Thursday, 2 May 2019

Part 8 : Our Ways

"what a rain nahi?" his voice touched her soul leaving its damp their.... she jolted and turned to see him in the room

"app yahan??" she ignored his question and looked around for her duppatta which she had taken off as it was wet and was getting heavy.

After their first kiss she had ran to their room and stood in front of the glass window to seek the pleasure of rain and live the moment that she lived a while go. Her thoughts were distracted when he walked in the room.

"haan?" he frowned while taking off his wet shirt that was cling-ed on him... "acha listen can u give me tow... shit light gayi...." Arman cursed the light-wala's....

"Eshaan '! he is scared off dark ' let me on his light charger" she rushed out of room.

'god what is he doing here!' she thought.


"Arman..."she whispered.

"haan?" he turned... and smiled at her when she stood in front of him and fidgeted with her fingers.

"u needed towel and cloths naa.... here" she moved forward with his accessories.

"thanks" he whispered and went in the bathroom when he heard her sneezing "Riddima I think u should go and change first..." he went up to her, who stood in front of her closet.

"No Arman you go ..." sneeze... "i will...."

"stop telling me what to do..." he commanded "and do as I say..." he moved forward, burshing his body against her back and took hold of one off her white-nighty and placed it in her hand and pushed her to wards the bathroom...

"but arman... I don't ..." she tried to stop him

"husshh Riddima..." he smiled while pushing her

"but Arman ' ma yea nahi '" she closed her mouth when he closed the door of the washroom on her.

As soon, he turned to walk to the bed. He heard the door open

"Riiiiddiimaaa..." he twirled around to see her peeping her head out...

"itss too dark in side..." she mumbled on which he chucked.

"its dark in the room too....!" he pointed out.

"yea... but that's room and its washroom.." he frowned "washroom is scary in dark..." he chucked. "Arman!" she warned him.

"ok ok...." pause "u change in room ' I will be changing in washroom.. happy?" she mumbled yes and came out.... both changed in their respective cloths... and stood quietly in front of the window again and looked at the thunderous rain.

Riddimaa had rapped a shawl around her as the nighty which arman gave was backless and had a V neck. The length of it was up to her knees...Arman had notice the nighty was quite short. He smiled when she at once picked one of her shawl and drape it around her as his eyes tried to figure out her figure.

He shook and stood beside her in front of open window. He placed his hand on hers and clutched it, she looked up at him with a blank face and in return she got a smile which made her smile too...they looked at each other for a second and then their eye-ball went out as they felt few splashes off drops on their face.

They stood their for while when their feet started to ache.

"i was thinking...." she frowned at him "--- I ' was having a thought of having a drink..."pause "will u -join me?" he gulped.

"as in beer??" she cocked her eyebrows while rubbing her arms.

"yea" biting his lower lips...

"i have never drank it..." she looked down at floor

"do you want to try it now?" he moved a step closer making her move a step back.

"I ' I dont know..." she stammered.

"lets do it..." he smiled widely and pulled her down stairs to the beer bar, that was placed in the lounge

"Eshaan?" she gulped.

"he is sleeping...." he looked back at her while walking down...

"what if he gets...." "he won't" Arman interrupted her with a wink and sat on one of the stool. Patting the other stool beside his for her..

"Arman..." she sighed "I don't think ...i can..."

"don't worry.... it wont harm you..." pause " and beside we r feeling cold, so it will help us..." she pressed her lips together after listening to him... "and I promise- I won't do anything wrong.." he again winked at her ' making her go red.

they drank champagne as if they were dieing to have it....soon they were done with it while Riddima was having blur images...she jumped off the stool and threw her shawl on Arman...

"i m feeling really warm now" she twisted her arms up in the air for relaxing her muscles while Arman pulled her shawl off his face to see her in a white nighty and in it she looked to angelic he thought.

"wow..." he mumbled and picked her up in her arms... they both have drank alot and had started to feel dizzy.

"whohhoo...." she howled in the air....

"shhh.. Eshaan's sleeping" Arman mumbled beside her ear while kissing her ear lobe.

"put me down" she pouted

"no... I like to hold you like this..." he made her pull up in his arm...

"ahh... no... put me down" she spoke stubbornly.

"no..!" he retorted and started to walk up stairs to their room.

"put me downnnnn" she hold his neck and shook him...

they entered their room and Riddimaa got angry as he ignored all her requests.... she pulled herself up a bit closer to his face and went down to his neck...

"auuuuuu" he whined... when he felt her cold teeth taking hold of his skin "Ridddimaa" he hushed her off him and dropped her on bed... and rubbed his neck... and all the time she giggled '

"kaha taahh naa" she stood on the bed, placing her both hand on her waist and laughed. He slightly sit at the corner of the bed while she kept on dancing on the bed.

