Sunday, 19 May 2019

part 61 : Nashaa

"Armann…" Riddimaa fell over him, shaking him – trying to pull his head out of duvet,

"Riddimaa kya haai, jao… let me sleep yrr, You didn't let me sleep last whole Day" Arman stubbornly, pulling it over his face.

It was only an hour that his eyes fell for sleep and then he felt her on him – shaking him, "Arman.. Rohail is not listen to me..! utho ! I want to cook !!"Riddimaa shook him badly.

"tchh… then don't cook naa!"Arman turned over making her stumble over him, as he
slept on his stomach and she laid with her stomach on him, hitting his back,

"Armmanannn!" she winced.

"Kya huaa Dii? Isn't you so called giving you lift?? Aww poor di !" Rohail commented, huffing as he ran up stairs just to tease her sister

"ARMAN !!" Riddimaa tried one more time, he pulled his hand out and said to go by his hand.

She pouted her lips – and bit one of his finger, "ahhhhhhhhhh" Arman shouted, Riddimaa got up stumbling a bit and ran down with Rohail infront of her

"RIDDIMAA !" Arman shouted, nibbling his finger, in his mouth – and walking down, stairs.

"Kya ho raha hai" Arman frowned ruffling his hair, as Rohail made eggs while Riddimaa worked for pan-cakes.

"We made a deal, that we would divide work !" Riddimaa smiled widely.

"Then why did you wake me ! Riddimaa" he walks up to her, shocked

"awaiyen ! tum soa kyu Rahe tah ! is this the time to sleep ! so I woke you up " Riddimaa smile, pinching his cheek. Arman pouted his lips and turned at looks at Rohail, who had his back at them, Turning mischievous – he wrapped one arm
around her waist and hugged her from behind.

"arman!" she whispered, as he jerked her.

"you know you should be punished for spoiling my sleep !" he whispered, biting her ear-lobe. "Remember like old times when uh make me have red chili and took away water with you !" He whispered, nuzzling his nose on her long neck, she hissed and remember the day Arman softly – tortured her with his love…

"Ahem Ahem..! I am here guys, have some shame" Rohail said, with his back
Arman moved a hand over his head, biting his lower lips. "tou ..Rohail… leave na!" Arman said.

"huh?" Rohail and Riddima said,

"See I don't have shame! You surely have That Rohail ! then leave naa!" Arman said with ogling eye.

"Goshh !" Rohail took his plate and walk out to dining table,

"Arman Tum pagal ho !" she whispered and picked her pan cakes, walk out – she felt Arman standing at the same place smiling at her "chalo… have breakfast" she turned
as spoke, with a glint of shyness.

"hmm… but missy your punishment is due!" he frowned with a smile.

"Yea Yea… we will see" She walk out to the table


At shubhankar House,

"So… decided ? Shimla… !" Shubhankar announced in his grave voice when Nikki and Abhi walked in,

"Hello… everyone…" Nikki and Abhi greeted everyone… "Guys… we want to announce something…" Nikki started

"You said yes to this Poor guy – Abhi?" Everyone asked in echo. Nikki's mouth remained opened

"How did you guys knew about it?" nikki asked, shocked while abhi giggled a bit.

"Well, Nikki … they all know how cruelly you have kept me waiting !" Abhi joined, taking a seat beside Rahul while an Huffing puffing Nikki took a seat in between Anjali
and Riddimaa.

"Guys, congratulation! so this trip will have two reason to party ! one Abhi Nikki together and Second the new Member in family, whom we awaiting…" Shubhankar made a toast.

Everyone cheered, with happiness, while Arman passed a loving look to her wife…

"Morning! at 5 ! My House !" Shubhankar announced as everyone began to leave after Dinner "With bags OK guys!" shubhankar spoke "YES sir !" The three guys shouted making others giggle.Taking leave Everyone left for the home.

"It was fun ! naee !" Rohail said, sitting at back seat in car.

"Yes.. It was !" Riddimaa smiled, looking out of her mirror.

"Arman bhai ! Lets have ice cream!" Rohail spoke, excitdely.

"OKK…" Arman turned and drove to ice cream parlor

"let me share a joke with you two!" Rohail announced as Arman brought ice cream for everyone.

"ya.. please ! I am soo bored… tell me one !"Arman encouraged the chap.
"ok here I go man: Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?
other man said: Yes I am, I married the wrong woman." Riddimaa and arman let out a giggle

"One more Rohail !" Riddimaa said, giggling...

"The patient says, "Doctor, I have a pain in my eye whenever I drink tea."
The doctor says, "Take the spoon out of the mug before you drink.""

Arman laughed as he poked his spoon in his eyes too while laughing, Riddimaa giggled while sitting on the bonnet of car.

"Listen one more … The patient says, "Doctor, you've got to help me. Nobody ever listens to me. No one ever pays any attention to what I have to say.
The doctor says, "Next, please.""

Arman shook with laugh while throwing his ice cream can in trash bin. "guys lets.. go" Arman started driving ..

"Hey now my turn…" Riddimaa jumped in her seat

"A man inserted an 'ad' in the classifieds: "Wife wanted".
The next day he received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."

Every one shrieked in laugh and the scene fed away with the echo of Laugh...


2 at night

"Riddimaa..?" Arman turned around, tying the sheet around his waist, as he wasn't wearing anything, smiling at how they make out all the while and now she was sitting at the arm chair in their room

"Riddimaa… why are you sitting here?" Arman touched her bare shoulder, she was wrapped up in a sheet, he shook her

"huh…?" she asked, coming out of her dream world, her face gave a blank mark to him.

"Kyaa huaa..?" he asked, making her stand. He sat and took her in his lap.

"Armann…" she sniffed, hiding in her neck

"Aree… what happened" He frowned, everything was perfect 3 hours back , what just happened … he thought

"arman… why isn't the baby moving…" she whispered.

"huh?" he frowned, as he knew nothing about it. "should the baby move now? I mean you are close to 4 month only…" he said, rubbing her back, to calm her down.
"the baby should move… Arman" She began to cry in his embrace

"Riddimaa, relax ok… don't cry I will talk to Keerti Aunty in morning .. We will ask her okk… now lets goo and sleep ! we need to get ready In 2 hours..!" pause "and leave for Shubhankar sir home." He added, making her stand – he got up and took her to bed with him, making her lay down he unwrapped her from sheet and himself too, pulling up the duvet over them, he kissed her lips, - softly, pleasuring her skin with his hand…

She moaned, as his hand caressed her stomach, "the baby … is fine… don't worry… I can feel it" Arman whispered from in side the duvet, she nodded with close eyes and fell in the ocean of his love….

Love Maha

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