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part 8 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa uncomfortably shifted from one side to another trying to pull of the weight of him on her.. She turned back to other side when suddenly his hand crawled on her waist pulling her back close to his body.. She felt a ting of desire run through her as she felt his hot breath on her neck.. She inhaled his masculine scent and turned around facing his body when his lips brushed on hers making her tremble.. Getting lost in the moment she leaned forward to get more of his lips taking it into a soft kiss while her hands went on the back on his neck, caressing his hair softly.. She felt him groan as he willingly kissed her back deeply while his hands went on her back pulling her more close.. As they kept kissing with closed eyes, bodies tangled she gasped as she felt his hand run on her leg pulling it on his waist which gives her an idea of how close they were.. She smiled while kissing when he held her in his arms tightly.. How nice it was to have such a feeling.. How nice it was to be awaken in morning with someone beside.. How nice it was to get a kiss everyday like this, Every morning..
How nice it was to be in arms of a husband... Husband...??? Shilpa's eyes flew open as she reality cameback on her at once... She wasnt married.. And the person lying near her definitely wasnt her husband.. And then the events of last night came back on her abruptly.. She was here on business trip.. Germany.. And here she was kissing the Arrogant Mallik... Shilpa broke the kiss immediately and set up on the bed breathing heavily.. She kicked from her leg making him fall from the bed..
Armaan rubbed his back painfully as he woke fully... As he remembered he was sleeping and woke up when he felt her soft lips on his which send a jolt inside him at once.. But was that a dream.. ? He opened his eyes wide and looked up to see Shilpa standing on the bed with her arms on her hips fuming in anger.. So that was not at all a dream.. He gets up furiously rubbing his back...
Armaan : Ohh just stop shouting.. My ears are hurting..
Shilpa : So what were you doing just now.. Singing Lullaby..
Armaan : Talk about yourself.. What were you doing.. Kissing me when was sleeping..
Shilpa opened her mouth to shout but stopped as she flushed hearing his comment.. She mentally kicked herself for fantasizing her wild dreams..
Shilpa : I.. Umm I was..
Armaan : Wooow... Dr.Shilpa is out of words...
Shilpa : Shut up.. I was just thinking it was my imagination..
Armaan : What imagination.. And why do you experiment your imaginations on me..
Shilpa shakes her head in disgust and bends down picking up a pillow.. Before Armaan could make out what was happening she throws it to him and the pillow hits on his face hard..
Armaan : What was that for.. ??
Shilpa : Why were you sleeping on me.. I told you before also stay away from me..
Armaan : Oh hello Madam.. I have no interest in sleeping with you or sharing a bed with you... Infact i dont even wish to share a room with you.. I am staying here just becauxe i dont have anyother choice..
Shilpa gets down from the bed and moves infront of him..
Shilpa : And you think i would believe your excuses.. Dont even try to make any of them.. Ohh Now i understand.. It was your plan to bring me here and do whatever you want right.. You deliberately arranged one room..
Armaan : ENOUGH... !! I dont care if you believe me or not.. I really i dont care.. I dont have enough time to waste on you.. I have a conference to attend which i dont want u to attend and ruin so you stay here and do whatever you want.. Got it..!!
Shilpa looked at him stunned as he walked away from her taking his belonging while cursing under his breath for his stupidity of bringing her here..

Shilpa kept walking in the buxy road of Germany while looking consciously around her surroundings..  How could Armaan leave her alone among strangers and walk away.. She kept cursing him under her breath while looking around different shops.. It has been 2 hours since she got out and nothing interesting was around to see.. Atlast giving up she makes her back to the hotel..

Shilpa walks inside the hotel making her way to Reception Area..
Shilpa : Can i have the keys...
Receptionist : Mam Mr.Mallik just collected it few minutes ago...
Shilpa shifted uncomfortably thinking whether to go back to room or not.. How long could she avoid him anyways.. No matter how much she would try she would have to go back with him only.. Shilpa gives a smile to the girl starts to walk away when the Receptionist stops her..
Receptionist : Excuse me Mam..
Shilpa : Yeah ?
Receptionist : Actually mam Mr.Mallik went back to room quickly before i could say a word.. Mam i want to say sorry on behalf of management if you both have faced any inconvenience..
Shilpa : Sorry for what.. I dont understand..
Receptionist : Well Mam two days before Mr.Mallik called and told us to arrange two rooms for him.. But due to this conference guests have filled up the hotel and we were able to arrange on one Room.. We are very sorry if you have faced any problem..
Shilpa stared at her as the words sinked in her brain rising her guilt.. She kicked herself mentally for overeacting in small matters.. He was actually speaking the truth.. Why couldnt she be normal around him anytime.. Shilpa forces a smile and turns to the girl..
Shilpa : No its fine.. We are having a good time.. thank you..
Nodding her head she makes her way back to the room with a heavy heart..