He place his palm on her ankle and swiftly pulled her down on bed and twirled up on her like snail making her shiver

"Arrmann" she hissed. Feeling him closer to her.

"hmmm" he reached her chest and kissed her cleavage

 Aise to mann mera pehli bhi raaton mein aksar hi chahat ke haan
Sapne saujaunta tha
Pehle bhi dhadkan ye dhun koi gaati thi
Par ab jo hota hai woh pehle na hota tha

"uhhm" she tried to place her hand their when he hold her arms from under armpit, making her arm up open upwards and making his way up to her long neck. Which was wide open for him to suck it... which he sucked it with pleasure. He swirled his tongue on her chest... making it wet with his wet tongue. "uhmmm...." she twisted in his hold but he made his hold on her armpits a bit tighter making her whine more.

"riddimaa... the game should be equal... u bit me ' I bit you..." he mumbled below her ear. He caressed her nap with his tongue tip and then with his lips, making her tremble ' and producing goose-bum all over her body.

"" she fizzed and tried to move away. When his teeth touched her nap lovably "ahhhh" and then he bit her.. his teeth not let her skin live in peace after biting her on her nap... he went to her cheek and bit her their with love. "armannnn" she moaned much more when he moved his fingers on her armpits. Her arms were left up which she tried to bring down but he never gave her the chance of it.... he smacked lots of kisses on her face... and last he placed his lips on hers.....

making her groan under her breath... she responded fasten.... they smiled and moved away from each other. Arman lay-ed beside her and pulled her close to himself

"i guess I m liking you riddimaa..." he mumbled while pulling sheet around themselves.

"I had always loved you Arman... the day I saw you" she mumbled in her sleep. Arman looked at her. She clutched on him tightly and had placed her face on his chest while he moved his arm around her waist protectively... he smiled and kissed her head lovably and felt her one leg pulled up to his stomach to cling him more tightly. He chucked and dropped off the world.


The one, who hated each other one month before, are lay-ed in the same bed in each others arms after one months. Both had kissed each other lots of time, teased each other all night. And today like shine of moon their face glowed with it. Still both lay-ed in each others hold. Not wanting to separate.

Suns raises touched Arman's faces while Riddima had hid her self in his chest. Arman pulled the sheet up to his face- in that way Riddimaa was hid in the sheet...... he twirled around making Riddimaa lay under him....

"uhhhmmmm" she groan and let her arms lay up under her head and his head was placed on her chest, totally fixing under her face. Her voice brought Arman in the world. And he raised his head to see her pearl face, who opened her eyes slowly to see his face facing her.....

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on feel me
Girl feel me

O aaja tu bhi mera mera
Tera jo ikraar hua
To kyun na main bhi keh doon keh doon
Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua
Tera hone laga hoon khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon
Tera hone laga hoon khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon

he moved closer to her, then moved his closed eyes closer to her lips... which she kissed lovably. Her hands trolled around his neck. He turned her around making her lay on him.... they both lay-ed under the sheet. Twirl-ling under it ' in each other arms.... with a big smile on his face and a glint of blush on her cheeks....

Aankhon se chu loon ke bahen tarasti hain
Dil ne pukara hai haan Ab to chale aao
Aaoge shabnam ki boondein barasti hain
Mausam ishara hai haan Ab to chale aao
Baahon mein dalein baahein baahein
Baahon ka jaise haar hua
Hamara maine mana mana
Hua mujhe bhi pyaar hua
Tera hone laga hoon khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon
Tera hone laga hoon khone laga hoon Jab se mila hoon

Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on feel me
Girl feel me
"riddimaaa..." he gasped her name...

"armann" she did the same at same time.... her hands slowly started to leave his neck and tried to move the sheet from her back and tried to get up from him as she was lying on top of him now...

"riddimaa.... at night..."

"i know... I remember.." she shied and kept on trying to get out of the sheet..

"i know... but I still wanna say something..." pulling her closer to his face as a try to gain her attention.

"abhii naii arman..." she tried to get out from here right now... as she felt her flesh go red....

"abhii.." he answered abdomen...

"Arman... abhi nai... Eshaan uth gaya hoga...." she placed her hands on his chest to stand up when he twirled her again and made her lay under him....

"Riddimaa... I had a great night with you...." he pecked her lips lightly...

she frowned and tried to remember if they had done anything wrong... but according to her remembrance they had not done anything like 'That'

seeing her frown...

"i mean.... the time we spend together...." he added trying to tell her that they did not made love but spend a good quality time together.

But she frowned more

"Riddimaa.... we just spend good quality time and did Not cross our lines ok" he chucked and got her off himself. she shook her head and ran in the washroom '..

. . . Love M

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