskan !" he laughed holding her by her shoulders.

"Rahul… please… I am serious.. I want to marry you.. this… this Half life… I am with you but still not with you… I don't want this life… I want to be with you forever… all the time…" she lowered her face, as she felt she was going fall for emotions now. He still is holding her from shoulder, keeping quite as if willing to hear more.
"I don't care if My Parent not getting ready for our marriage! I Love you and I don't care what my parents wants… I mean… I also want to be at home, all dressed up like your wife.. ! like Riddimaa is !" Muskan confessed with few tears "I do want child like her!" she added while Rahul took a step close to her, staring at her ocean filled eyes

Riddimaa looks here and there trying to hide her blush… while she felt a person beside her, gasping for air – she felt her Love, holding her by waist – and pulling her back in him, her hair brushed his face, he inhaled in her hair, letting out a deep sigh of pleasure

"Remember I asked… you did you get yourself Checked from Keerti Aunty?? Did she gave a green Signal…" he stared at rAhul, who just said yes, and was busy kissing her… all were howling while Arman was whispering to Riddimaa
"Arman !" she tried to push him away…

"Riddimaa… go and ask her if its safe now.. its almost 3 and 2 days !" he pushed her back in him, with a jerk, hearing her moan… "if you not asking then I am Going !" he turned to go at Dr.Keerti.. ! an Army gynocologist !

"no.. I will go and confirm! Don't embarrass me much…" Riddimaa stopped him and rush to keerti, talking to her in sledom… in whispers..


"Soo… what did she say?" Arman asked, as he collected all the plates, from lounge… All guest left… and a huge mess was behind... As per Arman, she need to relax as it was stress full day…

"hmm…" she replied looking around the place.

"hmm means yess? Did Aunty said yes…?" Arman grinned picking up the plate beside her,
she was bending her back on Couch back staring at him work

He moved closer to her, smiling at her with shiny bright eyes.. "Batoo..?" he grinned.

"You know… still you…" she left it uncomplete, feeling shyness in her soul that brought the redness on her cheek.

"oye hoye…" he whispered, kissing her cheek,  he gasped with close eyes, feeling his body pressed over her and her bending over the couch..

"Arman…." He whispered bringing her hand up to his face, rubbing his cheek as he dig his face beneath her chin, kissing her throat – he turned his face, kissing her nap. Her head tilted feeling his lips pleasuring her skin

"Say na Riddima… she said yes.? Did Keerti Aunty allowed us to move along…?" he said, tuurning to the other end of her neck, leaving wet kisses all the way

"Yes.. Arman… she said yes… Its… fine now.." her hands ruffled his hair, seducing him more, plate fell from Arman's hand as he holded her with his hands, on the other side of her waist, pulling her closer. "don't be soo… hasty … Arman" she rubbed his neck, nap at back, to relax him …

"I can't help it…. Its been long…" he picked her up in his, and began to walk up stairs. She found his eyes on her… "Arman…" she blushed

"hmmm…. I haven't even started and look at you !" he laughed pulling his head back, she blushed like first time, hiding her face in his neck, as he lowered her on bed, and bend over her.

Getting a call, he excused himself for a minute, while Riddimaa just sat at bed, staring at him with love in her eyes, as he debate on his phone over some information

Opening his laptop he sat on couch, he pushed phone away and whispered to her "two minutes…!" he said. She smiled and nodded her head in yes. Keeping her weight an elbow she stared at him… as he fought over phone, regarding his case, while looking at some mails he received from other end of phone.

After an hour when he closed his Laptop with a frown – his eyes fell on Riddimaa, who slept in a very bad position. Taking a sigh, he cursed his luck and straightened her on bed..

"I guess, I am having a bad luck…going on! have to wait till tomorrow…" he smiled, as he laid beside her – closer to her, he kept his face on her shoulder, hugging her he closed his lids, inhaling her fragrance he fell for sleep…
Love Maha

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