Tuesday, 20 October 2020

part 6 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa stared at him stunned wondering whether she heard him correct or not.. How the hell did Armaan knew about Mr.Kapoor.. Atlast finding her voice she speaks trembling...
Shilpa : What... You..
Armaan : You didint hear me correct ? I was saying lets discuss about Mr.Kapoor..
Shilpa shakes her head while getting down from the bed..
Shilpa : But how do you know him..
Armaan looks at her for a second and takes her phone from his pocket.. Shilpa stare down at her phone and realizes he must have read the Message sent by the money beggar.. Shilpa snatches her phone from his hand getting furious..
Shilpa : How dare you read it.. I dont like when people touch my phone..
Armaan : Ohh Really ? Is that the reason why you leave your phone on the floor with your personal Messages open...

Shilpa looks away as she recalls the incident which happened in the office work room.. She knew oneday her frustration was going to burst out like that.. But never she had thought it would come out infront of Armaan.. Shilpa gaze at Armaan with her eyes full of uncertainty.. She saw the determination in his eyes , and cauxe of it she decided against showing excuses.. If she made up any of them he wouldnt believe.. She could clearly see it through his eyes..
Armaan notice the hesitation in her eyes and it increased the level of his curiosity as he kept patiently waiting for an answer..
Armaan : So .. You are going to spill out or you will just stand here like a robot..
Shilpa : Uhh.. I guess i will leave now..
Shilpa tries to walk past him but she starts to feel the dizziness coming back to head again..  She starts to loose her balance when she feels his strong arms hold her firmly into the place.. For some minutes she stand within his hold trying to recover from the wariness she was going through.. But again she felt the unique sensation flow through her body as her eyes made contact with his making her heart flutter with nervousness.. She couldnt help but stare back in his eyes noticing something unique and strange beyond them.. A feeling which was maybe unknown to him.. And unknown to her too.. Abruptly she breaks the eye contact and moves out of his hold when he clears his throats himself feeling awkward.. She tries to move when she hears his soft voice behind her...
Armaan : I think you should rest in here for sometime.. And then when u feel your dizziness is gone you can leave to home.. You need rest...
Shilpa stares at him while he walks away past her making his way out of the door.. She couldnt help but stare at him in daze.. She never thought Armaan Mallik would give up his stubbornness so easily...
While outside Armaan slowly stares at the space with his mind reeling back to what just happened inside... He didint like the way he lost control on himself when he was around her.. But at first something more important was to be done.. Making her speak out about Mr.Kapoor anyhow.. By Hook or Crook it was something he wished to do...

The very next morning :

Shilpa walked inside the locker room with a content smile slowly making her way to her locker.. She opens it gathering her coat and other items and swiftly turns around and gasps loudly as she notice Rahul, Muskaan and Atul eyeing her curiously.. She puts a hand on her heart and shakes her head..
Shilpa : Guyzz.. You really gave me a heartattack..
Atul : No i was just trying to see the reason behind the sudden glow in your face..
Shilpa couldnt help but her thoughts drifted back to yesterday as she recalled the way he held her while she was crying.. Unknowingly she felt a peace in her heart knowing she felt light after she cried..  And the way he kept trying to Console her.. Shilpa comes out of her thoughts as she notice Muskaan waking a hand infront of her face..
Muskaan : Ohh Madam.. In which dreamland..
Rahul : Ohh yes Shilpa.. Why dont you share what were you thinking just now..
Shilpa looks away as she feels a blush creep on her cheeks..
Shilpa : Nothing like that guyz.. Just a beautiful day..
Atul : Forget it.. We are happy to see you happy.. I guess whatever problem you had is solved now..
Shilpa tried to cover her sadness as she thought about yesterday's events.. Mr. Kapoor had come to meet her that night threatening her in nice words to payback his money.. But she knew she had to keep her problem aside for a while as it was easily effecting her professional life..
Just than everyone moves back to their locker, Shilpa bids a bye and makes her way out of the locker room when she bumps into Anjali..
Shilpa : Ohh Sorry.. Good morning Dr. Anjali..
Anjali looks at her with a big smile...
Anjali : Good morning Shilpa.. You look better today.. I guess you had a good rest...
Shilpa nods her head with a smile..
Anjali : Ohh ya Armaan is there waiting for you in his cabin..
Shilpa frowns and walks away quietly while Anjali looks at her with a amused smile.. What was this girl in actual.. Her behavior was really unpredictable..

