Monday, 20 May 2019

part 62 : Nashaa

On the way Riddimaa and Arman had jumped in back seat of Rahul and Muskan car, just to have a nap for few hours… Both tangled up in eachothers arms, were fast sleep, while Muskan also went to sleep after some time…
Other  was a big pardo, Where Keerti and  Shubhankar In front seats, Shubhankar driving,

At the back Anjali and Atul, after it on the back seat Rohail laid with his ipod…

Finally, When Rahul felt his energy drowning, he woke up Arman and insisted that he drive, he frowned but came to front seat, while the girls changed the seat, as per their partners. Rest of the journey, Riddimaa's eyes wandered over the hills filled up with smoky air… Entering the Shimla, Riddimaa smiled – looking side way to Arman, who smiled back…

"Our first journey…together as Husband and Wife..." he whispered, pulling her hand in his, kissing it lightly, he stared at her, as she pulled it back with shyness. He smiled, seeing her reaction…holding her hands in whole journey, soon Riddimaa shifted herself close to him, keeping her head over his arm, while he drove they talk and talk..

In other car, everyone was fast a sleep except Atul, who was driving till the destination.

Reaching the booked cottage, Girls walked in – with Rohail while the boys were busy collecting their bags from car.

"Riddimaa, we will take the room down stair room!" Arman said, as he saw girl rushing up

"Kyunn Arman? Everyone taking the up one!" Riddimaa stopped looking down at him while standing at staircase.

"Riddimaa… down stairs !" Arman said, walking in one of the rooms, Riddima groaned and angrily walked down... after Arman, other shuddered and ran up to own one room

"ARMAN !" she shouted at he was busy settling up the bags and opening the window, ignoring her. "I want  a room upstairs, with a gallery !" she stomped her foot on floor, angrily.

"that's why ! we will have a room without Gallery. Its Shimla…! You getting, its snows at night… and your stupid habbit of going to gallery – without any reason at utmost stupid time isn't good for you or baby!" Arman said, kissing her cheek.

"ARman…. If you didn't get me a room upstairs with a gallery… then I won't be giving what you are waiting for… !" She turned the table, pointing her finger at him

"Seriously sweetheart! Do you really think, I need your permission from you; for what I want??" Arman made a shocking- sarcastic face. Making Riddimaa glared at him with O face.

"I dare yo…." Before she could complete, he scooped her up in his arms - his lips smacked down on hers…..totally startling - surprising her, pulping her affectionate lips….His lips flattened down on hers…..brutally at beginning, then the blushing haze of attack absolved slowly, stood in by tenderness….her lips were so mushy, so virile and gentle beneath his!

Riddimaa was so shocked at his sudden attack on her lips, she did not even struggle….she went limp in his arms, her eyes closed, feeling his lips crushing hers cruelly, felt the firm bully of his manly lips, the first kiss of love, anger and desire! Her aroma was iced by his burning breaths, his hands digging into her nape and posterior, holding her motionless as he kissed her, kissed her for boundless conditions!

He rose his lips and gazed into her obscured eyes…..filled with deliberation and arousal…she was exhaling heavy and fast….his own breaths were exerted as if he had thawed a block. They stared into each other's eye, their heartbeats grumbled noisily in the deaf-mute room

"Don't dare me… you know, you will loose at this…! For Sure" he slid her body down, while she blushed.

"Ar…man…. Please, I want room upstairs…" she tuck a stand behind her ear, with her face casted down.

"ok let me think… what will I get then…?" he grinned,

"you get what ever you want by yourself… phir kyun pooch rahe hou?" she pouted her lips, in cute anger.

"ahh, but a willing kiss is what I expect…" Arman said,scratching his chin..

"OK.." She jumped, "Lets go up first !" She picked her small bag, and told Arman to follow, he took a sigh and thought to arrange keys for gallery door…

In room,

Entering the room, he pushed all bags away from them and pushed her on wall, besides closed door. His mouth budged closer to hers…..she did not fight, waited at his kiss speechlessly, her heart hammering, lips cleaved from feminine breaths.….she felt his burning breath on her lips…. fumbling his lips on her gradually being nagged, fingering her to do the same….

She approached his mouth, kissing him back…..her hands crawled up, encircling his firm neck, her fingers covered-up into his delicate, wavy curls as the kiss deepened. He growled with amusement and came down into her mouth, his tongue combating her, savoring her… she gave up to his sentimental crave, uttering feebly, flowing closer to him….their bodies contacted across each other with amplifying anxiety, both breathing harshly....

He hissed into her lips "I love you, I need you! Riddimaa" His hands anxiously explored her back declining down to hold her hips and back in an exclusive clutch. She kissed him back their lips detaching, and connecting again and again. She flustered with the feelings he was conceiving inside her….she felt a sweet distress deep inside as his lips brushed the tops of her beauties ….

She battled slightly "Armannnn….."She whispered "sab Wait kar Rahe honga…"

He lifted his face and chuckled, his warm eyes teasing her "tou karnaa dou ! we are married and on above of it on  a trip…"  kissing her throat…  he pushed her hand away, kissing her ear lobe growling at her utmost beauty….

"You looking tremendously beautiful in this jean and top!" he commented biting her ear lobe, making her squeal.  He moved down to her neck and throat…..fingering her skin with open mouth, licking and sucking the side of her neck. She wiggled in his arms, giggling. He laughed and crushed her in his arms... in response...

Hearing Muskan calling and knocking their door, they straightened up to walk out…


Love Maha

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