Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Part 7 : Our Ways

Night went off '. Riddima kept on twisting in the bed '... but did not slept for a minute. On the other hand Arman stay wide awake in the lounge.

Both souls were having a hard time. Things had started wrong and no one wanted to start it over again. Eshaan was the thread that brought them together.


Riddima felt very low but some how she placed Arman's cloths on bed after changing into suit herself and made her way to Eshaan's room.

"Eshaan...." Riddima sat beside his pillow and moved her fingers in her hair... waking him up from a smoothfull sleep.

"uhmm" Eshaan turned and yawned with full mouth and jumped over Riddima "guudud morning"

"good Morning" Riddima smiled and hugged him back. "acha... now get up and get ready for school."

"hmm..." Eshaan got up lazily and went away in washroom.

"u need help?" Riddima said standing at the door of washroom.

"no... I m a big boy!" Eshaan glared and closed the door again which Riddima opened without knocking .

"Ohkay" Riddima suppressed her giggle and waited out patiently and then helped him in change in uniform and both made their way out to see Arman was already ready in the same suit which Riddimaa kept and seated on the dining table and was served by one of the servant.

"hi dad" Eshaan slowly walked up to him for a hug which Arman Happily responded. Soon his arms went up to Riddimaa, he passed a smile while Riddima ignored and made her way in the kitchen for Eshaan's breakfast.

Both kept on taking glances of each other with out saying a word. Arman went off to work after dropping Eshaan to school. Things had started to change. Usually Eshaan use to go to school with any of his friends but now as per Riddima, Arman has to drop Eshaan school Every day.

This practice was started before the marriage and Arman had to say yes as he himself wanted to send some time with Eshaan and in that way Eshaan was happy to have his father to himself for a while. Afternoon shift was taken up by Riddimaa, who came with driver and then Eshaan and Riddima would go to ice pal-our or beach just to have some best moments of the day.

Days passed out, Arman use to stay away from Riddima... totally maintaining his distance and Riddimaa kept herself busy in her studies and mostly in Eshaan. Though she had started to visualize Arman and kept on having day dreams about him which end up at an utmost blush.

'on second thoughts, who won't dream about such husband , who is hot -happening, sexy not to forget...' riddima thought and blushed hard. And tried best to concentrate on her cost-accouting subject.

'I mean ok he is.... stop riddima ' !' she thought again

on the other hand the atmosphere was quite similar..... Arman, yes he had started imaging riddima in people.

'old filmy way mannn!' he use think.

'I feel for her... then why don't I move on ! Ayes-ha is an old chapter yarr... she is gone.. forget her...' Arman thought.... 'but I loved her a lot....'

"Ayes-haa....." Arman shouted

"what Arman" Angirly replied a girl with shoulder length hair ' red striking in it and wore a tight jeans and t-shirt.

"where were u....?" Arman said while hugging her from behind.

"Arman... can't u see I m in kitchen ?" Ayes-ha twisted in his hold "leave Arman !"

"I love you baby" he kissed her cheek.

"I know that... ! Now will u leave me!" she out burst-ed.

"no.... I want you close to me..." Arman said while pulling her closer.

"Arman...! leave I have to go to my work!" she turned and slightly pushed him off her.

"its Sunday ayes-ha" he frowned and took control over his imbalanced.

"yes soo? I m the top most fashion-designer Arman .! For me Sunday is Monday !" she flicked her hairs.

"but at night is our anniversary and on the second u r pregnant I don't want you to work so much bby..." Arman took hold off her both hands...

"Look.... that's what I hate about you... why r u soo bossy!" she took her hand back and went off after having a simple bread-toast.

Leaving Arman back and shaded off the door.


"Arman.... I m just saying lets abort the baby... we can have many more after words.... and I have got a great opportunity to participate in the mega of fashion of world... can u imagine its a big opportunity!" Ayes-ha said.

"I don't care.... I want my baby !! and I want it '. I cant loose it ! I want my baby... at any cost" Arman angrily said.

"i don't care what you want !" Ayes-ha went off to the room.

"Ayes-ha !!!" he shouted back and went behind her and banged her by wall. "I want the baby.... you can go any where and after giving me the baby !! if u kill my baby Ayes-ha I swear I will close all the doors of your success!" he left a vulnerable girl their.....

flash back ends...............


"Haan? Haan Rahul?" Arman came back to the world when Rahul came in his room.

"Every thing ok?"

"haan kyun?" Arman looked up at him with a slight daze...

"nahi bas.... I felt..." pause "acha sunna why don't you and Riddimaa go for a trip as in honey moon its over a one to your marriage!" rahul said with a smile.

"nahi yaar... we both r busy.... me with work and she is busy in her studies and think trip can wait!" pause "acha you came here... any work?" Arman tried to change the topic.

"hmmm.... yea Riddimaa called. She is coming here!" Rahul said

"why?" Arman jolted.

"I don't know..." Rahul shrugged.

Knock knock...

"yess" Arman shouted

"Sir, Riddima ma'am is here" His p.a said

"bring her in" Arman said and soon rahul trailed off the room.

"what the hell do you think off your self !" Riddimaa walked in the room in a sea blue color, her long-think jet black hair flew with the air- flow.

"huh?" he smiled seeing how pretty she was...