Hesitating for a minute Shilpa knocks the door softly while thinking of a way to say sorry to him.. Before she knew the door was open and he pulled her inside roughly closing the door with a bang..  He pins her to the door while staring at her in anger with such a intensity which made her rooted on the spot.. She didint even have courage to struggle under his hold.. So she just kept staring at him with wide eyes seeing a strange anger in them..
Shilpa trembled in anger as she heard the anger in his voice..
Shilpa : I.. Just went out..
Armaan : What you mean by out.. What were you doing outside alone for such a long time.. What if you got lost.. For godsake this is not India for you to roam around wherever you want..
Shilpa glared at him as her own anger rose..
Shilpa : Firstly , I am not a KID... !! Secondly you were the one who told me to do whatever i want...
Armaan : I didint say you to go and get lost in unknown roads.. I told you to do whatever you want here..
Shilpa : I am not your prisoner to be locked inside the room forever..
Armaan : You know what.. You are just impossible.. You are proving it from morning..
Shilpa opened her mouth to argue but as she heard him mention about morning the guilt cameback in her heart.. She looked away from him and closed her eyes calming herself..
Shilpa : I am sorry...
Armaan : What.. I didint get.. ?
Shilpa : I said i am sorry...
Armaan : Keep your sorry to yourself.. I dont need it..
Shilpa looked at him clenching her fist but reminding herself not to start the fight.. Armaan walks back to the room leaving behind Shilpa who calms herself and then walks back inside.. As she walks in she notice him working on some papers kept on the table..  Armaan looked up as he noticed Shilpa who stood infront of him looking here and there.. Ignoring her he gets back to his work.. And then after several minutes he feels her stare at him which irritates him to the core..
Armaan : WHAT... !!
Shilpa : Why do you always have to be rude...
Armaan : I am rude only with specific people..
Shilpa looks away trying to control her anger reminding herself she just wanted to say sorry..
Shilpa : Have you forgiven me... ?
Armaan : I told you i dont need your sorry...
Shilpa : But i am sorry..
Armaan : Which i dont need..
Shilpa felt like pulling out her hair.. This man was not tolerable enough to even say Sorry.. She looked at the balcony and decided to spend sometime there until he leaves..  As she was about to go she notice the juice bottle which was kept beside Armaan in the sofa he set.. As she sees it she realizes how thirsty she was feeling.. The Arrogant man had ruined her appetite since she had come here..
Shilpa : Can i have the juice plzz.. ?
Armaan : Excuse me..
Shilpa points to the bottle beside him gritting her teeth..
Shilpa : Orange juice.. I want it..
Armaan : Thats mine.. I dont want to share..
Shilpa looks at him shaking her head..
Shilpa : You are such a freak...  I just want a sip..
Armaan looks at her narrowing his eyes and decides to forget the argument.. He hands over the bottle to Shilpa which she takes lazily.. Unfortunately the lid of the bottle was loose.. Ooopzz..
The bottle instantly fell from her hand down on the papers he was working on.. It splashed on every single paper ruining them forever.. Shilpa gasped loudly horrified.. She backed away sensing the outburst which was gonna come from him now.. She noticed Armaan looking down on his paper stunned.. He looked at her glaring in anger while throwing away the bottle in anger.. Shilpa tried to think of an excuse quickly but she knew it was usless..
Armaan : I cant believe you just did that.. You ruined my whole work..
Shilpa looks at him innocently..
Shilpa : I didint do anything.. Dr. Armaan Mallik...
Armaan : So you mean the bottle fell itself..
Shilpa : I didint mean that.. I was saying..
He interrupts her words rudely..
Armaan : DO you even know how important that was for me.. You have ruined my whole presentation.. What am i gonna take to conference now.. I was such a idiot to bring you here even.. It looks like you are taking revenge on me.. For what.. ? Cauxe i paid of your debts.. ? If i knew you are that offended cauxe i paid your money i wouldnt have even bothered to waste my money on it..
He stopped his words as he notice pain in her eyes and tears welled up in them instantly.. He was surprised.. Truly .. He never saw her cry hearing his words.. She was brave she had guts to reply every word of him.. And then he realized his mistake here.. The talk of debts.. He close his eyes running a hand through his hair.. And then she starts to sob which makes him turn still at once..
Armaan : Shilpa.. i didint..
Shilpa : First of all.. You are such a jerk here i was trying to say sorry to you and you are buxy showing your arrogance.. I never say sorry to anyone until i mean it.. Until i have the guilt of doing something wrong.. And talking about ruining your work you are a careless idiot who cant even keep a lid of bottle tight and still you say i ruined your work.. I am not going to say sorry this time but that doesnt mean you can show off all your anger on me everytime..  And about debts.. I told you before also you shouldnt have interfered in the mess..
She ran out of the room leaving behind Armaan still rooted on the spot.. Blinking at the door he took a seat in the sofa thinking about the pain in her voice.. Unknowingly he had brought out the unwanted talk.. He had taken out all the frustration of work on her.. Closing his eyes he tries to calm his mind when realization strucks to him.. Did she just ran away again... Swearing under his breath he takes his coat and key and walk out of the room hastily..