Armaan notice Shilpa walking inside the Cabin wearing a beautiful dress.. He couldnt help but compliment the way dress showed her beauty.. He glanced at her face and saw it content showing peace in them.. With a teasing smile on his lips he speaks as she takes a seat infront of him..
Armaan : Nowadays you are depending a lot on Indian dressing.. Dont you think.. ?
Shilpa looks at him with irritation and takes her file..
Shilpa : No I dont think so.. I go according to my mood..
Armaan : Let me guess... Whats your mood today.. Ohh yes Bea...
Armaan stops himself from saying beautiful as he knew it would lead to his own embarrassment..  Shilpa raises an eyebrow when Armaan recovers quickly and speak..
Armaan : What was i saying.. Ahhh yes Attention Seeker..
Gritting her teeth Shilpa throws daggers at him and speak in a flat voice..
Shilpa : I am NOT an Attention Seeker...
Shilpa looks away from him madly and looks down and her file trying to concentrate on her work.. After several minutes she feels his gaze on her.. Irritatedly she looks back at him..
Shilpa : Will You stop Staring.. !!!
Armaan : Sometimes i dont understand your anger overpowers your attitude or your Attitude overpowers Anger..
Shilpa : Thats non of your Concern DR. Armaan Mallik..
Armaan : Well there is surely onething in my concern.. Shall we talk about Mr.Kapoor..
Shilpa looks at him in fear as color drains from her face hearing the talk coming back again..
Shilpa : I dont Wish to Speak about him..
Armaan : But I wish to speak..
Shilpa : Thats why PERSONAL Life.. !!
Armaan : You work under me..
Shilpa : Soo What.. I am not your slave..
Armaan : Why are you so stubborn...
Shilpa : Why are you Yourself stubborn..
Both stare at eachother furiously when Shilpa suddenly gets up from her seat trying to make her way out of the door.. Armaan knew he had to act fast before she could get away.. Shilpa tries to move when she suddenly feels a tug on her duppatta.. She turns back and notice Armaan holding the end of her duppatta firmly while staring at her...
Armaan : Did i dismiss you.. ? You cant leave just like that..
Shilpa : I need a break..
Armaan : As i said i didint give permission...
Shilpa tries to control her anger and tries to pull away her duppata from his hand.. But he held it tight as he slowly walked from his chair towards her in a slow pace.. Shilpa stares at him with the sudden rising nervousness as he slowly starts to pull the Duppatta.. She feels it slide down from her neck to one shoulder.. Instantly realizing what was happening she grabs the other hold of the duppata tightly... She feels him pull it towards him irritatedly while she kept her hold firm..
Shilpa : Leave it.. Ahhh.. U will tear it..
Armaan : First you say u will speak the truth or not..
Shilpa : NO...
Armaan : Woow a Firm No.. So then i am not leaving the hold..
Shilpa looks at him incredulously.. Was this man for Real..
Armaan : You still can change your mind if you Wish..
Just than Atul Enters into Armaan's cabin and notice the scene infront of him.. He stares at them both stunned.. Both Armaan and Shilpa noticed Atul staring at them with mouth open wide but neither of them left the grip.. After sometime Armaan notice Atul still standing in the same position..
Armaan : Atul what are you doing here..
Atul : Ohh I just.. But can u tell me what are you both doing..
Shilpa passes a glare at Armaan
Shilpa : Dr.Atul plzz.. Tell him to let me go..
Armaan : No Dr. Shilpa i told you , You cant leave until i dismiss you..
Atul : You both are arguing.. Here i thought i game was going on..
Armaan and Shilpa : Game.. ???
Atul : Ohh yes there is one right.. Like pulling the rope.. One wins among them..
Armaan : Atul i am not understanding what you are saying..
Atul : You dont.. ? Do you Shilpa ?
Shilpa shakes her head confusedly when Atul walks away rubbing his chin..
Atul makes his way back to OT and notice Rahul going through his file.. He moves to him and taps on his shoulder..
Rahul : Yes boss.. Whats up..
Atul : Rahul do you know Rope pulling..
Rahul : What.. ??
Atul : Two people pulling a Rope.. Did you ever play when you were small..
Rahul : Atul Bro i guess you have gone crazy...
Atul : I am not joking... I am very serious Rahul..
Rahul laughs and hugs him..
Rahul : Ya ya Serious.. But suddenly why this stupid Rope pulling..
Atul : I just saw Armaan and Shilpa doing it so i thought they were playing that game..
Rahul looks at Atul stunned as he works away from him towards the Patient..