"why the hell you send media at home!!" she made her way to his seat and stood beside his chair with her hands on her hips and her eyes burning with fire.

"Media? What media?" Arman roses up from his seat and frowned at her "keep the volume down... its office!" Arman said in grave voice.

"what Media ! I can't believe it ! You send media ' press at home and they burst on me with lots of question they take pictures off me... thank god Servants were at home, who closed the door or else I would have been dead meat today..." Riddima said it in one...

"hey hey.... relax and tell me what exactly happened.!" Arman took hold of her through shoulders and made her sit on his own chair and called Rahul in and the his p.a too..

"maria... bring water for Riddimaa..." Arman ordered while Riddima sat their with slight tears..

"haan Arman u called! Hey Ridd.." Pause "kya hua?" seeing her sob...

"Yaarr... who send media at home?" Arman angrily said

"mujha kya pata!" Rahul shrugged when Arman shouted.

"tou pata karr naa... you know she hates media !! and who hell give them permission to enter my place with out my Permission. I m gonna set a case against them. How dare they entered my house !" Arman called his lawyer..

"Arman" Riddima hissed and at the same time Rahul snatched the mobile.

"Rahul give me the phone back!"

"no you wait.... and" Rahul stopped as he saw Maria, Arman's p.a bringing water glass for Riddimaa "Maria...?"

"yes Rahul sir...!" maria faced Rahul

"do u know anything about media at arman's house..."

"hmmm no sir" maria said with a frown.

"Riddima which media was it..."

"i don't know...." she mumbled and kept her head bowed.

"rahul can you see to it?" Rahul made a nod and went off with maria...

"Riddimaa" he sighed with her name. "i promise I won't leave any of them.... don't cry !" Arman knelt down in-front off her.

"hmmm...." she nodded.

"u hurt by any ways" he asked

"yea ' a bit my body ache due to sudden pushes ..." Arman frowned and tightened his grip on the seat holder. "but I ' I m fine..." she gulped as she saw he reaction

"i still won't leave them..." He stood up on his feet.

"Arman...." she got up.... and stood behind him.

"you did not send them naa?" Riddima asked softly...

"no ' I swear on you..." he placed his palm on her cheek and kissed the top of her head...

it had been over a month... but Arman use to stay in lounge as he didn't wanted to disturb Riddimaa any more. As per agreement, this marriage is done only for Eshaan... not for their own personal desires but the feeling had started to build in them..!

"hmmm... Riddimaa..."

"haan?" she turned to face him as she was going home back.

"sit for a while ' we will go together" Arman walked up to her, pressing his lips together.

She smiled, and settled on the couch which were at one of the corner. He smiled back and went back to his work.

She kept on adoring him while he worked or instructed his p.a

soon, she saw Arman staring back at her with same passion and made his way to her. She gulped hard when he started to bend over her and she kept on moving back till she her back touched the couch. His eyes did not leave her eyes for a second. Both were having a burst of feeling that was bursting .

"chaliann?" he whispered forwarding his hand which she accepted after a while.

He pulled her up making her body brush his.... both trembled with the contact of body 'and made their way out.they stayed quite for a while in the car... no one had courage to start a conversation.

"hmm... Riddimaa..."

"haan?" Riddima turned towards him.

"lets go on a trip next weekend...." she frowned "all three...!" he added with a smile.

"hmm... but my studies... an"

"only on weekend 3 three days Friday, Saturday and Sunday" he gave a pleasing look.

"ohkkay... when?" she smiled

"this coming friday ..." Arman smiled back and looked straight

"Where?" she further investigated...

"uotty?" Arman said taking glances at her....

"yeaaa... I love uttoy..." she jumped a bit excitedly. "we r gonna have fun..." she leaned over him and gave him a peck on cheek. "Thanks..." with a glint of blush afterward.

"your most welcome..." he smiled and touched his cheek while Riddima blushed more.

She was going out of the car when stopped it in front of the house. When he took hold off her hand and pulled her in...

she frowned...

"will you help me '. in moving on with my life... and .. .and" he said while scratching his head and pulling her closer with other

"and?" she pushed him further

"and help me in forgetting my bitter past?" she nodded with a smile. "can I kiss you?" he bit his lips.

She shook her head vigorously.

"no one is looking ' I swear '. its a feeling that I m stopping from the day I saw you getting wet in rain.... and today the same rain is pouring out " he gulped at his confession as they looked tiny drops falling on the front-mirror of the care

she again shook her head and looked down at the hand he was holding. He raised her face and looked at her with love...

and moved his face closer to her brushing his lower lips with hers... making her tremble...she closed her eyes when he sucked her lower lips and she responded happily while sucking his upper one. This was their first kiss which had a pure feeling in it ' they had kissed before but some times it had force or sometime it had show off with anger '. but today it was a pure feeling that they felt for each other and they really wanted to tell each other that they had started liking each other...

it might be crush or an attraction but their presence was making addicted to each other... they felt dry lumps at the thought of leaving each other. Though they never shared it '.

kissed went on till they felt a car passing by them and howling at them... Riddima blushed to core and ran through the heavy rain, and went in the house... leaving Arman is a complete daze....who touched his lips after she left and ran after her in the house after locking the door.


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