Saturday, 18 May 2019

part 60 : Nashaa

Arman ran after Riddimaa to the room,

"Riddimaa…" Arman holds her in his arms, as she protested to get free

"I …. Am sorry... Arman…" she cried holding his collar, throwing her entire wait on him

"Tcch… Riddimaa relax, dheko ronaa band karo phela…" He picked her up and settled on bed with her on his lap. "Kitna roti ho !" he teased, rubbing her cheek.

"He is like my brother, you don't have to feel guilty in front of me !" arman said, what he had felt is going on in her heart.

"I am… ashamed today… because him, I can't look up to…you" she whispered, hiding her face in his nap.

"Then what about our eyes sessions!" Arman pulled her face apart, and kissed her eyes, as she chuckled as his theory. "we spend half of the day just staring at each other, if you kept on looking down then I would have problem to look back naa !" he teased further when she hit his arm with a sniff…

"you don't have to be ashamed of me Riddimaa, I Love You and You love me…" He kissed her lips, nibbling it…Her hands reached up to his hair, she caressed it – ruffled, falling in the moment, both responded perfectly. Forgetting all the misery – all the tension they gave in to their heart desires… osome song… =P)

i just said jo mere dil mein tha,
main khud anjaan tha
i was just lost yuun teri hi dhun mein,
kitana naadaan tha
yeh na samajha kya huva hai,
kyun sab lagata naya hai
saara jahaan badal gaya hai
haan yeh wahi hai, jise kehate hai love

"Never, leave me Arman…" she said, hiding her face in his nap, she kissed his warm skin, getting all red in shade but she didn't stop her desire this moment, as she had fallen even more in his love – and the respect for him has increased thrice more than her love for him.

Both drenched in each other's intoxication. "… Riddimaa…"  he mumbled, pulling her head away, he placed kisses from head to throat on her face, holding it from back, moving his finger in her hair, rubbing her scalp, he heard her groan as he touched his lips with her, when her hand holds his face in her palm and kissed him, losing herself in his arms…

your my love bass yeh jaanu main,
aur kuchh jaanu na
your my life siva isake main aur kuchh maanu na
crazy about you thaamana chaahe meri baahein jise re baaba
mad about you tu hi tu hai yeh dil chaahe jise re baaba re

i am in love main toh hoon bass wahi,
jo tujhme kho gayi
i am lost teri hi dhun mein,
main teri ho gayi
haan mujhko pyaar huva hai,
sab kuchh lagata naya ha
saara jahaan badal gaya hai
haan yeh wahi hai, jise kehate hai love

"WE should go down; everyone must be waiting for things to disclose…" Arman said, straightening her shirt and placing her scarf around her neck, like it was, past few moments a go.

"I don't want too…"Riddimaa turned her face to other side.

"But you have too" Arman said making her stand he cleaned her lips, and his too, taking her out of the room. They all settled around rohail who was questioned by Rahul while other just sat quite,

"So was this reason you wanted to leave? This house?" Rahul asked.

"NO…. it was because I didn't want to be burden on her, as she would be stepping in her new life" Rohail replied, sitting on couch.

"Why were you with those guys?" Rahul asked, pulling a dining table chair right in front of him. And settling over it.

"I wasn't! They took Me !" Rohail answered frowning with hands entwined.

"They took you? Why didn't you get out of that place then? They were saying you were roaming with them past many months!" Arman got up and shouted.

"ALL ARE LAIRS!"Rohail shouted, with tears. Arman softened a bit, when Shubhankar holds his hands, squeezing it a bit.

"Rohail you tell us what is right?" Shubhankar took a seat beside him.

"Uncle, I did roam around with them… for breakfast or lunch once in a week – done few bunks too, but I didn't knew about this Drug thing at all" pause

"when I heard, through my class mates that they guys are drug dealers. I stopped sitting with them, even ignored them for good times… I joined other people – other groups. When two weeks back I found those same drug dealer guys at my breakfast corner-

Pause "They were 7 guys; they said that 'if I told anyone about them to anyone they won't leave me.' I promised I won't... the next day, I don't who gave their names to principal regarding the same issue. They thought it's me.. but I wasn't, they gathered around me at college, in noon…. And beat me… all of them" Rohail sniffed, holding his tears of embarrassment.

"That same night police landed up at home and got me arrested saying those guys took my name also…" Rohail ended, hiding his face in his palms. "I… am not… at faults..." he whispered. Riddimaa's heart broke… she felt guiltier at a point, shedding tears at corner of room.

Everyone remain silent, when Atul took initiative, and took Rohail in hug, Rohail hid his face in Atuls neck and cried "I miss the old times…." He whispered "I want my mom… dad back" Rohail cried…. "no one's here for… me…" he mumbled, which was audible to everyone.

Arman urged her to go, but her feet felt heavy – she was walking up to him when rohail parted away from Atul and said "no need Di… no need of it now!" Rohail turned her back at her.

She felt helpless and broken at the sudden rejection. Not losing hope she kept a hand over his shoulder "I … I am sorry…"she said with tears.
"rehna dou di…" he whispered, Turning around to look at her "I Am sorry… its my fault… I destroyed your life… I know…" Rohail sat on couch with tears. "Arman bhai?" Rohail added

"Haan?" Arman got up and took a seat with him.

"Can you make my arrangement for a boarding school?" Rohail asked, with helpless eyes.

"NO…. no need of it… you coming back here… at our place..!" ARman said, taking him in a side hug, as Rohail hid in the embrace, feeling protected

"I need to go… I can't hurt her more" Rohail said, when Riddimaa kneeled down in front of him and holds his hand in her

"I am  ... sorry… please… Rohail stay here… with me and ARman" Riddimaa said… with tears

"He is Going to stay here Riddimaa don't worry…" Arman said rubbing her cheek

"ROHail!" Answer you sister!" Shubhankar almost shouted, making riddimaa lose her balance on knee and dropping on floor, with a chuckle.

"Yes!" Rohail hurdled with the voice and said it, others giggled… making Riddimaa and Rohail smile too.

"I am sorry Di… nothing will ever happen again… like this" Rohail made her stand and took her in a hug

"I am sorry too Rohail, I shouldn't have slapped you..." she hugged him back, parting away he hugged Arman and apologized Arman, who forgave him in a second.

"Arman arrange a family trip for a month…!" Shubhankar said to Arman; as Arman left Riddimaa and Rohail in kitchen while he sees off every one till cars.

"OK… sir, we be coming at your place at dinner, will discuss over it." Arman bid bye to everyone and entered home to see both the sibling bickering with each other for who is
going to make breakfast…

ARman shook his head and rush upstairs before they pull him in fight….

 'I need a nap…' he thought, giggling to himself – he cuddled in his soft bed, smelling the fragrance that lingered in bed of his wife… closing his eyes, with a dimply smile he went to sleep…

Love Maha

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