Thursday, 16 May 2019

part 58 : Nashaa

Next day, was all set For Arman and Riddimaa. Arman called everyone and informed them that they both will be out for 3 days, though WHICH a lie…was! Riddimaa was asleep when arman made these few calls to his friends…

"Rahul… I told everyone that me and Riddimaa are out of place for three days, yrr if any one ask naa tou you make up something! ok … don't let them come to home!" Arman whispered walking in balcony. "thanks buddy, I owe you big time !" Arman hung up the phone and walk back in room – it was 10 in morning

And the sleeping beauty was still a sleep. Arman took a sigh and went for a bath. Coming out of washroom he turned to see her standing in her sari, red sari that she wore last night, all wrapped unproperly, her hair looked messed up.

Walking up to her, he kept his hand on her bare waist. "… Arman…." She whispered, closing her eyes. Holding her hand – he walk up to bed, pulled her forward, she fell on his chest, taking him along on bed, with a gasp… he laid half over bed with her on his top, holding her slender waist.

"Arman… Abhi nae.." She tried to get up as her spell bound was broken with a jerk…
"Abhii… Riddimaa..!" he insisted, kissing her cheek and then staring up in her daze eyes, he stopped breathing for a second and gazed hungrily at her beautiful face, that seductive – swollen eyes, that pinkish reddish on her cheek, those luscious lips, made him go desperate for this moment…

Riddimaa Closed her eyes as her hands went back, below his hair, tracing his nap – she moved her cold – numb fingers on his cheek. He closed his eyes, as his finger teased him, he smiled – with a hint of grin on his face, she knew she was arousing him deliberately, his sharp breaths were quite clear to her as he pulled her more closer on top of him. Her fingers caressed his manly jaw which stiffed up due to her seductive touch. He was really enjoying it, but he couldn't hold back now, all the while she did a little exposure of his manly face.

Pulling her up on bed, he came on top of her – and after it he threw his towel off him too, her eyes remained close as her breathe touched the peak… her hands holds his face softly from cheek and brought his lips close to her, that very moment he sealed her lips with his, His Tongue parting in her lips, slowly, softly – he tasted her sweetness. She was desperately waiting for this moment… three months they have been waiting to lose control… And finally when her tongue mingles with his, she chuckled with close eyes. His hand restlessly fidgeted with her sari frills, stroking her bare waist.

Pushing his lips apart from hers, he tucked her frills out… he frowned looking up at her, she giggled turning her face to other side, when she closed her eyes, feeling his lips, near her ears "Bohat mazza araha hai? You enjoying while I am getting irritated here… haan…" he whispered rubbing his nose on her long nose…

In no time with Riddimaa's passion… he withdrew her from cloths and himself from his towel… He pulled up the duvet over him, covering himself and her in it… "You are as beautiful as you were … like first time…" he whispered, touching her – groaning against her skin, a passion passed by their spines… making both of them explore each other in the ocean of love... "Shall I…." he whispered, digging down in the duvet. Hearing her response in a yes added with a moan, he kissed her lips, while her body arched up as his hand moved over her, making her tremble – twisting under his hold, ultimately he moved over her and possessed her completely, she cried out with pleasure, but soon his covered her lips with his. Moving in sync in the unity of love…


In evening,

Riddimaa woke up, looks around the place to find her self on top of Arman tangled up with him under the duvet, she smiled and fell on her half of bed, making him look around.

"Heyy…" he said turning to her, "whats the time?" he added, keeping his head on pillow and staring at her face as she did the same "its 6 in evening.. ! and our baby is hungry ! even the mom !"Riddimaa said, with half close eyes,

"Ok even the dad is hungry!" he turned around in his side, picking up his towel from ground her wrapped around himself, and rush to cupboard as the room was cold due to air conditioner.

"Riddimaa, I will make order – tell me what you want?" Arman asked pulling his cloths up

"Pizza !" she chipped, wrapping the duvet, she walk in the washroom throwing the duvet on carpet after entering the loo.

Hearing her phone ring – he looks up at it, it displayed 'Muskan' cutting it – he switch off the phone and keeps both the cell phones in his drawer.

"These three days are mine and Riddimaa's" Arman whispered.

"Arman whose call was it?" Riddimaa asked stepping out in her blue pjs and a blue fitted T.shirt.

"No… one… lets go down! I ordered Pizza !" Arman said taking her down with her. She frowned and smiled at him.

The rest of day went with romance, eating – watching T.v… no one came and no one disturbed them… and at night it was more beautiful then evening… the love was like never ending.  They loved – make out till they finally drift off to sleep…..


Next Morning, it 5!

Very early when the home phone bell – make Arman and Riddimaa wake up, Riddimaa picked the speaker from her side table, and felt Arman coming closer in the duvet – crawled really close to her – and hugged her bare body, tightly… keeping his head on her bare shoulder Started kissing her neck and throat - she groaned and tried to push him away. He moaned equally and kissed her shoulder....

"MUSKAN? Why are you crying? Is everything ok?" Riddimaa pushed arman and got up on bed, keeping the duvet on her chest. "muskan…. Please tell me…" Riddimaa's eyes got moist when Arman snatched the phone… and asked her.

"I m coming… don't worry… where Rahul is? Ok… ok… relax … I am coming..!" Arman placed the phone down and jumped out of the bed, picking up his cloths he began to get dress.

"Kyaa Huaa.. Arman?" she picked one of her long skirt, and a blue shirt…

"Riddimaa…. You won't cry! And you won't stress youself! Whatever I tell you!" Arman came to her side, making her sit on bed along with him.

"What...Arman?" she looks up in his eyes.

"Uhmm… Rohail… he got arrested for … for…" he looks away.

"For…?" she had a hand on her mouth with tears

"For… drugs..!" Arman got up… as she cried "Riddimaa...Don't worry, he be out in two minutes! Let's go!" He pulled her up in his arms, "Stop crying … we need to go now!" he rubbed her cheeks and took her out of room with their cell phones with them and car keys…

 "I hope they don't file case! Even Rahul and Atul left the place… with Shubhankar sir! I can't believe Rohail can be soo careless!" arman told Riddimaa on way

"I am going to get him straight this Time Riddimaa..! You won't stop me!" Arman added, to which she looks outside the window with tears…

Love Maha

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