Wednesday, 21 October 2020

part 7 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa arrived hospital earlier than others and went through her bag seeing whether she had everything needed with her.. Today she had to leave germany with him.. The day she kept hoping never to come had arrived.. Shilpa close her locker when her phone rings... A smile comes on her face seeing the caller's name..
Shilpa : Hello.. Papa..
Shashank : Shilpa.. Are you all set.. When are you leaving...
Shilpa : Soon Dad.. And listen you better take care of yourself.. take your medicines and food on time.. And one more thing.. I will miss you..
Shashank : I will miss you too Shilpa.. But you are just going for a week right.. Do have a good time.. Bye darling...
Shilpa : Bye papa.. Love u..

Shilpa cuts the call with a heavy heart.. She didint knew what to expect from this trip.. The biggest thing which bothered her was what to expect from Armaan during this journey.. Whatever problem she had with him he had saved her from one of her biggest problem.. And she had to acknowledge it always... Soon the whole gang walks inside the locker room..
Rahul : Wohooo.. Look at your dress.. looks like you are going on a vacation..
Shilpa : Let me correct you business trip...
Muskaan : Dont listen to him Shilpa.. You are looking soo pretty in this yellow sundress.. I guess German men are going to drool over you there..
Rahul : Why German men.. Dr. Armaan is enough to do that task..
Shilpa looks at him with a glare while Rahul grins back at her.. Muskaan walks to her locker confusedly..
Muskaan : Why would Dr.Armaan drool on Shilpa...
Atul : Armaan drooling over Shilpa... ?
Anjali : Armaan drooling over Shilpa.. wow when.. ?
Armaan : When did i drool on her.. ?
Rahul , Muskaan and Shilpa turns around quickly to see Atul , Anjali and Armaan inside the locker room.. Three people with three questions.. Shilpa quickly walked near her locker to hide her embarrassment..
Armaan : So who is explaining me.. ?
Atul : Yes plzz do explain me also..
Rahul : Bro.. I was just joking..
Armaan : And you better be joking.. Dr.Shilpa are you ready to go..
Shilpa turns around to face him with a thudding heart.. She notice him in casual clothes with a bag in his shoulder.. Shilpa takes her bag speaking hesitantly..
Shilpa : Yeah am ready..
As Shilpa moves towards Anjali she hugs her..
Anjali : Have a safe trip Shilpa.. And do Enjoy..
Shilpa smiles and shakes Atul's hand.. Atul gives her a big smile
Atul : Do enjoy and ya do bring a good news..
Everyone except Armaan and Shilpa chokes up hearing his statement... Armaan starts to throw daggers at Atul while Shilpa looks at him confused..
Shilpa : Goodnews.. ?
Rahul moves near her quickly..
Rahul : Atul bro you are still referring to it.. Shilpa dont you know when you fainted Atul thought you were pregnant...
Shilpa looks at him stunned when Muskaan joins in...
Muskaan : Ohh Yes that also Dr. Armaan's..
Muskaan quickly covers her mouth realizing her mistake.. Atul passes a sorry look to Shilpa while Anjali moves away controlling her laugh..
Atul : Stop it guys.. Sorry Shilpa such stupid things slips out of my mouth sometimes..
Armaan : Yaa right sometimes.. Dr. Shilpa come on lets go..
Shilpa glares at him and bids bye to everyone making her out of the locker room..

Shilpa looks around nervously to see people taking their seats in the plane.. She looks at Armaan who set beside her coolly reading a magazine.. Trying to control her nervousness she speaks..
Shilpa : I cant believe Dr.Atul thought i am pregnant..
Armaan : That also with my child..
Shilpa looks at him as she feels a sudden blush creeping on her cheeks.. She turns away trying to hide the redness in her face..
Armaan : Well.. The idea looks really tempting..
She looks back at him Sharply..
Shilpa : I cant believe you are doing that talk..
Armaan : What.. I was referring to the ideas given in this magazine.. What you thought..
Shilpa looks at him embarrassed trying to get a grip on her thoughts.. How could she forget she walks talking to the worlds most impossible person..
Shilpa : I... Nothing...
Armaan : Well if you say so...
Shilpa looks ahead when she notice the air hostess coming towards them.. The girl offers some drink while looking at Armaan seductively.. She rolls her eyes taking her drink.. As the girl moves away she turns back to Armaan..
Shilpa : I guess you have droolers for you within this plan..
He acted as if he didint hear her words.. Instead he kept reading the magazine..
Armaan : As if i care..
Shilpa ignores him and holds her seat tightly as the pilot announces flight taking off.. She close her eyes trying to control her fear of take off.. Armaan puts down the magazine and notice the fear in her face..
Armaan : What happened.. ?
Shilpa opens her eyes and look away speaking flatly..
Shilpa : I dont like take off and landing...
Armaan : How typical of you... ?
Shilpa : What do you mean..
Armaan : I mean you act as the most brave person on the earth but in real such a coward..
Shilpa : YOU... I am not a coward..
Armaan : Yes you are..
Shilpa : NO i am not..
Armaan : Yes
Shilpa : NO...
Armaan : Its done.. Flight has taken off..
Shilpa looks outside and notice flight up on the air running in a steady pace.. Did she just got through the take off without fear.. She looks at Armaan who keeps staring out and speak softly..
Shilpa : Umm.. Thank you...
Armaan : For fighting.. Sure anytime..
Shilpa turns away shaking her head as a small smile comes on her lips..

