Monday, 27 May 2019

Part 7 : Love Me always

Armaan looked at her trembling hands put the pen down as the lawyer declared their union officially. A lone tear escaped her eye; he noticed it as it made its way down her cheek. He felt a sudden urge to wipe it off, he put forward his hand to place it on hers only to be interrupted.

 "Congratulations my dears" Shanshank wished them candily, pulling them both in a joint hug Armaan looked over at Riddhima not lifting her gaze.

 "Both my children I am proud of u today, u have finally completed my dream" Shanshank added "errm and Padma's dream too" he hastily muttered as he looked over at Riddhima.

"Well now since this big issue has been resolved why don't we go on and announce this to the world ,Armaan beta I will be announcing my will too today" Shanshank added glancing meaningfully at Armaan.

"Today infact just now we have a small get together at lunch at our mansion, to announce the newly weds and ofcorse my will today"

"Don't worry its just us, family only not a big party as u had requested darling Riddhima but as we haven't had an exactly grand wedding we will arrange for a party too in the next two days…as I need to introduce my son-in-law to everyone in circuit. Anyways that's another issue, Armaan beta see u at lunch. Riddhima beta shall we make a move…."

Armaan looked at Shanshank shocked. Here he was just married and instead of asking them to come together Shanshank was already ordering and controlling them especially Riddhima. No my dear official sasurji not anymore as u have got me into the soup I will taste it too.

"Errm Uncle" Armaan called Shanshank as he took hold of Riddhima's hand leading her to their car.

"I was wondering if u could go along and I could bring Riddhima with me since we are ….errm……"

Riddhima looked at him surprised, Shanshank was astounded.

"Ahh beta I know you are very eager but beta Riddhima will be there with you at the end of the day and so let this loving father spend some last moments with his daughter." Shanshank smiled sternly.

"Of course uncle but u see since we were married rather too hastily I would like a few moments alone with my wife before we announce now." Armaan replied back with a smile. Loving father my foot thought Armaan, I bet u haven't even looked at the poor girl properly in these years. But why am so insistent Armaan wondered himself, the fact was he himself didn't know what him made him at that spur ask Shanshank to allow Riddhima to come with him. Well now since he had opened his mouth there was no point backing out and the fact was he really wanted to her to come along with him he confessed.

"Alright let her come along with you. But be there in time for lunch" Shanshank added smiling wickedly


He looked at her still gazing down deeply lost in thought as she sat beside him in his Mercedes . Her face looked so very forlorn that he didn't know why but he too seemed to feeling unhappy. He wanted her to smile and see that smile go up to her eyes as had in the ball. Wondering yet again as too how her face from the ball seemed to zoomed into his imagination he shook his head and started the engine. As the car roared to life he saw her jerk up from her thoughts. But in a moment again she resumed her gazing down session. As he steered the car along the road he decided the break the silence.

"Riddhima are u alright?"

Looking up she glanced at him and nodded still not uttering a word. Irritated by her lack of response Armaan urged further.

"Riddhima is the scene below your seat so interesting that you have been constantly gazing down past 15 minutes or is it that you are afraid that you will not be able to control your feelings if you dare look up at me, you know as I am very very hot and handsome. " Armaan looked at her cheekily.