Meanwhile, Armaan notice Shilpa still staring at the door , grabbing the opportunity he suddenly tugs the duppata hard making her body collide with his with one move.. Shilpa looks at him with surprise as she places hand on his chest trying to steady herself.. Armaan looks at her surprised himself with his own action.. He couldnt help but admire the way her body fit right against his.. Slowly his hands move on her back pulling her more close to himself.. Her duppatta slides down between them, long forgotten.. Shilpa tries to speak when Armaan moves down on her ear whispering..
Armaan : Can you just stop being stubborn and listen to me.. I just..
Shilpa interrupts his words by abruptly pushing him away from her.. She picks her Duppatta placing it nicely on her neck...
Shilpa : I come here to work Under you Dr.Armaan.. Not to do this..
Armaan : Not to do what...
Shilpa : This stupid touching and all.. Cant we just work as professionals..
Armaan glares at her as she starts to walk away from his Cabin.. He follows her right outside and grabs a hold on her and pins her to the wall.. Shilpa tries to protest but stops as she notice a intense look on his face.. He puts his both hands the wall preventing her from escaping the talk...
Armaan : Now you listen to me carefully Dr. Shilpa... Dont you think your behavior is quiet disturbing.. Your face shows like you are carrying bundles of problems..  Dont you think your behavior is effecting others.. Thats why i called you Attention Seeker..
Shilpa : But i am Not..
Armaan interrupts smoothly..
Armaan : You might not have such intention but the way you carry your problems its visible on your face.. Just one advice.. You should be discussing if you have any problems...
Shilpa : But it doesnt mean i have to discuss with you if i have a problem.. Why you..
Armaan : Cauxe i am the head of here.. Its my concern to see whether if anyone has problems which a difficult to tackle.. And i have concluded that Dr.Shilpa your personal life is really effecting your Professional life..
Shilpa looked at him in daze as he talked to her in a authoritative manner..  Registering his words in her mind she starts to walk away when he pulls back her again...
Armaan : Dr. Shilpa Malhotra.. Did i dismiss you .. ? Go back to your work Now.. I will be back after sometime..
Shilpa makes a face while making her way inside the Cabin.. As she relaxed in the seat she couldnt help but think about what he has just said.. As the words sink inside her she realized he was telling true.. She really need to talk out her problems and tackle them.. But could she really make herself ready to have the talk with Armaan..  As she gave more thought about it she felt more satisfied.. Maybe it was better to spill out the problem to him.. Maybe he could help.. Her face lit up with the idea.. Maybe she could request him to give some money in advance for her.. Surely that could work.. Just then she feels a tap on her shoulder.. Shilpa looks up to see Rahul looking at her with a smile..
Shilpa : Hey Rahul...
Rahul : Bro has given you break...
Shilpa looks at him in shock and gets up from her seat..
Shilpa : You must be joking..
Rahul : I wish i was.. But he said to give half day break and said you can leave home.. He himself has gone out somewhere.. Damn why do i have to work under Hitler Dr.Anjali...
Rahul walks away Sulking while Shilpa collects her item making her way out of the cabin in daze..

