Friday, 17 May 2019

part 59 : Nashaa

Reaching Local Police station, he ran in with his identity card.  Riddimaa ran after him,

"Rohail Malhotra?" Arman hit the table, where the police in charger was half sleep.

"huh…?" the police reacted.

"Rohail Malhotra?" Arman Repeated, patiently.

"this isn't the time for meeting the victom, Subha ana.!" Specter replied, leaning in his seat, with close eyes.

Arman hit the table again, "I am Arman Malik ! DCP of Crime branch!" Arman said, showing his card. The front Police officer stumbled in his seat and got up.

"Sorry… sir. Didn't knew about it!" he apologized and took them to Rohail, who was in one of the cell.

"Sir, he is my brother…. Uhmm … have you made any file against him." Arman asked as they walk the long way to his lock up, Riddimaa, who walk behind them…

"Welll, Mr. Malik… he was named by one of drug dealer group of the City College… and the whole college declared that Rohail was always with them! Even not attending class…" The specter told.

"Well," Specter stopped holds Armans hand to make him stop too "If… I get something… I wouldn't file a case…" he added.

"You know whom you are talking to..?" Arman frowned.

"yes, very well … but sir Job is job !" specter walk ahead , as Arman rejected his offer.

"Fine …. I will pay you! Whatever you ask! Get him out!" Arman stepped forward; Riddimaa who was quite all the time kept passing dirty looks to Specter and the prisoners…

"Great…" The specter pulls the keys out and placed it in one of the lock. "Rohail Malhotra ! Come out !" Specter announced in dark.

A slight – weak figure came out…  Riddimaa bit her lips seeing Rohails face, all swollen up.

"you hit him?" Arman asked, turning rohail's face through chin, as he winced a little with a hiss.

"No… he already had these marks!" Specter told guiding the three out, Rohail passes a look at Riddimaa, who casted her face down with shame in front Of Arman she faced today… due to her brother.

Settling on seat, Arman cleared everything, and promised to deliver 1 lakh cash on this table in two hours. The Specter turned into pain was abundant to get money first then release Rohail…

"Riddimaa, be here ! with him.. I be back in 20 minutes.!" Arman made call to Muskan and one of his friend, as Riddimaa settled far From Rohail, who sat at corner with a constable beside him. She didn't look at him but shed tears, of shame, Arman just went away, not even wasting any time to clear her tears, though Riddimaa felt hurt with this fact….

Finally getting the required money Arman released Rohail and told officer if any case or his name got involves him, he won't leave the specter… The specter acknowledges the fact, and promised nothing of this sort will happen… After it Arman walk a head, Riddimaa a step beside him, and Rohail behind them..

Arman Made Riddimaa sit infront seat while Rohail jumped on the back seat, starting the car, Arman called Keerti "Aunty, I am taking home… Yes... Don't worry everything handled… inform sir too … they would be tensed up to!" pause "Ohkay… so tell them I am at home… with Rohail with me..." Arman finally heard her few words and placed the phone down

"Arman….?" Riddimaa said, biting her lips.

"Haan?" pause "do you want something?" Arman asked, slowing the speed.

"Yes… uhmm… can we collect some medicines…?" she asked, with lower head.

"Let me see – if we have any shop open at 6 in morning or else I will buy it at 10 in morning ok" Arman replied looking around the local shops… which were close, it was semi dark – arman hardly found any shop open, Reaching home, he helped Her, get down and took her in while the quite Rohail followed them.

Getting in the house, Arman told her to go up and rest, when she went in kitchen saying she is feeling hungry, and planed to warm up the left over pizza of the last night…

"Arman … bhai, I can explain.." Rohail start as he took a seat in lounge.

"Oh wow ! did you heard that Riddimaa ! a 17 year old boy is going to explain me… !" Arman started off pulling up few button open of his shirt he took a seat on arm-chair. Seeing his phone buzz – he picked it up

"yea raj ! Yea Everything fine ! yes the problem is solved! Thanks buddy for provide such huge cash in short time… I will pay you back as soon the banks open!" Arman spoke on phone, when the door bell rang, Rohail started to get up But stopped him from hand and told him to sit back at his place.

Rohail took a sigh and entwined his fingers. Riddimaa, opened the door with a plate in her hand.

"Uncle…" Rididmaa smiled faintly, Shubhankar took her in a side-hug, and walked in moving his eyes around the place to look for the victim. Rahul and Atul walk in after hugging her softly.

"go and eat on table Riddima" Rahul made her sit on chair and kept her plate on table. Her heart beat increased as she heard the voice of Slap. She closed her eyes, when she heard Shubhankar blasting over Rohail, whose sniff were cleared.

Riddimaa shed silent tears, and sat straight, not daring to look back

"This is what you are ? haan Proving a great son of Great Parents? Why are you turning your sisters life a walking Hell ? if you want to be a criminal like your parents… then GO… and be like them and die one day!" Shubhankar shouted as Rohail sat on couch with a hand on his cheek, and sobbing.

"after what you and your sister faced, we thought you were turning a Little Sensible a littlee Mature ! but look at you! Turning into a drug – dealer! like your parents?" shubhankar spitted on floor. Arman was still settled on couch with a frown while rahul and Atul stood at corner.

Shubhankar pulls him up through his shirt "have some Shame Rohail ! Have some pity on that girl, who is trying her level best to deal with a pain like you !" Shubhankar jerk him to put some sense in him. "And even for Arman… who is paying so much money for your deeds!" shubhankar added.

"I am sorry …. Uncle" Rohail mumbled felling down on couch.

Riddimaa walk in with tears, and stood beside Shubhankar "bass…." She whispered, keeping a hand on Shubhankar's arm.

Shubhankar took a sigh, and turned his back at ROhail. Riddimaa bit her lips, and saw Rohail getting up on his feets "I will pay him… Arman… I will pay you! And I won't … be pain for any one now!"


"you !" Riddimaa holds him through his collar.

"Riddimaa!" Arman got up, shock as he never thought she Would slap him..!

"Youu ! will pay him!" Riddimaa shouted, crying "have you every seen yourself? what are You? Who Are You?? You will pay Him?? Haan ? How? By robbery? " Riddimaa angrily shouted at him

"you are nothing but a spoilt child Rohail! How dare you call him with such dis-respect! Never forget your line Rohail ! Or else this would be an end to our relation!" she walk pass him up to her room….

Love Maha

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