After spending half and hour looking for her he walked across a small pub.. He stopped and looked through the window as he noticed her sitting in a corner table away from people.. Slowly he walks inside and makes his way towards her... He notice several food items placed on table half eaten.. Half not even touched.. Shaking his head he takes a seat beside her... He felt thankful that she made no move to back away from him.. Instead she sat silently without a word staring at the space.. He tries to gather up some words when she speaks sniffing..
Shilpa : I am not paying for this..
He looks at her amused and shakes his head..
Armaan : No worries.. You got mad cauxe of me.. I pay for this.. Well i spoke to the incharge of Conference before coming here.. They have postponed the conference for two days.. So i have good enough time to print out the presentation and work on it..
Shilpa : Good for you...
After several minutes of silence she looked at him and spoke gently..
Shilpa : I am not angry that you paid the money.. I was glad you helped me...
Armaan looks down guiltily...
Armaan : I know.. Am sorry for whatever i said in the room.. I just spoke rubbish i didint mean it..
Shilpa : Even i speak rubbish.. And i was really sorry for today..
Armaan : Its ok ...
Shilpa : Excuse me.. I am not sorry anymore..
He glance at her with a amused smile..
Armaan : Ahan.. Again changed mind..
Shilpa  : Yes.. Cauxe you are such a Arrogant Man.. Waiter.. !!
Armaan : Wait a minute.. I thought you wanted me to pay..
Shilpa : Ofcourse you are paying.. I am calling him to order something..
Armaan looks around the table and looks back at her..
Armaan : Still not full..
Shilpa ignores him and turns to waiter making her order.. Armaan's ears get alert at once hearing what she has ordered..
Armaan : Ohhh NO way.. You are not drinking Tequila..
Shilpa : Yes i am..  And you are taking shots with me..
Armaan stares at her dumbly while she coolly waits.. Soon the waiter comes with the shots.. Shilpa proceeds to take on glass when Armaan holds her hand..
Armaan : I didint knew you are drinking type..
Shilpa : I am not.. But today i want to loosen up... Wont you try with me.. ?
Armaan : NO...
Shilpa : Woow a straight no.. Are you scared Armaan Mallik..
Armaan looked at her challenging eyes..
Armaan : Never...
Before she knew he took two shots at once and soon it increased to five.. As he placed the glass on the table Shilpa looked at him in awe and blurted out..
Shilpa : Wow...
Armaan : Now ur turn..

Armaan and Shilpa walked inside their room laughing hard totally high after getting drunk.. Shilpa walked in her drunk state to the balcony she took a seat there looking up in the sky grinning.. She looked at Armaan laughing who stood there confused about his surroundings..
Shilpa : You look chooo cute Almaan...
Armaan : I want to go home..
Shilpa : We are home.. See there is bed, TV , fridge, Phone everything...
Armaan stares at her for a minute and smiles like a idiot..
Armaan : Ohh We are home.. I thought we have landed in space.. This space is so high..
Shilpa : I know... Look look there is Eiffel tower..
Armaan looks at the building infront of them focusing his eyes and sits beside Shilpa clumsily...
Armaan : Shilpa.. Eiffel Tower is in Palis...
Shilpa : Palis...
Armaan : Are you deaf.. I said PARIS...
Shilpa : No No You said Palis..Lier..
Armaan slowly place his head on her shoulder and pouts..
Armaan : I miss my parents..
Shilpa pulls his head back hugging him lazily...
Shilpa : Me tooo..
Armaan : No no You have a Papa.. But i dont have papa even..
Shilpa : Awww Dont be so sad you know you can share my Papa
Armaan : Reallyyy
Shilpa : Yeshhh
Armaan : You are cute.. Sometimes..
Shilpa : You are also handsome.. Sometimes... When you shout you are ugly.. When you kiss you are... handsomeee...
Armaan : I want to be handsome.. Can i kiss you...
Shilpa : mmm...
Armaan starts to move down to her when she suddenly places a finger on his lips..
Shilpa : Wait a minute... Where is a mommy for me..
Armaan looked at her confused and then a pout came on his lips..
Armaan : I dont have any mommy to give..
Shilpa smiles widely and pokes his cheeks...
Shilpa : Its okkk... I am sleepyyy Almaan..
Armaan takes her hand and walks inside the room trying to maintain his balance.. But he launch himself on the bed and close his eyes..
Armaan : I want to sleep on you bed..
Shilpa looked at him rubbing her eyes and jump on him making him groan in pain...
Shilpa : And i want to sleep on you..
Armaan open his eyes and looks down at her dreamily.. He shifts making her lie under him.. He placed his head on her neck with a smile..
Armaan : I like sleeping like this..
Shilpa : But i hate you...
Armaan looked up in her eyes..
Armaan : You really really hate me..
Shilpa looks at him half asleep  and mumbles
Shilpa : Not Really Really...
Armaan : Then you love me.. ?
She tries to answer his words but soon dizziness takes over her as her eyelids gets heavy taking her into sleep with the last memory of his fingers pulling the straps of her dress down...


Love Aishy

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