Shilpa walks towards her house thinking of having a hot shower and a good sleep..   She walks inside her house to see Armaan shaking hands with Mr. Kapoor
Armaan : So.. I guess we are done here..
Mr.Kapoor : Oh yes Mr.Mallik.. The deal is complete and done..
Shilpa looks baffled witnessing the scene infront of her.. Was it really happening.. She notice Shashank who set in his wheelchair staring at Armaan in awe.. How did Armaan enter the house in first place.. And how come he got to know about the deal.. Several questions started rising in her mind as she glared at them furiously.. And she knew she would get answer of each and every question from him.. Mr.Kapoor notice her and walks towards her with a smile..
Mr.Kapoor : Shilpa.. Your money is paid by Mr.Mallik fully.. So hereafter i wont bother you to payback any money.. Well i say its a final bye here.. Goodbye Shilpa..
Shilpa : But How can ...
Mr.Kapoor : I have received my money now any talk you have to do , you should talk with Mr.Mallik..
As Mr.Kapoor leaves Shilpa looks at Armaan glaring at him.. Armaan simply stood watching her.. She walked towards him when Shashank quickly excuse himself from there.. For a reason by the look on his daughter's face he knew she was going to blast at the young Man.. Armaan looks at Shashank move to his room without a word.. Before he could do a thinking Shilpa grabs his arms making him face her...
Armaan : What... I just paid off the money whats the big deal.. ?
Shilpa : What do you think Dr. Armaan Mallik.. You think i will Sleep with you as in returning you favor..
Armaan looks at her baffled... He didint knew her thoughts would proceed that far.. but soon a smirk appears on his lips..
Armaan : Well.. Not a bad idea..
Shilpa stares at him bewildered.. She tries to talk when he interrupts..
Armaan : If you are having such a idea than you are wrong Lady.. I dont have such condition in my mind... Infact i didint have any thought of putting a condition here..
Shilpa looks away quietly suddenly feeling guilty hearing his words.. Was she too quick on judging his character... Armaan moves little close to her while folding his arms..
Armaan : But now.. That your little mind did have a thought like i may put a condition, I want to change my mind...
Shilpa : But... But you just said...
Armaan : I said before.. But now i have changed my mind.. Soo ready to hear my condition..
Shilpa : You cant blackmail me like that Idiot..
Armaan : I am not blackmailing you.. Just do a favor in return for me.. Thats it..
Shilpa tries to argue when suddenly she remembers about her father.. Armaan has probably helped her by saving her from the burden of such a huge amount.. Rather than being thankful she was here arguing with him.. Giving up Shilpa raise her arms...
Shilpa : Fine...
A small smile comes on his lips...
Armaan : What.. I didint hear nicely...
Shilpa : I said Fine.. What favor can i do Dr. Armaan Mallik..
Armaan : Do you always have to be this sarcastic...
Shilpa : Do you always have to be this authoritative..
Armaan : OK OK Peace... !! Now listen to me..
Shilpa waits while tapping her foot waiting for him to speak.. She looks up irritated when suddenly he blurts out..
Armaan : Next week i have to go to a big conference meeting doctors in Germany.. And you are accompanying me with to the trip..
Shilpa looks at him baffled hearing his condition.. Well she did expect him to speak out something more stupid.. She was indeed relieved he didint.. But Traveling abroad was something which always made her tremble..
Shilpa : But...
Armaan : You said you will return the favor...
Shilpa : Fine.. I will go with you to Germany...
Armaan nods satisfied and all of a sudden starts to lower his lips down on hers.. Shilpa stares at him in wide eyes and quickly places a hand on his mouth...
Shilpa : A KISS doesnt count in the Favor...
Armaan looks at her amused and surprises her by giving a sloppy kiss on her lips... As he moves up Shilpa touch her lips with shock written on her face...
Shilpa : I cant believe this.. You kissed me when i said No..
Armaan moves a lil close to her face making her back away from him..
Armaan : I was just taking a guarantee of your words Dr.Shilpa..
As he walked away from her Shilpa stared in daze at his retreating back.. This man was surely full of mysteries...



Will the trip lead to something beyond Professionalism between Armaan and Shilpa ?

Armaan looks at her Shilpa glaring in anger
Armaan : I cant believe you just did that.. You ruined my whole work..
Shilpa looks at him innocently..
Shilpa : I didint do anything.. Dr Armaan Mallik...
Armaan : You have a Papa.. But i dont have
Shilpa : Awww Dont be so sad you know you can share my Papa
Armaan : Reallyyy
Shilpa : Yeshhh


Love Aishy <3

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