Riddhima looked over at him surprised. The last thing she expected was a joke. Smiling at his cheesy line she finally looked over at him. What he said was partly right…she was afraid to look at him, avoiding his gaze as she didn't know what she would find there. She barely knew him or rather she was trying to force herself with that as being his junior past over a month she had observed him very carefully and the fact was she knew him rather well know. But still she felt she shouldn't assume or expect anything. Her life had taught her enough lessons to place her trust in him. She had loved her mother the most but she was the first one to leave her and go, next her sister, Anjali had showered her with love too but it was always rationed. Riddhima knew Anjali loved her more than nything else on this earth but somehow the sisters had never been able to develop that special bond which Riddhima would have wanted to share. Maybe it was because they were always apart. Anjal had been sent away to boarding school since childhood and then came her turn to go away……both the sisters grew up separately as they were in different years. Then Riddhima was sent away  to complete her graduation, though Anjali was there too she was in her final year and by the time Riddhima completed her graduation Anjali had got married. So Riddhima pondered how lonely she had been all her life. Her father was hardly ever there , he never ever spoke to her unless it was necessary. Riddhima found her eyes moist as she looked at her state. She couldn't even trust anyone now with her feelings, shyness had become an integral part of her nature and she didn't know whom she could just pour these feelings too. She needed somebody to confide in too. Someone who would shower her only with love without any conditions….

"Hello where are u lost my fair lady?"

Hearing his voice echoing her thoughts she looked over at him…..

"Phew thank god you at least looked up otherwise I thought I would have to cover my face to make you look up. See darling I know I am good looking but that doesn't mean you don't look up. Try to control yourself"

Laughing out a little she found her tension easing out a little.

Seeing her laugh out he felt a bit calm. He had been wondering what to say to make her feel comfortable. He knew she was worried but he didn't want her to uncomfortable. Shocked a bit at himself that he had been thinking so much about her and her comfort he shook his head. What was happening to him? Trying to reason out he thought well now she is my wife I have to atleast take care of her, I cannot treat her in the same way my dear sasurji did…though she hardly makes any difference to me we cant spend the rest of our life together in silence. Satisfied at the justification of his act he continued further.

"Riddhima please do not be so worried as I will not eat you up. I know we were married a bit too hastily and I know its natural for you to be so nervous but trust me u don't need to be so scared. They way you have been sitting for past 20 minutes u are making me look like a lion who will pounce upon a mouse."

Riddhima looked at him with surprise as he said all this in one breath. He seem to be different from what she had experienced. He spoke more warmly. The same warmth she noticed him speak to Rahul and Muskan .

"No its nothing like that ….its just that I was wondering how will Anjali and ……and …..your family react and I have been wondering about a few things…….." Riddhima finally mustered some courage to speak.

Seeing him thinking over what she said…..she suddenly spoke up…

"Armaan can I make a request?"

"Sure u don't need to be so formal" Armaan added trying to make her feel at ease…

"Can we please stop by that temple…just for a few minutes if you don't mind"

"Sure as you say"

Looking at her close her eyes praying silently he gazed at her intently, innocence so notable but there was something which mared the natural beauty on her face…..he couldn't place his finger on it….an immense sadness seemed to fill up her face……

Opening her eyes to find him gaze at her she looked away nervously…

"Errm you dont want seek blessings Armaan?"

"I don't believe in any divine power as such Riddhima…..I believe only in my self "

She saw his face harden as he said that, stopping herself to argue more she silently followed him back to the car.

"Hmm so you are worried as to how everyone will react?"

Armaan prodded gently trying to built up some conversation….

Seeing her go tense he continued….

"See it was your fater who made us get married so hastily and I agree they should have been informed but he forbade us to do so right so whatever way they react it will be justified…."

Seeing her nod he added more gently.

"And however they react you don't need to worry as I am by your side…" Taking hold of her hand he squeezed it only to feel an a warm tingle going inside him….

Warmed by his gesture she smiled back at him……things weren't going to be so difficult as she had anticipated……

"Can I ask u something Armaan?"

'hmm I know you have a lot of questions going through your mind but since we are already reaching your place I think we can carry on this discussion later….."


He looked at move closer to him as the door opened….she was a nervous wreck…

Smiling at her reassuringly he took a step forward a bit scared himself at the thought of facing Rahul..

"Hey come u came over with Armaan? Had some duty in hospital? Armaan I must say u r troubling y sister a lot…by the way do u guys have any idea why Dad has called us over..i was quite surprised that he called us both for lunch…..his unwanted daughter and son-in-law andu know Rahul has been called too…I am sure father is up to something.."