Several hours later :

Shilpa looks around to see everyone sleeping on their seats.. The flight was on with a dim light as it was past night now.. Shilpa looks at Armaan who keeps going through business magazines..
Shilpa : When is this thing gonna land..
Armaan closes the magazine and looks at her..
Armaan : I guess within a hour..
Shilpa : What will be the time when we reach Germany..
Armaan : It would be midnight there..
Shilpa calms down her anger as she starts to feel worn out due to the trip... She looks back at him and starts a conversation..
Shilpa : How did you get to know about Mr.Kapoor...
Armaan : I have my contacts...
Shilpa : And...
Armaan : I use them wisely...
Shilpa shakes her head as one question keeps haunting her mind continuously..
Shilpa : Why did you help me.. ?
Armaan looks at Shilpa who keeps staring at him expectantly.. Her face was looking beautiful within the dim light.. Just than the Air hostess interrupts their eye lock with her talk..
Air hostess : Do you wish to have anything...
Shilpa notice the girl staring at Armaan so she decides to stay mum..
Armaan : No we are fine...
The girls starts to speak in a flirtatious tone..
Air hostess : Sir if there is anything you want do tell me.. You know anything. I wont mind..
Shilpa looks at the girl shaking her head.. She was openly offering herself to him..
Armaan : Didint you hear me.. I said we dont need anything.. And plzz go and offer yourself to someone else mam..
The girl looks at Armaan embarrassed and with fury while Shilpa stares at him daze.. Armaan shakes his head and looks at Shilpa staring at him in daze..
Shilpa : Dont you think you were way too frank towards her..
Armaan rolls his eyes..
Armaan : I dont have interest in weirdo's.. So what were you asking me..
He moves close to her getting a clear view of her face.. Shilpa licks her lips but soon regrets her action as she notice him stare down at her lips intently.. She looks ahead and speak..
Shilpa : Why did you help me..
Armaan : Why do you want to know..
Shilpa turns to face him which was just inches away from her..
Shilpa : I just want to know.. Why..
Armaan : Cauxe i wanted to .. I Do whatever i want remember..
Shilpa : But the amount wasnt small.. I donno how i can payback..
Armaan : I already told you .. You are paying me back by coming to this trip..
Shilpa stares at him finding herself loss of words.. She didint knew what to say.. Just than they announce flight is to land which brings back the fear in her heart.. Armaan notice her face getting pale..
Armaan : Now what is it.. ?
Shilpa : I told you i dont like take off' s and Landings..
She gripped her seat tightly as the flight started to get down.. Just than she feels him taking her hand into his.. Shilpa looked back at Armaan who brought her close to him as their forehead touched.. She felt the hot breath of his lips on hers.. A shiver ran through her body as he slowly started to rub his lips on her making her remember about their first encounter..
Shilpa: Armaan.. what...
Armaan : Stop thinking about the flight... Its not going to crash you..
He himself didint knew what was happening.. He liked the soft touch of her lips on his.. Feeling the desire run through him he tries to kiss her when the flight's light come up announcing its landing... Shilpa moves away from him abruptly realizing what happened just now.. They were just about to kiss in public.. Getting the blush on her face she looks at Armaan who keeps staring outside..

One hour later Shilpa walks inside her room yawning feeling totally drowsy.. Without bothering to change or look around she lands herself on the bed as sleep starts to elope in her.. Before sleep totally took over her she did felt a warm body close to her.. And a hand on her waist.. She couldnt get up , her eyelids felt too heavy and soon she fell asleep with his body beside hers...


Love Aishy

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