Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Part 7 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Recap: Armaan helps karan to sit whole day at school with shilpa. Then there was a leap and they are now in they havent yet confessed their feeelings . Shilpa takes up the responsibility of making armaan aware of ridhima's love and armaan took responsibility of letting shilpa know abt karan's feelings for her.They end up facing each other at corrridor and calling bhabhi and jeeju to each other and it ended on their shocked faces.


"wat u said ?" both uttered at the same blink of second.

"okok hold on whats with jeeju thing u said ?", armaan was half confused and half shocked to hear the words.

"woh baad mein batati hooon pehle yeh bata ki tumne kya kaha bhabhi ?, wat the hell, now wat does that mean ?", shilpa was now loosing her calm and was giving a killing look at armaan .

But it looked like destiny didnt wanted to let them know abt the most beautiful truth of their life, a word which cud have changed their world.The clouds of unawareness had just started to get cleared , but there were some other sounds that came in between their two steps.two steps that wud take them to a new paradise , a paradise called love. All they needed were two steps, one to make them aware of the long love that had kept blooming under their eyes without even their notice and the other step to take them forward and accept the love , the love that was yearning to be loved.

The bell rang warning them to leave for their classes.

"chal baad mein baat karenge , abhi lec mein chal ", armaan put his arm around her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down .
"nahi mujhe abhi baat karni hai ", shilpa said as she shook his arm off , holded him by his arm and started dragging him towards the garden.

"lekin lecture , yaar lecture miss ho jayega ", armaan cud sense the anger in her tone and wanted to let the topic off for some time .

"lec ke liye woh andar baitha hai na tumhaara woh duplicate, woh tumhaari proxy laga dega , aur meri copy paste hai wahan woh meri laga degi ", shilpa reminded him of the fact that they were twins .

"ok chal meri amma , tujhse kaun behas mein jeet sakta hai ", and armaan started to walk along with her .

The entire college was attending their first lecture in the morning and these two buddies were sitting on the cool fresh grass goin to the reveal some surprises and shocks for each other.

At the same time in lecture room

"Yeh armaan kahan reh gya ?", karan was confused as they came together from home but he went missing as soon as they entered the college premises.

"karan tumne shilpa ko kahin dekha hai kya ? pata nahi yeh ladki kahan reh gayi "ridhima was now worried abt her whereabouts and the other thing that was worrying her was missing armaan .

"yaar yeh armaan bhi gayab hai , lagta hai dono buddies baithe koi shaitani kar rahe honge ", and karan started top open up his course notes .
"yeah i think so too ", ridhima went to her seat with a sad and worried face.

In the garden

"ab bolo kya bola tumne ?", shilpa gettin back in her anger mood .
"ladies first ", armaan giggled and passed a smile to her.

"ok theek hai jeeju " , now she was more excited to blow the bombs on him .

"wats withthis jeeju , aur tu mujhe kyun jeeju bula rahi hai ", armaan now had an idea but wanted to make sure .

"ok pehle promise kar tu gussa nahi hoga aur kisi se kuch nahi kahega ki maine tujhe yeh bataaya hai aur tu bilkul normal behave karega uske saaath ", shilpa took a deep breath after firing all of them at once.

"ek saans mein itna sab kuch bol diya , itne promises " he gave a naughty grin"acha chal bol ab "

"ridhima loves u " shilpa said in once leaving armaan shocked for the second time, same day .

"wat ? kabse ? tu pagal ho gayi hai kya ?"he still cudnt gather words in surprise and shock .

"bahut pehle se , when we were just kids , tabse "shilpa now had tears in her eyes,thinking of how her sisters love went unnoticed all these years, but she quicked wiped them.

Arman had no answer to it , he was all dumbstuck at this new revealtion of his life .

"tu bata tumne mujhe bhabhi kyun bola ?", shilpa asked him again looking for the answers.

"karan loves you "armaan said turning shilpa's smile into    a still face without expressions.

"uska dimag kharab ho gya hai , marega woh toh ", shilpa turned around to head towards karan.

"Armaaan tera plan fail ho gya ", armaan muttered under his breath while walking toward the lec hall.

"Shilpa tera plan to lagta hai gya ", shilpa murmered thinking abt armaan's cold reaction .

In lec hall

"yeh kahan reh gayi ?sab kuch theek to hai na ", ridhima was now worried abt her .

"yeh kahan reh gya hai , ab tak aaya kyun nahi?"karan was also tensed where he cud be .

All the four had different thinking goin on in their minds, everyone was scared of something.



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