Riddhima clutched Armaan's hand tightly as they walked in hearing Anjali ranting all this at a super jet speed…..looking at Rahul approaching them Armaan quickly left her hand and moved forward…

"Hey Armaan u know why uncle has called us here? I mean imagine Muskaan has been invited too……"

"Bhai actually ….that…I mean……Riddhima ……."

'Welcome everyone"

They looked over at Shanshank standing on the staircase….

"Ahh so everyone here? My Anjali beta and Rahul u too"

Rahul and Anjali looked at each other in disbelief .Was it Shnshank who was there addressing them….

"No need to look so shocked my dears" Shanshank added sarcastically…."I have called u all to make a very important announcement….before I tell this to the world I want you all to know about it….."

"I have finally formed my will…and as per that I have finally narrowed down on my heirs…..u will be pleased to know Anjali and Rahul that it Riddhima my angelic daughter ……yes Riddhima Gupta or rather I should now say Riddhima Mallik  as she will jointly be sharing it with her husband my son Armaan….."

Silence succeeded this announcement as Atul and Muskaan looked at Rahul and Anjali who stood there numb and thunderstruck….

"Yes u heard it right…..Riddhima just tied a knot with Armaan and she has also been declared as my legal heir…." Added Shanshank enjoying the effects his news had created….

Coming out of his daze Rahul went forward…."Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mallik……" Armaan could see a fury form in his eyes….he felt guilty to see something which he had never been a witness too form in his brothers eyes……

Before he could react Rahul turned his back and left the place quickly not even looking behind once…..not even glancing back at Muskaan….

Armaan looked terribly squashed….this was not what he had expected….he knew his brother would be angry but instead of shouting at him he just left, this coldness hurts Armaan thought…

Looking at this scenario Shanshank smiled as he continued

"Armaan beta its ok,he was bound to get a shock, don't worry he will come around… shall we proceed for lunch….Anjali beta shall we?"

Shanshank looked over at Anjali who still stood there in a state of shock….not uttering a single word.

Riddhima looked at Armaan miserably…..this was much worse then she had thought. As the lunch proceeded Anjali kept absolutely quite….not even a word to Riddhima…..Atul and Muskaan did not dare utter a word…..Muskaan wanted to go behind Rahul but Atul had signaled her to wait…

As it neared an end Anjali abruptly left the place without a word or even giving Riddhima a chance to speak….Atul and Muskaan followed her suit.......

"aah well that was a very mild explosion compared to what I had expected….Anyways Armaan don't pay too much attention Rahul will cum around and now shall we proceed to do some more important stuff,we still need a few documents signed…….."

Armaan looked at Shansank disgusted;this man needs to be sent to an asylum he gritted…..i really hope Bhai isn't to annoyed with me, how in the world am I going to explain him everything…

Riddhima looked over to see Armaan almost in tears,it was the first time she saw him so worked up as if he was really disturbed with what had happened………

The rest of the day flew like wind as they spent it signing one document after another… night approached……

"Beta why don't you stay back here…….as it is you must be tired today and plus Rahul wasn't looking too kindly"

Armaan answered back firmly…."Thank you uncle but u have already done a lot today and now I guess I should be making a move…..dont worry about Riddhima, she will be fine…."

"Ohh beta it was nothing, but still if u want to leave who am I to stop you, but I would suggest you leave Ridz here till the atmosphere calms down……"

"No uncle as I had told u Riddhima will come with me…she is married to me right so she has to sooner or later come with me so why not today itself……right Riddhima?"

Without arguing further Armaan  grabbed hold of her hand and guided her towards the door……Riddhima didn't know what was good……to stay back or go..but where was opinion asked for? She had just been tossed like a ball from one court to another…..

They drove back in silence ……meekily standing beside him ,feeling him take hold of her hand….he rang the bell to find Muskaan opening the door…


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